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Koi carp entered tattoo culture as one of the symbols of irezumi, yakuza tattoo. In sign language, a fish with golden scales denotes majesty, imperial power and masculine strength. The number of meanings grew after the integration of the sketch into the European and American tradition. With the emergence of the pantheon images of the two continents, carp adorn the skin of not only men, but also women.

Carp legends.

The most common carp tattoo is a drawing of Japanese fish. In Japanese, carp sounds like koi. The koi is very significant in Oriental philosophy. Chinese national culture recognizes this brave fish as an emperor among all others. Another very famous name for it is the dragonfish. A well-known legend tells of a small carp that overcame the strong current of the Huanghe. He reached the dragon's gate, which was located at the very mouth of the yellow river. As a reward, he himself turned into a dragon. Moral - diligence and effort through hard work will help to achieve the desired heights.
Another legend says that once upon a time carps were unremarkable gray fish. Over time, due to natural mutations, various color deviations appeared. The Japanese thought this was a divine sign. Fish became the pets of the Japanese. They purposely bred them, crossed them with each other.

Now this national fish is a symbol of good luck for the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun. The koi carp's extraordinary beauty has contributed to its spread around the world. Fourteen official colors have been approved. It is not surprising that many people want to give themselves such a tattoo. One should not only overlook the various nuances of the meaning of this image.

Important to know

  • Japan is a complex style, carp including. The master must be a pro in this style: be able to lead a clear outline, work with bright ink and tightly painted. Then your carp will turn out juicy and will not spread over time.
  • Carp is difficult to overlap: there are a lot of details and thick black outlines. If you get such a tattoo from a beginner, not the fact that in 2-3 years the drawing will remain as cool. We recommend immediately looking for a professional who has been doing Japanese tattoos for a long time.

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Interesting Facts

There are many ways to conquer the world. The Japanese conquered the world with the koi carp. These ornamental, beautifully shimmering fish have become the decoration of bodies of water all over the world.

Carps are perfectly trainable. In Japan, clubs of koi carp admirers have become widespread. Show exhibitions are organized everywhere. To the inhabitants of Japan, the carp is a pet just like a cat or a dog. It responds to its name, recognizes its owner by voice, and can distinguish its steps. It can be petted and fed by hand.

According to legend, the koi carp Hanako, has lived more than two hundred years.

In Japanese culture, this fish is a masculine symbol. At the birth of an heir is customary to hoist a flag, with a picture of carp.

In the traditional culture of Japanese geisha - a tattoo, the main proof of love.


Oriental philosophy among tattoos has a special place. On a par with dragons, tigers, and lotuses, one of the most popular is the Koi Carp. Once a gray, inconspicuous fish, it has become the king of rivers. Today, what colors are not to be found. Carp are famous for their thirst for life, the struggle for survival, in order to have offspring this fish overcomes a hard and long way against the current, jumping over waterfalls.

Color scheme

In Japanese culture, the meaning of the carp tattoo can vary depending on the color scheme of the image.

  • The predominance of two shades, red and white represents a long-term relationship, love energy, courage.
  • The white color contributes to good luck in building a career.
  • Carp black will be a sign of coming significant changes and transformations.
  • Silver color tattoo promotes achievement in business, important affairs.
  • Gold colored koi symbolize prosperity and even wealth.
  • Blue tattoo will be a symbol of brutality and strong male power.

Tattoo Carp - a combination of a plot with an excellent picture. Breathtaking richness of colors, clarity of lines and luxury of patterns. Nakolka on the back will be a great choice! After all, if the fish is big, then good luck is expected. Tattoo will be a great ornament for the girl and the pride for the man.

The meaning of the tattoo

In the Japanese interpretation of the tattoo Carp has several basic meanings:

  • A sign of health, intelligence and longevity;
  • Sign of determination, the constant movement to the result;
  • A sign of love between a man and a woman.

Buddhists give the carp the ability to bring happiness and a long prosperous life. In China, it promises success in the literary field. Sacred fish koi - a symbol of high spiritual achievements, the embodiment of endurance and self-control.

