Tattoo on the hip for girls (76 photos) - pros and cons, designs and inscriptions for tattoos, inspiring photo ideas

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Beautiful Tattoo on the Thigh

Every girl strives to look beautiful. Some choose stylish clothes, others do bright makeup, and others emphasize their beauty with a tattoo.

Girls put drawings on different parts of the body. Often the thigh is chosen as the most attractive part of the body. This tattoo is hidden from prying eyes and opened only for the closest person. And a large area allows you to choose a large drawing and tell a whole story.

For the most daring: the tattoo on the pelvic bone

Tattoo on the pelvic bone girls do in order to feel sexy and desirable. It's no secret that such a tattoo is necessary to impress your partner.

Girls who dare to get a tattoo on their hip are very brave. After all, getting a drawing on the hip bone is a painful procedure. The skin in this area of the body is as thin as possible, you can even hit the bone (you don't need the details to understand how much it hurts).

The most popular themes for tattoos on the hip are flowers. Girls stuff them as a drawing, because it is the easiest and most effective way to feel gentle, special and feminine.

Briefly about the main thing

Tattoos on the brush have become quite popular, especially in recent times. Earlier, when tattoos on the body just began to win the hearts of people, the most popular places for them were the hands, back, chest. However, in the modern world the view on the location of tattoos has changed greatly and now images are tattooed in the most unpredictable places.

Previously, they were applied as amulets and talismans, which protected their bearer from possible troubles. Basically it was a black and white tattoo, but over time gradually introduced colored colors.

Today, tattoos are more than just a picture. This is a way to change your image, add zest to it and become brighter, impressing people. By means of such tattoos people express themselves, unveil their character traits and announce loudly to the whole world about their personality. Many people not just put beautiful tattoos on the hands, but also write words and texts, and put a certain meaning in them.

Neat little tattoos on the hip: for girls, who prefer minimalism

It is a small tattoo on the hip is recommended to do, if this is your first tattoo. The figure of small size looks neat, does not attract unnecessary attention and it is not as painful to apply.

Girls use flowers, petals, hearts and inscriptions as themes. It is worth remembering that the tattoo on the pelvic bone is hidden from most eyes, so choose a drawing with which you will be comfortable and pleasant to look at yourself in the mirror.

For a tattoo on such an intimate area of your body, choose a professional. He will tell you what pattern is best to choose. After all, the skin on the thigh ceases to be as elastic over the years, and the quality of the tattoo can deteriorate.

Do not be afraid to experiment and bring your sketch to the master. This will increase the chances of creating a unique drawing.

The original tattoo on the inner thigh - when you want to stand out

Not so big, but still tattoos on the thigh for girls are popular. The skin on this part of the body is thin, which means the process of padding the tattoo is more painful.

There are positive aspects as well. Due to the fact that the space is large, you can develop the idea and choose a larger plot - a large animal, an oriental theme, a volumetric flower.

Unlike the tattoo on the pelvic bone, the picture on the thigh can be shown to others in the warm season. With short shorts and a mini skirt it will be clearly visible.

The most daring girls choose the afterlife theme and stuff themselves with skulls, predatory animals and birds.

A temporary option for those who doubt

For girls who are not ready for a radical change of their body, you can use a temporary option. This can be a non-stable paint, which is quickly removed from the pores, or the technology of henna painting.

The latter method does not harm the delicate skin, does not leave scars and wounds, you can change the pattern as you wish.

Mehendi on the legs is especially appropriate and in great demand in the summertime, when you want to stand out from the crowd, to show the charms of your figure. The coloring solution is applied using special stencils or randomly by hand.

Most often girls prefer to apply exquisite ornaments on the lower part of the shin and the foot.

Among the variety of this technique you can find amazing masterpieces of Indian art. It looks very feminine and attractive.

Popular mehendi in the last season:

  • lotus;
  • butterfly;
  • fan;
  • feather;
  • dreamcatcher;
  • Sun and Moon;
  • monogram interlacing.

Attractive pussycat, or why a tattoo on the side of the thigh is seductive

Tattoos on the outer side of the thigh in girls look very attractive. Such a tattoo is done with a specific purpose - to emphasize a beautiful figure. Basically this area for tattoos is preferred by these girls "pussies", who skillfully use their beauty.

To fully see the tattoo on the side of the thigh, the girl must be in a bikini. And of course, such a tattoo is less painful, because the skin here is more dense.

Tattoo ideas with photos and meanings

There is a significant amount of variety of drawings and ideas of miniature, large tattoos that look attractive on women's thighs. You can choose 3-4 sketches at once and ask the master to create a unique tattoo on their basis.

If desired, you can put a portrait on your hip

Most often on the thighs girls stuffed the following images:

  • flowers;
  • animals;
  • birds;
  • reptiles and insects;
  • mythical creatures;
  • various inscriptions;
  • symbolic for women objects.

Flowers: interesting tattoos and sketches in photos

Tattoos in the form of a flower are particularly suitable for romantic and passionate natures, because they denote tenderness and mystery. Miniature flowers look cute and erotic, and large drawings, supplemented with various details, look quite bright and catchy. On the hips girls prefer to place the following types of flowers:

  • lotus;
  • lily;
  • dandelion;
  • rose;
  • violet.

