The most interesting and original celebrity tattoos

Tattoos with great rapidity gain popularity. Especially among celebrities, because it is not only a way of self-expression, but also part of the image. Many stars have images on their bodies, of which many do not even know. Sometimes these are compositions with deep and intricate meanings that only their owners can explain. Let's take a closer look at some of the star tattoos.

Photo of the famous actress Miley Cyrus

The performer of the main role in the TV series "Hannah Montana" believes that tattoo is not just a drawing, but an opportunity to show all the secret feelings, open new abilities in yourself and protect yourself from unkind and negative views. Miley has 18 tattoos, where each of them carries its own special meaning. Under her left breast there is a tattoo with the inscription: "Just Breathe" - a kind of installation for fighting in all circumstances and continuing life. And the image on her ankle in the form of the OM symbol allows the actress to discover new talents and develop spiritually. Among the tattoos of Miley Cyrus is the word "Love" in the inner part of the right ear and the heart on the fingers of the right hand.

Tattoos of Russian stars. Women's tattoos. Part 1

Tattoo Russian celebrities. Women's tattoos. Part 1
Nargiz Zakirova tattoos

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Celebrites always arouse a lot of interest from viewers and fans. The style, clothing, hairstyles and lifestyle of celebrities grab the attention of millions of people. Special curiosity is aroused by the tattoos of popular stars - what meaning they carry, where they are located, and what they mean to their bearers.

Today, tattooing among Russian stars has become very popular, no one is ashamed of their bodies and tries to join the tattoo art.

Nastassia Samburskaya

Nastasya Samburskaya Tattoo

The girl has several tattoos on her body, most of them are humorous in nature, which perfectly resonates c theatrical-comedy image of Nastasia.

- On her left arm the actress wrote the inscription in English I l̶o̶v̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ love myself ("I love t̶e̶b̶ya̶ myself").

- The second tattoo nearby is a Latin proverb Aquila non captat muscaswhich translates to "The eagle does not catch flies.

Nastassia Samburskaya tattoo on hand

- The third and fourth are the heel inscriptions "It's a heel" and "A mole."

Nastassia Samburskaya tattoo on legs

- The fifth and most striking image on her body is the blue flower on the shoulder of her right arm.

- Also on Nastasya's right shoulder there is a small straight black line leading from the shoulder down.

Tattoo of Russian stars. Women's tattoos. Part 2

Nargiz Zakirova

Perhaps the most famous singer in tattoos on the Russian scene. The participant of the TV project "The Voice" immediately attracted the attention of viewers with her unusual and bright appearance. And tattoos in the form of patterns on the shaved head became the singer's calling card.

Interestingly, many of the tattoos appeared on the body Nargiz during her work in a tattoo salon even before she gained popularity as a singer.

Nargiz Zakirova tattoo

Nargiz made her first tattoo in America. It was a sacred sign of omkara, aka OM, symbolizing goodness and peace.

One of the singer's favorite signs is the pentagram, a five-pointed star, which is an important talisman and protector in Nargiz's life. There are several images of this symbol on the singer's body at once.

There is also a tattoo on the singer's body dedicated to her favorite musician, Marilyn Manson. It is a small image of a heart in the form of a spiral on the singer's chest.

Nargiz Zakirova tattoo

Another symbolic tattoo is located on the singer's bellybutton - in the center of the navel there is a pentagram surrounded by bats. According to Chinese interpreters, this image portends prosperity, fertility and success in business.

One of the most striking tattoos is located on the back of Nargiz - a human embryo. The singer explained the meaning of this image on her Instagram: "It's an embryo in its mother's womb, and the womb looks like a globe. The drawing is very touching, but around this fragile world, in the form of a black circle and sharp peaks, the embodiment of iron protection and amulet. The hieroglyphs stand for the first letters of the name and surname of a man I care about madly".The flamboyant singer explained.

Nargiz Zakirova tattoo

A very meaningful tattoo with the word "Golos" in gothic style on the left arm of the performer was a reminder of the "Voice" project, through which Nargiz found her massive popularity.

Olga Buzova

More than 21 million subscribers follow the life and work of the popular pop singer and TV host. The girl rarely shares photos of her tattoos with the audience, but observant fans still found out a little detail.

