The most interesting and original celebrity tattoos

Tattoos with great rapidity gain popularity. Especially among celebrities, because it is not only a way of self-expression, but also part of the image. Many stars have images on their bodies, of which many do not even know. Sometimes these are compositions with deep and intricate meanings that only their owners can explain. Let's take a closer look at some of the star tattoos.

Photo of the famous actress Miley Cyrus

The performer of the main role in the TV series "Hannah Montana" believes that tattoo is not just a drawing, but an opportunity to show all the secret feelings, open new abilities in yourself and protect yourself from unkind and negative views. Miley has 18 tattoos, where each of them carries its own special meaning. Under her left breast there is a tattoo with the inscription: "Just Breathe" - a kind of installation for fighting in all circumstances and continuing life. And the image on her ankle in the form of the OM symbol allows the actress to discover new talents and develop spiritually. Among the tattoos of Miley Cyrus is the word "Love" in the inner part of the right ear and the heart on the fingers of the right hand.

Yulia Volkova

The Russian singer. The former lead singer of the band Tatu. In-demand and tireless. Courageous both in life and in her work.

Forever in love with a tattoo. Admirers of the singer's talent follow her every action. Naturally admiring. And when the vacation photos appeared, the female part of the audience became numb with delight. The perfectly trim figure has a chic monogram printed on the left flank of her abdomen.

On the back, in the lumbosacral area, there is a tattoo of love. Arabic ligature between the shoulder blades. Tattoo on left shoulder dedicated to the beloved. Two walking people holding hands with each other. Touching. Poetic.

On the right shoulder - chic sitting dragon. It symbolizes the nobility, mystery, power and magic. And also the ability to go beyond what is possible.

Pavel Priluchny and his tattoo with deep meaning

The first tattoo Pavel Priluchny was made specifically for the filming of the movie "On the Game" in the form of a barcode with the word "DOC". The actor says that the image has become an integral part of his image, and does not plan to get rid of it, because the tattoo is a reminder of the role that brought him enormous popularity. The famous actor relatively recently intrigued his fans with the desire to get a tattoo on an intimate place, closed from the view of outsiders. This statement really excited the fans of "The Major". Pavel chose the outer zone of the right hip as an interesting place for the tattoo, where he now has a tattoo in the form of three words that mean "Keep in balance".

Vlad Topalov

Russian singer Vlad Topalov. Photos have appeared on the Internet, where the star married couple is depicted on vacation. In the comments, the singer regrets the fact that he got a crease on the front abdominal wall.

Vlad's admirers discerned tattoos scattered here and there on his body. Indeed, Vlad is a fan of tattoos. And he has six of them. Made in different languages. One of the defining characteristics of life is to be strong at all times. This is life-affirming, as well as the fact that the family grows a son.

Tattoos of the public favorite, Rihanna

To date, the creativity of singer Rihanna is known throughout the world. Bright appearance, elegant style and undeniable talent - all this hides in one beautiful girl. Not without attention and the pop singer's body art. Rihanna claims that all images mean a lot to her and she is very addicted to getting new tattoos. When listing the singer's tattoos, it is impossible not to notice the scattering of stars of different sizes, moving from the neck to the back. Another eye-catching tattoo is a skull with a bow on the girl's ankle. And to express her boundless love for music, the singer depicted a musical key and a note on the outer part of her right leg. Rihanna is very fond of her field of work, and that is why all the images are inextricably linked with the music and the singer's work. The last image to date was in the form of the inscription: "Any failure is always a lesson" in reverse order to be read in the mirror.

Irina Hakamada

Russian politician. Publicist. Journalist. Many people couldn't expect a politician to be into body art. This news immediately began to be discussed as provocative.

But there is a photo document, where on the right shoulder of an elegant woman paints a tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph. What it means, many would like to know. "The ability to fight for your life." It's a motto. It's a belief. It is a guide to action. Life is finite.

Having time to develop whatever talents you can, to achieve personal success, is a good goal.

The new tattoo is a portrait and drawing. It looks intriguing. Irina has not commented on what they signify.

