Tattoos on the wrist for girls - Refined and delicate options (50 photos)

For a tattoo requires a certain courage and stamina, it used to be used in ordinary ceremonies and initiations in different peoples. Tattoos were not worn by everyone, but only by the bravest, strongest or wisest, most often these were shamans and warriors. Since those times the art of body painting has stepped far ahead and the opportunity to impose a tattoo is even a teenager, and for this purpose it is not necessary to be able to do magic or dress up in military ammunition. Now let's talk about tattoos, which are located on the wrist of girls.

Popularity among girls

Modern women do not lag behind men in decorating their bodies. The opinion that it is not appropriate for a girl to "stuff a tattoo" has fallen into oblivion. Today, beautiful ladies are decisively opting for tattoos.

Today's body art is not limited to one trend - in fashion a bright palette of colors and graphics for every taste.

The final result can be limited only by the imagination of the author and the customer.

Some girls apply tattoos to the body to stand out from the crowd, others consider a protective amulet, others disguise scars and flaws on the skin.

Tattoo flowers on the wrist

The floral theme is no less fashionable. The lotus is found on the wrists of the hands of girls intending to become attractive, to seduce, to please themselves. It is a sign of spiritual purity, love, tenderness.

Tattoo masters are asked what the rose means. The black color of the plant means spiritual rebirth.

Often the flower acts as a muse for creative expression.

Tattoo rose, not accompanied by thorns, will suit the female sex, wishing to share with others the pride of their innocence, purity of love relationships.

Again, the blue shade of the tattoo will tell about the owner as a nature that opposes the foundations, will emphasize the individuality of the girl. A plant with thorns says "love, but be careful, even bright feelings can burn".

What to put on

Which image will advantageously emphasize your beauty and how not to make a wrong choice?

To answer these questions, first decide on the following parameters:

  1. The technique of pigment application - retouching, watercolor, graphics. Specify what kind of machine (rotary or induction), marker, needles the artist uses.
  2. Drawing style. There are a huge number of options, it is better to consult with an experienced master, who will help translate your ideas into the right design.
  3. Location on the body. Rely on the vision of your future. If you plan to build a career, other people's opinions affect you - choose areas that can be covered with clothes.
  4. Color scheme. There are plenty of opportunities for the flight of fancy - from coal-black graphics to romantic watercolors.
  5. The form and size. Well-chosen shape and size will help to correct the lines of the body.

Today, there are many options for wrist images.

Among them the most popular are:

  • crown - a symbol of influence gives self-confidence, can be performed in bright colors;
  • Stars - applied singly or in small scatterings, suitable for girls of art, with bright talents;
  • Swallow - the latest trend for 2021. Applied in small strokes in the form of flocks;
  • cats - a favorite tattoo of all women. Emphasizes originality and independence;
  • hearts help to attract love;
  • flowers emphasize femininity and certain character traits depending on the flower;
  • the lips represent the coquettishness of a woman;
  • bracelet pattern - can perform a protective function;
  • cross is best applied only if you believe in this symbol, otherwise it can close auspicious chances;
  • eye in the pyramid - a symbol of wealth and power;
  • runes - a very strong amulet. Before applying carefully study the meaning, there are destructive in their influence signs;
  • Date of birth - own, children's, mother's. Sign of devotion;
  • insects - butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs - denote ease and freedom;
  • well-known quotes, texts from sacred books help to keep to the chosen path;
  • birds carry the qualities of the portrayed feathered creature;
  • wild animals suit sexy and daring ladies who want to show off their strength;
  • feathers are the latest fashion statement. Subtle strokes emphasize the tenderness of the mistress of the hand;
  • The treble clef represents musical or poetic talent;
  • Mantras - powerful texts from sacred books can change a person's destiny;
  • mehendi - an exquisite Indian-style pattern. The natives of the country are convinced of the incredible power of the whimsical weaves;
  • dream catcher can be applied to those who feel envy and evil eye.

It is advisable to choose a style first, and then pick up a specific pattern.

Inscription or drawing

A large selection of options for tattoos allows modern girls to choose exactly the one that will be to their liking. Some give preference to images on the body, others write meaningful words.

Each tattoo has its own meaning. Romantic natures are better to choose pictures with flowers, birds, patterns.

