Tattoos on the Arm 2021-2022. New photo ideas and current trends

News On Time continues to show the most beautiful tattoos in different styles of images, which are the most trendy today.

This time our attention was attracted by fashionable tattoos on the arm 2021-2022, the photo of which impresses by the originality and individual approach to each client.

If you got to a good master, he will immediately offer you beautiful tattoos on the arm for girls and women, and for the strong of this world will indicate what extraordinary tattoos on the arm can do men.

News On Time also impressed with the stylish innovations of tattoos on the arm 2021-2022, picking for you, our dear readers, unique tattoo solutions on the arm in all sorts of interpretations.

In order to make it easier for you to find the stylish tattoos on the arm that can be placed on different parts of the hand and in different sizes and styles, we advise you to watch till the end of our post that will help you to choose the best tattoos on the arm 2021-2022.

Tattoos on the arm can be both monotonous, preferably in black, and multicolored, which most often decide to choose for themselves the fair sex.

Although the flamboyant tattoos on the arm with red inclusions can often be found and on the sturdy bodies of men.

The stylistics of tattoos on the arm 2021-2022 covers the minimalist direction, and laconic tattoos on the arm in tiny variants, and cute and so symbolic tattoos on the arm in paired execution, which is often ready to immortalize couples in love, friends, relatives, battle buddies.

Because tattoos on the arm have many locations, both the size and motifs of the tattoo on the arm can be very diverse.

About this in more detail further ...

The meaning of the tattoo on the arm

Human hands are the powerful conductors of spiritual energy. Therefore, the pictures that are applied to them have great importance and influence the course of destiny. Tattoos can change the personality both negatively and positively. It is necessary to know what a tattoo on the arm means before getting one.
The meaning of any patterns on the hand is amplified many times and affects the destiny of a person. In other words, such a tattoo with meaning generates energy emanating from the drawing and forces the person to change the measured pace of life, to move forward:

  • If an arrow is depicted, the desire to achieve one's goals will prevail over all other needs.
  • A picture of a wolf or wolverine makes a person tougher and more distrustful.
  • Dragon, lion and tiger raise one's self-esteem and help one stand up for oneself in all situations.
  • The snake and owl discourage hasty decisions.
  • Roses inspire spiritual self-improvement.
  • Anchor strengthens the desire for stability in life.
  • A spider as a talisman will help to steadfastly overcome blows of fate, to gain the power to protect against enemies.
  • Nakolka in the form of a heart strengthens love for the object of desire.

Often make a temporary henna tattoos on the arm, if they want to adjust the character. Motivational inscriptions help to mobilize forces.

This is interesting

It is noticed that the tattoo on the right hand do people with a strong character, who are not afraid of change and strong emotions. The tattoo on the left hand is preferred by people with a subtle sense of peace, incorrigible idealists who care about the opinions of others. However, they make their own decisions.

Female variations of tattoos

As it is known, women are simultaneously tender, soft, a bit willful, surprising and unpredictable creatures, therefore to speak in this case about any specific criteria concerning the choice of tattoo on the arm is simply senseless. The main distinguishing traits of female tattoos are elegance and grace, and the symbolism of the drawings is aimed at underlining femininity, beauty and other traits of the female sex. Adorning her body with tattoos, young ladies try to show their individuality, to declare their independence and at the same time to attract attention. Also very often this decision is caused by the presence on the body ugly scars or scars, because as you know, tattoos are considered one of the most relevant ways to solve this problem.

Women's sketches, as a rule, have thin lines and are characterized by bright colors, for example, the technique of watercolor or realism. However, monochrome black or black and white images in the style of graphics, abstraction, geometry or borocco are just as common. The list of women's ideas includes all kinds of floral and plant compositions, cute cartoon characters, birds, various animals, miniature sketches in the form of hearts, stars, inscriptions, signs and so on. As for the location of the sketches, here, as in the case with examples of men's designs, the tattoo may adorn the shoulder, forearm and any area of the hand, a single image or act as a complement to the volumetric composition in the form of a sleeve.

