Tattoo runes and their significance in human life (50 photos and sketches)

Tattoo runes and their meaning are the only alphabet of magic in Central and Northern Europe. It is a series of symbols for the exchange of knowledge, which contains symbolic meaning. They transcend the boundaries of understanding information and truth. For several centuries, people have been curious about them began to use the images of the runes as tattoos. As scientists say, previously the runes were used only in the field of esotericism.

Runa tattoos: the concept and meaning

The very concept of "rune" gives us to understand that these signs directly referred to the spiritual and valuable secrets of magic. From the Irish language, the word "rune" translates as a mystery or a way out. In the beginning, when the first centuries had passed, Scandinavia created the Futhark, the basic alphabet of the runes. Together with the people of Germany Angles and Saxons witchcraft, as well as the alphabet of runes stretched as far as the islands of Britain. As a rule, the rune alphabet was used where the letters were carved on a rigid plane, such as stone or wood. In addition to the alphabet, a rune calendar was invented. Over time, the Futhark, which included 24 characters, replaced the more well-known, varied and more comfortable Latin alphabet. The emergence of Christianity in Europe contributed to this change.

Tattoo runes minimalism on the hip

But in certain sectors of the inhabitants of Scandinavia continued to use the runes to the beginning of XX century. The main area of the rune alphabet is magic. In Scandinavia there is an ancient myth that the runes allowed Odin to hear them. Once he inserted a spear into himself, piercing his entire body, he stayed on the World Tree for nine days. He had no food and no water. At the end of the agony of his actions he quenched his thirst with the holy honey of the shaman, and at that moment the runes were revealed to him. One heard them and wrote them down with a spear in his blood on the bark of a tree. Similar signs were popular in the culture of the ancient Celts and Slavs. They differed only in design. The Celts had these signs peculiarly drawn, they were used as amulets, talismans on personal items, clothing and buildings. When the Slavic ancient runes were discovered by a team of archaeologists, it became proof of the existence of rune writing among the Slavs. It is important to realize that the Slavic runes are not only the simplest signs of writing - it is a culture that includes knowledge of mythology, religion and in some branches of the art of magic. Seeing the Slavic or Celtic runes, immediately remember the Chinese characters, as they are very similar. Their similarity is that the runes, like the Chinese signs do not provide for the grammatical meaning. They have a certain meaning, naming and designation, which is perceived on an intuitive level. The rune sign is based on three components: sound (song), sign (form), and rune (hidden law). None of them exist separately from each other, independently of each other - they will be a projection or copying of others. In today's world the use of runes is based on magical functions: bewitching things, prediction, use in amulets and tattoos. Tattoos with the image of runes began to draw quite a long time ago and very often. For the owner of such a tattoo, the runes will perform the function of amulet and magical amulet.

Blackwork rune tattoo on my leg

On what places to apply

A simple drawing of runes as a tattoo of a Russian symbol as a amulet is a popular choice among fans of tattoo art. It is believed that the runes have mystical energy, which does not always work in favor of the owner, so for the right choice it is necessary to study in detail the properties and information about the sign. Masters advise to make a temporary henna tattoo to check the effect of the amulet in practice.
Choosing as an image for the tattoo the magical symbol of one of the runes, it is worth thinking about the place of the tattoo in the style of minimalism. It is desirable that it was a stationary part of the body - the neck, back, lower abdomen, shoulder, chest, leg. On the hand or forearm tattoos were not applied. During the raising of the arm, the tattoo would flip over and have an undesirable effect.

In ancient times on the hands, wrist Slavs inscribed small inscriptions, later the symbolism of the zodiac sign, the Orthodox amulets tattooed in the form of angelic images. In Slavic men were popular with the axe of Perun, the square of Svarog, women who were afraid of the evil eye and gossip, chose to tattoo Molvints.

Tattoo runes: the meaning of the most popular Slavic symbols

Tattoo runes are often used as talismans. Such natal drawings are a kind of amulet, able to protect from the dark forces, troubles. In addition, they help to increase the strongest qualities of a person.

Pay attention! It is believed that the rune tattoos help establish a connection with the ancient pagan gods. After this, they take a person under their protection.