Olga Buzova tattoo

The first tattoo of Olga Buzova was an image of five stars on the ankle of her right leg. The singer in one of the interviews admitted that this tattoo reflects her attitude to work and success - you need to give it all five stars, strive for the best. Interestingly, Olga had it done by a famous American master, who previously worked with Hollywood actors - Pink, Angelina Jolie, etc.

Olga Buzova tattoo

Several tattoos the girl got during the periods of marriage and romantic relationships. They speak of the sentimentality of the girl and her desire to express her love for her chosen one. Thus, the first letters of her name and her chosen one - "O" and "D" - Olga and Dmitry (the singer's former husband) are inscribed on Olga's right hand.

Olga Buzova tattoo

On Olga's left wrist there is a sign of infinity. The singer dedicated this tattoo to her current lover - blogger David Manukyan, with whom she had a relationship about a year ago. The celebrity also dedicated another tattoo on her back to this young man - the phrase "Love lives in my heart"Which translates as "Love lives in my heart".

Nastya Ivleyeva

One of the most popular TV presenters of Russian TV and YouTube Anastasia Ivleeva loves to shock the audience and her followers on instagram. More than 17 million subscribers follow the girl's life and creativity in Instagram.

Anastasia often shares with her subscribers pictures, which perfectly show all her tattoos. One of the largest and most visible tattoos on the girl's body is located on the right thigh - Lady Katrina, a symbol of the iconic Mexican holiday "Saint Death". The chicano style tattoo depicts a girl's face with a skull drawn on her face.

Nastya Ivleyeva tattoo

Another large tattoo is quite popular among girls a few years ago - it is an image of an owl in neotrad style on the right forearm of the girl.

On the wrist of her left hand Nastia Ivleeva has a very bright image of a swallow and roses.

One of the tattoos is associated with an important part in the star's life and career - it is a small plane and a heart on Nastya's right hand. They denote the love of travel and work in the program "Heads and Tails", which gave the presenter all-Russian fame. Here's what the girl herself says about this tattoo on her Instagram, - "If you omit all the formalities, the tattoo I ended up choosing was very meaningful to me... for this year my life has been turned upside down... travel and dream job have come into my life... airplanes have innocently become my second home.".

Nastya Ivleeva tattoo

Another tattoo the presenter got during the filming of the show Head & Tails in Bangkok. Nastushka "Danger" went to a famous Thai tattoo artist, who has tattooed many Hollywood celebrities: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Rodriguez. The peculiarity of applying this master is that he imposes special sacred Thai tattoos Sak Yant by hand, that is, without a machine. The session itself is quite different from the classical one, and the tattoo is imposed with a thick needle. It is believed that the moment of tattooing is accompanied by a special ritual that brings good luck and success in business. The anchorwoman got such a tattoo on her ribs, wishing to acquire wealth. According to Nastia, it was one of the most painful tattooing procedures of her life.


Tattoo of Nastya Ivleeva

Another tattoo the famous blogger and presenter Nastia Ivleeva acquired during the beginning of her relationship with the popular rapper and later husband, Eljay. On the wrist of her right hand it is written "360", which coincides with the name of the musician ElJ's album of the same name, on the cover of which was just a photo of Nastia.

Also before the wedding of the famous couple on the left hand of the famous host appeared a tattoo in the form of two rings in the shape of figure eight. Such a tattoo was also made by her chosen LJ.

Aiza Anokhina

Insta - blogger Aiza Anokhina, the former wife of the popular Russian rapper Guf often posts photos in swimsuits, which perfectly shows all the tattoos of the star. In total, there are more than 25 of them.

Aiza Anokhina tattoo

Back in her youth, more than 10 years ago, the girl made a lot of tattoos with the characters of Disney cartoons. On the right arm of the girl drawn Sailor Moon, and on the back depicts the famous Disney couples - Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck. Another cartoon character the star has printed on the lower right side of her belly is Inchwoman, as one of Isa's favorite fairy tale characters. On the left side of her abdomen is the Hello Kitty brand logo.

Tattoo of Isa Anokhin

One of the girl's largest tattoos is a colored revolver tattoo on her right thigh.

Another recent tattoo on Aiza's body is on her chest, in a place that is usually hidden under a bra - a small image of a receding crescent moon.