Roman Pavlyuchenko meaningful tattoos

The footballer with great passion refers to tattoos, and seeks to decorate his body with them. One of the latest drawings was the word "Love", The inscription expresses endless love for his wife and children. And the soccer star was pushed to perform tattoos by the birth of a long-awaited daughter. Disputes about the number of Roman's tattoos have not subsided for several years, because the soccer player does not want to show them off and carefully hides them, considering them his personal talisman. But it is not possible to hide from the press, and some options still caught on camera. On the right hand of the player there are two pictures. One in the form of an image of pansies, which emphasizes Roman's feelings for his wife Anna, and after a while there was made an addition in the form of the player's zodiac sign - Sagittarius. And on the inside of the same hand the inscription "Save and Preserve" and three birthdates (wife, daughter and his) was made.


The Russian singer. A gentle creature with a strong, strong-willed, masculine character. And she does not lack for recognition. The fans of the soccer club "Spartak" are charging their favorite players with songs by MakSim.

The singer's fans keep an eye on her appearance. On the right shoulder is a tattoo of a panther. A symbol of mystery and independence. Aristocracy. Selflessness and fanatical devotion to children.

On the left forearm is an inscription "A wolf can change its wool, but not its nature". Opinions of analysts of Maxim's life are divided. Some are convinced that it is about betrayal in the girl's life. Others argue that it is about the secretive nature of the owner of the inscription.

Aiza Dolmatova's intricate tattoos

For Aiza, the tattoo is considered a way to express deep feelings for Guf, with whom she is in a relationship. On the body of the girl placed more than one tattoo. Most of them are cartoon images and characters. On the wrist and lower leg of Aiza depicts little girls, and on the lower part of the abdomen - Thumbelina and inscriptions. As a sign of eternal love and devotion to each other, the couple exchanged inscriptions with the last name of the other half. So the rapper has "One love Vagapova" stamped on his foot, and his wife has "One love Dolmatov. What a great idea!

Yevgeny Plushenko

As life shows, tattoo and celebrity work and life - compatible concepts.

The famous figure skater imprinted his wife's name in hieroglyphs on his left forearm. On the right forearm there is a saying that restores vitality in spite of all adversities: "He who goes the distance wins the way".

The next masterpiece on the left forearm. An image of a scorpion. On one side, the sign of the zodiac. And on the other - the embodiment of justice and fortitude.

Ksenia Borodina: body art of the host of the reality show "Dom-2"

More recently, Ksenia Borodina made herself a tattoo on the arm with a beautiful painting of the name of her daughter Marusya. The image has an exquisite quality of execution and is very meaningful for the TV hostess.


Danila Prytkov or NILETTO, the author of the hit "Lyubimka," is known to fans not only by his fiery compositions, but also by his cool tattoos. The most notable of them is the snowflake on the neck of the musician. As professionals say, it has a special meaning - this drawing shows the musician that he is a creative person and is free from routine work. Another noticeable tattoo is located on the chest of the performer - NILETTO combined in a drawing the Ninja Turtles team and the image of Optimus Prime - favorite cartoon characters. Another drawn Naruto anime character appeared on Danila's arm. The musician also has several inscriptions that have special meaning for him, but so far he has not revealed this secret to his fans.


The secret meaning of Tina Kandelaki's tattoos

After the terrible accident, in which the TV presenter was involved, her hands were covered with numerous scars from burns. But at one of the social parties Tina showed the public her attractive hands, on which there was no trace of the former accident. On the right hand of the girl appeared an intricate image. At first glance, it looks like an inverted treble clef. In response to questions about the meaning of the tattoo, the TV host has long been silent and evaded answering. But experts say that it is a symbol of the energy of light. In the presence of such an image, a person can heal himself. Another image is placed on Tina's left hip with the Chinese inscription "Mom" as a sign of endless love for her children.

Katie Topuria

Georgian and Russian singer. Bold, plastic, charismatic. At the concert, the audience sees in front of her a charm, through whose body the music flows.

The girl is open to new things. Attaches great importance to tattoos. All tattoos are elegantly arranged. Not put on display. There is a meaning behind all of them.

The tattoo located between the shoulder blades is the sun, a symbol of a higher cosmic force, inside which is a wheel. Perhaps fortune. The bearer of such a painting is perceived as a person who accurately sees his way and gives light and warmth to those around him.

On the outer edge of the right foot is embossed with the phrase: "What does not kill me makes me stronger. On the left wrist: "My life, my story. On the right - a mysterious phrase in Kazakh, the translation of which the singer hides.

Completely magical looks a violin key with notes - a symbol of music, without which the girl can not imagine herself. Sometimes concealed by hair or long jewelry.

