Tattoo of Peonies (Flowers and Peony Compositions): Who Will Suit Such a Figure?

Until recently, a tattoo on the body of a guy or a girl was not welcomed, it was something strange and surprising, could scare away most people. With the help of images on the body they tried to mark certain castes, for example, prisoners or prostitutes. Nowadays everything has changed, tattoos can be seen on almost every second person, because tattoos have become a part of the image and art with admirers.

The millennia-old history and modern trends: the meaning of the peony tattoo

peonies tattoo meaning

Since the last millennium, the meaning of the tattoo "Peonies" in different countries is colored in light shades: it is a sign of prosperity, well-being, love. In different cultures, however, the design could denote different things:

  • In Japan, the peony was the flower of marriage. If a lover presented a girl with a bouquet of these flowers, it denoted deep, sincere love and commitment to marriage. Bright petals were also a symbol of happiness.
  • Peonies were associated with prosperity in Chinese culture. A tattoo of a peony on her arm was worn by a merchant or other wealthy person. A gifted bouquet with this plant was a wish for success in business.
  • In the Eastern tradition in the composition with peonies were introduced tigers, dragons, grinning lion's head. These symbols were placed together for a reason: the peony was a symbol of masculine energy Yang. Therefore, such tattoos adorned the skin of warriors, giving the bearers courage, strength, good luck in battle.

This is interesting: in India, the peony was considered a symbol of pride and the bearer of the tattoo with this flower - narcissistic conceited man. The same meaning was given to this tattoo by the Romans.

tattoo of peonies on his arm

Over time, any images of world culture change their meaning. In the XXI century, many girls wear a tattoo "peony" on the hip or lower back, not thinking about the ancient meaning of the image. But this does not mean that the tattoo has turned into "just a picture", just that it has become harder to understand what it means. Let's get acquainted with the modern view of this picture.

For Guys

For men, such a tattoo (tattoo) carried only positive meaning. The exception is considered the Hindus, who believe that this flower is a symbol of pride and narcissism. In other cultures, the peony means:

  • A powerful amulet against trouble and death during long voyages. It used to be that every sailor considered it his duty to make an image of this flower on his body.
  • A drawing depicting a peony in combination with a predator helps to restrain inner aggression and negative thoughts. The Japanese samurai believed in this property, so most often adorned their bodies with this image.
  • Well-being and financial prosperity. It is known that many wealthy Chinese men had a tattoo (tattoo) depicting a peony.
  • Longevity. This meaning came from Ancient Greece, as the Greeks associated this flower with Peony, the famous physician of the time.
  • Smugness and pompousness. Peonies acquired this meaning in Ancient Rome, as images were used to adorn the bodies of nobles and very wealthy people.
  • Ease of being and a calm attitude to life.
  • Fearlessness and firmness. Peonies are unpretentious and resistant to the adverse environment. Putting their image on their bodies, men believed that the same qualities would appear in them.

Peculiarities of male tattoos: we emphasize the brutality

Men's character is close to the original meaning of the tattoo with peonies. However, many guys are skeptical about the idea of supplementing the composition of the drawing with a flower (and even more so, taking it as the basis). As a rule, the peony is chosen by guys interested in the culture of the East for a drawing in the Asian style.

A characteristic feature of men's tattoos is the large size. On a powerful biceps or a wide back a small picture will look comically, so the strong sex prefers a large picture (no matter whether it is colored or black and white).

tattoo peonies meaning

One interesting solution for men's tattoos is the use of minimalist ideas. Clear contours, made with black paint and devoid of filling, give the figure a visual lightness and airiness. Suitable and solutions style "Thrash polka": the picture perfectly complement the philosophical or provocative inscription.

Where can I get a tattoo of the eyes?

Many girls often have a desire to save money on this procedure. So sometimes there is a question: go to a professional in a good salon or look for someone who does the job for less money?

The choice, of course, is up to everyone, but you should always keep in mind the possible risks. If you visit the masters at home or in a cheap salon, you can not know in advance whether the room will be sterile enough, whether the tools will be processed, whether the level of the master will be confirmed, etc.

It will be more reliable to go to a proven salon and get permanent makeup just there. But first it is worth checking the reviews on the Internet, and not only on the official website of the salon, but also in other sources. A private master is more difficult to find. You will have to use "word of mouth", but you should use the services after getting acquainted with previously performed works, for example, after viewing reviews with photos in social networks.

