Tattoo of a branch of a lilac: tender sketches for gentle girls

Lilacs are considered a true herald of spring. When her brushes are opening, immediately feel a pleasant aroma and warmth in the soul. With its appearance, nature comes alive and everyone wants romance and love.

Some people pluck the branch, filling the fragrance of their home, while others want to capture this flower on your own body. Tattoo with a lilac is filled with deep meaning. It not only looks attractive, but also in many ways characterizes its bearer. Next, we will talk about the history, learn the meaning of the lilac tattoo, as well as consider the styles and options for placement of the image.


Since ancient times, the lilac symbolized Spring, freshness and youth. Tattoo with its image began to be imposed not so long ago, but the flower itself has a long and interesting history.

In Russia, lilacs were respected and loved. Some people considered it a symbol of the Russian estate. An ancient legend says: "if you find a flower with five petals, you will never run out of luck". And to keep the fortune to themselves such a finding should immediately be eaten.

Although our ancestors associated lilacs only with positive things, the British had their own opinion on the subject. They gave the plant a sad meaning. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of England and neighboring countries believe that lilacs only reminds of parting and sorrowful parting with a loved one. In addition, according to English culture, a lover of this flower can never go under the altar with his lover.

Today, the lilac tattoo on the body is more common among our compatriots. This confirms the invariable attitude towards the plant among foreigners.

Suitable places to place the tattoo

The advantage of the twigs tattoo is that they look organic on any part of the human body. Depending on the size, the picture can be placed on the wrist, neck, ankle or ribs. Let's see where such images look best.

On the arm.

Small drawings of plants are placed on the wrists, the inside of the forearms, on the inside and outside of the shoulders. Graceful and delicate sprigs of lavender, lilac, sakura will emphasize the fragility of women's hands, and voluminous images of laurel or olive - the strength of men's shoulders.

On the leg

Some drawings look great on the legs and thighs, for example, large images of mountain ash, olive, sakura. This option is more suitable for women, as flowers and plants drawn on the thighs, calves, ankles or the outer part of the foot attract attention to the legs and emphasize their beauty.

On the collarbone

Another option for girls who prefer delicate tattoos. A thin twig on the collarbone will draw attention to the curve of the neck, the fragile collarbone, emphasizing the elegance of the figure. On the collarbone draw lilac, lavender, blooming sakura and other delicate sprigs of plants.

The meaning of the tattoo

According to tradition, the lilac tattoo means sublime feelings. This understanding came from the language of flowers. On it, the meaning of the plant lies in:

  • The first excitement in a relationship with a loved one
  • The light sadness of loss .
  • The beauty of the soul
  • The creative dawn
  • Romantic nature of the bearer
  • Light sadness
  • Inspiration

The tattoo symbolizes only positive things. Its negative interpretations have never been and do not exist today.

Meaning of the lilac branch tattoo

Tattoo with lilacs is preferred by the fair sex. The delicate flower advantageously emphasizes female beauty, fragility, youthfulness. The lilac branch on the wrist is ascribed magical properties. It is believed that the lilac tattoo means happiness and prosperity, as well as success in all endeavors.

A branch of white or lilac means fidelity to the first love. Usually, such a tattoo is done as a memorial sign of a lost lover. Pink flowers mean recognition and respect. The owner of such a tattoo - a person vain and confident in his powers.

Black and white lilac

Features of tattoos for girls

The branch of lilac is most often found on the body of girls. For them, it means Youth, eternal life and spring mood. In this case, the meaning of the figure is as follows:

  • Bright colors of life
  • Bright joy
  • Reckless character
  • Restlessness
  • Perseverance
  • Pleasant surprise
  • The fullness of being

Lilac combines recognition and love. For young girls, it speaks of the presence in life of a beloved person and a strong attraction to him. As for older women, seeing a branch of lilac on their bodies, you can safely assert faithful love and strong family ties. Among other flowers tattoos, it stands out for its brightness and originality.

Sketches, stencils, templates for tattoos - lilacs

Sketch of a small elegant lilac tattoo
Sketch of a small elegant lilac tattoo

Another sketch of a tattoo of a bunch of lilacs
One more sketch of a tattoo of a bunch of lilacs

Where you can place a tattoo

Such a composition as a lilac has quite a rich potential. It can be placed on absolutely any part of the body. This picture is able to decorate the skin and at the same time look creative and attractive to others. The miniature branches of lilacs look best on:

  • The back of the hand
  • The area above the collarbone
  • Wrist
  • Neck
  • Off the top of the foot
  • The area behind the ear
  • Shins

Best ideas for twig tattoos

Given the variety of flowers and plants in nature, it is not difficult to choose a sketch for a tattoo depicting a branch. Tattoos on plant themes can be colored, black and white, stylized, abstract or included in an artistic composition.