David Beckham's body art

The famous soccer player David Beckham has more than 20 tattoos, each of which carries its own special meaning not only for David, but also for his entire family. The most important is the tattoo of his wife Victoria's name, which is done in Hindi on his left hand just above the wrist. This tattoo consists of 4 parts. The surprise of the tattoo is that in the Hindi language there is no word equivalent to the name of the footballer's wife. So in order to fulfill his plans he had to depict different parts, which will be translated as a single word - Victoria. On the right arm of the soccer star placed the number 7 - as under this number he plays for his team "Manchester United". David Beckham has several tattoos on his back at once - a guardian angel, around which are the names of his sons, and the soccer player has three of them.

Tattoos of female stars.

Tattoos of female stars.
Gisele Bundchen."My grandmother used to tell me and my sisters that everyone has their own special star. I used to look at my star every night before I went to sleep. Once I woke up on the 35th floor of a New York City skyscraper and looked out the window, I saw nothing but smog. I didn't see my star. I decided to draw it on my wrist with a pen, but it was immediately washed away with water. So I went to a tattoo parlor on 2nd Avenue and got a star tattoo. Now it's always with me."

In addition, Gisele has a tattoo on her ankle representing the moon and stars.

Tina Kandelaki

Tina herself about her tattoo:About the tattoo I am very often asked. I never really paid much attention to it, because I had scars and I just wanted to cover them up. And the tattoo artist who did them for me is considered one of the most famous artists in the world. I'm used to trusting professionals, so I approached this totally from a business point of view. I had no time, I was busy, I went to him and said: "I need you to do me something beautiful, distracting here." It was the first tattoo in my life, and when he started doing it, I see that somehow the butterflies don't fly there and the flowers don't grow. I asked him what he was doing, and he said: "You know, I've known you for a long time, you've always been a warrior personification to me, so I'm making a warrior sign. You'll see, it will change your life." But you can't take these things seriously. Well, the sign of a warrior and a warrior, okay, the main thing is to cover the scar. Life is not affected by tattoos, life is affected by character. Not without reason they say that a person's character is a person's destiny. I had different periods and, by changing my character, I changed my fate. Does it hurt to do it? Yes, it hurts. If there is no such need and you have healthy, beautiful skin, I would not recommend getting tattoos of any kind.

According to rumors, Tina got her tattoo after an accident on the French Côte d'Azur that she got into with Suleiman Kerimov. However, this is a rumor that Tina herself does not confirm.
Angelina Jolie

The Latin quote "Quod me netrit me destruit" across her lower abdomen, which translates to "What nourishes me is what destroys me."

The letter "H" on her left wrist was engraved when she got engaged to Timothy Hyutton, though Angelina Jolie herself claims she got the tattoo in honor of her sibling James Haven.

A large Bengal tiger, done in 2004 in the spirit of the best rock paintings of the Borneo tribe, and another dragon all fit on Angelina's lower back.

The Buddhist Tai tattoo begs for protection: "May your enemies fear you, may all your riches be with you, may your beauty be compared to Apsara, and may he protect you wherever you are." This tattoo not only has a sacred meaning, but also covers the word "death" made earlier in the same place in Japanese

The top of the back, right at the base of the star's neck, is adorned with the title of the Clash song "Know Your Rights."

On his right arm is the word "determination" in Arabic.

The dragon tattoo on his left forearm used to be accompanied by the inscription "Billy Bob.

But after the divorce, only the dragon remained, and the name was lasered off

On his left hand is a quote from Tennessee Williams: "A prayer for the wild-hearted who are kept in cages." This phrase is set against a background of the Chinese character for "courage."
The Roman number 13.

The geographic coordinates of the birthplace of all her adopted and now native children, latitude and longitude

The Oscar winner also inscribed the letter "M" on the palm of her hand in memory of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand.
Megan Fox.
The first tattoo says."We will all laugh at the gilded butterflies

and is located on her back, behind her right shoulder. The font used for this amazing tattoo is an old English font
This quote is taken from Shakespeare's play King Lear. When asked what it means, she said
: "don't get too high in Hollywood, because people will end up laughing at you."
The second text tattoo is located on the left side of his chest. It is also in Old English script. However, unlike the previous tattoo, which consists of a Shakespearean quote, this one is a poem written by herself and is located on the entire left side of her ribs. The actress says she enjoyed every minute of it, and compared the process to pulling out a tooth. The text on it speaks for itself and reads:

"there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart."

