Bright geometric tattoos for girls: original ideas

Geometric tattoos are the latest trend in this culture. Native drawings are constantly evolving. The works of tattoo masters made in geometric style are very creative and look impressive. And for professionals to create a geometric sketch is absolutely not difficult. Basic knowledge of the school program of geometry is enough. The play of lines and shapes is not difficult to create, but only an experienced master should apply such a sketch. One awkward movement - and the drawing is spoiled.

Tattoo geometry in two dimensions

We have seen geometric drawings in the form of cave paintings. Many geometric shapes have a secret meaning, in fact, like all other lines. The meaning of many geometric tattoos is interpreted as poise, purposefulness. Many lines on the body intersect, creating extraordinarily beautiful compositions. The meaning of tattoo geometry is interpreted depending on what image is combined with the lines. Most of all in practice there are tattoos made in two-dimensional space. Very often in such kinds the main composition as if consists in the framework of a geometric figure and all the action takes place inside.

Six-pointed star

tattoo geometry
The six-pointed star is also called a hexagram. Such a figure looks like two connected polar triangles. They are superimposed on each other, resulting in a star. The upward pointing triangle is a symbol of heaven, and the downward pointing triangle is a symbol of the earth. Together they symbolize the person who unites the two worlds. Such a tattoo means a perfect marriage, by which a man and a woman are bound.

3D geometry tattoo: unusual sketches for girls

To make the image on the body three-dimensional, the masters use all kinds of lines, which are unusually combined with geometric figures. 3D geometry tattoo very colorfully expresses the inner mood and emotional state. Such variants of tattoos wonderfully accentuate girls' character traits. They can be large-scale or quite small, although mini geometry tattoos in the 3D technique do not look very attractive. Large compositions with geometric forms allow the master to work on every detail to the millimeter. Original unusual sketches in 3D technique is important to place in the right place. No matter how attractive 3D tattoo geometry looks, but it can still visually ruin the proportions of the female figure.

Miniature Geometry Tattoos

The painstaking work of a master craftsman in miniature geometry tattoos may not be underestimated. Although such small tattoos look very interesting on a woman's body. Neat and purely symbolic marks on the body are performed not only in black, but also with the use of all kinds of shades. More often than not, dots and straight lines are used as basic geometric tattoos. But creative and positive personalities depict all sorts of human beings, which can be taken for a drawing of a child in kindergarten.

Tattoo geometry: stunning and spectacular options of images on the body of animals

On public pages in popular social networks, there are many groups in which girls brag about stunning images of animals in geometric style. Such options look more like a minimalist technique. Since, except for the lines, there is nothing unusual about them. But nevertheless this does not make them bad. Unusual forest creatures decorate the female body in the technique of geometry. The semantic component of such unique tattoos is revealed in the choice of the animal, which is made with geometric lines.

The main style features are

  • cone;
  • circle;
  • square;
  • triangle;
  • line;
  • meander, that is, an unusual linear ornament.

The semantic content, known exclusively to the owner, can also be attributed to the features and advantages of such tattoos, as it makes the drawing more mysterious, interesting and mysterious. An important point - the drawing should be done exclusively professionally, despite its apparent simplicity. Strict observance of proportions, accuracy and clarity of lines - all this belongs to the number of rules, obligatory for observance, because without them the result will be frankly bad.

Theme of abstraction in tattoo geometry

The abstract style motifs made with geometric figures look incredible. Specific body painting has become very popular among young girls. Some ask the tattoo-master to perform watercolor strokes, and someone asks to depict a whole "embroidery". In this case, the color chosen for the geometric tattoo is very important. All compositions with geometric abstraction are quite incomprehensible and therefore it is necessary to look closely to the sketch in order to penetrate into their essence.

Colorful geometry tattoos - 2021

In 2021 not only black geometric tattoos are in demand, but also colored ones. They look more attractive. The envy of many female competitors, a girl who made herself a colored tattoo with geometric lines, will attract the eyes of many men. Many members of the stronger sex criticize girls for their desire to make a geometric tattoo, as they consider it specific and inappropriate. But professional tattoo artists are up to the task of making geometric tattoos feminine and irresistibly sexy.


The pentagram, written with one continuous line, is the oldest symbol known to mankind. In different historical periods, people interpreted it differently. The Egyptians considered it a symbol of the stars. A more modern explanation for this figure: the meaning of the five human senses, the presence of harmony, health, mystical powers. In addition, the pentagram symbolizes security and well-being.

tattoo meaning geometry

Tattoo geometry: plots for female variants of body painting

As a subject for geometric tattoos, girls try to choose less aggressive sketches. Very often geometric tattoos are positive in nature. Girls give preference to drawings with natural phenomena, geometric intersections and images directly related to themselves, such as a girl with a cat or a mother with a child.

Choosing the place on the body for a tattoo of geometry: women's prerogatives

Women, choosing the place for the application of geometric tattoos, rely only on their personal preferences. Many decorate the wrist and ankles, and someone chooses the shoulder blade area or the buttocks. Not only by the drawing, but also by the location can be determined by the nature of the owner. If the geometry tattoo is applied in the head area, then the woman at a subconscious level is trying to show that she has a hidden potential in some area. Tattoos on the neck demonstrate willpower and other unique features. The geometry tattoo on the arms symbolizes a woman's desire for self-expression. Geometric tattoos in the chest area challenge everything around her. All images in the area of the abdomen openly declare the closeness, and on the back - the dominance.

If in the exact sciences geometry exists with its strictest laws, formulas and rules, then in art it is the most real creativity and a frank flight of fancy. The main thing is to choose the right place to place the geometry tattoo. If you doubt your choice, be sure to consult with a professional tattoo master, who will certainly prompt the most winning options.

The meaning of geometric tattoos

Each natal drawing hides its own meaning, often known only to the owner of the tattoo. However, by some details you can easily determine the general symbolism of the sketch and actually learn some facts about the life principles or character of the owner himself. For example, female images, based on clear triangular forms, mean the unity of the periods of life, and male images mean strength of spirit, wisdom and strength. The circle is the embodiment of wholeness and infinity. For tattoos with the presence of a square the main meaning is harmony and tranquility, honesty, openness, the primacy of reason and wisdom. The triquetrum symbolizes the movement of the phases of the solar disk across the sky and demonstrates the cyclical nature of everything that happens. As for the complex compositions, in this case, their definition is composed of several meanings, and in most examples is formed by the owner of the tattoo.


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