Tattoos with Animals - Wolf, Tiger, Bear, Cat, Fox, Lion, Elephant, etc.

Conducted a lot of research in the field of psychology, many scientists are inclined in their conclusions that every person subconsciously identifies itself with one of the representatives of fauna - a reptile, an insect, a bird or an animal. This phenomenon goes back to the beliefs and occult worship of our ancestors, who sincerely believed that every person has a patron in the world of animals. Therefore, the drawing of a tattoo with any kind of these creatures and today is perceived as a demonstration of spiritual kinship between a person and the chosen representative of the animal world.

Tattoos with Animals Wolf - Tattoo with Wolf

Since ancient times, people of different nations and cultures respected wolves. Tattoo wolf (full selection) - a choice of strong-willed strong people with a strong character and principles. Tattoo wolf choose independent people who do not change their interests. Tattoo with a wolf will be mascot of his masterWill protect him in a difficult time and give confidence in yourself.

Wolf - a proud and noble animal, which is associated with a lot of legends, beliefs and omens. The wolf symbolizes A symbol of courage, intelligence, fortitude and strength of character.. These features make the wolf tattoo popular and in demand.

Inscriptions and hieroglyphs

In addition to drawings, various inscriptions and hieroglyphs are no less popular type of tattoo. It is not necessary to perform them in the language spoken by the owner of the tattoo, but they must carry the information.

The meaning of the inscription lies precisely in the semantic load, so you should be very careful to select words or phrases. They should reflect the girl's life mood, individual qualities or desires. The inscriptions can refer to any sphere of interest: career, love, friendship, health, family, money and more.

Tattoos on the shoulder for girls: small, round, inscriptions, patterns, birds, animals, insects. Meanings and photos of the best tattoos

Sayings can be in Latin or hieroglyphs, with or without translation. It is even possible to put a small drawing next to it, showing the main meaning of what was said. In most cases, the inscriptions are made in black, but some elements can be colored. The girl herself can choose both the font of the inscription and its color.

It is undesirable to apply on the body utterances with bad sense or bad meaning.

Tattoos with Animals - Tattoo with Tiger

Tattoo Tiger (full selection) Symbolizes strong, bright and dynamic energy. It also signifies In most tattoo plots, tigers, in most cases, appear in their positive guise. In the subjects of tattoos with tigers, in most cases, they appear in their positive hypostasis. Tattoo with a tiger Suitable only for the brightest and strong-willed individualsThat resolutely pursue their goals in life.

The image of the tiger is both dark and light. He is the creator and destroyer. Like the lion, the tiger symbolizes both life and death, evil and good. In many legends, some gods ride tigers to demonstrate their power.

Tattoo with animals - Tatu-tigr-Muzhskoe-tatu-tigr-tatuirovka-tigr-dlya-muzhchin

In India, the image of the tiger is a warrior emblem. A tattoo with a tiger can carry the meaning of military valor, fearlessness, and honor.

The tiger can also be interpreted as fierceness, passion, anger, rage.. Because of its predatory nature and bright coloring this animal is often compared to the element of fire. People whose character carries the traits of a tiger can get a tattoo as a sign that they are stronger than their flaws.

Blackwork Style.

This style involves a lot of black tones on large areas of skin. Sometimes they may be diluted with red or white. The plot includes both abstraction and complex images that include several elements. Sometimes in this style, a drawing is performed on the entire surface of the shoulder.

Due to the extensive dark areas, with the help of this style it is possible to hide various defects on the body or to cover up an existing tattoo.

This style looks very effective: on a dark background catch the eye fascinating, well-drawn individual details. As a basis, you can take ornaments or artistic composition.

Animal Bear Tattoos - Bear Tattoos for Men and Women

Tattoo Bear (full selection) Usually symbolizes Power and fury. At the same time, a bear tattoo signifies majesty and good-naturedness. Although the bear is associated with a dangerous predator and a clumsy animal that loves treats, bear tattoos are chosen by men and girls around the world. Depending on the subject, a bear tattoo can have different meanings.

First, the most common meaning of a bear tattoo is. Power, strength, fury, power. The bear is a strong animal, which since ancient times is associated with the forces of nature. Bears are mentioned in the legends of many cultures. They have always been considered sacred animals, guardians of the family, patrons of the forest and protectors of the weak.

Animal tattoo - Tatu-medved-Muzhskie-tatu-medved-Tatu-dlya-muzhchin-medved

The second meaning has to do with the deceptive appearance of bears. At first glance it is a large clumsy and sometimes clumsy/skewed animal, but in fact, they are excellent and agile hunters with tremendous strength. The bear tattoo can mean inner strength and deceptive appearance.

The third meaning Bear tattoo has Scandinavian roots. In Viking mythology, the bear is a symbol of the berserker. Berserks - warriors, who, according to legends, in the heat of battle could turn into bears, had unprecedented strength and courage. Such a tattoo can mean a strong character, courage, resilience.

Floristics: flowers and herbs

Flowers symbolize joy, renewal, beauty, healing and the circle of life. The color and category of the flower are important. Yellow means optimism, red means passion. Pink represents tenderness, comfort, and green represents tranquility, prosperity. White represents purity, blue represents strength. Flowers and various plants always look very impressive and attract the eyes of others.