What tattoo to do on the arm

On different parts of the hand the same pattern looks different. Therefore, before deciding which tattoo to do, it is necessary to choose a place:

  • The hand above the elbow is a great place for volumetric compositions, which include one or more objects. For men it is characteristic to apply in these places warriors, skulls, crosses, mythical animals. Flowers, birds and landscapes look great on women's shoulders. Portraits and symbols of the zodiac signs are also placed here.
  • Elbows are suitable for black ornamental patterns, flowers, large drawings that play up the fold of the elbow. On the inside of the hand do fateful inscriptions, draw the signs of the runes.
  • From wrist to elbow depict angels, clever inscriptions in Latin, hieroglyphics, names of children, dates of birth of loved ones. Here they write the prayer "save and preserve", draw the signs of yin and yang. Beautiful small paired tattoos in the form of realistic locks and keys, watercolor hearts look excellent.
  • Around the hand do colored and black and white bracelets, make inscriptions, stab snakes and scorpions, write the names of loved ones.

Tattoo sleeve is often chosen by men, but there are also female versions of the sketches. For guys pick up tough subjects in the style of biomechanics, backward, for girls landscapes in the style of watercolor. They are applied to one or two hands.

This is interesting

Tattoo-sleeve - the pleasure is expensive. To better imagine the effect, some salons offer clients to try on a nylon sleeve. He will help to make the right decision in choosing a pattern.

How to choose a sketch of the tattoo in relation to the place on the hand?

If you have firmly decided on the place on your body where you would like to see a beautiful tattoo, all the above cool and popular ideas should be sort of tried on here.

Do you have small tattoos on your wrist?


What experienced masters advise:

  • large and complex compositionswhere there are characters, animals, birds, a combination of several at once, will look harmoniously on the spacious "field" - as a sleeve, on the shoulder and forearm;
  • small and modest designsThe small, modest designs that have a deep meaning, rather than a visual demonstration, as in the previous variant, are better to put on such places as the palms, hands and wrists.

The main principle of choosing the tattoo to the area on the hand is proportionality, that is, the complexity of the image and the scale must be in proportion to the area of the place. If it will be a complex ornament, depicted in miniature on the finger of the hand, visually it will look confused, like a dark, illegible spot.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

If the tattoo suggests a deep personal meaning, a man should choose a place on the hand, which can be hidden from the gaze of others. When choosing an aesthetically pleasing design without much implication, I choose a prominent and eye-catching area.

What style is suitable for tattoos on the hand

For drawings on the hand fit any style. The most popular:

  • Engraving, which attracts crisp lines, the presence of shading and black and white execution. Lightweight tattoos with good tracing are obtained.
  • Bio-organic and bio-mechanics look realistic and effective on a man's hand.
  • When it is necessary to draw a mini-tattoo, you can't do without laconic and neat minimalism.
  • Realism is especially welcome on the upper part of the hand, where you need to depict large-scale subjects and portraits.
  • Chicano suggests a black tattoo, crisp outlines and looks great on any part of the hand.
  • Oldskul - rich in color, bright, makes an impression.
  • Elegantly looks black or red tattoo in the style of linework, which fascinates the purity of straight lines and requires great skill in the process.
  • Tattoo in the style of sketch implies an original presentation of the subject and allows for further refinement of the drawing, to breathe in a second life.

For tattoos on the arm also suit the styles of blackwork, ethnics and ornamental. In recent years came into vogue white tattoos on the arms, which are applied with a special UV-pigment. The disadvantage is that over time they acquire a yellowish tint.

It is important to know

Sometimes tattoos on the hand are printed in order to cover the scars. The best way in this case is to choose richly colored patterns, the drawing of which repeats the curves of the scars.

