Tattoo cardiogram - list of possible meanings, popular sketches, locations, photo ideas

Pulse tattoo on chest
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Pulse - in the word itself lies the energy of life. Located on the cardiogram heartbeat, looks compact and stylish. The broken line seems to reflect the ups and downs that accompany fate.

And yet the line is not interrupted, which symbolizes the pursuit of happiness at any cost. The pulse pattern reflects the life of the heart, which fills the image with romance.

The meaning of the pulse

For each person, the tattoo carries both general and personal meaning, filling life with a certain message. However, the heart rate tattoo has many different variations of interpretation, and everyone can find "their" meaning.

And so, the most common meanings of the pulse tattoo:

Lust for life

The owners of tattoos are often distinguished by a kind of cheerfulness, they believe that life is fleeting and it is necessary to appreciate every moment lived. A tattoo with a cardiogram reminds them that one must live "here and now", enjoy life and resist all adversities.

Infinity of life and victory over death

It is no secret that many who have coped with difficult situations in life, try to perpetuate their achievements in the memory and decorate their body with a certain pattern. For such people cardiogram means awareness of life, its value.

Dedication to a dear and close person

Often some tattoos are closely related to other people, dear and close ones. Such tattoos carry the significance of a certain person in life. For example, a picture with a pulse complemented by the initials of the dearest person confirms its high importance in life, affection and love. Most often, such a tattoo is applied by couples in love.

Dedication to your favorite business

It's no secret that creative people once and for all associate themselves with art. To express dedication and love for a certain cause, many put a picture of a cardiogram, complete with, for example, a treble clef, which means a lifelong love for music.

Pulse with a heart

One of the most popular options with an image of a cardiogram. Such a tattoo speaks to the place that love occupies in a person's life. Most often, such a tattoo is especially common and popular with girls.

A symbol of victory

Tattoo with a beating heart for many people can become a symbol of victory, the arrival of good times, gaining health after a long grueling struggle for life. For many, such a tattoo becomes a symbol of a new life, which one wants to live bright and memorable.

Cardiogram with inscription

Many people prefer to put an inscription at the end of the drawing. The meaning of such a tattoo will vary depending on the inscription itself.


Life is changing, and some events are replaced by others. At the same time, every second a person's pulse can change, but the tattoo with the image of the pulse is static and represents stability: whatever happens - you are alive, your heart is beating and life continues.

Styles and colors

Tattoo "Pulse" on the wrist can be both black and colored. In addition, the thread of life can be entered and other interesting elements that complement the picture.

The image is applied in 3 styles:

  1. "Classic".
  2. "Minimalism".
  3. "Watercolor".

The most common style of tattooing with the thread of life is the "Classic" style. Here they use black ink, and the picture itself is drawn with a bold line. Also occur, in addition to the main motif, and additional elements.

When working in the style "Minimalism" masters draw with black paint and beat only the pulse thread. The technique is suitable for tattooing on the wrist and other small places with minimal skin area.

Completely "Watercolor" pulse on the body is never drawn. Only inserts are done in this style. The technique involves painting with bright strokes and intermittent lines. In doing so, the paint often goes beyond the black outline of the sketch.

Often found on the bodies of fans of the tattoo can be an image of a pulse with additions.

Additional elementWhere is located
heartat the beginning, in the middle, at the end
inscriptionin the center, under or above the tattoo
namein the middle or above the design
motorcyclein the center of the composition

In addition to the popular variants listed above, a wolf or a dog can run along the pulse thread. There are also variants with a note or a treble clef. If the tattoo is made in memory of a loved one who is no longer alive, the pulse line starts from the heart and ends with a cross. At the same time, under the symbol of life and the symbol of death, the dates of birth and departure are indicated.

With a heart

The tattoo with a pulse and a heart is chosen as a body decoration by both genders. The life line comes out of it or goes in. In addition, the tattoo may form a heart from a pulse-like thread.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, value, photo

The additional object in the picture can be both classic black or colored. In addition, it may be empty or completely filled with paint.

With an inscription.

Sometimes the "Pulse" tattoo is supplemented with an inscription. This can be a winged expression in a foreign language, as well as an exclusive phrase that is clear only to its carrier.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

In such tattoos, the pulse thread begins or ends with selected words. In addition, the letters can be above or below the thread of life.

With a name

Often fans of permanent images ask to put on the skin together with the pulse and their name. In this case, the thread of life can come out of the last letter or start the first letter.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

A popular tattoo among girls is one where the tail of the last letter forms a pulse that flows seamlessly into a large colored heart. Sometimes only initials are applied to the skin instead of a full name.

With a motorcycle

Fans of two-wheeled transport and high speeds like to decorate their body with tattoos depicting motorcycles. Usually the vehicle is placed in the center of the composition, where the pulse completely forms the outline of the bike.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Sometimes you can find sketches where the motorcycle rides in a straight line between the wavy pulse threads. In some cases, a speedometer is placed under the life line, which indicates 299 km/h. The pictures can be either black and white or in color.