This will emphasize the femininity and mystery of the beautiful young lady. Girls with a rational mindset, who want to assert themselves in life, more often give preference to phrases-mottos.

Such slogans help you believe in yourself and give a certain message to the people around you. Meaningful inscriptions on the body may contain names of loved ones, protective incantations, quotes, mantras, and prayers.

When choosing an inscription, choose phrases that will be meaningful to you many years from now.

Small tattoos on the wrist

Some girls prefer to get mini tattoos on the wrist that are not immediately conspicuous.

Ladies who use tattoos in the shape of birds want to show a free personality. Grace, the ability to soar above the ground, ease of communication are associated with this symbol. Similar tattoos on the wrist nabbed girls, aspiring to the highest degree of beauty, spiritual flight.

Depicting swallows on the wrist, the fair sex emphasizes the enjoyment of youth, their own beauty, good luck, hope. In former eras, the sign was applied only to sailors, wishing to return home sooner from a distant journey.

Chinese female tattoo fans prefer to emphasize the ability to be faithful. The goddess of love Aphrodite patronizes the Greek woman with this symbol. Dragonflies and butterflies are still relevant.

Many turn to the symbolism of the stars, which have a broad semantic meaning. There are people who prefer tattoos in the form of cats, controversial animals, talking about longevity, agility, grace.

Choose tattoos on the wrist, depicting hearts, those girls who want love, endless, passionate, passionate.

Technology of tattoos

In ancient times, tattoos were applied in complete unsanitary conditions with improvised means. In the course were used wooden sticks, bones of fish and animals. Various vegetable materials were used as paints.

Of course, the quality of these pictures left much to be desired. Because of the lack of sanitary norms, wounds often festered and the skin was scarred. The pigment washed out very quickly.

Today, things are much better in the world of tattoos. The process has become safe and painless.

The process itself

First, the master draws a sketch, which agrees with the client. Then he cuts out the drawing made on paper.

Sketch of a tattoo

The area of the skin, on which the tattoo will be applied, is treated with alcohol napkins. In this way, the master removes all kinds of dirt from the surface, as well as disinfecting it.

To transfer the image, a layer of special gel is applied.

The image is attached to the skin, pressed with a towel and gently removed so as to get a "re-snap" effect, like in childhood. The sketch remains on the skin.

The master transfers the sketch onto the skin.

Then the master prepares his workplace, takes out and disinfects all the necessary instruments. Also wears disposable gloves. All consumables are used only once, including needles.

Tattoo machine

The master applies the outline of the tattoo by lubricating the skin with Vaseline. This is necessary so that the client's skin is not as irritated in the process of constantly wiping off the excess paint.

Contour of the tattoo

At the end, the master fills the outline with colored paints and lubricates the tattoo site with healing ointments.

Tattoo pigmentation

A flock of birds

Since ancient times, a flock of flying birds symbolizes dreams, freedom and strength of spirit. Thus, the tattoo with this image is chosen by freedom-loving young ladies who strive for more in life, not wanting to stop at the achieved.

On a side note! To give more specificity, you need to depict a certain kind of birds, not just their silhouettes. For example, the swan is the embodiment of love, loyalty and tenderness, the eagle symbolizes pride and independence.


Small tattoos look neat and at the same time have a deep content. This body painting is used by people whose lives are constantly changing, but these changes do not scare them in the slightest, on the contrary, they inspire them.

Sea stars mean security and confidence.

Tattoo: UGC

The six-pointed symbol is applied to emphasize the Jewish faith.

The seven-pointed star signifies immersion and unification, inner and outer integrity.

The eight-pointed symbol speaks of the fullness of a girl's life.

The nine-pointed star symbolizes a love of stability and a willingness to live a quiet and measured life.


Many are not satisfied with just letters, and want to leave a full-fledged sentence on the wrist.

The most popular phrases with meaning - a hint at the girl's life position, her attitude towards this or that side of life, people, herself.

Tattoo: Picdom

Here are the main subspecies of such tattoos:

  • Religious quotations, showing spirituality;
  • Aphorisms, succinctly expressing the world view of the girl;
  • symbols or phrases of your own composition.

Choosing the latter option, do not limit your imagination.

You can compose your own creed and even write it down in a language you understand alone.

