The luminous tattoos can be dangerous for health.

There are tattoos, in which there is some sense, and there are tattoos, which function - to delight people around, to attract attention. Among the latter are images that glow in the dark. Their other name is neon. When applying such tattoos, special ink is used. They can become a great decoration of their owner, for example, at the disco or intimate evening. A girl will experience a storm of emotions if her lover demonstrates her glowing tattoo as a declaration of love. Is not romantic? In general, such tattoos are suitable for representatives of both sexes. They can be seen on the body of both young people and adults.

Types of neon tattoos

These tattoos appeared relatively recently. They can be divided into two main groups:

- Glow in the dark. They are unremarkable in the daytime, however in the dark time of the day they attract a lot of attention. Such tattoos will be an excellent option for those who wish to refresh the existing sketch, bring a new image; - appearing only in the dark. They are pierced with white ink. In the process of applying such an image, the tattoo artist, as a rule, does not see his creation. Having decided to decorate the body similar to the tattoo, it is desirable to address in salon where this tattoo will prick under the ultraviolet lamp. This variant of the naked pattern will be visible in the dark or under ultraviolet light. This is especially suitable for those who do not wish to display their tattoo during the day, for example, while at work.

Types of neon tattoo

Neon tattoos are already unusual on their own. However, you can additionally experiment with them by choosing one of three options for applying such a tattoo.

1. A neon tattoo glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. But in the daylight it looks absolutely normal, like any other tattoo.

2. The tattoo can only be seen in UV light. In other situations, there is no trace of the tattoo.

3. In sunlight it is one image. But here under ultraviolet rays, the subject may be supplemented or changed at all. They create this effect thanks to the execution of neon ink only parts of the image.

Glow-in-the-dark tattoos

Using special inks, it is possible, of course, to turn each sketch into a unique, the very real work of art. However which tattoos are considered the most attractive? It is important what exactly the owner of the luminous tattoo wishes to highlight in his image. Because such images have a relatively high price, they are often distinguished by their small size. Tattoos with images of ornaments, insects are widespread. To a greater extent, they are preferred by representatives of the fair sex.

An interesting fact. Girls often choose caterpillars and butterflies for their tattoos. Such elements demonstrate the attractiveness of their owner. If, using special ink, properly highlight a number of details, then it is possible to achieve a curious effect: the wings of a butterfly as if moving in the dark. A similar effect is characteristic of worms or caterpillars. Such a tattoo gives its owner playfulness and fire.

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Specialty paint. What to watch out for

To achieve the graceful glow of a tattoo in the dark, special inks are available. Of course, durability and attractiveness are important, but safety should not be neglected. When applying such a tattoo, several kinds of harmful ink can be used:

- Everglow. A chemical from the category of hazardous. The sphere of its use is the industry, as well as the coloring of ships. Of course, it cannot be considered as useful for a human body. It is a constituent of plants. Even against this background, it does not benefit the human body. On the contrary, a large amount of phosphorus can lead to rashes on the skin, and sometimes to the appearance of scars.

Choosing a tattoo, you should not neglect the composition of the paint. In the case of the presence in it of the above substances, it is advisable to choose another salon. Luminous tattoos should not harm their owner.

European scientists invented tattoos with OLED-lighting

Tattoos are a fairly popular form of personal expression. But European researchers have created what they call the world's first light-emitting tattoo based on OLED technology. In addition to looking quite interesting, such a piece of jewelry can serve as an indicator of potential health problems.

Usually people use tattoos to preserve the memory of an important event or to express their devotion to something, to emphasize their other preferences. However, there are precedents for the use of tattoos for medical purposes. For example, cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy are tattooed on their skin with small dots used as landmarks for precise aiming of equipment.

It is worth noting that the idea of decorating the skin with luminous elements is also not new. In the past, people who call themselves biohackers implanted LEDs under the skin, but the result had no practical application other than attracting attention. However, British and Italian scientists have gone even further. They recently published an article in the journal Advanced Electronic Materials called "Ultra-thin Tunable Autonomous Tattooable Light Emitting Diodes. It describes a technology based on the same principles as the flexible OLEDs used in smartphones. Flexibility is particularly important for such a device, as it has to bend with the human skin without causing discomfort.

The design of light-emitting tattoos includes an extremely thin layer of electroluminescent polymer, which glows when a small current is applied. It is worth noting that the thickness of such a layer is only 2.3 micrometers, which is about a third of the diameter of a red blood cell. It is placed between a pair of electrodes and placed on top of the insulating layer, which is attached to the temporary tattoo paper using a special printing process. Such a tattoo can be easily applied to the surface of the skin, which is the same as temporary transferable pictures designed for children. As a consequence, they can be easily washed off if necessary.

The OLED tattoo glows green when energized, but the researchers assure that they can be given any color if needed. The scientists claim that such tattoos have great potential as a medical tool. In combination with other technologies, they can be used, for example, as a notification light for athletes when it is time to restore water balance.