Features of women's tattoos

peonies on the hip tattoo

Although tradition has treated the peony as a masculine symbol, several meanings of peony tattoos suitable for girls have emerged in modern culture:

  • The symbolism of purity, prosperity, calm wisdom attracts many women who dream of the role of the keeper of the home. Such a woman will seek the love "for life", striving to find a family and "her nest".
  • Since flowers are often seen as a sign of spring, beauty, awakening of nature from its winter sleep, putting a picture of this flower on the skin can symbolize a certain turning point in the life of the wearer, after which everything begins "from the beginning".
  • In some Christian traditions, the peony is called "the rose devoid of thorns. This flower is identified with the Virgin, considered a sign of purity, spiritual beauty, good heart.

peonies on the hip tattoo

And, of course, the peony is just a very beautiful flower. That is why they adorn themselves with girls who want to emphasize the slimness of forms, attractiveness and sexuality. Such drawings are applied on the thighs, sides, hips, ribs - where the lines of the tattoo will emphasize the seductive curves.

Healing and recovery

In 2-3 days after the procedure swelling of the eyes will pass, and the healing of the contour will take about 2 weeks

During this period, it is important to apply an ointment to the pigmented area with restorative, antibacterial and moisturizing properties - so you can avoid drying of the skin and the entry of infection

When a crust appears on the damaged area, it should also be periodically smeared with cream, and do not peel it off, otherwise there is a risk of bringing an infection. After a couple of days, the crust will fall off on its own. These actions are enough, provided that the client does not have any complications. If after tattooing your eyes are watery and the swelling doesn't go away for a few days, then you should definitely visit an ophthalmologist.

Unfortunately, sometimes the procedure is performed by an inexperienced, insufficiently professional cosmetologist, and eyelid swelling is not the worst thing. Because of an unsuccessful needle penetration into the capillaries, there are unsightly bruises, bruises that do not go away for a long time. In such a situation, the repeated procedure is allowed not earlier than in a few months

It is necessarily necessary to pay attention to the reviews of the salon, on its sterility, the quality of the tools used by its specialists, etc. Do not skimp on the procedure, because it will affect the final result.

The permanent eye make-up looks beautiful in any manifestation. And although the recovery is not quick, it requires constant care of the skin, the recommendations for recovery are few and easy to follow. It is not advisable to ignore the instructions so as not to encounter negative consequences. This technique has more advantages than disadvantages, so you should definitely try it. It is only necessary to consult about contraindications (it is obligatory), and then to find a good salon.

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Choose a place for a tattoo with peonies: measure seven times ...

Tattoo peonies meanings for girls

In order for the drawing to look the most advantageous, consider the features of the area of the body where it will be applied. Here are some useful tips:

  • For small drawings, the ankles, the wrists of the hands, the areas behind the ear, the feet are excellent. This arrangement will work for the first tattoo.
  • Long, elongated in its geometry compositions are conveniently placed on the collarbone, shin, forearm. Here will look favorably as a single figure, and a whole sleeve, braiding the body as lace.
  • Large drawings look perfect on the back (between the shoulder blades), on the pecs, on the abdomen.

An important point: if there are skin defects (scars, pigment spots, birthmarks) in the area where the tattoo is placed, discuss with the master the possibility of applying a tattoo to this area. On the one hand, the drawing can help disguise the defect. However, many of these places are worse at absorbing paint and can protrude on the drawing after it is applied.

Almost any area is suitable for a peony tattoo. The main thing is to show your imagination!

Pain, harm and contraindications of the eyebrows tattoo

First of all, let's consider the procedure itself and learn how to do permanent eyebrow makeup.

To give color and shape to the eyebrows pigments are applied to the skin through a thin needle. The depth of such penetration is not more than 1,5 mm. Hence the quite understandable question of how much of a pain to do the eyebrows tattoo?

New Tattoo on fingers

Of course, it all depends on your pain threshold. But in most cases the procedure is almost painless. Firstly, the punctures are shallow, and secondly, anesthetic gels and gels with cooling effect are used before tattooing.

The colors used for tattooing are based on natural elements of mineral or plant origin. This fact answers the question if it is harmful to do the eyebrows tattoo: absolutely harmless to human health.

However, there are still contraindications:

  • Menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, lactation period;
  • allergies;
  • diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS, acute inflammatory diseases;
  • taking medications that thin the blood or the rehabilitation period after surgery;
  • psoriasis, liver and kidney disease, asthma, cancer, epilepsy;
  • it is forbidden to do children under 18 years of age;
  • high temperature;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • high blood pressure.