Such a tattoo is truly unique and will receive a huge semantic load.

Where to find a master?

As a rule, beginners are very sensitive when choosing a master for the first tattoo bracelet. And the experienced just know that the best talented artists working in the Salon Territory of Tattoo in Moscow.

Wrist bracelet tattoo

Go to our catalog, see a portfolio or try on the selected sketch online. Then you will need to choose a master and make an appointment. Our experts will help to develop a sketch and fit the anatomy of the body to make tattoos look organic and maximize advantageous to emphasize the beauty or masculinity.

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Drawings and their symbols

Tattooing has a long history and dates back to ancient times. At that time tattoos served as distinctive signs of belonging to a certain race, reflected the type of occupation of the person, his character and served as amulets against evil spirits. Today, the images adorn the hands and attract attention. You can pick up a tattoo in a catalog in a salon, on websites or make a sketch of yourself.

Various tattoos on the wrist
The image is paired or single, white, colored or black and white - there are almost no restrictions today. To apply the tattoo, women choose the wrist much more often than men.

When choosing a tattoo, many take into account not only the beauty, but also its meaning. For the hand is usually selected a small image with a clear outline or phrases, signs and symbols.

Wrist tattoo in the form of the loop of time
Below you will find a description of the different images of tattoos in the wrist area.

Watches or bracelets

This option is often found on the hands. The time indicated on the watch may record a significant event (the birth of a child or the registration of a marriage). Elegant bracelets are usually without definite meaning and are a decoration on the wrist. Some interpret the sign of the circle as a powerful talisman, warding off serious problems and troubles.

Wrist bracelet tattoos

Birds .

Girls usually choose delicate species that symbolize a romantic nature and positive energy. Sometimes a drawing of a small flock is applied. Men choose a large bird, such as an eagle, a symbol of power and courage.

Flowers or butterflies

A very feminine option. Such tattoos emphasize tenderness and airiness. Especially beautiful and bright looks a rose. And the butterfly can symbolize change - because it is from an ugly caterpillar appears a beautiful butterfly.

Tattoo for women - butterflies


Emphasizes individuality and superiority. Often the choice of a strong nature, striving to control other people and can not tolerate subordination.

Tattoo on the wrist - crown


The eternal sign of love. It is often chosen by romantic girls in love. Often the heart is supplemented with an inscription - an oath of allegiance or the name of a lover. It is a serious decision, as in the case of a failed relationship to remove the tattoo will be very problematic. Therefore, you should think carefully before you go to the tattoo parlor.

tattoo heart (examples)

Animals and insects

The picture, as a rule, symbolizes the main features of a woman - fragility, caution, grace. Of animals, more often than others, you can find images of a tiger, a bagheera, a cat.

tattoos for girls - animals

Stars .

The symbol of young girls who are not afraid to change their lives abruptly. Usually it is customary to apply them in scattered form, a constellation or a starfall of celestial luminaries is used. There are stars that have religious connotations. Their image has a strong energy, of which it is necessary to be aware. The placement of one star on the wrist can indicate a penchant for same-sex love.

Tattoos for girls - stars


Abstract views and geometric shapes are more often done by men. Pictures are made in black ink. They can start at the wrist and go higher all over the hand.

tattoos - tribbles (examples)


Broken chains are often struck by rebellious natures, inclined to a free life and not tolerating any rigid schedule. If the chain is closed on the lock, it may symbolize loyalty to his beloved, or some principles.

tattoo on the wrist - chains


In the East, a very popular symbol of the dragon, embodying freedom and power, which can attract a girl who chooses such a sign to apply to the wrist.

Tattoo bracelet on the wrist

Popular tattoos from wrist to elbow for a girl in the form of a bracelet become the subject of close attention from passersby.

Tattoo bracelets on the arm for girls are very diverse - these are and bracelets, and flowers, and geometric patterns.

The wrists of young fashionistas can adorn tattoo bracelets in the form of an inscription.

Infinity sign

A universal mathematical symbol, which is strongly associated with romance.

However, this drawing does not necessarily mean romantic attachment. Sometimes it is applied in memory of loved ones or important events.

Tattoo: Limon.KG

In addition to the sign, sometimes apply names, dates or other images that have personal meaning for the girl.


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