Important details

The picture below shows how the skeleton of the hand looks approximately. The joints are a little bit wider and thicker at the place where they are connected. We need to understand this in order to know how to draw a hand realistically. This is especially true for the hands of elderly and thin people. The finger will be a little thicker at the curves, a little thinner along the phalanx.

Note how to draw a curved hand in profile. Look at the joint between the metacarpal joint and the first phalanx. In the picture above, the red line shows where the first phalanx is attached to the metacarpal joints. This is the beginning of the finger and can be identified by the knuckle joint that protrudes upward. The green line marks the place where there is a webbing between, it is often mistaken for the beginning of the first phalanx.

If we look at the hand in profile, we see that the outer side is quite flat, with only the knuckles protruding. On the inside, on the contrary, it is soft; there is a protruding pad under each phalanx. There are two "pads" under the first phalanx, one under the joint is particularly large and stands out well in all.

Are there differences in tattoos on the hand for girls and men

Men's tattoos on the hand differ from women's in the choice of patterns and in the technique of their application. They symbolize strength, power, fearlessness, made with a bias towards hidden aggression. They assume thick lines and a minimum of colors, unless otherwise required by the style. On the guy's hand depicted predatory animals, gladiators, samurai, patterns in the style of ornamental.

The girls have a slightly different focus. The subjects are filled with love, convey the beauty of this world, they are graceful and graceful, the lines are thin. They serve as a decoration of the body, full of color and sunshine. They can be peonies, lilies, roses, stars, fish, animals, cartoon characters.

There is a third category of tattoos - universal sketches that are suitable for a guy and a girl. These are portraits of people or images of animals in the style of realism: lions, elephants, winged birds. The unisex tattoo group includes various icons reflecting hobbies or interests. For example, a popular Indian amulet "dream catcher," protecting against evil spirits, is equally suitable for girls and guys.

Beautiful male tattoos on the arm. The most popular options

If you want to choose a beautiful variant of a tattoo on the arm, you can take as a source of ideas and inspiration the best tattoos of the world for guys in recent years. But this will not be enough, any fashionable tattoos 2021 that you liked should be studied in detail what each means.

The top list includes the following tattoo designs 2021:

Large and predatory animals, birds - As a rule, these are brutal tattoos for strong confident men, for example:

lion - pride, power and victory, nobility;

bear - fierceness, wisdom, strength and freedom;

wolf - freedom, loyalty, solitude, courage;

eagle - speed, sharp wit, freedom, pride.

Mythical creatures. - these can be original ideas, where each character represents the inner world and character of the wearer, for example:

dragon - nobility, kindness, a symbol of divination and courage;

centaur - independence, thirst for adventure;

chimera - aggression, mysticism, fatalism;

gargoyle - An amulet that protects the bearer of the drawing from evil and temptation;

unicorn - purity, strength, strong inner core.

Gothic - Subcultural, somewhat aggressive and creative ideas, such as:

skull - amulet against the spirit of death, a reminder of the cycle and the inevitable end;

demon - vices in the wearer from which he or she seeks to rid himself or herself.

Religious motifs - are a display of love for faith and God, remind of goodness and standards of morality, e.g:

angel - a talisman against evil, misfortune and vices;

cross - patience and faith, hope for a bright future, sacrifice;

Virgin Mary - the desire to have support from the saint.

Symbols and talismans - Small drawings of objects, patterns, talismans and amulets to change the quality of life for the better, e.g:

mandala - orderliness of the inner world, harmony in everything;

dream catcher - Protector from evil and dark forces;

anchor - calmness, reliability, steadfastness of life;

runes - powerful amulets to help change yourself and your karma;

Celtic ornaments - Amulets, symbolizing the infinity of the soul and spirituality in man.

Important! When choosing the style and theme of the tattoo on the arm a man should take his appearance, internal state, image, lifestyle and character traits as a basis. Only in this case, there will be no dissonance between the body image and its owner.


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