Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, LJ, Morgenstern and other stars with facial tattoos

Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, LJ, Morgenstern and other stars with facial tattoos

Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes, LJ, Morgenstern and other stars with face tattoos
Morgenstern/Cat Von D.
While some people hesitate to get tattoos even in inconspicuous places, others, on the contrary, bravely "decorate" their bodies so that everyone around them can see it. And while tattoos still involuntarily have to be hidden under clothing, there is at least one place where they will always be in full view - the face. Of course, not many people can make up their minds to get a tattoo on their face: some may not have the job or realize they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. However, there are people who don't let that stop them. We tell you which of the celebrities dared to take such a bold step.

Justin Bieber

The 26-year-old Canadian performer Justin Bieber, a big fan of tattoos, has two small drawings on his face. In 2017, he tattooed the image of a small cross next to his left eye, and in 2021, the barely visible word grace, which can be translated as "mercy" or "grace," appeared above his right eyebrow.

While his first facial tattoo likely carries religious meaning, the second was a tribute to his wife Hayley.

They each have a tattoo dedicated to each other. Justin has it on his face,

- said his tattoo buddy.


The now very popular 22-year-old rapper Morgenstern got into tattoos when he was young - he got his first one at the age of 14. Now there are tattoos not only on his body, but also on his face. On it you can see a musical note, a mace with spikes and the three letters G, which are very similar to the number 666 - the so-called "number of the beast. But it turned out to be much simpler: this tattoo, according to the rapper, symbolizes ... high-speed Internet and a generation of young bloggers.


The rapper admitted that he regretted the tattoos on his face and even wanted to get them removed.

I wanted to get rid of all the tattoos, but it was very expensive, painful and long,

- He told the GQ Russia YouTube project.

Presley Gerber

While news about celebrities getting facial tattoos often goes unnoticed, news that the 21-year-old son of famous model Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber, Presley, also got a tattoo on his face, caused a great resonance. In February, the mannequin tattooed the word misunderstood, which translates to "misunderstood", under his right eye. Presley's fans did not approve of his decision and started condemning him for what he had done, but his parents, apparently, were not against their son getting a tattoo on his face: according to American laws, he, being a minor, could not get a tattoo without their permission (he was still 20 at the time).

Presley Gerber

But Presley did not limit himself to just one tattoo. He soon showed off a new tattoo - on his left cheek he tattooed the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club. Gerber Jr. pays no attention to criticism of his appearance and openly says that he does not care about the opinions of those who do not like his changes in appearance.

Amanda Bynes

Actress Amanda Bynes got a heart-shaped tattoo on her left cheek late last year. And in February, she showed it to her fans on Instagram.

The romantic tattoo she made, apparently, in connection with the changes in her personal life. Then the 33-year-old star announced her engagement to her lover Paul Michael. However, Bynes soon started having problems in her life - she revealed that she has been improving her mental health for the past two months, and recently she shut her blog off from outsiders altogether.

Chris Brown

The 31-year-old Chris Brown, who is an avid fan of sneakers, decided to immortalize his hobby on his face - on the right side the singer has a tattoo of a model of Nike Air Jordan 3 sneakers. In addition, Brown has several small pyramid-shaped tattoos on his face.

Anwar Hadid

In March this year, the brother and colleague of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Anwar, published a photo in his Instagram, which showed a small tattoo on his face in the form of three small dots under his right eye. The 21-year-old mannequin did not say why he got the tattoo or what it was dedicated to. In total, the star has more than 35 tattoos on his body.

Mike Tyson

In 2003, the former world heavyweight boxing champion made a tattoo from his forehead to his cheek that later became his trademark. Years later Tyson admitted that he didn't regret getting it.

A lot of good things happened because of that tattoo,

- he said.

Aaron Carter

In 2021, singer Aaron Carter showed off tattoos on his face featuring Rihanna as Gorgon Medusa, inspired by the 2013 GQ cover for which she posed for, the word "love" under his right eye and a small crescent moon under his left.

Well, this year he got another tattoo: this time in honor of his lover Melanie Martin, tattooing her name above his left eyebrow. 32-year-old Carter was over the moon and was even getting ready to become a father, when suddenly the couple decided to part. Carter did not have to get a tattoo - the lovers reconciled and even got engaged. However, they have not yet become parents and somehow hushed up the news of Melanie's "pregnancy".

