Tattoo Sagittarius: original ideas for astrological drawings

Each tattoo on the body of body art lovers has a special meaning and can tell a lot about its owner. Today, visitors to tattoo parlors offered a wide selection of all kinds of tattoo designs, and everyone wants to adorn themselves with a unique and distinctive pattern that can emphasize individuality, his character traits and attitudes. To the number of such tattoos can safely include a variety of images of zodiac signs, which allows not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to demonstrate his whole essence. Today we will dedicate our conversation to the tattoo with the image of Sagittarius, and below we will detail everything about this sign and the original tattoo sketches with its image.

Types of tattoos

Sagittarius is the ninth member of the zodiacal circle of twelve, belongs to the Fire element and is ruled by Jupiter. The traditional image of Sagittarius is an archer or athlete holding an arrow in his hand, which has the upper part of the body as a man and the lower part as a horse, because according to legend, this zodiac sign descended from the Centaur, who was killed by Hercules' arrow. Such an image is found in sketches most often and has a variety of interpretations, which can be applied to any part of the body. No less original look separate pictures of arrows, the constellation of the sign, Jupiter, who is the patron sagittarius, the inscription-name of the zodiac sign, complemented by Roman numerals birthday.

Tips for sketches

In order that the selected drawing is 100% you like, decide on the type of image. According to the photo tattoo sketches are most often performed in several techniques: linework, realism, chicano, dotwork, oriental.

The character depicted in the picture should emphasize the beauty of your body. That is why it is worth choosing an area that will fit the desired sketch as much as possible.

The image of the sagittarius can include an archer. It is not necessarily a centaur, but a man or a fairy tale character with a bow. This option can be done in realism or hyper realism, which will decorate your skin with an original drawing.

When selecting tattoo designs, be guided by your own thoughts on symbolism. This will help avoid repetition. After all, the tattoo is a personal and individual choice. It must be unique. This is why it is worth working with the master of tattoos to create your sketch in advance.

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Persons born under the sign of Sagittarius are representatives of the fiery element, so the tattoo with the image of the same name, directly characterizes its owner as a character who lives a full life and is not afraid of thrills. The owners of such a sketch can impress you with their theories and philosophical thinking. They are honest and independent, which they try to demonstrate at every opportunity. In addition, Sagittarius likes to set goals and strive to achieve them. The owners of such a body image are considered optimistic individuals who tend to be adventurous.

To the symbolism of the Sagittarius tattoo can be attributed purposefulness, confidence in their strength and beliefs, success in all endeavors and the disclosure of creative potential. This is a very important step in the process of making a drawing of Sagittarius. According to astrologers, the strong side of Sagittarius is hidden in the legs, so in order for the body drawing to serve as a talisman and bring good luck, you should apply it to the lower part of the body. The tattoo, imposed on the upper part of the body, may contribute to the reduction of Sagittarius activity, but the masters of tattoo salons advise not to pay attention to such speculations.

Common traits of the sign

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the wheel of the Zodiac, representing the symbol of an archer with a bow and arrows. Essentially, the archer is a centaur or half horse, half man. This sign includes people born between November 23 and December 22.

Sagittarius tattoo

In general, representatives of the fire element are bright characters who live life to the fullest: they want their life to be full of thrills.

constellation Sagittarius tattoo

Surely you have noted that people of this sign are distinguished:

  • Integrity. They say what they think and always defend their point of view, conveying the true opinion to others.
  • Adventurousness. They value freedom and excitement and are the perfect companions for travel. However, getting them to agree to a dubious venture is rather problematic.
  • Optimism. They prefer to see the positive in everything, rather than look for the negative.
  • Independence. They listen to the opinions of others, but at the same time, they are not ready to compromise their own plans. Also, such people are progressive, entrepreneurial, mobile and optimistic. They hate to feel restricted and crave freedom.
  • Philosophy. They are also deep thinkers and like to work things out and test their theories. They prefer the intellectual realm to the emotional realm and like to think rather than feel.

tattoo Sagittarius for men

Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which means that they do not lose faith in themselves even in difficult situations. They are also known for their good luck.

A Sagittarius tattoo in any of its forms is a great way to express all of these individual aspects of your personality and reflect your unique traits in body art.

Who it suits

Undoubtedly, first and foremost, a tattoo of this nature would be an ideal adornment for people born during the power of the constellation Sagittarius. It emphasizes the inner world and character of the owner. In addition, the proposed figure originally combines the tandem of human aspirations and sacred meaning, so often the sketch becomes the choice of individuals striving for success and wishing to achieve balance.

Tattoo for men

The original image of the mystical Centaur will be the perfect decoration for a bold and confident guy or man. The muscular body relief of the protagonist only emphasizes the fearlessness and masculinity of the tattoo owner. His ardent temper, inexhaustible energy, spirit of freedom and thirst for adventure are his main companions. Life for him is nothing but a fascinating journey that allows you to discover something new and learn the unknown. Men and guys prefer large-scale images that are fully able to convey all the energy of the image, although sketches of constellations in the night sky and arrows are also very popular. Sagittarius in men's tattoos can be depicted in tongues of flame, which is very symbolic for the sign. It is not uncommon for fire to accompany only the outline of an arrow in a drawing.

Women's tattoos

Beautiful ladies also put on their body the image of this sign of the zodiac, which allows you to emphasize the character and vital aspirations of the young lady. For those born under the constellation of Sagittarius, the image can qualify as an amulet, which levels the negative traits of its owner and enhances the best inner qualities. Ladies with this tattoo represent an integral nature, openly striving for self-development and high goals. A female version of the Sagittarius tattoo is the image of Artemis or neat sketches with the outline of arrows or constellations. Also, often, the Sagittarius image in women's tattoos is originally complemented by floristics and other details.