Imperial fish, has become a symbol of brave people, overcoming problems, coping with the circumstances of life. A good man will get what he wants by overcoming all the difficulties in his way in a persistent struggle. He will bypass all obstacles and create favorable circumstances for himself. Such content of the tattoo is displayed in the image of a carp, which has to fight the current.

A tattoo design depicting two Koi fish is widespread. It symbolizes the successful and long-lasting marriage, fidelity and harmony in the relationship between a woman and a man. Complement to the composition will serve as an inscription of hieroglyphs, surrounded by lotuses.

What does the koi fish tattoo mean?

Koi fish tattoos symbolize good luck and prosperity. According to an old myth in which there was a koi fish that wanted to climb a large waterfall in the Huanghe River to become a dragon, the koi fish represents a person who is determined to become a better person and do good. for the universe. Another symbol of the koi fish tattoo is transformation, and it is intended for those who have overcome many difficult obstacles in their own lives, such as illness, sudden death or a very serious problem. Koi serve as a symbol of your personal success. The koi fish tattoo symbolizes determination. The Chinese, in particular, believe that they symbolize prosperity in business, career, and study.

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Colorful Japanese tattoos with koi fish

For girls

Young women and girls apply carp as a symbol of family happiness. Pink carp - the color of innocence, fish of a more saturated shade will suit the older woman. The owner of such a tattoo can achieve a lot without anyone's help, independently. Tattoo perfectly looks around the wrist and forearm. It is believed that its owner expects good luck.

The idea of a tattoo of a pair of fish, promises the mistress a large family and a rich life. She is sure to meet a poor soulmate. The sign of the fish favors prosperity.

For men

The most important meaning of the tattoo Karp - good luck and love of life. It embodies the desire to go forward, through all obstacles. Tattoo for the spirit of a strong, intelligent men who are able to set high goals and strive to achieve them.

Fish swim easily downstream, symbolizes a man reached the harmony, living in balance. If the carp has to overcome the flow of water, its owner is still on his way to his victories. And his victory will not be accidental. This tireless fish has remarkable vitality. Survives in the most adverse conditions.

Carp is a popular truly masculine sign. The choice of such a theme indicates the desire for leadership!

Japanese carp Koi is not an uncommon choice of tattoo subject. Such an image testifies to the rich inner world of its owner. Eye-catching, originally designed picture is an excellent body decoration. A tattoo of a carp with a dragon's head will be a perfect amulet for the one who chose it.

Aphorisms in French

French aphorisms are chosen by those people who like to see a hidden meaning in the message. Such personalities like to reflect on philosophical, political or creative topics. Aphorism in the form of a tattoo can easily find a place on the body of an intelligent and educated person.

  • Rewards from life you get for work, not for excuses. Vous obtenez des récompenses de la vie pour vos travaux, pas des excuses.
  • We don't know who we are until we see what we are capable of. Nous ne savons pas qui nous sommes avant de voir de quoi sommes capables.
  • Friends are not those whom you love the most, but those who are the first to come to the rescue. Amis ne sont pas ceux que vous aimez le plus, mais ceux qui sont les premiers à venir à la rescousse.
  • It is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. Il vaut mieux régner en enfer que servir au ciel. The wolf is indifferent to the number of sheep. Le loup est indifférent au nombre de moutons.
  • Gratitude is the most beautiful of flowers of the soul. La gratitude est la plus belle des fleurs de l'âme.
  • The best prophet for the future is the past. Le meilleur prophète pour l'avenir - le passé.
  • Le plaisir est le ciel, beneath which all but evil blossoms. Le plaisir est le ciel sous lequel tout fleurit sauf la méchanceté.
  • L'éternité dure durée, especially at the end. L'éternité dure très longtemps, surtout à la fin.
  • Our views are like our watches: they all show different times, but everyone believes only his own. Nos vues sont comme nos montres: elles montrent toutes des moments différents, mais tout le monde ne croit que la sienne.
  • Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills its students. Le temps est un grand professeur, mais malheureusement, il tue ses élèves.

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