There are cases when the rune tattoo is imposed on the body in combination with a portrait of a loved one. Such a composition indicates how dear the person is, but also with the help of runes is intended to protect him. Now we propose to talk about the meaning hidden in a tattoo with runes of Slavic origin. After all, they are stuffed on the bodies of our compatriots much more often than similar symbols originating from other cultures.

History of runic tattoos

The first evidence of the existence of Russian runes dates back to 922. Ancient Slavic alphabet numbered more than a hundred runes, but after Christianization only 18 characters have reached us. Each of them had a special meaning and were used not only for writing, but also as a talisman. Amulets were made of wood, embroidered on clothing, and applied to weapons and military armor. But the most significant and powerful were considered signs in Slavic amulets tattoos.

Unlike divine symbolism, each rune had a second opposite meaning. The deciphering of the ancient Russian runes changed when placed upside down. That is why beautiful ancient signs and places to apply them as amulets were chosen with the utmost care.

Applying a symbol was already considered a protective action. The ancient Slavs believed that the rune was the strongest protector, bringing good luck, saving from death, acted as a shield, repelling evil glances, sorcery spells - all that in ancient times did not know the explanation. This is confirmed by the names of runes and the names of pagan gods that are associated with natural phenomena.

Tattoo of the runes: The World

Interesting video on the topic

The ancient Slavs' view of Chernobog, his true power, different incarnations and the history of his appearance in the pantheon of gods:

The power of Chernobog is unique and not like all the other gods. He helps man, despite the fact that he uses harsh, ultimative ways. Chernobog does not recognize half measures, offering to immediately discard all unnecessary, to understand: the troubles, losses, problems are not forever, they will definitely be followed by deliverance, if one really wants to change this state of affairs.

Rune tattoo meaning: Chernobog

Such a rune, applied to the body, can lead to the destruction of the past, old negative relationships, but all for the sake of a bright, good future. Chernobog helps to find a way out of the vicious circle.

Tattoo mystical symbols on the arm by origin

Popular runes are divided into 2 groups, as we have already mentioned. In Europe and America, the Celtic Futhark runes are used in particular reverence, but in the territory of the former Soviet Union on the contrary, the preference is given to the ancient Slavic runes. Is there a fundamental difference when choosing a rune for a tattoo on the hand? Or does the symbol belonging do not play a principal role? In fact, you only need to listen to yourself and your spiritual response to this or that sacred sign.

Scandinavian rune symbols tattoos on the hand

Runes of the Senior Futhark. This is the ancient alphabet of the northern Scandinavian tribes of Europe, who believed that the inscribed signs could change the course of events. After all, according to legend, they were given to people by the god Odin himself, who passed a severe test before receiving the sacred signs from the universe.

Scandinavians believe that the runes are a guide to the world of the gods and the connection of man with the beyond. Making a tattoo with such a rune, a person is connected with it for life within the meaning of the symbol: protection, good luck, success in business, health, love, reverence, strong family.

The meaning of the Scandinavian runes for a tattoo on the hand:

  • Fehu - money rune, will not allow the channel of wealth to dry up.
  • Eyvaz - gives logic and intuition. The ability to combine not combine, to see what is hidden. Helps to always make the right decision.
  • Uruz - gives strength and power. Strengthens the will. Gives sexual confidence.
  • Perto - reveals the secret knowledge of the person through the study of his self. Endows the strongest intuition, up to the ability to find lost and renew lost.
  • Turisaz is the rune of the god Thor. It gives either the power of creation or the power of destruction.
  • Algiz always warns of danger. This is also helpful in making friends with the god Thor, and in teaching friendship in the real world, as well as in attracting reliable patrons and friends, and giving them sensitivity and attention to details.
  • Ansuz - creativity, self-expression, connection to the sky
  • Saulu - symbol of good health, cheerfulness, victory. Give a strong character, but easy temper, confidence and the ability to conquer any peak.
  • Raido - nudges to the right decision, protects in travel, gives control over the situation.
  • Teiwaz - masculinity. Ability to take responsibility and lead an active rich life, win and win.
  • Kenaz- insight and insights, the ability to understand another, see the truth, teach and help.
  • Berkana - tranquility and prosperity, a talisman for the family.
  • Gebo - partnership and generosity, a person is able to exchange one for the other profitably.
  • Evaz - brings a lot of bright ideas, gives easy mind and dexterity in solving problems and communication.
  • Vuño - gives the ability to enjoy life and see happiness in small things, helps in the realization of desires.
  • Manaz - gives authority and influence over other people, business acumen and managerial vein.
  • Hagalaz - ability to get rid of old unnecessary, learn lessons from the past, willingness to change for the good.
  • Laguz - gives attractiveness, seductiveness, the ability to flirt and fall in love.
  • Nautiz - protection in risky ventures, fortitude, endurance and patience.
  • Inguz - strengthening of one's influence, realization. Provides prosperity in any ventures, gives abundance and prosperity.
  • Isa - a clear mind, pause, the ability to look at the situation from a different angle. Ability to deep analysis.
  • Dagas - a pointer to the right path. Change of position in the right direction. Awareness and courage.
  • Yera- the accumulation of wisdom and experience to pass on to receivers. Rune of cyclicity, completeness.
  • Odal - improvement of family relationships, strong clan branch, calmness, equilibrium.

Slavic runic sign tattoos on the arm.

This is a symbiote, born out of the ancient writing of the ancient pagan Slavic tribes, the coming of Christianity and the influence of the Western Futhark. The exact origin of the runes of this spectrum is not known for certain, but it is clear that they served not only for simple writing, but were actively used by the veduns and priests of the pagan deities of the Slavs. It is said that tattoos with them appeal to the power of the race and activate the patronage of a particular god, especially if the picture is applied to the body of hereditary rusicha.

When choosing a tattoo with runoy, carefully examine its informational symbolism:

  • Peace - the patronage of the gods, the unity of all things, inner harmony with the world,
  • Chernobog - Chaos in the literal sense. Useful for the rejection of the old, the destruction of boring, release from burdensome memories.
  • Alatyr is a balance of good and evil. Gives the ability to look at things soberly, to maintain self-control in all circumstances.
  • Rainbow - amulet on the way to an important goal.
  • Need - rune prohibition, constrains, inhibits.
  • Krada - reveals the potential of the person and strengthens the potential for the realization of desires. A talisman in deeds.
  • Treba - symbol of sacrifice. Gives a person everything. But in return, it asks for something of equal value. Money - health, love - jealousy, beauty - a bad character.
  • Power - amulet warriors and winners. Energetically rich sign, directing a person to new heights.
  • Is - a symbol of life itself, the amulet health, giving longevity and restoring strength.
  • Wind - rune inspiration, gives inspiration, attracts creative impulses and insights.
  • The bereginya, symbol of femininity, protects mothers, children, and preserves the natural beauty and women's health.
  • Oud is a masculine rune. Protects men's health, gives energy and sexuality.
  • Lelja - rune of purification and joy, the symbol of the water element. Develops intuition and attracts good luck.
  • Rock - Rune of destiny. Influences both negatively and positively. Unpredictable.
  • Support - the protection in life, the higher forces in the path of life.
  • Dazhbog - rune of abundance and prosperity. Attracts finances and prosperity in the family. Melds close people.
  • Istok - Appeasement, comprehension of being. Balances, orders thoughts.

Tattoo with runes: Rainbow

This runic symbol indicates a path paved towards a specific goal. The rune promotes the search for the simplest, shortest path. However, there is a risk that a person can literally "throw" on the sidelines of the intended path, if he will not be aware of all the laws of the universe.

The Myth of Chernobog and Belobog

These gods represent the two opposites on which the entire world order rests. They are opposite in their inner nature and represent light and darkness, day and night, strength and weakness. However, their opposition is not a war between good and evil in the classical sense. Both of these sides are important and significant, and neither has ever been rejected before, as all of these processes were seen as a natural part of life's journey.

In the Slavic pantheon, Chernobog was not an evil being trying to mess with people. He played the role of an antagonist, without which the creatures of Svarog could not appreciate the splendor of the day, the sunlight and physical health. Chernobog was the dark twin brother of Belobog and did the work that was assigned to him. His emergence was not a terrible accidental event, but an important idea of the creator.

