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The first tattoo - a dolphin

Two tattoos of Ksenia Borodina can be seen in the occasional photo in glossy magazines. The TV hostess admitted that she first decided to get a tattoo when she was a teenager. As a drawing, the image of a dolphin was chosen, which represents strength, power and at the same time calmness, goodwill. It is still unknown why the celebrity decorated her left leg with a dolphin. But many people can not explain the meaning of their actions in adolescence until the end.

Tattoos of Ksenia borodina

Having placed on her body a dolphin swimming in waves, Ksenia decided to stop with the tattoo, until one important event happened in her life.

Ksenia Borodina will dedicate a tattoo to her youngest daughter

Ksenia Borodina has a monogram on her left hand with the name of her eldest daughter

TV presenter of the reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina decided on a new tattoo. The star of the broadcasts showed in microblogging the inscription in Latin "Teona", which the skilled master will be stamped on her skin. Ksenia will dedicate another body drawing to her youngest daughter, Teona, who was born about a year ago. By all appearances, the tattoo will appear on Ksenia's second hand closer to December 22. That's the day the second heiress of the TV hostess was born.

This tattoo will be the third for the TV star. The left forearm is decorated with the inscription "Marusya", which she made after the birth of her first daughter in 2009. Also, Borodina's ankle is decorated with a feather pattern. In March 2015, she scored the old tattoo, as it was previously depicted a dolphin in that place.

Fans of the TV hostess believe that her daughter Teona will really like such a tattoo of her mother when the girl grows up a little bit. "How cute and symbolic", "Good girl! She's going to be showing off next to Marusya. It's a bond for life", "Xenia, you are a wonderful mom", "Great! Very beautiful font," wrote the star's followers.

Borodina tries to spend more time with her heiresses. The TV star and her husband Kurban Omarov often go on vacation with the whole family. Little Teona has already had time to visit Turkey and the UAE. Apparently, the girl is well tolerated even long trips. Fans of Borodina constantly note that the baby girl is growing very beautiful and are amazed by her outfits.

The star mother believes that the child is growing very joyful. "So far it's hard to say what kind of character Thea has, because she's very small. But I can say that Maru was calmer at her age - my eldest daughter is a more serious girl, thoughtful, and Thea laughs a lot, she is very smiling. And she's demanding - she doesn't scream or cry, but she grunts and sort of tells me: "I want this right now," Borodina said.

Ksenia's eldest daughter Marusya helps her mother babysit. Very often the girl looks after her sister while her parent is busy with household chores. Borodina shares funny videos on her microblog, in which Teona learns to crawl around the house and play with the house cat.

The inscription on her hand

Ten months after the birth of her beloved daughter, fans have attracted the attention of Ksenia Borodina's tattoo on her arm. On the forearm - closer to the hand - the celebrity immortalized the name of her daughter Marusya. The inscription turned out to be beautiful, gentle and at the same time quite stylish. By the way, a similar tattoo with the name of his son Bogdan adorns the arm of Alena Vodonaeva.

The author of "Marusya" was the master, who tattooed tattoos on the body of the performer Timati. Fans argue: Ksenia Borodina tattoos - is it a desire to follow fashion or an attempt to capture important events in her life? The TV host herself explains the appearance of the second tattoo by a sense of boundless love, which she feels for her daughter. Becoming a mother, the anchorwoman realized that the main value in life is children. Thanks to the drawing "Marusya", the star feels that her little girl is always with her, even if physically she is far away.

xenia borodina tattoo

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Chinese characters and pen.

Notice how neat Ksenia Borodina's tattoos are. Photos of each of them can be found on her personal page on social networks.

The third tattoo of the TV host is of particular interest. But there are also doubts about its authenticity. Ksenia "painted" her neck with mysterious Chinese characters. The inscription was put vertically along the spine from the base of the neck. TV host refrains from commenting on the tattoo and does not tell what the inscription means. But traditionally Chinese characters are used to decorate the body to attract the energy of good luck and wealth. Perhaps the tattoo is dedicated to her daughter or husband. To all the questions about the meaning of Chinese characters, Ksenia only smiles sweetly.