It is worth noting that so far researchers have only tested the new technology on static surfaces such as paper, plastic bottles, etc. Given how often human skin succumbs to mechanical stresses, an OLED tattoo applied to it cannot provide acceptable durability. In addition, in laboratory conditions such tattoos worked from an external power source, which is very inconvenient in the case of applying jewelry to the body, because the user would have to be constantly connected to a power source.

Places of application. Color performance.

The widespread statement that the luminous tattoo is performed only in the color blue is a misconception. Among the variety of colors and shades you can choose anything. Girls perfectly fit the green or pink color, and the stronger sex - the fiery red. Similar tattoos look great, so it is desirable to apply them to places that are visible to others: the wrists, forearms, hands. They can decorate the face, if the tattoo is of small size. In this case, the most appropriate option is invisible images. Neon drawings can also be adapted to the shin or ankle.

Methods of application

Ultraviolet tattoos are applied with special white ink, which has a liquid consistency and dries quickly on the body. During the procedure, a neon lamp is used so that you can see the result. The work is quite complicated and requires a high level of skill of the tattooist.

You can try to make a glow drawing at home. Light-accumulating paint lasts on the body for 2 weeks, so do not be afraid to experiment with different images. Before applying be sure to conduct an allergy test and, if possible, consult with the master on the choice of the safest luminous paint. Prepare and print out a sketch in advance, attach it to the desired location and look at the result. If the pattern looks organic, you can get to work.

different lighting

If you draw well, apply the tattoo at once without preparation, if you are not sure of your abilities - make a stencil. Stars or hearts are good for the first time. Next, take a rollerball with a thin rod of no more than 0.5 mm, a UV flashlight and draw the contours as quickly as possible. Since the paint for the luminous tattoo is very liquid, try to work carefully and avoid runs. If you don't like something, you can wash the tattoo off with an alcohol solution at any time.

UV tattoo, photos and sketches of which you can find on this site will be a great alternative to a simple body drawing and will attract the admiring glances of others. With its help you can change the image and surprise people around you at least every day.

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Popular tattoo variations

The most commonly used luminous tattoos in the form of bones. The owner of such a tattoo, for sure, will attract the attention of others with its "X-ray picture". If the owner of such a drawing is in the dark, it resembles a resurrected skeleton. These variants are mostly applied to the hands and arms. Some have them on their shins or legs. Such tattoos are mostly preferred by men.

An interesting fact. The tattoo can be performed with luminous ink not completely. To add more brightness and attractiveness to the drawing, it is possible to emphasize only specific objects. For example, at the tattoo with the image of an animal luminous ink enough to perform only the eyes, and an elegant girl to highlight only the contours of the body. Such a tattoo will look very original, and you will be able to save money.

Recently, many fans of luminous tattoos prefer to decorate their body with a lightsaber. An unusual option is the master Yoda, who holds a glow-in-the-dark sword. Among those who choose such tattoos, and fans of "Star Wars".

The price of the question

The price of neon tattoos is at least twice as high as regular tattoos. But the exact cost should be found out individually, because it varies depending on a large number of factors. The level of the salon and the demand for the services of a particular master, the type of image, its size and location are of importance. The development of the individual sketch is paid separately, plus salons often set some minimal payment threshold, for instance not less than 2500 rubles per session, with the cost of each hour in 1500 rubles. If we are talking about a medium size tattoo made of regular ink then it will cost at least 5000 rubles. The price for a neon tattoo of the same size will be at least 10,000 rubles.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

The proper care is extremely important, otherwise you might get an infection. It is not much different from the care of a regular tattoo. First of all, while the tattoo is healing, remember Panthenol, which softens the crust on the tattoo and promotes rapid healing.

It is also worth taking care of your tattoo for the next 3 months after applying the tattoo, dab your tattoo with a sunscreen with SPF of at least 30. But avoid creams with irritants, it is strongly not recommended to dab the area with creams and lotions with fragrant additives.

How do I get a tattoo?

It is very important to keep the skin area clean, avoid wounds, scratches, in this case there is a high risk of infection.

Now you know how they are done. Luminous tattoos - a bright, interesting alternative to the usual tattoo, an interesting way to stand out from the crowd. Daring or romantic, liberated or militant image you get by choosing an interesting neon pattern.

Deciding to score glowing tattoos, do not forget about how to behave in a tattoo parlor and be sure to try on the future image.

In a tattoo parlor

When you come to the master first of all find out about his qualifications, look at his work and the sketches he offers. Ask him what colors he will decorate your body with and don't hesitate to ask for a certificate.

Big Neon Tattoo

It is in your best interest to ask about the treatment of his instruments to avoid contamination. You can ask to have the instruments processed again in front of you, you can even ask to open a new needle. Take care of your own safety first and foremost.

Be sure to check the pigment for an allergic reaction, this is not unimportant, because the paint will be injected directly under your skin.


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