Tattoo of a skeleton. Tattoo of the bone What does the tattoo of the bone on the arm mean?

Since ancient times tattoos were a mixture of meanings and symbols that have a certain deciphering. As everyone knows, by ordering a particular tattoo design, a person chooses the appropriate meaning. Tattoos with the image of a skeleton are now popular among both the male and female population.

Contrary to the opinion that women's tattoos with a symbol of the skull or skeleton signify sadness, we can safely say: this is not the case. As a rule, this symbol leads to a positive component. The meaning of such tattoos can be revealed as a symbol about the eternal, about life, about its value. In addition, the tattoo with the image of a skeleton, reminds that you need to live here and now, not putting off things for later, strive for something, be useful to those around you.

Scholars are of the opinion that the image comes from the Mexican legends of the Day of the Dead. But despite the name, this holiday was a festival of fun, of joy.

But sometimes a person puts into the meaning of the tattoo itself, the one that is closer to him. Even the image of a skeleton can be presented in different ways: either in a positive or negative sense.

Let your master draw for you a unique sketch of a skeleton tattoo, do not look it up online. Otherwise you will get only a pathetic copy, not a good tattoo.

The meaning of the bone tattoo

As symbols of death, bones, at the same time are a sign of confrontation with it. The reason for this comparison and association is that bone tissue is very resistant to decay. It is the part of the body that will remain in this world after the death of the wearer for some time yet.

Such tattoos are quite widely used success in the male population. At times it is believed that the more such tattoos, the more they postpone death itself. But the real meanings are as follows:

The original meaning of a bone tattoo is to honor one's ancestors, to remember them.

With motorcyclists, the bones are a symbol of the possession of time. After all, it gets to the skeleton last.

Longevity. In ancient times, alchemists believed that the bones of the skeleton were a symbol of healing and a guardian of health.

In Buddhism, bones are a talisman, as is the constant reminder that every being's life is the most precious thing there is.

Celtic culture refers to bones as symbolizing the receptacle of the human soul

Therefore, often the designation of such a tattoo depends directly on the place, time, and nation to which the person belongs.

Some variations of bone tattoos.

Hades, the patron saint of the dead.

This image shows the arrogance of its owner and that its owner is aware of the transience of life, so lives so as not to limit themselves in anything.

Depiction of the skeleton of a beast

If the faintly portrayed powerful animals, but only in an anatomical version, in the form of bones, it will indicate the character of the owner - the wisdom and arrogance of the dragon, the boundless power of the bear, punchy essence of the bull.

Fish Skeleton

This tattoo will point to a man's path, where he seeks to evolve. Where the fish head points, in that direction and the man moves. Also, the bearer of this tattoo is dynamic. This tattoo is very common among girls. Guys can sometimes get a skeleton of a fish behind their ears.

Finding a tattoo in the exact location according to the anatomy of the body.

Men at times make 3D - tattoo images of bones according to their real locations in the body. The most common anatomical drawings on the body are the bones of the hands, feet, spine, ribs. Such people wish to immortalize themselves and their image. The most famous example of anatomical tattoos is Rick Genest.

The human skeleton.

This tattoo symbolizes death, which overtakes everyone, sooner or later, but the image does not attract it to its owner. It is a reminder that life is fleeting.


This symbol represents danger, fearlessness and determination coming from the owner.

  • In prison terms, it is a tattoo symbolizing membership in a society of thieves.
  • A skull split open by a blade indicates a desire for revenge against the enemy.
  • A skull covered with flowers, sprinkled with petals, with a wreath - a symbol of love, the flowering of life and its gradual fading. If a plant is depicted below - a person has a personal loss.
  • Skull with a snake crawling out of the eye socket - symbol of immortality and wisdom.
  • Goat skull - designation of peaceful intentions, a strong and courageous person.
  • Skull with gaming dice - destruction, defiance of the occasion, most often a sign of good luck in gaming hobbies.
  • Skull, consumed by fire - a sense of freedom and a sense of invincibility.

The main designation of all tattoos with the application of a variety of bones - is considered an amulet, chasing away death, helping to achieve goals and contribute to the overcoming of problems. The owners believe in the immortality of the soul and are not afraid of death.

Tattoo on the forearm, photo from:

Tattoo on the arm dice demonstrates that the owner considers gambling his characteristic trait. A dashing disposition, extravagant behavior, and risky decisions set the wearer apart. The tattoo has a multifaceted meaning that it has acquired over centuries of development.

Tattoos on the hand

In the past, tattoos on the hand were not as popular as they are today.

Every year interest in them only grows, the drawings on the body no longer seem to be something forbidden, and are part of art, the self-expression of a person.