Many of the celebrity's tattoos are related to her ex-husband Guf. Thus, the cartoon character Goofy, whose name has become a creative pseudonym of the Russian rapper, is painted on the girl's waist.

Aiza Anokhin tattoo

Russian diva Aiza is also very fond of decorating her fingers with small symbols - initials, a black heart and a small star. Previously, on one of her fingers was printed the inscription "Gouf's wife", but a few years after the divorce, the girl repacked this inscription with an image of a black mustache, so that the previous tattoo was unrecognizable. On the girl's left shin is a floral design. On the right shin was a tiny picture of a painted girl. The left shoulder of the star is decorated with a flock of flying seagulls.

Aiza Anokhin tattoo

Pavel Priluchny and his tattoo with deep meaning

The first tattoo of Pavel Priluchny was made specifically for the filming of the movie "On the Game" in the form of a barcode with the word "DOC". The actor says that the image has become an integral part of his image, and get rid of it does not plan to, because the tattoo is a reminder of the role that brought him enormous popularity. The famous actor relatively recently intrigued his fans by the desire to get a tattoo on an intimate place, closed from the view of outsiders. This statement really stirred up the fans of "The Major". Pavel chose the outer area of his right thigh as an interesting place for the tattoo, where he now has a tattoo in the form of three words, which means "Keep in balance".

Lady Gaga tattoos for fans

Lady Gaga is an eccentric unconventional personality in herself. No wonder her body is covered with all kinds of pictures. This can be seen both at concerts and in numerous photos on social networks.

The singer loves to show off her tattoos and, at times, devotes entire photo shoots to them. Like many other celebrities, Lady Gaga celebrates significant events in her life with tattoos. By her age, she has already painted her body quite lavishly, which shows the performer's sentimentality.

The most popular tattoos are daisies on her back. The singer also actively demonstrates a tattoo dedicated to her fans. It says "My little monsters". This is how Lady Gaga affectionately calls her fans.

Tattoos of the public favorite - Rihanna

To date, the creativity of the singer Rihanna is known throughout the world. Bright appearance, elegant style and undeniable talent - all this hides in one beautiful girl. Not without attention and body art of the pop singer. Rihanna claims that all images mean a lot to her and she is very addicted to getting new tattoos. When listing the singer's tattoos, it is impossible not to notice the scattering of stars of different sizes, moving from the neck to the back. Another eye-catching tattoo is a skull with a bow on the girl's ankle. And to express her boundless love for music, the singer depicted a musical key and a note on the outer part of her right leg. Rihanna is very fond of her field, and that is why all the images are inextricably connected with the music and the singer's creativity. The last image to date was in the form of the inscription: "Any failure is always a lesson" in reverse order to be read in the mirror.

Tattoos of Hollywood stars

In Hollywood, stars with tattoos are not uncommon. Some immortalize important events in their lives, while others confess their love. We offer you the most famous tattoos of Hollywood stars.

Women Celebrity Tattoos

Angelina Jolie

Tattoos of Hollywood stars

Among the most famous celebrities with tattoos is the Hollywood actress with 12 tattoos, Angelina Jolie. Her most celebrated tattoo is the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children, Jolie herself and Brad Pitt. Other images - a tiger, Buddhist tattoo, Arabic hierogriph, the number 13, the Latin inscription "Quod me netrit me destruit", which means "What nourishes me, that kills me," and so on.


Celebrities with Tattoos

Tattoo of stars often symbolize significant events in life. So the Pink tattoo on the back of her neck includes several important numbers in the singer's life. The barcode contains the date of birth, the day of the "Missundaztood" album release and the lucky number 13. In addition to this image, the singer has a star, an angel, bows on her thighs and a number of inscriptions on her body.

Lady Gaga

Tattooed Hollywood Stars

Lady Gaga decided to commemorate her legendary "Born This Way" album with a tattoo of a unicorn wrapped with a ribbon bearing its name. In doing so, she set the trend for unicorn tattoos. Other tattoos of the Hollywood star are mouse, heart, hand, flowers and inscriptions.


Celebrities with Tattoos

Rihanna got a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis under her breasts in honor of her late grandmother. Also, the tattooed singer has a mehendi arm, stars on her back, a shark on her ankle and writing on her collarbone.

Tattoo of show business stars

Ariana Grande.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, Ariana Grande got a tattoo with a bee behind her ear. The bee is a symbol of Manchester and is included in the city's coat of arms.