The third tattoo located on the inner forearm of her right arm is a beautiful tattoo of Marilyn Monroe . Her feelings for Marilyn are known, and she probably knows more about her idol than anyone else, especially after reading Barbara Leaming's biography of the actress. Emotions and feelings are certainly involved here. The actress is very sensitive to her idol.

The tattooed crescent moon and star have different meanings depending on the personality. What they mean to Meghan is not reliably known.

Right in the center of the back of her neck is a symbol of power, tattooed in Chinese penmanship. This is Megan Fox's first tattoo and gets the least amount of attention because her hair always covers it. The celebrity really needs strength and inspiration. Hollywood is her business after all, plus she is a beautiful woman so the star invokes spiritual strength to protect herself from critics. She decided to get this little tattoo because she is shy and indecisive, and for these reasons she chose a place that is quite hidden from the public.

Megan Fox loves the ocean. It is special to her, it gives her peace of mind, and she also loves surfing. So she decided to get a tribal tattoo with two waves to show her love for the seas. The thing is, the "master" who did the drawing was a little out of sorts that night. As she put it, he was "not all there." Thus, the tattoo wasn't coming out the way she wanted, and rumor has it, she was going to have it removed.

In 2005, Megan Fox revealed to the world through FHM magazine how involved she was with Brian Austin Green. She did what most men want their girlfriends to do. She italicized her boyfriend's name next to a place she herself calls "pie." She was asked what she would do if she and Brian ever broke up. She replied, that she would keep it because she could always give that name to her child.

Penelope Cruz.

The actress got her first tattoo, the numbers 883, on August 27, 2001, according to sources. Everyone was very long tormented by the question of what it means. Later there was information on the Internet that the numbers are related to numerology. Here is what they write in one interview: "These are very special numbers. Her lucky numbers are "8" and "3," according to numerology. She added another eight in the middle so her luck would always be with her. "

The tattoo, in the form of some small square, was supposedly done in late 2008. The most common and plausible version is that the square is somehow connected to Buddhism, as Penelope is a fan of it. But there is no precise and concrete explanation for this anywhere.

Scarlett Johansson

On the right side, just below her chest, tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk tattooed Scarlett Johansson an inverted horseshoe with the inscription "Lucky You".

A colorful sunset tattoo adorned Scarlett Johansson's left arm. Sketch of the tattoo was made by Scarlett Johansson herself. Its meaning is unknown.

Adriana Lima

"I love the tattoo on my left ankle. It makes me feel sexy, and I'm not stopping at one tattoo.

Cara Delvigne

My first ever tattoo! Lions rule! Thank you so much Rihanna and Bang Bang!

Victoria Beckham

The tattoo is an inscription and runs down the back of her neck. This tattoo was done for her 6th wedding anniversary. The tattoo is written in Hebrew and has a love and erotic meaning.

Victoria has six or seven tattoos so far. Her first tattoo is a 5 star tattoo on her lower back that represents herself, David Beckham and their 3 sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

The right wrist is decorated with a tattoo with Roman numerals May 8, 1997. This date is extremely important and memorable for the star. It is worth noting that when the family had a falling out that almost cost them happiness and peace and the couple were on the verge of divorce, they found the strength to survive this difficult period and later decorated their bodies with tattoos with Roman numerals May 8, 2006 and the inscription in Latin "anew.

Viktoria Daineko

Enjoy every moment and the big letter V.

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."

The translation, according to the artist, goes like this:
"Either I'll find the way, or I'll pave it myself."
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was not left out of the star tattoo epidemic. And one of her latest tattoos is a real family heirloom. We are talking about a ladybug and a daisy on her neck. According to the actress, her mother and aunt got similar tattoos on the same day as a symbol of uniting experience. Plus Jessica has a seductive bow tattoo on her lower back.

Nicole Ricci.

Nicole has a tattoo on her neck in the form of wings and a small fragment of her maiden name.

And around her left ankle the socialite has a tattoo in the form of a rosary with beads and a cross. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is the owner of three small tattoos. Two of which symbolized the marriage of Eva Longoria to Tony Parker. They are the inscription "nine" at the base of her neck at the back - the number under which Tony stands, and the Roman numerals 7 7 2007 on the inside of the right wrist - the date of their wedding. Eva is now undergoing painful laser removal procedures.

