Tattoo bear meaning: intriguing tattoo meaning bear (50 photos and sketches)

The explanatory dictionary Ozhegov gives the following concept of tattoo bear meaning - it is a large, predatory animal that has thick and long hair, large legs. But what is the meaning of the tattoo of this animal? In this article we will tell you about it in detail. Tattoo with a drawing of a bear has the following meaning:

  • strength;
  • courage;
  • power;
  • endurance;
  • resurrection;
  • courage.

It should be noted that the meaning of the tattoo also varies depending on how the predator is interpreted, namely the beast can be drawn good, cute, kind or, conversely, wild, aggressive, full of rage and evil. Also, bear tattoos can mean resurrection, that is, they indicate that a person will start a whole new life. Lately, there have been more and more cases of bear tattoos in women, these can be both powerful bears and small teddy bears. The bear tattoo is invested with the meaning of motherhood and fertility.

Tattoo Bear Meaning

Bear tattoo: the meaning in different peoples

Traditionally, the image of the bear is considered a symbol of Russia, he represents courage, strength and power. With this predatory and at the same time kind animal is associated with a lot of legends and legends. As for the traditions of China, in that country, the bear means majesty, courage and power. In Japanese culture the bear symbolizes knowledge, endurance, nobility, and justice. Since ancient times, the Greeks and Romans could not imagine the bear without its attraction to hunting and fertility. As for the inhabitants of America, they saw the bear as an all-powerful and fearless beast that could overcome all kinds of natural disasters.

Christians see the bear as a representative of a dark, otherworldly force, a greedy and ferocious predator. Embossed on the body of the Egyptian pharaohs bear drawings were applied to indicate the absolute monarchical power, none of the ordinary people did not have a tattoo of a bear, it was not put them. And so, the concepts of the bear are contradictory. Everyone worships the animal, despite the fact that he looks huge and scary, but by nature he is an affectionate and gentle animal. If a tattoo lover decided to decorate his body with a tattoo of a polar bear, he definitely wants to accentuate his solitude, desire to live, destroying all obstacles in the way of life. The bear's paw means strength and power, and the remaining traces of the beast's claws mean valor and nobility. A bear's roaring head symbolizes anger, aggression. After choosing a tattoo, the main question that arises is the placement of the design. The most successful areas of the body to place the tattoo are the chest, shoulders, shoulder blade, legs. Often the bear in the tattoos is depicted as he is in real life, but for this master must skillfully work with colors and shades to picture turned out as "alive".

Who is suitable for the tattoo?

  • People seeking to move forward, spiritual rebirth.
  • Courageous, militant, even somewhat rude and callous people.
  • And, conversely, those who believe that behind the tough exterior in them hides sensitivity, tenderness and kindness.
  • Straightforward, responsible, honest, noble personalities. This is the category of people who have nothing and no one to hide.
  • Confident in themselves and their strength warriors.
  • Women, and even men, striving for family, caring, and willing to stand up for their relatives to the end.

Important. If you opt for a realistic image of an animal, then responsibly approach the choice of tattoo-master. Not every artist is able to convey the game of light and shade, to work out the plastic movements and appearance.

White bear with blue colors
White bear on the leg

Tattoo bear meaning that has passed through the centuries

Above, we briefly described the meaning of the tattoo bear has in different peoples, pointed out the symbolism of such a naked figure. Now we want to dwell in more detail on some special designations. The meaning of the image is influenced by:

  • peculiarities of the region of the planet;
  • the peculiarities of cultural values;
  • the habits and traditions of peoples;
  • And even religion.

For example, the Celts had a very popular tattoo bear meaning for men - aggression, but aimed only at protecting their families, their children, not just aggression for the sake of aggression. This is why the Celts often used the drawing of a predator as a symbol of military courage and valor. For he is fierce, powerful, but also fair.

tattoo bear realism trash polka dot on hand

The image of the bear in culture

The bear is one of the popular characters in modern tattoo tradition. It is indeed a symbol of aggression and power, but the interpretations are actually so many that everyone can put their own meaning into this drawing that reflects your essence.
In the traditions of different peoples, the image of this ferocious animal interpreted very differently. Most of the meanings retained its relevance to this day. We Celts bear was a military emblem, caste symbol. But at the same time, it meant motherhood and women's love (probably due to the caring nature of the bear, which is a long time to raise cubs).

For the Indians and ancient Egyptians, the bear signified the power of the king and the higher caste - a symbol that commoners could not wear. The main association was with heroic militancy. The goddesses of many nations had animal skins, for which foreigners called them werewolves. In the Slavs, these beasts brought good luck and were the patrons of many clans, hunters and hunters.

In Slavs, these animals brought good luck, were the patrons of many families, hunters and warriors. Masters of the forest helped their charges not to get lost and find good prey. In China, they were a symbol of male energy - Yang, courage and toughness.

As you know, a large amount of time the animal spends in hibernation and rest. Therefore, the awakening and active behavior of bears symbolizes the beginning of a new era, rebirth in a new quality.

The bear is noble and prudent, not the first to attack or without cause. But if he has to engage in battle, he fights to the end.

Bear tattoo on the shoulder:

Wisdom as a panda symbol

A panda is also a bear, in case you didn't know! It was loved by the Japanese, and the image on the body of such an animal symbolizes wisdom. Such a tattoo is recommended to choose for those people who have:

  • deep inner peace;
  • pure and good soul, devoid of evil thoughts;
  • A positive and calm character.

However, such people, like pandas, a bit slow. Not capable of quick actions and quick decision-making. They need to think through every detail, every detail. Perhaps that is why they are associated with unhurried pandas.