Popularity with girls and guys

Tattoo with a pulse is especially popular with girls, rarely with guys. Most often in the male sex, there are tattoos with a heart rate from athletes and travelers. For athletes, this pattern symbolizes the need to remember how important a proper lifestyle is for their health and life.

Many athletes also represent this image with the need to "survive", because sport is a constant struggle and competition. Travelers, for whom all life is movement, find a similar message in the pulse image, which makes them move on and discover new horizons.

In rare cases, when a man is still the owner of a tattoo with a cardiogram, it characterizes him as a determined and active man who likes to take risks.

Girls may also find a lot of meaning in the image pulse, some, of course, are guided only by the attractiveness of the tattoo. However, some features in the choice of the tattoo in girls still have.

For example, a girl who has a tattoo with a heart rate performed using several colors is considered to be cheerful and optimistic nature, which "sees" life in bright colors. In contrast, monochrome tattoos speak of the rationality and self-sufficiency of the hostess, purposefulness. Such girls keep "a hand on the pulse" and are ready for any changes in life.

Photo tattoo pulse

After you have familiarized yourself with what the tattoo means, it is worth proceeding to look at the photos. With their help, you can choose your favorite sketch and become the owner of a beautiful image with deep meaning.

Peculiarity of the pulse

The peculiarity of this type of tattoo is the lack of a wide choice of areas on the body, where it would look acceptable and beautiful. Basically, the picture is applied on the hands, or on the hand in the area from the hand to the elbow. Less common is on the chest and shoulder blades. On the other parts of the body tattooed very rarely.

The tattoo with a cardiogram should find "its" place on your body, many masters advise against drawing on legs or thighs, such a location is considered a little strange.

The choice of the place for application

Tattoo "Pulse" on the wrist - a fashionable decoration of our time. Such a picture looks good on almost any part of the body.

The most popular places, except for the wrist, for wearing permanent jewelry are:

  • legs;
  • ribs;
  • chest;
  • neck;
  • arms;
  • shoulders.

Each of the listed areas has its pros and cons. In some areas it hurts to get a tattoo, and in other areas the design will fade faster and requires frequent visits to the salon to get it done.

Eastern sages have always considered the human body a temple, in which each part of it has sacred meaning, and the energy which can be strengthened by putting on the skin surface in the right place certain symbols or words. With the image of the runes in this or that part of the skin treated illness, protected from trouble, or saved from death. Despite the fact that in the modern world tattoo in most cases has a decorative value, masters before applying it to the body recommend to get acquainted with what it means and what is responsible for the selected part of the body.


Ancient sages always associated the feet with the ability to move in the present, to escape the past, and to enter the future. Also, this part of the body was responsible for the ability to flee from danger or catch up with the enemy.

Tattoo pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The "Pulse" tattoo on the leg can be found on the ankle or on the side of the foot.

The advantages of drawing in this place include:

  • convenience of fitting the sketch;
  • the rapidity of the procedure;
  • the convenience of hiding the picture under clothing;
  • durability of the image;
  • the ability to take care of the picture yourself after the procedure.

A picture with a thread of life on the ankle or foot is most often seen in girls.

The disadvantages of the image on the foot include the painfulness of the procedure.


On the side of the torso do tattoo with a pulse thread representatives of both sexes. The permanent picture here indicates the secrecy of the character of its bearer and the fact that it is applied more for himself than for others.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck and hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The thread of life on the ribs can express hidden feelings or hope for reciprocity. The advantages of the tattoo on the skin in this place include the fact that it is hidden from prying eyes and it is easy to take care of. Among the disadvantages are the high painfulness of the procedure and the fact that the drawing will take a long time to heal.


On the chest closer to the collarbone do tattoo pulse mainly men. Often you can find a picture on the left side of the body, where the heart is anatomically located.

According to the beliefs of ancient shamans, the chest represents protection, the ability to breathe and open his arms towards true feelings. This part of the body has always been considered the repository of the soul and self.

Among the advantages of the tattoo on the chest stand out:

  • convenience of fitting the sketch and its application;
  • the ability to hide from prying eyes;
  • durability of the image;
  • The convenience of skin care after the procedure.

    Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The picture on the chest looks original for both guys and girls. At the same time, the procedure is pain tolerable, which is also attractive when choosing a place for permanent jewelry. There are no disadvantages to this location.


Some fans of the tattoo do a thread of life on the side of the neck. This is due to the fact that the pulse on this part of the body is also easily palpable.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Esotericists link the neck with the ability of man to explore the world and look around. It is also responsible for intuition and communication with the universe. The neck allows a person to deflect kicks or observe what is happening.

As the pros of the neck as a place for tattoos can be highlighted the fact that the picture will not remain unnoticed by others and it is easy to take care of. The disadvantages of this area of the body include the painfulness of the procedure.


On the wrist, the tattoo "Pulse" can be found most often. This is the most popular part of the hand for such an image. In addition, some fans of permanent jewelry apply the image of the lifeline on the inner area from the hand to the elbow bend. Some girls ask for a tattoo on the side of their index finger.