Combination with other symbols

The tattoo, with additional elements to the main image, acquires a slightly different meaning. Or rather, it strengthens its protective properties. Also the appearance of the figure changes. To strengthen the astrological influence, Sagittarius can be supplemented with the sign of infinity, you can add an inscription, a background to fill the flame, to depict next to the image of the planet Jupiter. Tattoo of the constellation Sagittarius, as a background, will also work well.

Young people will do well with bright pictures in the style of realism or watercolors. For respectable people, it's a good idea to stay with modest, minimalist options.

No matter under what star was not born, in every man sits the Centaur. And gender has nothing to do with it. Man is born free, freedom-loving. He strives for a better life and is ready to fight for it. A beautifully printed tattoo of the Sagittarius zodiac sign can quite support in this aspiration of its owner. At least emotionally and psychologically. In addition, it looks aesthetically pleasing and serves as a decoration.

Application Locations

To show the star archer in all his glory or to demonstrate drawings from a similar theme, you can use any part of the body. Small drawings with an outline of a mythical hero, stars or arrows can be beautifully placed on the wrist, hand, ankle, neck or any part of the body that is hidden under clothing, if the wearer does not seek to openly display his or her body jewelry. Medium-sized images displaying small subjects are relevant to wear on the forearm, shoulder, arm, sides, chest, ankle or shoulder blade area. Large-scale pictures depicting a full-length Sagittarius look appropriate on the back or hip.

What parts of the body to tattoo men

For a tattoo of the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius men choose different parts of the body. To reinforce the strength and resilience suits the shoulder.

  • Drawing on the forearm Characterizes a man brave, fair and kind.
  • Protection acts for men tattoo Sagittarius on wrists. With the caveat that it is better to stuff the mythological version of the human horse. The symbol, as a zodiacal sign, can have a negative impact.
  • To enhance creativity, to overcome the natural laziness of Sagittarians, tattooing should be done on the hands, including the palm and fingers.
  • As an indication of brutality, men tattoo on the entire hand area. Given the area, the Sagittarius tattoo on the hand can be complemented by a large number of additional details. From their variety and quantity the meaning of the tattoo will change.
  • Tattoo on neck Will affect the thinking.
  • On chest - Protects the wearer from danger.
  • Tattoo of the zodiac sign Sagittarius on the side Helps to solve problems.
  • At the most successful place - thighSign serves as a talisman, wakes up the desire to move forward to the top.
  • At back desirable to stuff the image of a centaur. He will give confidence to the owner.
  • To change the quality of life suitable tattoo on the shoulder blades.
  • As a talisman against mistakes, evil, envy will be a tattoo on the leg.

Choice of colors

For registration of small tattoos it is not necessary to choose a lot of colors, because sometimes the combination of colors can not quite successfully affect the appearance of the sketch and distort the image. The outline of the arrow, the inscription, the outline of the constellations or the Centaur in most cases are applied in one color. Neat sketches with additions in the form of a landscape of the night sky or an image of Jupiter are acceptable in distinctive colors. Colorful and large-scale pictures can contain a rich palette that will exquisitely highlight all the details and convey the beauty of the tattoo. The background of the picture can also affect the overall mood. Red, orange, yellow, brown and flesh tones in company with contrasting black or navy blue are the most capable of conveying the subject matter.

Popular styles and colors

Sagittarius is printed in several styles. Mostly realism is used. Shades of brown are appropriate for the horse man. The "watercolor" style suggests bright colors, a fantastic transfer of the image.

For small tattoos, the style "minimalism" is used. It is distinguished by simplicity and a minimal amount of details. Some people like the "handpoke" style. The drawing turns out uncomplicated, with uneven contours.

Stylistics of the Sagittarius tattoo

Modern masters of body art offer their visitors many variations of tattooing on the body. The choice of the stylistics of the sketch largely depends on the size and location of the figure. The most relevant proposal remains the technique of realism, which is fully able to convey the finest details of the volumetric image. Tattoos, made in this way, look like true works of art. No less original looks on the body tattoo, designed in the Celtic style, which implies the presence of ornate patterns and bright, slightly thickened lines. Arrows, inscriptions and astrological signs are made in the techniques of dotwork, minimalism, handpoke or graphics. Ladies can give preference to sketches in the technique of watercolor, which allows you to create airy and light pictures.

Tattoos with the signs of the zodiac can be attributed to the universal natal drawings, which are equally popular among both genders. The sketches can be large-scale or quite tiny, at the request of the customer. Also, Sagittarius, like all the other eleven signs helps to find your place in life and encourages self-development.

Are there any recommendations for a Sagittarius tattoo?

A tattoo is first of all a stress for your skin and body, as well as a choice for the rest of your life, and only after that aesthetics and body art. To make the decision to get a tattoo was worthwhile, follow these simple tips:

  • Find a reliable tattoo parlor and an experienced master;
  • Look at the master's previous works to evaluate his skills;
  • assess your physical and intellectual maturity for this or that tattoo;
  • do not save money on such an important process, remember that such services cannot be cheap;
  • create an author's sketch without plagiarism on the photo;
  • Decide for yourself what message you want the tattoo to carry;
  • Find out from the master what materials he uses, assess the risks of allergic reactions;
  • choose the ideal place on the body for your sketch;
  • Evaluate your pain threshold, so you can wisely choose the location and complexity of your tattoo.

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