The light brother helped people in their affairs, brought them happiness, prosperity and success. The Dark Brother brought disorder, severed old processes, and facilitated the transition of people to another world. However, his actions were not only associated with the appearance of poverty, illness or failure. It was Chernobog who helped people out of difficult situations that could not stop for years.

According to legends, he took the form of a serpent or a large black raven to appear to man and tell him his will. Therefore, today, black birds are still heralds of failure and future problems.

Tattoo runes sketches: 12 the most relevant tattoo designs


This symbol allows you to help yourself to overcome difficulties and obstacles. And also involves setting rules specifically for yourself to make your strength stronger, increase your strength of spirit, set the right intentions. In addition, treba helps to sacrifice their wrong judgments, in order to acquire new knowledge necessary for growth and development.


The meaning of this rune tattoo is not so simple. It is commonly interpreted as an appeal to the dark deities who only give trials to the chosen people. Need is also a fire burning in his chest, but wants to find a way out! This rune is a fetter that wraps around the human soul, which is looking for a way out to freedom!

Blackwork rune tattoo on forearm

Tattooing sacred glyphs on the hand by purpose

At all times, people have wanted almost the same thing: money, love, and prosperity. Desires did not differ, changing only the attributes that fulfill them. The runes are able to attract it all, being applied in the form of a tattoo on the hand.

Tattoo symbols attracting wealth and prosperity

Money - they give joy, opportunities, but also bring a lot of trouble. It is important to attract not only money, but also good luck, so that finances do not go against you.

You can apply the money runes on the body individually or make a powerful combination of them:

  • Fehu. Originally symbolized cattle as the monetary unit of antiquity. Expresses wealth not only as money. But also as the personal virtues of a person. Gives tangible impetus and help to those who are willing to not just mindlessly dream, but also make efforts on the way to wealth.
  • Yera. Reward for the efforts made. Attracts an abundance of rewards when the matter is nearing completion.
  • Otal. Attracts a strong patron and protects material goods - cars. Real estate, valuables.
  • Dagas is a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Gives prospects of development in working matters, allows a quick career.
  • Dazhbog - helps in good beginnings, leads on the path of spiritual development.
  • Perun - rune. A symbol of truth, helps to attract useful people and make profitable from a material point of view acquaintances.

Tattoo glyphs attracting good luck

A symbol that attracts good luck on the hand gives the opportunity to "grab it literally by the tail.

Among the runes that have this ability stand out Fehu and several others:

  • Wuño. Gives a festive mood, positivity, which as a magnet attracts happiness, good luck and prosperity. Helps even out relationships with anyone, even the most conflicted ones.
  • Ansuz. Runa of good luck as such. Increases the vitality of carrying it, helps to seek beneficial options for new achievements, for self-fulfillment.
  • Soulou. The energy of the sun gives the power to lightning speed to fulfill their desires and cut off all unnecessary.

Tattoo runes photo: style and masculinity


Today, tattoo runami photos confirm this rather common direction. Among the symbols, there is often such a drawing as the rune Oud. It symbolizes itself:

  • youth;
  • passion;
  • life.

It is said that the symbol helps to reveal sexual energy - both for men and women. It also helps couples build harmonious relationships. The rune opens the human thirst for life.

forearm rune tattoo

Dazhbog .

In fact, it is a kind of horn of abundance, able to shed on a person good luck in all matters. Both in the business sphere, and in the sphere of love. However, the benefit of the symbol will only bring hardworking people with pure thoughts. If lazy, do not behave in the framework of justice, the rune will severely punish the person.

Who is Chernobog in Slavic mythology

According to ancient legends, Chernobog had a special place in the whole divine hierarchy and stood apart. He belonged to a higher position than the most recognizable deities: Perun, Svarog or Veles. It was Chernobog who became the personification of night and darkness, and his history of confrontation with his antipode, Belobog, became the basis of the entire world order.