Rowan Tattoo

The rowan is a picturesque plant, which looks best in a colored version, in which the contrast of orange-red berries and dark green leaves is emphasized. Large branches of the rowan tree look more organic than small ones, most often they are placed on the shoulders, sides, under the collarbones and on the hips.

Tattoo of lilacs

Delicate lilac flowers also look best in color. Lilac-purple, fluffy flowers on fragile twigs will adorn women's wrists, neck, ankle or the place under the breasts. Unlike the rowan, the lilac looks more organic in a small size: so it will become a real talisman for its mistress.

Tattoo styles

A branch of lilacs looks attractive in different styles:

  • Realism
  • Watercolor
  • Geometry
  • Abstraction

When applying such an image on the body, dark colors and outlines are not used. Lilacs should look gentle and graceful in any situation, even if it overlaps with another tattoo.

The meaning of flowers in tattoos for girls on the arm, on the leg

Flowers are universally recognized symbols of Femininity, tenderness, beauty and fragility. They are always aesthetic и and appropriate to look On a woman's arm or leg.

IMPORTANT: In general, girls prefer to depict flowers on the wrist, forearm, shoulder. As for the legs, preference is given to the thigh, the foot.

Despite the fact that shoulder Men often selected, and a girl there is quite able to place the tattoo - bright colors fit for this as well as possible. In addition, for such a picture will be easy to care for.

Tattoo of a lily flower on a woman's shoulder
Tattoo of a lily flower on a woman's shoulder

Tattoo of roses on woman's shoulder
Tattoo in the form of roses on the female shoulder

Bright female flower and butterfly tattoo on shoulders as a feminine
Feminine tattoo on the shoulder in the form of a bright flower with a butterfly

Tender tattoo in the shape of wildflowers on the shoulder
Tender tattoo in the shape of wildflowers on the shoulder

Forearm will allow to realize ideas with elongated images that will advantageously accentuate the grace of the hand. In the case of the dress code tattoo is easy to hide.

Exquisite interlacing tattoo on women forearm and wrist
Elegant intertwined floral tattoo on women's forearm and wrist

Thighs - Intimate enough place, but somewhere on the beach the image on it will look interesting.

IMPORTANT: The thighs for the application of the flower is recommended to choose those young ladies who are susceptible to pain.

Tattoo spy on women's thigh
Tattoo pion on a woman's thigh
Thigh - a truly feminine option. The graceful flower will only decorate, Give elegance and mystery. With the right pattern you can even visually lengthen the foot.

Interlocking pattern tattoo with flowers on a woman's foot
Tattoo in the form of interlacing patterns with flowers on a woman's foot

Tattooed lily on woman's foot
Tattoo of a lily on a woman's foot

Tattoo of flowers will look great with shoes
Tattoo in the form of flowers will look great in combination with shoes

Cute daisies tattoo on a woman's foot
Cute daisies tattooed on a woman's foot

IMPORTANT: In addition to the fact that flowers are simply aesthetic pleasure, they have a sacred meaning. This sign from ancient times was considered the embodiment of rebirth, the cycle of life and death.

It is difficult to think of a more feminine way to decorate the body of a girl. This was understood even by our ancestors, who perceived the cup-shaped flower as as the embodiment of femininity and fertility.

Girls also adorned themselves with a variety of flowers as a sign of to rejoice in the warmth, beauty, goodness and harmony of nature. This is definitely good symbol - There is no such flower, which would be interpreted strictly negatively.

Tattooed flower is a very kind sign
A tattoo flower is a very good sign.


Tattoos with a botanical bias have always been in demand, but these days the demand for vegetal subjects has increased many times over. The reasons for this may be different. Firstly, it is, of course, the "green idea" that has forced billions of people around the world to give up plastic bags, plastic cups, sorting garbage, etc.

Secondly, the plant motifs correctly combine laconism, geometricism and symbolism, so that it is possible to create visually light but very informative images.

What is behind it?

Let's try to analyze the meaning of the "branch" tattoo. Since the time of the Flood, an olive branch has been considered a symbol of hope and the continuation of life on earth. Such a tattoo can tell about optimism and faith in the future, the ability to overcome trials. The meaning of the branch with buds - openness to the new and unexplored, susceptibility to revolutionary ideas.

  1. A pine branch is associated with youth, brings to mind immortality and the eternal cycle of life.
  2. A beautiful flowering branch on the hand can indicate spiritual rebirth, the desire to love.
  3. A fruit-bearing branch underlines the presence of productive ideas in the tattoo owner, which he is ready to implement.
  4. A bird on a branch is a clear sign of peace and place in life, the lack of desire to change something drastically.
  5. Yellow and red autumn leaves on a branch can be a sign of the end of some stage of life and the transition to the next level.
  6. Leaves that are torn off and falling from a branch are asked to fill up by people yearning for a stormy youth.
  7. Finally, at the sight of a withered branch all around will understand that the owner of the tattoo is emotionally devastated and does not believe in the future.


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