Belly button piercing
Piercing on the belly - a great way to decorate your body: pierced belly button always looks sexy
Latin love phrases for tattoos
Love phrases in Latin for inscriptions and tattoos Tattoos in Latin are some
Ear piercing has been decorating the human body for many thousands of years. Today, pierced ears are the most
Grown tongue piercing
At all times, piercing has been a great way of self-expression. And if many people think that fashion
How to choose henna? Henna for mehendi is sold in two forms: powder and paste. Paste
henna tattoo on his arm
Ah, that mysterious word mehendi. Have you ever heard it? If not, we will certainly introduce
Pierced nipple piercings in girls. Photos, reviews
Girls can often see piercings - most often in the ears. Rarely do girls dare to
tongue piercing
Piercing - this is quite a familiar procedure. It no longer causes a lot of bewilderment to others
In the role of a popular way of self-expression, the piercing of the wing of the nose has long existed as a tattoo and other
The most dangerous tattoos
Tattoos have at all times carried much more meaning than a simple drawing. Their


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