Tattoo in this area demonstrates the creativity of the owner, his courage and self-confidence, as the picture is in a prominent place, and it is almost impossible to hide. Suitable for men and women.

  • There are several options for the location of the tattoo. It can be solely on the hand itself or affect the palm, wrist, fingers, and even move to the forearm and shoulder. The choice of location depends solely on the theme, size and features of the sketch.
  • Drawing will always be visible, so you need to think in advance about every detail, lines, transitions and shadows, so that it looks harmoniously in any situation in life.
  • Hand skin is regularly exposed to water and other substances, so it is important to use only the highest quality pigments. In addition, it is better to give preference to the black and white range, which is the most resistant and will last longer to its owner.
  • The embossed surface of the brush somewhat complicates the work of the master, but the finished tattoos turn out to be original and voluminous.

As for the subject, you can choose absolutely any direction. This type of tattoo can be both male and female, regardless of age.

  • Flora and fauna.
    Animals and plants have always been in demand among both girls and guys. Flowers perfectly emphasize femininity, and with a certain color scheme look somewhat bold and daring. The most popular are roses, which are applied in natural size and look almost the same as in the photo. As for animals, preference is given to the heads of bears, wolf and tiger. For girls, various insects, muzzles of cats and mythical creatures will do.
  • Various symbols and geometric figures.
    They denote punctuality, tactfulness and neatness of their owners, their purposefulness. Figures may be intertwined and connected with each other, taking a completely different semantic turn.
  • Inscriptions in different languages and hieroglyphs.
    Applied in order to convey to others some idea, personal information or a phrase with an important meaning. You can also demonstrate your life credo written in a foreign language.
  • Bracelets, chains, rings and other jewelry.
    Playing mainly a decorative role on the brush or applied as a talisman. Tattoos are performed in black and white or monochrome tones.
  • Portraits.
    Portraits of people are rarely painted with a brush, but animals are another matter. Thanks to the three-dimensional surface, finished drawings turn out like the real thing if you turn to a professional of their craft.
  • Skulls.
    Since ancient times they have symbolized the connection with death, impermanence of human life, proximity to the end, the natural completion of the cycle. It is the cycle that is embedded in the notion of this pattern, not death.
  • Ornaments.
    Can be made in the style of old-school, with ethnic, Celtic or religious motifs. Each weave gives a special message, as well as symbols that complement the pattern. Before applying, you need to decide on the meaning beforehand.
  • Gaming dice, cards, other gambling paraphernalia.
    Famous symbols of fortune, which are designed to attract luck. In mythology, it is the dice that have astrological powers and turn the stars in the direction of the owner. Sometimes the overall drawing is supplemented with clovers, stars, and other symbols, which will only increase the effect of good luck.
  • Small tattoos.
    Not always a drawing on the brush must fill all the available space. Sometimes it is enough one symbol to decorate your body and show your predisposition to something. For example, the star speaks of a creative nature, and the sign of infinity - about the inner freedom of the owner. And the cost of such works is inexpensive.

It should be taken into account that the application of tattoos to the hand is quite a painful procedure, because the bone is directly under the skin and is practically not protected by the fatty tissue. And for quick healing special care is needed, because the hands are constantly in contact with water, sun. If you go to a good master, the finished picture will look great and will not give a person any trouble.


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What does it mean to tattoo dice?

The tattoo of dice originated during the formation of . Gambling was the only entertainment aboard ship. At the end of the voyage, the successful gambler could receive 1/3 of the crew's pay, doubling the profits of the voyage. That's why the original meaning: a game of chance in which everything is put on the line.

Dice tattoo meanings:

  • adventurousness;
  • sexuality;
  • Fortune's lover/favorite;
  • mad passion;
  • attraction to risk;
  • healthy aggression;
  • emotional lift.

People with a bone tattoo know how to impress. They are bright and emotional individuals with strong charisma . In them one can feel the ability to fight, go all out to achieve victory. At the same time, this is a strong person who knows how to take advantage even of the loss.

Tattoo meaning for girls

On a woman's body tattoo cubes have the meaning of a dangerous heartbreaker. Girls of this type have the fatal image of a "vamp woman". They are able to fully absorb the general attention, concentrate on themselves. At the same time soberly think and do not allow praise to cloud the mind.

Tattoo on the arm, photo from:

A strong and independent girl wears a tattoo to emphasize her qualities as a socialite. She confidently takes her own, knowing how to make high stakes. Among the bearers of tattoos there are many actresses, singers, sportswomen and media workers.

Tattoo meaning for men

For men the tattoo of dice brings good luck in personal life and on the professional front. They have a flexible mind and a lively imagination. Among the connoisseurs of the tattoo there are many architects, stagehands and jurists.