Tattoos of famous women

But the singer was not limited to one image. On her body you can find the inscription "Baby Doll", initials and images of hearts.

Tattoos of male celebrities

Ryan Gosling

Actors with Tattoos

Ryan's tattoo is a prime example of why you should trust its application to professionals. "One of my tattoos was supposed to be a monster hand dropping a bloody heart. But I put it on myself with a tattoo kit, so it looks like a cactus," he explained in an interview.

Justin Bieber

Celebrities and their tattoos

The idol of a million girls Justin Bieber has dozens of tattoos, including a portrait of Jesus on his leg. Other images of the singer: an eagle on his stomach, a grizzly bear on his chest, an owl on his arm. Also, the inscriptions "Patience" on his neck and "Better at 70" on his hip.

Tom Hardy.

Famous Tattoos

Tom got his first leprechaun tattoo as a 15-year-old teenager. This mythical creature reminded the actor of his Irish ancestral roots. A number of other tattoos include several inscriptions, masks, a dragon, a Celtic pattern, the Virgin Mary, etc.

George Clooney

Actor tattoos

The Hollywood actor has one tribal tattoo with tongues of flame arranged from his neck to his wrist. Such patterns speak of the wearer as a person of courage, wisdom and strength.

Roman Pavlyuchenko's meaningful tattoos

The soccer player has a great passion for tattoos, and seeks to decorate his body with them. One of his latest drawings was the word "Love", the inscription expresses his endless love for his wife and children. And the soccer star was pushed to perform tattoos by the birth of a long-awaited daughter. Disputes about the number of Roman's tattoos have not stopped for several years, because the soccer player does not want to show them off and carefully hides them, considering them his personal talisman. But it is not possible to hide from the press, and some options still caught on camera. On the right hand of the player there are two pictures. One in the form of an image of pansies, which emphasizes Roman's feelings for his wife Anna, and after a while an addition was made in the form of the player's zodiac sign - Sagittarius. And on the inside of the same hand, the inscription "save and save" and three birthdates (wife, daughter and his) were made.

Tattoos of Eminem

Perhaps it is the rappers who are the most interesting group of people for those interested in the art of tattooing. Their bodies are covered with all kinds of inscriptions, slogans, defiant images and other attributes of the subculture.

Eminem does not lag behind his colleagues and wears his "iconostasis" on his body. Paparazzi counted about 10 drawings on the body of the white rapper. On the left wrist of the performer there is a bracelet, which became one of the first on the singer's body. The tattoo was done while intoxicated. Nevertheless, for Eminem himself, the drawing has a special meaning.

The inscription D12 means the first letter of the performer's hometown of Detroit and the name of the band Dirty Dozen. Ronnie R.I.P., as well as the corresponding mood drawing was made in memory of his deceased uncle, to whom Eminem was strongly attached. The inscription "Slit Me" reminds the performer of the time when he was thinking about suicide. A quarrel with his wife caused a tattoo on his stomach in the form of a tombstone with the inscription Rot In Pieces. Also on the body of the rapper there is a portrait of his daughter and the inscription Hailie Jade (daughter's name).

The most recent tattoo was done in 2006, when Eminem's friend and founder of the band D12 Proof was killed.

All of these body patterns tell the world that stars are human beings too, capable of feeling and worrying. Their sentimentality translates into drawings that some are happy to show and explain, while others hide from prying eyes under their clothes.

Aiza Dolmatova's intricate tattoos

For Aiza, tattoos are considered a way of expressing deep feelings for Guf, with whom she is in a relationship. On the body of the girl placed more than one tattoo. Most of them are cartoon images and characters. On her wrist and lower leg Aiza depicts little girls, and on her lower abdomen - Thumbelina and inscriptions. As a sign of eternal love and devotion to each other, the couple exchanged inscriptions with the surname of the other half. So the rapper has "One love Vagapova" printed on his leg, and his wife has "One love Dolmatov". What a great idea!

Megan Fox tattoos - reminders of the experience

Many young actresses have followed in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, who was one of the first to show the media significant marks on her own body. Megan Fox also underwent a fashion trend and began to mark her experiences with tattoos.