Tattoo of a feather Borodina

Ksenia Borodina's tattoos on hieroglyphs are not over. In 2015, fans saw a new drawing - a feather - on the leg, where previously "frolics" a dolphin. The left leg was chosen as the place for the drawing. The reason for the appearance of the new tattoo Ksenia did not explain. The fans decided that in this way the celebrity "washed away" the old "dolphin" tattoo and placed in its place a new one - "feather".

In 2021, the TV presenter published a photo on Instagram, where she is holding a piece of paper with the name of her second daughter - Teona, accompanying it with the inscription "Important day, your name on your hand". Fans immediately decided that Ksenia was preparing to get a new tattoo with the name of her youngest daughter. However, there was no proof of this.

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Tattoos of celebrities of Russia and foreign men, women, their meaning (photo)

There is almost no space left on Timati's body
While in the 20th century tattoos were something strange and incomprehensible, today they are an obligatory part of a starry and unique bow. We suggest looking at celebrity tattoos, as well as revealing the secret meaning of the most interesting ones.

Tattoos of foreign stars

Jessica Alba

Beautiful tattoo on Jessica's arm
Jessica Alba has long been one of the main representatives of the tattoo disease. And one of her tattoos is a real family heirloom. The inside of the wrist of the Hollywood actress is decorated with the word "lotus". This symbol comes to us from the Eastern countries, and means a solar flower, symbolizing the spiritual awakening. Exactly the same tattoo was done by Jessica's relatives: mother, aunts, cousins, etc.

Alba's spicy tattoo

The first to get this tattoo was the star's mother, then her aunt, and after her 18th birthday, Alba herself. In addition, Jessica has a beautiful bow tattoo on her lower back.


The inscription "Proof" on Eminem's arm.
You have to try very hard to find an ink-free spot on Eminem's body. As the artist himself stated, he won't be tattooing anymore due to the banal lack of places for them. The only "untouched" place of the rapper is his back, but according to the artist, why make a tattoo if you can't see it anyway?

Marshall has "D12" on his right and left arm. This is the abbreviated name of the rap project Dirty Dozen. This tattoo was done by absolutely all members of the collective. On the wrist of the left hand of Eminem depicts a Celtic pattern. As the artist has repeatedly stated, this tattoo is the only unconsidered image on the musician's body. Moreover, he doesn't even remember making it, because he was drunk. The image of his daughter on the artist's shoulder

Marshall has "Slit Me" written on the wrist of his right handThis tattoo is quite symbolic, since the rapper is known to have tried to kill himself several times. This tattoo is symbolic enough, because it is known that the rapper tried to commit suicide several times. It is this inscription that warns the performer against rash and reckless actions and serves him as a reminder of the fate of his relatives and friends.

Another interesting tattoo is on the left forearm. It says "Ronnie RIP". Eminem made such an inscription in memory of his uncle Ronnie Pilkington, who committed suicide in far 1991.

Mike Tyson.

The intimidating pattern near Mike Tyson's eye
Mike Tyson is one of the most tattooed boxers in the entire world. The athlete had a portrait of Che Guevara tattooed on the left side of his stomach. Tyson shared the interests of the revolutionary rebel, so he commemorated him with reverence. Mike's most famous tattoo, however, is a mysterious pattern on his left temple, encompassing part of the eye. This tattoo was made to the boxer by Victor Whitmill on February 10, 2003. It happened a few weeks before the fight with his opponent Clifford Etienne. As Mike Tyson's friends point out, this tattoo symbolizes the boxer's martial spirit.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria's small tattoo
The world designer Victoria Beckham also has a few decorations in her stockpile. The celebrity has five eight-pointed stars drawn on her lower back, symbolizing her, her husband and her three sons. What's more, Victoria also has an inscription in Hebrew, which translates as "I belong to my beloved, and my lover to me. Interesting fact is that the girl's husband David Beckham has the same tattoo, but more about that later. The last tattoo of the designer is located on the left wrist. There are her husband's initials and the inscription, which translates to Hebrew as "Together. Forever.

