Seemingly simple in the geometric sense, the figure consisting of crossed lines has an incredibly important
Tattoo on back 1 on forearm 1 on hand 1 Crucified Jesus and Our Lady on the back
Moscow Tattoo Week Exhibition
Moscow Tattoo Week Exhibition From 14 to 16 September Moscow loft
Skrudzhi is a young talented artist who performs in the Black Star association. Thanks to his unique
The popularity of Halloween grows every year. All over the world on October 31, millions of people reincarnate
What are bearded men called after all?
Masculine, muscular guys make girls melt. Their brutal image attracts attention, and sometimes just
piercing and tattoo
Recently, with the development of informal subcultures on the streets there are many young people with
Pain and fear of the needle are the defining phobias of all those wishing to get a tattoo. They often overshadow the
Many have long wanted to do a tattoo, but do not dare: there is an opinion that it is very painful.
Contour white tattoo on arm
White tattoos are a breath of fresh air, a modern, unique and new trend in the field of body art


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