For men, the tattoo means:

  • Loyalty to his principles;
  • a strong personality;
  • a dangerous adversary;
  • an ironic man;
  • perseverance;
  • perseverance;
  • independence;
  • love of the vivid life;
  • the power of euphoria, etc.

The tattoo shows not only a love of gambling, but also in general a desire to get a strong return on the effort expended. The owners of the tattoo strive to achieve their goal. They are distinguished by their high intellectual potential and ability to think strategically.

Tattoo meaning in the penitentiary

In prisons, tattoos of dice denote a "lucky" recidivist. They were stuffed on the hands of professional cheaters, whose activity was aimed at beating people at gambling. The value on the dice showed the status of the player.

The higher the total number, the greater the talent of the convict. For those who specialized in gambling with foreigners, the tattoo was supplemented with a chain or dial. A gambler who learned his craft in the zone was distinguished by a barbed wire wrapped around his bones.

Meaning of a tattoo for women

The tattoo is suitable for girls and women who live reality. The image means respect for universal laws. The owners of the tattoo are well developed intuitive thinking. Are able to assess things soberly and objectively.

  1. Respect for life
  2. Objectivity
  3. Developed intuition.
  4. Protection and help of ancestors
  5. Philosophical attitude to life

Image options

The cubes themselves have a laconic design. The clear geometry of the pattern allows them to be attributed to the field of geometry style, and sketch style. The advantage of the dice is that they will fit perfectly in any area of the body. For example, a minimalist pattern will adorn the wrist, and a large panel - the shoulder.

Bones look favorably in black and white technique. Graphic style shading is just as suitable for a geometric drawing. If you decide to do the work in color, it is worth opting for realism and 3D.

In the spirit of the image suits the style of Chicano, Dotwork and thrash polka. Composition vividly express the meaning you want to convey, if you complement it with additional attributes. In the theme of dice suitable , cards, a glass for whiskey, a bowling ball and Pierrot. Symbolic look clock face and a horseshoe.

Places to apply

It is advantageous to place the tattoo on the arm - the bones attract luck to the owner. Materialistic tattoos in the form of dots printed on the wrist. The area between the thumb and forefinger is suitable for this. Shifting the pattern to the phalanges can lead to a negative association with .

Drawing on the forearm, chest and shoulder can attract good luck. Drawings over the shin or calf look beautiful. For small works, localized areas on the lower back, rib area, and shoulder blade are suitable. Large panels are placed on top of the back, abdomen and chest. Girls will go for a miniature tattoo behind the ear.

Sketches of tattoos with bones in large quantities posted on the Internet. Use them as a basis. Be sure to discuss the composition and detailing with the master. He can work on the sketches to select the most successful version.

Video - tattoo of dice, photo gallery

The topic of our today's article is devoted to the tattoo on the brush. In it we will talk in detail about whether it hurts to beat a tattoo on the hand, what means a tattoo on the hand, how best to choose the place, etc. If you are interested, keep reading.

Tattoos on the hand have become quite popular, especially lately. Earlier, when tattoos on the body only began to win the hearts of people, the most popular places for them were . However, in today's world, the view on the location of tattoos has changed dramatically and now images are printed in the most unpredictable places.

Earlier they were applied as a protection of the bearer from possible misfortune. Basically it was a black and white tattoo, however with time colored paints were gradually introduced.

Today, tattoos are more than just a picture. This is a way to change your image, add zest to it and become brighter, impressing people. With such tattoos, people express themselves, reveal their character traits and loudly declare their personality to the whole world. Many people do not just put beautiful tattoos on the hands, but write words and texts, and put a certain meaning in them.

What do you need to know?