The actress has a total of 9 drawings on her body. One of the unusual tattoos of Megan Fox was the one she made in honor of the talented actor Mickey Rourke, with whom the girl was lucky enough to play in the same movie. The rest of the tattoos were also the result of the stresses and strongest emotions experienced by Megan.

Ksenia Borodina: body art of the host of the reality show "Dom-2"

Most recently, Ksenia Borodina made herself a tattoo on her arm with a beautiful painting of the name of her daughter Marusya. The image has an exquisite quality of execution and has a very big meaning for the TV hostess.

The secret meaning of Tina Kandelaki's tattoos

After the terrible accident, in which the TV presenter was involved, her hands were covered with numerous scars from burns. But at one of the social parties Tina showed the public her attractive hands, on which there was no trace of the former accident. On the right hand of the girl appeared an intricate image. At first glance, it looks like an inverted treble clef. In response to questions about the meaning of the tattoo, the TV host has long been silent and evaded answering. But experts say that it is a symbol of the energy of light. In the presence of such an image, a person can heal himself. Another image was placed on Tina's left hip with the Chinese inscription "Mom" as a sign of endless love for her children.

Lera Kudryavtseva and her meaningful tattoos

Lera Kudryavtseva has come a long way from an unfamiliar young vijay on Muz TV to a popular presenter of major events, without whom no socialite can do without.

Lera is distinguished by exquisite taste and each of her tattoos is a heartfelt impulse, not a tribute to fashion. Kudryavtseva declares that before applying her first tattoo she studied a lot of literature on the subject. She did not want to adorn herself with meaningless or mediocre patterns. As a result, each of her tattoos is something special.

On the neck of the TV host has the inscription "Both soul and body". This deep thought so impressed those around her that Lera's friend Anfisa Chekhova made herself the same one. One of the most recent tattoos appeared on Kudryavtseva after a recent romantic trip. On the left wrist is an inscription describing the state of mind of its owner. The inscription reads "The main thing in life is love! It's both stylish and romantic. Lera came up with the style of the inscription herself. According to the girl, the sketch of the tattoo came to mind almost in a dream.

David Beckham's body art

The famous soccer player David Beckham has more than 20 tattoos, each of which carries its own special meaning not only for David, but also for his entire family. The most important is the tattoo of the name of his wife Victoria, which is done in Hindi on his left hand just above the wrist. This tattoo consists of 4 parts. The surprise of the tattoo is that in Hindi there is no word equivalent to the name of the footballer's wife. So in order to fulfill his plans he had to depict different parts, which will be translated as a single word - Victoria. On the right hand of the soccer star is placed the number 7 - as under this number he plays for his team "Manchester United". David Beckham has several tattoos on his back at once - a guardian angel with the names of his sons around it, and the soccer player has three of them.

Tattoo of Angelina Jolie

Many girls repeat the tattoos of celebrities. However, the body of this actress is more of an inspiration than serves as a benchmark. For example, the coordinates of the places where her children were born (left forearm) and her husband, now ex.

In general, Angelina prefers symbolism. Under the elbow of the right hand there is an Arabic inscription "Purpose", on the right wrist - the letter "M" in memory of her mother, and on the left - "H" in honor of her brother. Under the elbow of the left hand is the Chinese character for "Courage," and below the back is a Bengal tiger, a symbol of strength and courage.

Types of images on Timati's body

Looking at the tattooed body of the famous rapper, many admire, and some are horrified. Timati's entire body is filled with meaningful images. On the fingers of the rapper are printed English letters, which will come out the expression wishing him good luck. The first image the rapper drew in Los Angeles, where he lived for a while. To list all of Timati's drawings to date is very difficult, so we will consider in the photo the most striking and eye-catching:

  • A large skull on the back with microphones in the shape of a cross and the inscription "The Boss";
  • the inscription "Moscow City" on the upper part of the back;
  • the inscription "Black Star" on the outer sides of both palms;
  • stars on the elbows.

It can be noticed that celebrities perform body art with special meaning and significance. Tattoos are quite common for both star girls and men.

Geometric figure

The second definition of the word "star" is a geometric figure with sharp protrusions evenly spaced around the circumference. The symbolism of this type can be traced back centuries.

Both the Star of David and the five-pointed star symbolizing Venus can be mentioned here. To this day the military still uses stars on epaulets, as well as orders in the form of stars. And there are star-shaped awards in the civilian environment as well.


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