The actress is subjecting herself to laser tattoo removal procedures, which are very painful. Thus, she has already got rid of the wedding date, which adorned her wrist. And the other day paparazzi photographed Longoria with a scar on her neck - it used to say the word "nine".

The number nine: Tony Parker's number on the team.

Nadezhda Meikher-Granovskaya

The flaming heart twined with a wreath of thorns in the sexy Nadezhda Meikher (group "VIA Gra") symbolizes power over men. And after a while, a continuation of this thorny path appeared on the singer's thigh. Nadya confesses to having been in a very difficult state of mind when she drew the pictures

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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has a secret meaning in this bizarre tattoo - the name of her then-husband Sil and three stars denoting the couple's children. Whether she will bring down the name of her former lover is unknown, but a fourth star has already been added to the third, in honor of her daughter Lou, who was born in 2009.

Varieties of images on Timati's body

Looking at the famous rapper's tattooed body, many admire and some are horrified. Timati's entire body is filled with meaningful images. On the fingers of the rapper are printed English letters, which will turn out an expression with a wish for good luck. The first image the rapper made in Los Angeles, where he lived for a while. It is very difficult to list all of Timati's drawings to date, so we will consider the most striking and eye-catching ones in the photo:

  • A large skull on the back with microphones in the shape of a cross and the inscription "The Boss";
  • the inscription "Moscow City" on the upper part of the back;
  • the inscription "Black Star" on the outer sides of both palms;
  • stars on the elbows.

It can be noticed that celebrities perform body art with special meaning and significance. Tattoos are quite common for both star girls and men.

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Soviet and Russian film actor. On the left shoulder of the actor paints the sign of the Yellow Warrior. In the Mayan horoscopes it increases the power of the mind and gives fearlessness. This tattoo is one of the new ones.

Currently, the actor's body is decorated with: a cross on his back, on his left forearm the names of his wife and children, and an amulet pattern that wraps around his right forearm. It is interesting that members of the stronger sex need amulets.

A cross with localization on the back symbolizes a confident man who chooses his own destiny and is responsible for his choices.

Jigen .

One of the bright bearers of drawings on the body is recognized and Jigan - the body of the rapper is full of a variety of tattoos, each of which has its own meaning. Most of the drawings contain motifs of Judaism, as well as numerical and verbal signs. On Jigan's stomach is the year of his birth, which over time has grown into a city and the phrase in English: "Born to conquer." The meaning of the tattoos on the star's back is much more complex and profound: the pyramid and the eye of Ra can be both a tribute to religion and signify a focus on upward movement and sustainability. There are other symbols and phrases on the rapper's body that also carry a certain meaning for him. As Jigan himself says, he is not going to stop there and plans to get some more tattoos.



The flamboyant Morgenstern is inimitable in everything, including his tattoos. It all started with three sixes on the musician's face. As the rapper himself admits, he wrote the inscription to permanently cut off his way to the office and did not even think much about its meaning. Also on the face Morganstern has a spiked club, which has the same name as his pseudonym, and some notes. The performer has colorful drawings on his body that tell of his early passions for skateboarding, rock and possibly something else meaningful to Alisher (the rapper's real name). In an interview recently, Morgenstern admitted that he's thinking about getting all the drawings off his face.


Rita Dakota

Singer Rita Dakota calls the tattoos on her body the book of life. Although the performer admits that now she would not be so hard to stuff her body with drawings - sometimes they absolutely do not match some of the outfits that the singer wants to try on. But she has no regrets about any of them, because it's experience or understood mistakes that led her to the right result. And Rita has no doubt that she will get new tattoos. The singer already has an image of an owl, which means that she likes to create at night, a drawing of a sandglass, an inscription with her daughter's name and several more sketches.



When the singer Nargiz lived in New York, she worked for a long time as an artist in a tattoo parlor. Not surprisingly, tattoos became part of her style and stage image. Each of the drawings on the performer's body means some period or stage of her life and is filled with special meaning. The Buddhist tattoo on Nargiz's head was made during her fascination with magical philosophy, and the black heart on her chest is the sign of her favorite artist, Marilyn Manson. An image of a phoenix bird as a symbol of eternal rebirth is frozen on the performer's right leg. One can look at Nargiz's tattoos for a long time, because each of them is interesting with its own special story.



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