The lotus signifies eternity and the human aspiration to reach spirituality. A miniature lotus will look very harmonious on a slim hips

The lily is considered a symbol of femininity Colored lilies look voluminous and feminine on the hip One of the most popular flower drawings are roses

Dandelion is a symbol of lightness, naivety and modesty

The rose tattoo can be any shade and size

Red roses harmonize well with birds, snakes and animals.

A symbol of tenderness and modesty is the violet

Sketch of a rose in the style of blackwork Bright and modern looks tattoo in the style of color realism In front on the hip will look impressive bouquet of bright violets Popular roses in the style of linework

Romantic girls can decorate their thighs with a snow-white rose in the new skool style

Lotus is a symbol of harmony and purity


Quite often as a tattoo girls choose different animals. The most popular of them are:

  • tiger;
  • lion;
  • elephant;
  • she-wolf;
  • bear;
  • fox;
  • horse;
  • panther.

Lion is one of the ancient symbols and denotes courage, toughness and wisdom Elephant suits calm and confident girls Tigers symbolize steadfastness, restraint and spiritual strength

The wolf tattoo is most suitable for ladies with leadership qualities Image of a bear is associated with kindness and fortitude

The wolf is a symbol of loyalty and independence Horse is a symbol of beauty and elegance Passionate natures should pay attention to the graceful panther tattoo

The most popular image of the tiger The fox, a symbol of grace and cunning, is suitable for playful natures Sketch of a lion in watercolor style

Watercolor tattoo in the form of a tiger can decorate the front or side hips

Original look wolves in combination with flowers, as in this sketch

Sketch of a neo traditional fox

Birds: photo attractive tattoos and sketches

Birds on the body, as a rule, stuffed infantile, gentle and freedom-loving representative of the fair sex. On the thighs most often place images of pigeons, owls, crows and eagles.

The owl would suit wise and mysterious women.

Owls on her body are also used by self-sufficient girls with developed intuition The pigeon signifies femininity, spirituality and freedom of thought

Sketch of a raven in a sketch style Drawing of an owl, done in the style of dotwork

Blackwork raven

Raven means freedom, sometimes insecurity and frustration

The eagle is stuffed with girls who possess such qualities as persistence and self-confidence

Reptiles and insects

The images of snakes and lizards are mostly painted on the thighs of girls. Often women also choose scorpions, butterflies, dragonflies and spiders.

The lizard is a symbol of dexterity.

Scorpions fill up self-confident and strong person.

Snake tattoo suits seductive and sexy girls

Dragonfly as a tattoo chosen by active, freedom-loving people.

The butterfly means femininity and vulnerability The image of the spider is associated with accuracy, modesty and practicality

Unusual and bright look reptiles tattoo in the style of New School

New Style Lizard

Creative and sophisticated ladies prefer butterflies

Mythical creatures

Mythical creatures are the favorite tattoos of eccentric and confident girls. There are bright and massive images of dragons, unicorns, phoenixes and fairies on their thighs.

Girls who love to surprise, it is recommended to choose a large phoenix tattoo in an unusual blue color.

Easy and positive girls should nail the image of a fairy on her hip

Pegasus is considered a symbol of mystery, innocence and sincerity Phoenix is an ancient symbol, signifying the victory of life over death

Fans of bright tattoos can nail a Pegasus on her thighs Dragon is one of the most popular tattoo designs on the thighs

The dragon symbolizes strength, mystery, and devotion to one's beliefs


An unusual look of the inscriptions, chaotically pecked on the thigh.
With the help of the inscription pecked on the body, you can express your attitude to life and others. Famous people's Latin expressions are usually inscribed on the outside of the thigh rather than on the inside and very seldom on the back.

Italic or handwritten expressions are most often used for delicate, lyrical expressions.

Various phrases that carry a certain meaning or the name of a loved one can be printed in Russian or English. Such tattoos are most often performed in handwritten script.

Hieroglyphs harmoniously complement the existing tattoo on the hip

A special style is the hieroglyphs. In such a tattoo, sometimes each sign carries a certain meaning.


The garter is often depicted together with flowers
Most often, representatives of the fair sex on the thighs pad such a feminine object as a garter. Such a tattoo is great for girls who are flirty and even flighty.

A gun with a garter on the hip looks sexy and bold

The gun, which symbolizes the love of adventure and self-confidence, harmonizes well with the garter.

The dream catcher symbolizes tranquility and mystery

Those who want to protect themselves from the evil eye can place a dream catcher on the body.

Once you have decided on the style and selected the appropriate drawings, you can safely go to a tattoo parlor. But before proceeding to the procedure, it is still worth carefully review the portfolio of the master.

Cool Women's Thigh Tattoo Sketches

In order for the tattoo master to better understand what pattern you want to score, bring him sketches. In the salons, the masters have standard sketches, but you may want to personalize the tattoo and make your own contribution.

Sketches of tattoos for girls on the side of the thigh are shown below. Mostly girls choose floral themes to emphasize fragility, tenderness and charm.

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