David Beckham

Tattooed Beckham in the company of his wife
One of the most popular footballers in the world, the former captain of the English national team, David Beckham is decorated with ink from head to toe. There is no point in describing the meaning of all the tattoos on the body of the athlete, but One very cute inscription "Love" with the image of two lovebirds beside it should be mentioned.. David does not hide this tattoo from the public and made it on the left hand. This design the ex-captain chose in October 2011, three months after the birth of his daughter. As you can see, even masculine personalities like David Beckham are not ashamed to show their sincere feelings to the world. A simple tattoo sometimes hides a very rich meaning.


"Stars of Fame" on Rihanna's back
The number of tattoos Rihanna has exceeds the number of music awards she has. According to some information, in total, the celebrity has more than 20 tattoos on her body. The star has a beautiful musical note drawn on her right legOn her left side is an Arabic script that translates as "Freedom is in God", and on her back to the back of her head there is a spectacular path of stars (symbolizing the singer's stellar path). It's likely that the artist loves silence, as she has the words "Freedom is in God" engraved on her index finger. on her index finger is written "Shhh..."

Russian showbiz celebrities' tattoos

Tina Kanelaki

The mysterious key on Kandelaki's hand
When the public first noticed the tattoo of a violin key on Tina's hand, many critics were outraged, they said, does the anchorwoman plan to become a singer. However, quite recently, the mystery of this tattoo was revealed. Experts say that Kandelaki tattoo symbolizes the energy of light.

Another tattoo TV presenter made on the left hip. Now there is a Chinese character, the translation of which requires no explanation - "mother". Tina has repeatedly emphasized that her children are the meaning of life and she is ready to give up almost everything for their happiness and well-being. This tattoo Kandelki dedicated to her children, once again setting her priorities.

Ivan Okhlobystin

Ivan likes to get unusual tattoos with philosophical overtones
The star of "Internov" actor Ivan Okhlobystin also dedicated one of his tattoos to his children. On his chest painted a few skulls. As the filmmaker himself states, These tattoos he wants to show that children will always remain in his heart, and only death can change this.

On the arms and shoulders Okhlobystin pecked a few more fancy tattoos. According to the actor they all have some kind of meaning or symbolize periods of his life. For example, On Ivan's body there is an interesting tattoo in the form of a dragon with blue eyes. He looks quite terrifying, but at heart this beast is kind. Okhlobystin compares himself to this dragon.

A unicorn tattoo in the style of a Celtic pattern adorns Ivan's arm. Its main feature is that the unicorn is surrounded by marijuana. The actor does not want to hide even such details of his life, because it can help someone avoid rash and senseless decisions that can ruin life.

Sergey Lazarev

Wing on Sergey Lazarev's biceps
Stylish performer Sergey Lazarev also did not fall behind his colleagues in the shop and made several tattoos. On his right leg he tattooed the date of birth of his brother, on the left - his mother. These numbers were written in Roman script and shown in a column. By the way, on the day when the performer first decided to leave a mark on his body, his girlfriend Lera Kudryavtseva was with him. She also decided to make a small tattoo. About a year ago, Lazarev again decorated himself. This time the target of the tattoo was his hands. Sergei had his wings tattooed on them.. They symbolize that any creative person should never stand still and constantly strive for something higher.

Ksenia Borodina

That cute little dolphin on Ksenia's leg
The odious TV presenter Ksenia Borodina made her first tattoo immediately after adulthood. At that time On her leg appeared the image of a small cute dolphin. It is still not entirely clear what this tattoo symbolizes, but among the most popular assumptions is benevolence and tranquility.

Ksenia got her second tattoo nine years later, when her daughter was 10 months old. The TV host wrote her daughter's name on her forearm in Latin.

Alyona Vodonaeva

Alyona Vodonaeva prepares for another tattoo
Alyona Vodonaeva followed Ksenia Borodina and got a tattoo "Bogdan" on her right arm when her son was two months old.

