20 tattoos over scars and burns that helped people turn their flaws into a highlight


These days, tattoos are a great means of self-expression. Many people get tattoos because they feel more vibrant, beautiful, and interesting with them.

But there are those for whom a tattoo - a way to hide their imperfections, because of which it is difficult to feel confident. Despite the era of body positivity, not everyone wants to put up with what they think is a flaw and so they try to camouflage it. This is where the tattoo-masters come to the rescue, ready to hide imperfections on the body with a beautiful pattern!

And today we are going to show you the work of a Vietnamese tattoo artist who specializes in just such tattoos!

Popular designs

If you choose a pattern for a tattoo, be guided only by your own taste. Fashion is very fickle, moreover - does not always meet your needs.

If you're inclined to large-scale drawing - do it! If you prefer small patterns or flowers - choose it.

When choosing, pay attention to the girls' lower abdomen tattoos, photos and ideas. However, you can always create your own sketch, independently or with a master

If there is no hidden meaning in your tattoo, it is best to settle on an abstract ornament. It can be a belt around your waist or a small pattern around your belly. Moreover, you will be able to add new elements to such a pattern for a long time.

If, on the contrary, you wish to score a meaningful drawing, then choose the sketch carefully. The inscription or picture must fully match your vision.

What are the advantages of camouflage tattooing over others?

  1. Fast rehabilitation after the procedure, short healing period;
  2. No side effects;
  3. Can be applied on the area that has been treated with a laser;
  4. Increase in the density of the skin, with all others it decreases;
  5. Cheaper.

Scars on our face and body bring discomfort and develop complexes.

skin tone scar tattooing

We hide our body from prying eyes. We retouch the imperfections only on the photo. Thanks to the camouflage tattoo, you can get rid of scars and return confidence in yourself and your attractiveness!

Tattoo on the scar of a girl or a man: recommendations

In order for the procedure of applying tattoos to problematic areas of the skin to be successful, it is necessary to adhere to some tips. First of all it is worth remembering that the process of tattooing on the body is considered painful, so you need to take care of pain relief, for this you can use anesthetic gel and other medicines. After the application of the tattoo it is necessary to treat it every day with a special antibacterial ointment.

Also, in the process of healing of the skin may form a crust, which is undesirable to tear off, with time it will fall off on their own. Hiding scars with tattoos is recommended in the summertime, as the body is much less clothing and tattoo friction on various materials is significantly reduced.

Tattoo on scars from cesarean, appendicitis: on which scars can be tattooed

Skin injuries, visible defects and irregularities very often create psychological discomfort, against which girls and men have complexes. To get a tattoo on the scar it is necessary to observe the main rule - the scar must be at the final stage of healing. That is, the tattoo can not be applied to fresh scars, the period from their appearance to the padding of the tattoo must be about one year.

Type of scars and the possibility of creating a tattoo on their surface:
  • Atrophic - externally it is a whitish area of skin, which is slightly deeper than the general level of the skin. Such scars can be a consequence of minor burns, cuts or acne. Also referred to atrophic scars are stretch marks after weight loss or childbirth. Tattooing on atrophic scars is allowed and easily hides the visible defect.
  • Normotrophic - appear as a result of small wounds, located at a general level, do not have swelling and are characterized by a whitish color. Tattoos on such scars are easy to do, skin defects are completely hidden.
  • Hypertrophic scars are scars that form after major surgery. Externally, they are dark scars with a convex texture, it is possible to hide them, but it is difficult and expensive to do so.
  • Keloid scars - they appear on the body in a couple of months after surgeries, they can proliferate, it is prohibited to apply tattoos to this type of scars.
  • Papillomas or birthmarks. As you know, under these bumps are hidden blood capillaries, so tattooing on them is strictly forbidden. Any interference in this area can provoke the growth of cancer cells, so the only permissible solution is a tattoo that bypasses these areas or includes them as part of the picture.

Who is not suitable for the camouflage tattoo procedure and why?

Unfortunately, this cosmetic procedure is not suitable for some, there are certain limitations. It is forbidden to use any kind of perm after the introduction of Restylane, Botox, fillers; pregnancy and breastfeeding, taking antibacterial drugs, as well as drugs to activate the immune system, menstruation period, diabetes, in the period of exacerbation of skin disease. Three days before visiting the beautician to refrain from taking blood thinners, you can not drink energy, tea and coffee.

Skin-colored tattooing on keloid scars is not to be treated, because there will be an increase in size.

Psychological preparation is very important!

Decide to do a camouflage tattoo and the result will make you go crazy with excitement! Various advertising, which blazes the Internet, promises to get rid of your scars in one procedure. That does not happen. You can achieve a great result in a few procedures performed once a month. Masking tattoo is a painstaking process, one session will not be enough to make defects less noticeable.

Choice of design

In tattoo salons, you can choose a drawing from a variety of options. It can be a feather, a lightning bolt, a beautiful flower, which girls love to choose, or an inscription. It is worth orienting on the shape of your scar, listening to the recommendations of the master.

What do girls choose

Girls often choose gentle, feminine drawings for tattoos.

The rating of the most popular tattoos for scar closure includes:

  • A drawing of feathers;
  • butterflies;
  • flowers;
  • ornaments;
  • animals;
  • cute inscriptions.

What Men Choose

Men are usually more conservative, so their choice falls on:

  • symbolic inscriptions for tattoos;
  • Menacing animals for tattoos;
  • Weapon themes in tattoos.

Tattoos on scars: features

Features of tattoos hiding skin defects:

  • The wound must heal completely, otherwise you can get complications when applying the tattoo, the picture can "crawl".
  • When choosing a color scheme should give preference to bright tattoos, containing in the sketch 4-5 colors, monotonous tattoos are not desirable.
  • Masking irregularities can be done with shadows, highlights and halftones.
  • The scar has a disturbed skin structure, so it is able to absorb a layer of paint.
  • In order to check whether the tattoo is suitable, you can make a temporary tattoo, which has a lifespan of about 3 weeks.

Tattoo on scars on the stomach, arm and other parts of the body

The choice of tattoo depends not only on the type of scar, but also on the part of the body on which the problematic area of skin is located:

  • Stomach - here to do a tattoo is painful, there may be stretch marks, but when choosing a sketch, you can give preference to large drawings and full compositions. Scars on the abdomen are more common in girls, for example, after a caesarean, so the optimal sketches: a sakura or rose branch, feathers or birds sitting on a branch.
  • Breast - usually here are scars after severe cancer surgery, you can cover the scars with a salamander. If the scars are small, you can hide them with flowers or butterflies.
  • Arm - if the scars are extensive, you can make "sleeves", with small lesions there are no restrictions on the choice of sketches.
  • Wrist - to hide the defects, you can use the outlines of a bracelet, as well as small ornaments or flowers.
  • Spine - an image of branches, a corset (for girls), a painted spine (for men).
  • The sides or legs - you can hide visible defects with any tattoo, it can have both small size and completely cover the leg or ribs.


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