What does the five dots tattoo mean as on a dice

The art of tattooing emerged at the dawn of human culture. With the help of marks on the body people have long emphasized their caste, property or status.

Another kind of tattoo - a brand or brand - became a symbol of social rejection and a mark of shame. This is how criminals were branded, leaving images on the faces of men, shoulders or breasts of women.

Today, tattoos have begun to lose their original meaning, but it is necessary to remember their specific meanings.

The meaning of the tattoo "5 dots" on the hand?

This tattoo resembles one side of a game cube, where 5 dots are drawn. Four dots are located in the corners of the imaginary square, and one dot in the middle. Any inmate knows that the owner of such a tattoo is a former inmate. Only a person who has spent at least a day in a cell can get such a tattoo. In other cases it will be negatively perceived, both by the "thief" world, and by the police. In this case, the interpretation of it can be completely different and contradictory:

  1. The first option means that the person (the point in the middle) is surrounded by faithful friends, which is his protection.
  2. The second option means the opposite: the person is surrounded not by friends, but by prison walls, which symbolizes defenselessness and loneliness.

Meaning for men and girls

Tattoo with a dot in the criminal world has the same meaning for both sexes. As for ordinary people, the tattoo with dots on the fingers is common among girls. The number of elements corresponds to the number of goals that the owner of the tattoo has set for herself. Another meaning may be the number of children. If a girl draws on her shoulders, it speaks of detachment from material values.

Men draw a dot when they have completed some business, that is, they have already achieved their goal. The more such elements, the greater the results achieved by the young man. A large sign, inscribed in the heart area, indicates that the man has found his second half and will be faithful to her until the end of life.

Who wears tattoos with the image of 5 dots?

These tattoos are worn by men who served time in prison. Of course, in ordinary life, on the outside, such a tattoo can make any person who has nothing to do with the "thief" law. But if a question arises from the "comrades" who know about this tattoo not by hearsay, it is necessary to explain firmly and confidently, what meaning this tattoo has for you. In no case should you award yourself with a "nonexistent past" and count yourself among the number of people who have served a sentence. It is easy to check, yes, and problems after such a lie cannot be avoided.

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Meaning in other countries

A similar tattoo is also relevant in other countries. In America, it is imposed only on those people who are related to criminal gangs, the symbol of which is the number 5. In Vietnam, it symbolizes the protection of a person, indicating that he has influential patrons.

Here you can learn interesting facts about the meaning of the tattoo five dotsFeatures and variants of the figure, its meaning, history and interpretation, can look at photo examples. More examples here:

  • Tattoo photo five dots
  • Sketches tattoo five dots

Is it worth it to do such a tattoo?

With the great popularity of tattoos and their variety, most people do not even think about their origin. They put on an incomprehensible drawing or symbol that seems mysterious and attractive to them, but they do not understand what it could mean, where it came from, what its meaning is. If you meet a person with such a tattoo, it can mean two things: either the person has a tattoo and does not know its meaning, or in front of you is a former prisoner who knows about imprisonment firsthand. Whether or not you need to pretend to know about it is another matter.

Variants of combinations

Three dots on the hand in the form of a triangle is a sign of participation in a gang. These are the three stages in a criminal's life: prison, hospital, and the cemetery. It may just be a contender for participation in a Mafia gang.

In Mexico, the three-point tag stands for the motto "vida loca," the credo of Latin American mobsters who live a "crazy life." Around the world, the meaning of the statement is the same. The three-point tattoo can be seen near the eyes, on the arms. But sometimes it can be a symbol of the Trinity, because Latin men can be very religious Catholics, despite their earthly reckless activities.

Five dots are very common in many prisons around the world, especially on the knuckles - in a line or chess position. In the U.S., it can signify a gang of five members (for example, there was a group called the Latin Kings who tagged themselves with a five-pointed star).

Whatever your choice of tattoo, it's worth paying close attention to the style of dotwork and the choice of tattoo point. It is better to consult in a salon with a master, come to the studio with variants of their ideas and see in advance the photos of finished works. Perhaps there are versions that will decorate the body without prison value, and you will not have to repent of the padded image.

Tattoo pictures of five dots on his head

Meaning of the tattoo "five dots"

The tattoo "Five Dots" is interpreted as follows: four dots (towers) and one(prisoner) in or more precisely in the camp, and along the perimeter of the tower - four dots. In a word - the prisoner.

The tattoo is applied to the hand, it is most often, less often to the shoulder. More often, tattoo five dots can be seen on the fingers or at the base between the thumb and index fingers.

Photo tattoo of five dots on the hands

Who is suitable for a tattoo with game symbols?

Tattoo with symbols of games can do both girls and guys. Masters studio "Maruha" say that it is better to pick up a tattoo by its meaning, as well as relying on your character.

A tattoo with game signs will suit you if you consider yourself human:

The tattoo is also suitable for those who:

It doesn't matter what gender you are. The most important thing is that the tattoo likes you and carries the meaning you want to express.

If you are 100% sure that a tattoo with game signs will suit you, then you can contact the tattoo salons of St. Petersburg. There you will be advised how best to design the drawing, or read some of the features that will help you create your own unique tattoo.

Five point tattoo - picture and explanation

Tattooing - is such a process of putting certain ink into the subcutaneous tissue in the form of a certain symbol or pattern. The history of the application of body signs or tattoos goes back centuries. The first bearers of tattoos were Indians. Tattoo entered the culture of many nations and tribes as a sacred symbol, and the process itself became a very important ritual. Translated from the Polynesian language means drawing.

In Europe, the history of the tattoo dates back to the time of the Cooks and the time of the pioneers.

Cobwebs on the elbows.

They are a symbol of a long stay, the number of rings means the number of years behind bars.

Gangsters are not ashamed of their criminal past, and it is rather a source of pride for them. That's why they don't shy away from tattooing symbols that mark their criminal achievements.

Dots. The progenitor of the dot technique was the ethnic style of Dotwork. The essence of the technique is the step-by-step application of individual dots. The density and shade of each dot creates a three-dimensional composition.

Minimalist images are made in the form of individual dots. Their number carries a certain semantic meaning. The location of the drawing is most often on the wrist or in the corner of the eye.

What does tattoo-five dots on the hand mean?

What does this tattoo mean to those who have been to places not so far away? Andrew in b.

Five dots arranged this way - four in a square, one in the center, on the back of the palm means only one thing - this man was sitting in a covered room. Convicts call it a roof. Or in the zone he was placed in the BUR, for violation of discipline or disobedience to the employees of the institution. If such tattoos are made while still in the detention center, it means that this person was placed in a punishment cell.


The tattoo "five dots on the hand" is otherwise known as "one in four walls". The simplest tattoo that can be done by anyone who spent at least a day in the detention center, the guard is not counted. It's also called "four towers and convicts" and "one among friends.


For women

For men