A year and a half later, Alena went to a salon and She got the inscription "Je suis la benediction de Dieu" on her shoulder blades. The anchorwoman has been asked more than once about the meaning of the phrase, but she doesn't want to talk about it and keeps everything a secret. "I won't talk about what and where I have it written. It's personal. Certainly it can't be hidden, but I have no desire to tell either. Really, it's very personal. It's just mine," the girl reported in one of her interviews.

In September 2015, Alyona decided to get another small tattoo. "This morning I went to a secret tattoo parlor for a new inscription on my wrist. This is such a period in my life... Fantastic. For some reason I wanted to leave it for life," the presenter shared with her readers in one of the social networks. So, the word Fantastica appeared on Vodonaeva's left wrist.. By the way, this tattoo was applied to her by the best master in Mexico, in whose salon many actors from the movie "Kill Bill 2" came for tattoos.

News about Ksenia Borodina: the TV host got a tattoo

Today, the TV host of Dom 2 Ksyusha Borodina updated her page in the network Instagramm. She published a post in which she posted a photo from the tattoo salon. In the post, she announced that she decorated her body with a tattoo. With such a move, she surprised her fans. In the picture, the girl is captured in a tattoo parlor, where she got a new tattoo. In her post, the girl said that after visiting the salon, she was convinced that its employees are professionals. She also noted that everything in the salon is sterile.

In the comments fans began to ask Ksyusha what other hobbies she has that she keeps secret from her fans. We should note that not every public person will be interested in tattoos. However, just visiting the salon out of curiosity, Ksyusha did not limit herself. She used the services of the institution, with the tattoo, which was applied by the celebrity to the body of the master of the salon, to her fans Borodina did not show. We can only wait that in the next post Ksyusha will show the drawing, which is painted on her body.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the summer, the Dom 2 TV host has attracted a lot of attention from the media. Interest in her person Ksyusha attracted in connection with her divorce from her husband Kurban Omarov. At first, information about the divorce from her husband was just a rumor. But two weeks ago, Borodina broke a long silence and reported that she is indeed divorcing her spouse. She also reported that for a long time Kurban was cheating on her. After Ksyusha confirmed the imminent divorce, she received support from her friends and fans. The author of the article: Alexander Matveev

Photo: social networks

Borodina tattoos: Ksenia Borodina got a tattoo in honor of a loved one - 12/18/2016

July 31, 2019.


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Ksenia Borodina bragged about the sketch of her next tattoo -

The famous "Dom- 2" TV host has decided to get a new tattoo in honor of her daughter Teona. As we had time to notice, Ksenia has a monogram of her eldest daughter Marusya, reports

The host of the reality show "Dom-2" recently posted in her microblog a photo of the inscription that she wants to put on her TV - "Teona".

Another nudge Borodina will undoubtedly dedicate to her youngest daughter, Teona, who is now less than a year old. It is assumed that the tattoo will be done by a professional tattoo artist on Ksenia's second arm by December 22, Teona's birthday, when she will be 1 year old.

As the journalist of the Internet publication DzhoininfoMedia Ulyana Ulitkina learned, this will be the third tattoo of the popular TV presenter. Borodina's left forearm is decorated with a tattoo of her daughter's name - "Marusya", which she did in 2009. On the ankle of the Instagram star paints an elegant feather, made in 2015.

Fans of Borodina believe that her daughter Teona will like her mother's tattoo in the future. They wrote about it in their comments: "How cute and symbolic", "Good girl! It will be beautiful next to Marusya. It's a connection for life", "Ksenia, you're a wonderful mom", "Great! Very beautiful font," Ksenia Borodina's followers wrote.

It is worth noting that little Teona has already been to Turkey and the UAE, as parents love to travel. Apparently, the girl takes flights and trips well.

Recall that Borodina's subscribers constantly say that Thea grows very beautiful and admire her outfits, as well as Marusya's. Ksenia always says that her eldest daughter is her helper and support, because she helps her mother a lot and often babysits Thea.

The other day, Russian presenter Ksenia Borodina published previously unknown photos of herself and her friend Olga Buzova. Rare pictures came to fans' taste, someone even noted that Marusya is an exact copy of her mother as a child.


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