Kat Von D.

The 38-year-old famous tattoo artist and beauty mogul, Kat Von D., has several stars on her forehead and near her left eye. This tattoo, according to Von D, is a symbol that you can be heavily tattooed but still remain feminine.

Post Malone

The 25-year old American musician Post Malone has quite a few different tattoos on his face: you can see there barbed wire, Playboy Bunnies, a sword, a rattlesnake, a bull skull and an appeal to "stay away".

He got two new tattoos in 2021: "always" under his right eye and "tired" under his left eye. When asked about these tattoos, he said the following:

I was trying to do something of relatively equal length. I guessed there were more letters in "always" than in "tired," but I was so tired I didn't give a damn about what I was doing,

- he said.

In early February 2021, Post Malone shared selfies showing off a new tattoo - a bloody saw on his cheek, which became his first colored tattoo on his face.

According to the star, the reason he decided to get tattoos on his face is because he thinks he's ugly.

I don't like the way I look, so I'm going to do something cool so I can look at myself and say, "You look cool, baby"-and be more confident when it comes to my appearance,

- he said in an interview with GQ.

Lil Wayne

The 37-year-old American hip-hop singer Lil Wayne is rightfully called the king of facial tattoos - he shows new tattoos on his face almost every year. He has at least nine stars tattooed on his face, a tattoo of Fear God on his eyelids, the letter C between his eyes (in honor of his mother Sita and his last name Carter), two tears under his right eye and the words "I am music" above it, the words "misunderstood" on the left side of his face, three dots, a tribal symbol, a cross, a peace symbol, rockets and lightnings, and Orleans and lilies in honor of his hometown New Orleans.

Amber Rose

The 36-year-old actress Amber Rose has plenty of tattoos on her body. And she dedicated the tattoo on her face to her sons Sebastian and Slash, whose names she inscribed right on her forehead. True, for the older one, she preferred his nickname Bash, which ended up being very consonant: Slash & Bash.

Wiz Khalifa.

The 32-year-old rapper Weez Khalifa has a star, a feather, a marijuana leaf, an anchor and a musical note tattooed on his face. He also has a tattoo of his son Sebastian's nickname from Amber Rose, Bash. Weese admitted that he has a total of 411 tattoos.

Denis Shalny.

This young man's name is probably not familiar to many people. But his mother, the famous Soviet and Russian actress Elena Yakovleva, is well known to everyone.

The 27-year-old Denis is a big fan of tattoos, he has a huge number of them on his whole body. His first tattoo was made by Shalnykh in honor of his beloved dog, and then it went on and on. The actress's son was so carried away with his hobby that at one point he even had the image of a coffin on his face.

Yelena Yakovleva and Denis Shlyakh
Elena Yakovleva and Denis Shalnykh

Denis' parents were not thrilled with his hobby, but accepted their son as he decided to become.

Shalnykh himself eventually came to regret his tattoos. At least those on his face. Now he's desperately getting rid of them and admits it's much more painful to pimp them out than it is to do them.


Another famous Russian rapper Face says that all of his tattoos have a special meaning.

Hate Love on his face is a hardcore tattoo, which is usually done on his fingers. I used to love hardcore music, I don't want to reminisce about those times, because you gotta live for today and move forward. Hate Love is a pop song about life, hate and love,

- he explained.

The tattoo on one of his cheek with an image of a pierced heart symbolizes that he was betrayed, and on the other with drops of blood says that he is dangerous and should not be approached.

On his forehead is the word Numb. I've been listening to emo music, and the word Numb is like I'm all insensitive,

- he adds.

Nargiz Zakirova

Singer Nargiz Zakirova, 49, is known for her flamboyant style. She got her first tattoo in 1996, when she moved to New York. According to the star, all tattoos on her body carry a certain meaning.

A tattoo is a diary of my life. Each is associated with a significant event, new vibrant acquaintances and people. Each carries a little story,

- she admitted.

Nargiz got a Buddhist tattoo on her head and part of her face while she was fond of oriental culture and philosophy.


The popular 26-year-old Russian hip-hop singer Eljay has two tattoos on his face: an image of a knuckle under his left eye and coordinates on his forehead. The first tattoo, apparently, symbolizes the gangster image of the rapper, but what is dedicated to the second - is not clear. The musician himself did not disclose its meaning.


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