A tattoo is something that stays with you throughout your life, so before you go directly to the session, you need to consult with your parents, if you're not 18, with friends and above all with yourself. Think about every detail in order to be 100% ready.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The meaning of the image. The picture you put on your body stays with you throughout your life, so think carefully about its meaning. If you're doing it for the first time, start with small, minimalist tattoos. They look original, gentle and do not overload the image. In any case, you can always complement a small picture with something big, it all depends on your desire. The main thing is that the tattoo that you are tattooing has nothing to do with the prison sphere. Beware of double-digit symbols and pictures that have ambiguous, negative connotations.
  2. Color scheme and style. When you have already found a tattoo on the brush, decide on the colors in which the picture will be colored, as well as the style, so that the image can be complemented by something similar, so that later you have a thought-out composition with a common storyline. Best of all on the brush look tattoos in the style, "tribal", "biomechanics" and "chicano". These images look bright, contrasting and have clearly-drawn lines.
    1. biomechanics, mechanisms 2. Chicano 3. Trable on the hand and finger
  1. Size. It varies only on your personal preferences. For example, among young people are very popular mini-tattoos, which later grow into full sleeves. The advantage of small size drawings is that they can always be complemented at will by something new, give volume, details, and also the saturation of colors.
  2. Location. Perhaps this stage will take you the most time, and all because you can place the tattoo in this area:
  • Near the thumb (abstraction, as well as patterns and ornaments of the Maori tribe look great here);
  • Near the hand (in this area you can put an inscription in Latin, or a small butterfly);
  • Tattoos on the hand and wrist (often such images are part of the sleeve. Here most often nabbed simple tattoos on the hand, which do not have a large number of details);
  • Tattoo on the side of the hand (the most popular pictures in this area are all kinds of inscriptions, as well as dates of birth of relatives and friends, which are printed in Roman numerals);
  • on the hands and fingers (considered one of the most common and most painful).

The painfulness and practicality of such tattooing

Undoubtedly, it should be mentioned that doing a tattoo on the hand is incredibly painful, and all because in this part of the hand a lot of nerve endings. In addition, the skin on the hand is almost devoid of fat and muscle tissue. Due to the fact that the skin is close to the bones, the pain is very strong.

In the process of applying the tattoo you will have to use painkillers to sit up to the end of the session. In addition, a lot depends on the person, because it is very difficult to draw in such an area.

Choose a qualified specialist who has extensive experience and is aware of all the details of drawing on such sensitive areas. He can also clarify how to take care of the tattoo, what is recommended to do and what not.


From an aesthetic point of view, tattoos in this area have some nuances. For example, men's tattoos on the hand differ in their subject matter, size, theme of the images. Often it is a variety of tattoos skulls, spider webs, bears and wolves. Very popular among the strong sex are army tattoos, which they apply to the body during the term of service.

Most of them are names or nicknames they got in the army or their term of service. Many have a compass tattooed on their hands that points north. Adherents of the pagan era choose drawings of Thor's hammer tattoo, as well as various Slavic amulets. Female or male tattoos of the hand - the meaning can be absolutely different, because the nail can perform both decorative and semantic functions.

Tattoo on the hand for girls is more of a decorative ornament, which can be made in different styles. Colored tattoos are popular among the fair sex. These can be images of a lion, a cat, birds on the brush are also very common.

Men and women like the way a rose looks on the brush, as well as images of a phoenix, feathers, a clock and even a skeleton.

The last picture is especially in demand. It is placed both on the right and on the left hand. It is believed that it is a tattoo on the left hand helps in matters of the heart, so there are often depicted various talismans.

The meaning of the tattoo bones (part of the skeleton): meaning, history, photos, sketches

Here you can learn interesting facts about The meaning of the tattoo bones (part of the skeleton)In this site you can learn interesting facts about the meaning and history of tattooing (part of the skeleton). More examples here:

  • Photo tattoo of the bone (part of the skeleton)
  • Sketches tattoo bone (part of the skeleton)

The meaning of the tattoo bone (part of the skeleton) - photo variants of ready-made tattoo drawings

Interesting facts about the meaning of the bone (part of the skeleton) tattoo

The first associations that arise at the sight of a tattoo depicting bones are death, doom, another world. Death, of course, is implicated in some transcripts, but carries almost no negative energy in such tattoos.


Such tattoos are very common among men. Some believe that, nakolov such a tattoo on his body, deceive death and make it bypass its side. But the true meanings are as follows:

  1. The original deciphering of a tattoo depicting bones is a connection with ancestors, a tribute to them.
  2. For bikers, the bones are a sign of conquering time. After all, time has almost no power over the human skeleton.
  3. Longevity and longevity. Surprising enough? Even ancient alchemists regarded bones as a symbol of healing the sick and a talisman of health.
  4. Buddhists wear bones as a talisman and a constant reminder of the pricelessness of life of every living being.
  5. In Polynesian tribes, bones and skulls represent omnipresent magical power, a talisman against demons and gives the wearer superpowers.
  6. In the Celts, bones symbolize the receptacle of the human soul.

Often the meaning of such tattoos directly depends on the environment in which the person lives or his nationality.

Photo examples:

Santa Muerta

Represents a bony woman with the attribute of death in her hands (scythe, hourglass, ball). In Mexico, she is considered the goddess of the dead and even celebrate the day of the dead, which is accompanied by eating sweets in the form of skulls and bones, as well as merry festivities and celebrations.

Chaos or Hades

This drawing indicates the arrogance of its owner and that its owner understands the transience of life, trying to live it without limiting himself.


For women

For men