Oriental sages consider the hands a repository of energy for creation, defense, embrace, receiving and giving. With the right limb always giving and the left limb always receiving.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The positive qualities of the choice of this place for a tattoo include:

  • The relative painlessness of the procedure;
  • convenience of fitting a sketch;
  • the ability to hide the picture under clothing;
  • The convenience of self-care in the period of healing.

Masters also like to work with the hands, as they are comfortable to draw on this part of the body.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

One of the significant negative qualities of the upper extremities is that the image is constantly exposed to external influences, and, therefore, it will often need to be adjusted. That said, the hands continue to be some of the most popular places to wear permanent jewelry.


Men mostly decorate their shoulders with pulse tattoos. They like this place, because it is in full view. A picture with the thread of life on the strong shoulder looks beautiful.

Esotericists believe that the shoulders are responsible for the ability to endure hardships and carry the weight of the past. In ancient times, warriors or sailors made tattoos on the shoulders. It was believed that a specially selected symbol, applied to this place, is able to protect the owner from various troubles.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Among the advantages of permanent mark on the shoulder is a minimum of unpleasant feelings during the procedure and the ability to hide the image under clothing if necessary. The disadvantages in the tattoo on the shoulder of the master do not find.

How to choose the sketch and the master?

Choosing a sketch will not be difficult, because photos with the image of the pulse are available on many sites. The lifeline is not complicated by the technique of execution, but despite this you should choose a good master. A good specialist and master of his craft, will always tell in detail about the meaning of the tattoo, a favorable location and will give the right recommendations before and after the tattoo session.

If you have chosen the cardiogram as a body drawing, it is worth noting that this is a great way to celebrate the value of life and the need to live "here and now". It is possible that such a message of the tattoo can change your life for the better, revealing new bright sides!

What image to choose for a tattoo?

There are many different options for pulse tattoos. More often than not, men and women choose a body image with a solid line that gradually transitions to the rhythm of the heartbeat. Such tattoos can be complemented by such interesting details as a heart. Also in the composition is sometimes present inscription. It is especially relevant if the tattoo is done as a sign of love.

The inscription can be in English, mother tongue, Latin or even hieroglyphs. Much will depend on whether you want the tattoo was available to all or prefer to hide the meaning of the naked image.

You can make the original pulse tattoo on your leg, arm, wrist, chest and neck. To decide on the image of a natal drawing, look at the photo of a tattoo with a pulse in advance.

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About the pulse tattoo

History has not preserved the name of the person or customer who first decided to score a pulse tattoo. However, in the former Soviet Union, the drawing has gained popularity since the early 2000s.

The cardiogram is eye-catching because it is concise and has a dynamic to it. To score a broken heart rhythm pattern signifies the beat of life.

The image of the beating heart is partly used to create a dramatic effect. For example, in Yulia Chicherina's song "The Road," noise effects with the rhythm of the heart create an emotional intensity.

  • The heart chakra - how do you know to let love in?

The composition ends with the fading sounds of an electronic cardiograph. Thanks to similar works, the pulse tattoo has received a romantic and tragic coloring.

In tattoo culture, the image of the rhythmic pattern has received its own unique mythology. There is an opinion that if you pad the image your energy increases. Additions to the broken line enhance the effect that a person wants to make a priority in their life.

Meaning and meaning of the tattoo

The pulse tattoo has no female or male interpretation. It is universal because the word "heart" itself is middle gender. The erased boundaries between genders show that the heart rhythm is one for all.

The meaning of the pulse tattoo is:

  • Continuity of life;
  • longevity;
  • to be in the thick of things;
  • keep up with progress;
  • to love the World and ourselves in it;
  • the rhythm of life;
  • the beat of the music of the Universe;
  • eternal youth;
  • love, passion for something, etc.

Looking at the complete list of meanings, you can see that they are all in a positive way. It is a concentrated happiness and exaggerated attitude towards a certain phenomenon. The drawing is not always done in a black and white manner.

Surprisingly, the simple strokes of the cardiograph were able to create volume and depth in color. With the arrival on the CIS market of quality pigments from Japan, Germany and the United States, the pulse began to be a rainbow.

As a consequence, additional interpretation emerged. The rhythm of the heart is compared to the palette of the colors of the World. Connoisseurs of the theme of space equate it to the melody of the universe.

Places to apply the tattoo

Traditionally, the pulse of the tattoo beats on the wrist. The logic of the location of the tattoo is simple, it is a place on the body where are the largest veins. It is possible to feel the pulses of blood in vessels without any specialized equipment.

The pulse on the hand is emotionally connected to the heart line. The extremes of energy entering and leaving the body run along the inner sides of the hand. This is why drawings are beaten on the hands, to protect the channels.

Moving away from the esoteric meaning, drawings look good on the chest. You can place a colorful composition of strokes in the watercolor technique. This option from the strokes of paint and can be extended to the shoulder and forearm.

Among the photos, images of the pulse on the finger are popular. Girls decorate the waist line with the drawing. In young men, a cardiogram at the base of the neck or behind the ear looks manly. Drawing will decorate the area of the scapula, ribs or shin.


For women

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