Chernobog is a creature of the myths, who became the embodiment of Navi, the lower world where sunlight never reaches. According to legends, he never had parents and arose from a void in which nothing had ever been born before. He became the personification of the dark side and all human vices.

black god

The Slavs feared and respected Chernobog for his power, for those terrible minions that lurked in the darkness and carried his will to the human world. Their existence is one of the components of the balance, the opposing side of light and order. However, for the Slavs this state of affairs was natural, because without darkness there would be no light.

The Slavic culture spoke about death as an opportunity to continue their earthly life, but already in another quality. In modern times, this phenomenon is rather perceived as the inevitable end of everything, not implying a continuation. Therefore Chernobog, who is in charge of darkness, destruction and chaos, has become not just the antagonist of all light and warmth, but has become a real negative figure.

People became afraid of disease, darkness and death, because the end is no longer a continuation of life. Black God is now associated only with oblivion and timelessness, in which there are souls after death.

Tattoo of runes and their meaning in human life

Above, we have considered the main tattoo runes and their meaning. However, it is also extremely important to say how much influence the symbols can have on a person's destiny. It turns out that even the most innocuous, the simplest drawing has a double meaning. Runa will not give only good - to get it, will have to give something, sacrifice something. The balance remains, but from something will have to give up forever. A loss in this case is irreplaceable. And experts in the field argue - often the rewards are not commensurate with the losses incurred. First of all, this applies to the runes, endowed with dark energy, so think carefully before applying them to your body.

Please note! Payback is not instantaneous. It can come in a few years. The rune will accumulate in itself a dark energy, but when it will give an exit, to save from destruction will not be possible.

Tattoo Realism Runes on Hand

Tattoo runes can be applied in combinations, which will help strengthen their impact, to increase the magical power. However, this is only possible if they are combined correctly. If you can achieve it, then the life situation can be turned in virtually any direction. But here follows one more caution. Do not be so much fond of, applying to themselves all new and new tattoos runes. Because it is fraught with serious trouble. Destiny will not tolerate such games with the symbols. And fix it, just by removing the images from the body, you simply do not have time!

Tattoo realism runes on his back

Learn your runes by date of birth to choose a tattoo

The runes are inextricably linked to astrology, and therefore have a direct impact on the fate, personality and character of the person. This should be taken into account when choosing a rune for a tattoo. After all, a foreign rune will distort a person's worldview, while sounding on the contrary will enhance his virtues and hide his flaws.

Enter your date of birth and find out your rune for a tattoo

Learn your rune for a tattoo

A year in astrology begins with the vernal equinox, when the sun reaches zero degrees and enters the sign of Aries. There are 12 signs in the zodiac. And there are 24 runes in the Senior Futhark. The runes split each sign in two, breaking the calendar year into cycles of 15 days. But astrologers do not share the zodiac and runic characterization. On the contrary, the runes, give a fuller understanding of the sign of the zodiac circle.

To determine your rune, you need to know the periods of influence of runic symbols. Or you can simply use the service of online characteristics. There are no fundamental differences.

A short characteristic of runes by date of birth will help to finally confirm in the choice of a tattoo:

  • Fehu - (2Z. 0Z - 5. 04) Active individuals, goal-oriented natures, possessive, easygoing and creative.
  • Uruz - (6. 04 - 21. 04) Strong people who put everything on the line to win.
  • Turisaz - (22. 04 - 6. 05) Fighters with fears and doubts.
  • Ansuz - (7. 05 - 21. 05) Creative natures who like to communicate, make new friends and can present themselves advantageously.
  • Raido - (22. 05 - 6. 06) Balanced people who are able to gently control everything around, seekers of the right path, pragmatists.
  • Kano - (7. 06 - 22. 06) Clear-thinking and creative individuals.
  • Gebo - (2Z. 06 - 7. 07) Devoted to friends and freedom-loving, capable of becoming a leader in a group of like-minded people.
  • Vuño - (8. 07 - 2Z. 07) Dreamers and dreamers who will do anything to make a dream come true.
  • Hagalaz - (24. 07 - 8. 08) Bound to the past. Drag through life the burden of past problems.
  • Nautiz -(9. 08 - 2Z. 08) Able to turn minuses into pluses, cunning and self-sufficient.
  • Isa - (24. 08 - 8. 09) Responsible, cautious, act deliberately and without haste.
  • Yera - (9. 09 - 2Z. 09) Patient and predictable, prefer to follow the beaten path.
  • Eyvaz - (24. 09 - 8. 10) Lucky and resilient, purposeful personality.
  • Perth - (9. 10 - 2Z. 10) Principled people, they like understatement and riddles.
  • Algiz - (24. 10 - 7. 11) Energetically full and active people.
  • Soulou - (8. 11 - 2Z. 11) Hardworking and able to overcome any obstacles in life.
  • Teivaz - (24. 11 - 7. 12) Fight for their own ideals to the last, have a strong spirit.
  • Berkana - (8. 12 - 22. 12) Creators and creators, can enjoy themselves and the world, calm.
  • Evaz -(2H. 12 - 6. 01) Wise mentors.
  • Mannaz -(7. 01 - 21. 01) Modest and fond of home comfort, prefer silence to noisy company.
  • Laguz (22. 01 - 5. 02) Intuition is developed, but they are capable of unpredictable steps.
  • Inguz - (6. 02. - 20. 02.) Desire to be the first everywhere, creative, active, unpredictable.
  • Odal - (21. 02 - 5. 0Z) Talents who know what they want and how to achieve it.
  • Dagas - (5. 0Z - 22. 0Z) Fickle and like to shock others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to understand, whether the tattoo is really suitable, whether it can change the life in the better way?

If you have chosen a drawing but are not sure how it will affect your energy, make a temporary sample. After that, determine in what way the Slavic symbol has influenced your life and state of mind, whether you feel comfortable enough. If there were no negative events, and you have found peace and peace in your soul, feel free to impose a permanent tattoo.

Are girls allowed to choose male images?

Yes, they can, but only if their profession is close to a man's and requires a concentration of strength and energy. Tattoo can reveal the body's internal reserves for protection and success in the chosen business, but male symbols can make the girls' energy more rough and masculine, opposing femininity and softness.

Can you hide your scars with the Slavic symbols?

Since the ancient Slavs were warriors, their tattoos were often applied to scars, which did not contradict the original meaning of the picture.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Once you have determined the image, it is important to pay attention to the choice of the master. He should not only have a good command of the machine, but also have an artistic taste, as well as understand the subtleties of pagan symbolism.

Any wrong detail can spoil the image and distort its meaning, and even reverse it. In this case restoration will not help, you will have to remove the tattoo and apply a new one.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo

How to choose the sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on a body?

Tattoos can be placed on any part of the body at your discretion, the difference is that in one place it will be beneficial, and in another - to be absolutely useless.

Depending on the type of a talismanic symbol, choose a place for it.

  1. It is desirable to make images of the gods in full size, so the chest, arms and back will be suitable for them.
  2. Hands are the most universal place for tattoos, you can place a small inscription and any sign.
  3. Tattoos on the forearm can support the strength of the spirit and protect against negativity, because they are close to the head and heart.
  4. The wrist is suitable for Slavic symbols that affect the soul and heart, they are placed closer to the pulse. On the neck averters and amulets are appropriate for bringing the feelings and mind into harmony.
  5. The chest is decorated with averters tattoos that strengthen the spirit and protect against trouble, like a shield.
  6. The back is suitable for embodiment of volumetric compositions of the main character with natural symbols and other additions.
  7. The blades are decorated with separate runes to balance the light and dark sides to achieve inner harmony.

What style and color to choose?

The style is determined by the pagan symbols and their originals. Colored images are allowed in strict accordance with the concept of the main pattern.

What other symbols can the Slavic symbols be combined with?

Finished images of Slavic symbols allow you to create a full-fledged tattoo from them alone. If you want to complement the picture with something, it is allowed to use:

  1. The flame is a sign of vitality, enthusiasm, sincere emotions and passion.
  2. Plants symbolize the healing power of nature, protecting against wounds and mental trauma.
  3. Geometric patterns and ornaments enhance protection.
  4. Flowers bring romance to the overall pattern.

Influence on life

The Rune, when you believe in their mystical power have a great influence on life. If used correctly, they can direct a person's life in the right direction, to give him the inner strength and confidence. The Vikings believed that they performed only a task which had been agreed upon and for the purpose of which the person put it on his body.