Do not drink coffee or alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.

What are the types of permanent makeup

There are several types of tattooing:

  1. Pencil effect - this kind is recommended for rare eyebrows. The shape of the future eyebrows is drawn with a pencil. The tattoo is applied according to the sketch. Your eyebrows will represent a definite line.
  2. The hairline method is a drawing of individual eyebrow hairs. Perfect for concealing scars and scars, if any. It is recommended for dark eyebrows.
  3. Brow tattooing - ideal for girls with light hair and respectively eyebrows. This method allows to naturally highlight the eyebrow line, to make them more expressive, but at the same time looks harmonious.

What better to do the eyebrows tattoo decide for yourself, based on the desired result.

On how to do the eyebrows tattoo: the price of the procedure almost does not depend, as for the application used the same materials. The price will increase dramatically if you decide to go to a salon.

Make sure that the tattoo is performed with quality materials, and all safety precautions are observed. Each master values his reputation, as well as any salon. So cast away all doubts and proceed.

How is the process of permanent makeup and aftercare.

The preparation of the eyebrows for the tattoo:

  • The skin is degreased and all makeup is removed;
  • Eyebrows are smoothed with tweezers;
  • The form is traced with a pencil;
  • the skin is treated with an antiseptic;
  • Anesthetic gel is applied;

And the procedure itself is divided into two stages:

  1. The tone is applied gradually, so as not to make it too dark. Grooves are made on the skin, where the dye is placed. The punctures are constantly wiped with a disinfectant. At the end, a special cream is applied, which will protect the fresh wound from festering, as well as from dust.
  2. The tattoo site should be frequently washed with soap and water and lubricated with a special healing ointment. The crusts that have appeared must not be peeled off under any circumstances. Continue to apply the ointment in the same way.

After the crust is gone, you should make adjustments. Prepare for the fact that re-painting the eyebrows is more painful, but the procedure is much shorter in time.


It is not enough to know how to do eyebrow tattooing at home. It is also necessary to follow the correct care:

  • With proper care, the tattoo can last 5 years;
  • Do not take a shower earlier than 2 hours after the application;
  • Do not sunbathe until the wound is completely healed;
  • Do not forget to apply healing ointment;
  • Do not try to get rid of the crust;
  • Do not wear makeup, especially eyebrow scrubs, until the wound has healed.

Before the procedure think well and weigh the pros and cons, because the tattoo can not be removed at will. Take with great responsibility the choice of the master. Agree on the shape and color of the eyebrows before the application

If all precautions are taken and you are confident in your decision, then go ahead.

P.S. Today at home, women have learned to do eyebrow tattooing with henna. This is already another article.

Choosing a style for a tattoo: what to pay attention to

tattoo peony meaning for girls

To sketch "Peony" accurately reflected all the nuances of meaning, which is invested in it by the future bearer of the tattoo, it is important to take into account stylistic features. For example, watercolor is characterized by the use of soft transitions between countless shades. This allows you to achieve the illusion that the peony is drawn on the skin with watercolor paints. Such a drawing looks very gentle, so girls will love it.


Gallery with photos of ready-made tattoos for girls is a great way to reduce the time to find a suitable sketch. Tattoos in color and black and white are demonstrated here. Old skool, minimalism, 3d, realism, watercolor - any woman will be able to choose a suitable drawing.

Making the perfect peony tattoo: sketches and the best solutions

The artist, long practiced in the art of body painting, will easily make a sketch of a tattoo "peonies" himself. For beginners tattooists, only comprehending the basics of this art, we have prepared a collection of sketches. Here you will find simple schemes that are easy to redraw step by step. There are also complex works that can serve as role models or a source of inspiration. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment!

A Historical Digression

The name "peony" comes from Peane, the god of healing, and in Greek it means "giver of light." The peony is an absolutely masculine flower, possessing a masculine solar power.

It symbolizes longevity, as it is able to sprout in one place for many years and is not afraid of strong frost or heat. It is a very attractive plant with different versions of colors, which has made it quite popular in tattoo culture.

The peony is famous in most countries of the world, its fame eclipsing even the majestic rose. It really is an imperial plant. Next, we will try to look at the characteristics of this plant in different cultures, as well as talk in more detail about the general characteristics of this flower.


For women

For men