Tattoos on the shoulder for girls: small, round, inscriptions, patterns, birds, animals, insects. Meanings and photos of the best tattoos
Very beautiful as a tattoo on the shoulder for girls look flowers.

The meaning of flowers and herbs:

  • rose: love, beauty;
  • Lotus: creativity, chance, renewal;
  • clover: symbol of luck;
  • trees: striving, growth, fertility;
  • sakura: circle of life, joy, purity;
  • Orchid: harmony, beauty, prosperity.

Tattoos with Animals - Cat Tattoos

Tattoos with a cat (full selection) equally beloved in all parts of the world. Starting with the ancient Egyptians and ending with our contemporaries. Charming and independent cats have won the world's sympathy and continue to walk on their own. We have prepared sketches and the best tattoo ideas with cats and cats for all tastes, made in different styles.

The meaning of Cat Tattoo is associated with various cults, legends, fairy tales and modern associations. Read more here.

Tattoo with animals - Tatu-kot-Tatu-kot-geometriya-Tatuirovka-koshka-geometriya

According to one version, cats were domesticated by humans later than other animals. The reason why members of the feline family began to live near humans was mutually beneficial. Animals caught small rodents, thereby getting food for themselves and saving the crops from death. So cats have become assistants of people.

As we know the ancient Egyptians worshipped the goddess Bast, who was portrayed as a woman with the head of a cat. Bast was the patroness of joy, cheerfulness, fertility and the home. The cat was considered a sacred animal in Egypt. People who brought harm to the cat were subjected to execution.

Animal tattoo - Tatu-kot-Tatu-kot-geometriya-Tatuirovka-koshka-geometriya tattoo with animals - Tatu-kot-Tatu-kot-geometriya-Tatuirovka-koshka-geometriya

In ancient Rome. cats were considered a symbol of independence and freedom. Their independence and self-sufficiency was known to people. The goddess of freedom was often depicted with a cat lying at her feet.

Buddhist legend says that the cat did not mourn the death of the Buddha because it was too busy doing its own thing. And according to another version of this legend, the cat protected the oil from the rat from the lamp, which was supposed to burn for the glory of the Buddha.

Animal tattoos - Fox tattoos

Tattoo of a Fox (a selection of tattoos with a fox) Fox can mean a sharp mind and dexterity as well as cunning and guile. In the legends and legends of various cultures this beautiful animal was compared to demons and spirits, attributing mystical features to the fox. In Russian folk tales, the fox has a reputation of the trickster and the most cunning character. In today's meaning of tattoos with a fox can mean completely opposite and unrelated interpretations.

The fox tattoo has several meanings and interpretations. For example, in Scandinavian mythology Fox associated with the spirit of fire. Its bright red color indicates, according to legend, the relationship with the fiery element.

Tattoo animals - tattoo animals - tattoo fox - tattoo fox

With the Slavs, the fox symbolizes In the Slavs, the fox symbolized cunning and guile. In fairy tales, the fox always achieves his goals through deception and subterfuge.

In ancient Rome it was believed that foxes could be possessed by demons.

Tattoo animals - tattoo animals - tattoo fox - tattoo fox

In Japanese tradition, there is a fox demon called Kitsune. It is believed that foxes are able to turn into humans, to create illusions and walk in other people's dreams. And the white fox is considered a messenger of the god of rice.

Some tribes of North American Indians worshipped foxes and considered them a symbol of wisdom.

Tattoos with Animals - Lion Tattoos

Tattoo of a lion (a selection of tattoos with a lion) Symbolizes nobility, courage, pride and royal majesty. The lion is considered the patron saint of all animal life and is associated with the Sun gods. The lion tattoo is a choice Strong and strong-willed people with obvious leadership qualities.

In different traditions and cultures, the lion in one way or another was associated with the gods. Even the legendary creatures of many nations have features of a lion (for example, a griffin and sphinx). The lion is. a symbol of courage, constancy, bravery and pride.

Tattoo with animals - tattoo lion - tattoos with wild animals - tattoo lion

In China, the lion is considered a symbol of power. And Buddhists believe that the lion was one of incarnation of Buddha.

In Christianity, the lion has a dual nature. Any power becomes a test for a person, which he can pass, and can become a slave to pride. The lion in Christianity is both a wise king and a proud sinner.

The image of the lion has for centuries adorned the coats of arms of the ruling dynasties.

Where to score

Tattoos with animals can decorate any part of the body. It all depends on the size of the sketch and your preference. The back and shoulder blades are suitable for volumetric drawings, such as images of a lion, bear or wolf. If you like medium sized sketches or vertical versions of drawings, place them on the shoulder, forearm, thigh or ankle. Smaller tattoos are relevant on almost any part of your body, whether it's your hand, forearm, collarbone or flanks.

Tattoos with Animals - Elephant Tattoos

The elephant tattoo (elephant tattoo selection) Symbolizes greatness, strength, wisdom and prudence. The elephant tattoo has a strong ancient symbolism that has been formed over the centuries. The elephant is a regal animal and in some cultures is considered a deity.

In Chinese and Indian cultures, elephants were worshipped as carriers of of divine wisdom and royal peaceful power. These huge strong animals have long been indispensable helpers to humans. In times of peace the elephants served the farmers, and in military raids they gave their leaders a huge advantage over the enemy. Thus the elephant has earned a deep respect and reverence among people.


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