By the way! And the tattoo bear on the hand of the Slavs can mean courage and good luck. The brown bear is the patron saint of hunters. And also - the national symbol of Russia.

The meaning of the bear tattoo

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It is believed that the Celtic tribes were the first to depict the bear. In ancient times, male warriors put a drawing of the animal on their shields and flags in order to have success in battle. The Celts believed that the bear could not only protect an army as a spirit, but also frighten the enemy. That's why warriors depicted bears with a grin or in an aggressive stance, ready to attack.

Bear tattoo

Bear tattoo

Bear tattoo

Bear tattoo

Bear tattoo

Tattoo with a bear

Interestingly, for Celtic women, the bear had a very different meaning. He was the emblem of childbearing and a symbol of the moon. That's why from time immemorial, the image "bear" has a dual meaning: on the one hand is aggression and cruelty, but on the other - the care of the family, offspring, motherhood in general.

Ancient warriors feared and honored this strong and fierce wild beast. They wished to be like him on the battlefield. That is why they often put a bear on their body as a tattoo. It could be a picture of the whole animal, just its head or a paw print. In any case, observing and studying the habits of the bear, each people endowed it with different qualities, from which the legends and legends were born.

Tattoo bear on his hand:

Meaning for men

Representatives of the stronger sex like images of an aggressive animal. Predator tattoo is a symbol of strength and courage, power and fury. The figure characterizes a man as a respected man, a leader who will stop at nothing to achieve the goal.

Tattoo bear sketches:

Tattoo male bear: description of the meaning

If you look closely at the tattoo bear sketches, you can see how diverse they are. But the representatives of the stronger half of mankind prefer to choose drawings of a more aggressive tone. Even if they decide to stuff a cute teddy bear on their body, they will definitely give him a dagger in his paw.

For men, it is best to tattoo a bear in the following styles:

  • Realistic;
  • Polynesian;
  • Celtic.

Well on the male body look abstractions with lines of different types. If we talk about the body part, the bear tattoo for men looks best on:

  • chest;
  • Shoulders and forearms;
  • back.


tattoo bear

Emotions programmed into the tattoo, attitudes toward life and the self, help emphasize visual styles. Thus, aggressive tattoos are often done in the style of "geometry" or in the directions of "thrash polka", "blackwork". Often use the stylization of Celtic or Slavic patterns, as well as ethnic styles. Girls prefer cartoon techniques or realistic images.

3D bear tattoos

Drawings made with a 3D effect in the "Realism" or "New Skool" technique have a special charm. Such an image conveys volume, which allows the drawing to look spectacular and attractive. By thinking about the location, the master can give additional expression by incorporating muscle relief into the drawing.

Tattoo bear for men:

For example, you can nail symmetrical images on each shoulder, which will give the male appearance a special look. And if we talk about the drawing on the back, it can be a full picture or composition, occupying the entire surface of the skin. If you look closely at the tattoo bear photo, you will see that they look best in a realistic style, but if applied in one color. That is, performed in a monochrome coloring, and realism is achieved through the skillful use of the master:

  • shadows;
  • shades;
  • fine borders and transitions between them.

Men's and women's tattoo designs and photos of finished works

Those who want to depict the power and charm of an animal, it is recommended to apply tattoos in the style of realism. This design involves careful detailing, which, in the final result, will give the image a special beauty.

bear tattoo meaning

Those who want to add bright colors and cartoonishness to the image can think of watercolor and old skool styles.

tattoos bears

Less common are drawings done in dotwork, thrash polka dots and tribal. Most often these styles are observed in men's tattoos.

bear tattoo

On the presented photos you can see the original works of tattoo artists from all over the world. We hope that any sketch will make it easier for you to choose your future drawing.

Tattoo bear photo:

One of the most popular male variants of the bear tattoo is a drawing depicting the animal with a grin. It indicates the spiritual strength of its owner, the readiness to always and everywhere protect his family, at any moment come to the rescue.

Meaning for girls

Women usually prefer drawings of peaceful animals, bears with their offspring. Such tattoos symbolize motherly love and emphasize that a woman will do anything for the happiness of her children. She will protect from trouble and evil people. The polar bear is able to kill the enemy, protecting the cub.

Girls also apply a touching image of a bear cub, positioning themselves as a gentle and defenseless creature.

Bear tattoo for a woman

Finally, let's talk about the meaning of the bear tattoo for the representative of the beautiful half of humanity. For example, one of the most popular variants of the picture is a bear with a little bear cub. Such an image symbolizes:

  • love;
  • care for their offspring;
  • devotion to family values.

On a woman's body, bears are often depicted with their mouths closed, which makes them calm, peaceful, sweet and kind. Another excellent bear tattoo option for women is a plush toy. For example, in a composition with a heart. This kind of pattern is good for applying to the waist. Or surrounded by white flowers. As an option - a bear-character from fairy tales, cartoons.0

Where is the best place to apply the bear tattoo?

Bear tattoo is more suitable for men than for women. The image of a bear is considered masculine rather than feminine. For men it is better to make this tattoo large-scale, in the same style, while not being afraid of different colors, transitions and shadows, so the image will be very impressive, powerful or even aggressive (depending on what meaning and significance you put into the tattoo). It is best for guys to apply the bear tattoo on the calves, chest, back and shoulders.

It is best for girls to get a less aggressive bear tattoo. In order to To emphasize his femininity and kindness, you can score a cute Teddy bear or another cartoon character, and for the strong and independent ladies suit bear with cubs. Places to apply: waist, shoulders, ribs, hips, neck, shoulder blades.


For women

For men