The dangers of applying the runes

Since all the Scandinavian runes have a direct and inverted meaning, it is always worth considering both the first and the second.

Scandinavian runes perform the task exactly until its execution, so it is recommended to apply them with washable paints. After the role of an unknown value of the rune will have a further impact on human life.

It is also worth considering the value of runes and its place of application. For example, Algiz, meaning "life", when it is turned over means "death", so its application to the hand will be inappropriate. Uruz in its direct meaning means vitality, but in its inverted meaning - its excess, which can lead to the development of cancer. Runa Laguz in its direct meaning symbolizes resourcefulness, in the inverted - stupid behavior.

The forbidden runes of Alhainta

The Alhainta runes are forbidden runes due to their extremely high power. They can distort space, and they are forbidden to portray, and, even more so, to apply to the body.

There are 38 runes Alhainta. Seven of them have a powerful, but not deplorable effects.

The history of the runes of Alhainta is much older than the Scandinavian signs and goes back much deeper than Germany and Iceland.

Forbidden Alhainta runes

They are forbidden to use for the reason that they work more powerfully and help create contact with beings that newcomers are not ready to see or hear.

Unprepared people can be psychologically traumatized, permanently closing off the subject of magic for themselves, instead of developing to the maximum in the Vedic egregore:

  • Ihantu. Used for subtle perception of other worlds and realities. Contributes to the development of vision and contact with the inhabitants of other planes of reality. It is best applied to an object that will be with you all the time;
  • Ronkhnu. Restricts any influences. It can weaken any stream, positive or negative, but not stop it. Approximate attenuation strength is 70%. Can weaken influence of geopathogenic zones;
  • Ailha. Has the power of key and hammer. Carries the function of opening, unlocking, hacking;
  • Orohnu .. Used visually to connect and communicate with beings and entities - stones and other races, with the forces of other worlds. During contact, you will be able to understand your retrievers;
  • Tolahn. "Sacred Protection. A last resort when there is no time to create ritual protection. It is resorted to in situations where a disaster on a large scale is inevitable;
  • Sahantu. Causes contact with the entities adjacent to the human race. With elementals, faeries, elves, small peoples, and other entities that were once visible and contacted humans more readily. Used only visually, as wearing it on oneself can lead to unwanted activation of vision and mental contact at an unnecessary moment. It is better to use in nature in meditative practices or at home without unnecessary witnesses.

Who is patronized by an ancient god

Some ancient cultures perceived death as a continuation of earthly life, but now by death we usually mean the irrevocable end. And so it happened that Chernobog - Slavic god of destruction and chaos, ruler of the world of the dead and patron of magicians - from a classical antagonist turned into a villain.

People fear death, failure, and sickness without thinking that every end can be the beginning of something new. It may seem unbelievable, but the symbols of the Navi ruler can be beneficial.

Who should seek patronage:

  • People seeking spiritual development;
  • Those who are caught in a difficult period of life and can not move forward on their own;
  • wishing to learn - it can be the usual sciences or the dark field of magic (the latter will have even more diligent tutelage by the god).

To draw the attention of the deity, you can make him an offering or buy his symbol, having read over it a special protective incantation.

Types of symbols used for tattoos

The following symbolism is most commonly used for tattoos:

Picture 3

  • runes (runic formulas);
  • Name, nickname, any word (existing or invented);
  • Geometric shapes or their combination;
  • Artistic drawing on various subjects. Color and black and white;
  • a pattern that has a certain meaning or is simply sympathetic to the wearer;
  • a solid text (proverb, life position, scripture excerpt);
  • a numerical code (with deep meaning for the wearer);
  • an encrypted symbol designed specifically for a particular person;
  • a symbol, the meaning of which is known to the masses and used not only as a tattoo.

For men

All tattoos are suitable for both genders, but there are symbols that are more suitable for men.

Aggressive symbols with a secret meaning can characterize the male character.

Men often use runes to complement an existing tattoo. Some depict several runes, for example, in the form of a runic circle. They act as a strong talisman against evil, betrayal, will give physical strength. Men more often depict ancient symbols under the tattoo with the gods, which adds to their strength.


For women

For men