Tattoos under 18: what does the law say and is parental consent necessary?

Why is there an age restriction?

Adolescence is characterized by emotional instability, mood swings, impulsivity, increased vulnerability. During this period, adult children strive to assert their point of view and rights, commit rash actions. A once-tattooed tattoo may soon lead to negative associations, panic attacks, and social problems: a person's outlook changes drastically over the years.

Tattoos can negatively affect psychological health.

Another reason is the active physiological changes. The formation of the body comes to an end by the age of 18, and it makes no sense to get a tattoo earlier. Drawings will be subjected to changes, deformed (stretched, distorted). The optimum age for the application of body drawings is 18-30 years.

It is forbidden for children to get tattoos.

Children are not allowed to do tattoos.

Teenagers who get tattoos without parental permission, expect quarrels and unpleasant conversations at home. And masters of tattoo parlors can be punished.

Parents of minors can sue tattoo artists.

Parents of minors can sue tattoo masters.

Questions of responsibility

For rendering medical services without the license the responsibility in the form of confiscation of property and payment of penalty is provided by article 14.1 part 2 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation:

  • for citizens - from 2 000 rubles to 2 500 rubles;
  • for officials - from 4,000 roubles to 5,000 roubles;
  • for legal entities - from 40,000 rubles to 50,000 rubles.

These measures have led to the fact that most beauty salons employ people with medical education. The premises of the salons comply with medical, sanitary, epidemiological standards for such procedures. This undoubtedly increases the quality of services.

At the same time among tattooists the artistic education is more appreciated than medical one. Although this profession can be mastered by a person with no education. Generally speaking, it is necessary to count on honesty and responsibility of tattoo masters that will fulfill all Rospotrebnadzor requirements in the salon.

How old can I get a tattoo in Russia?

Is it possible to get a tattoo till 18 years old with parental consent?

Tattooing minors is allowed, if the parents (guardians) give their consent. A parent can accompany a teenager to a tattoo parlor (carrying the necessary documents) or give written permission to their children. The phone conversation is not legal, it does not remove the responsibility from the tattooist. Under such conditions a qualified master of a good salon will refuse to work.

Carrying out a procedure without parental consent is against the law.

It is against the law to perform the procedure without parental permission.

Usually masters ask for written permission, written according to a prescribed template. But if it is free-form, with all the necessary information, the specialist must also accept it.

The permission must contain the following:

  • Name of parent/guardian;
  • Number, month, year of birth of the parent/guardian;
  • place of residence;
  • telephone number;
  • The text authorizing the tattoo;
  • Name, date of birth of the teenager;
  • a note about the absence of a claim against the master;
  • date;
  • signature.

If the salon is highly qualified, visitors can be given a ready-made printed form to enter personal information, date and signature.

For veracity they may ask for photocopies of documents

For reliability may ask for photocopies of documents (birth certificate of the child, the passport of one of the parents).

Why you can't get a tattoo before the age of 18

But even with parental consent, it is advisable to tattoo a teenager from the age of 18.

Why You Can't Get a Tattoo Before 18

Tattoos change with age.

Physiological reasons

Until the age of 18, the human body is actively growing. If you tattoo, over time it will change its appearance. You will have to have the tattoo removed or re-tattooed. Professionals of their craft will dissuade a teenager from the decision to get a tattoo.

The master will tell in detail how old you can start getting a tattoo.

Physiological reasons

It is hard for teenagers to endure the whole session, because it is a painful procedure. Matured people become seasoned, tolerate the manipulation more easily.

Teens have a low pain threshold, so they can't tolerate the session.

Teenagers have a low pain threshold, so they do not endure the session.

Psychological aspects

Psychology also plays an important role. Images one liked as a child are unlikely to be adored as an adult.

Psychological reasons

Specific inscriptions, images in the future can traumatize the psyche, interfere with personal life, work.

Tattoos for teens

For adults, a tattoo is an opportunity to tell without words about their preferences and philosophy of life, a talisman or amulet that attracts good luck, the memory of events or people.

Teenagers relate to a piece of body art differently.

Drawing on the skin they perceive as a chance to draw attention to themselves, to appear more mature, more relaxed, more independent, stronger, and therefore become in demand in the opposite sex.

At what age can I get a tattoo?

Officially the medical service is considered only a permanent tattoo. The tattoo master is not obliged to have art or medical education.

The law does not stipulate responsibility for tattooing a minor, if the teenager agreed to the procedure and it did not cause damage to his health.

But a minor has the right to make only small domestic transactions.

  • Tattoo on a girl's stomach
  • Tattoo on the arm

And for a tattoo for teenagers the tattooist will take not less than 3000 rubles. This is no longer a minor transaction. Therefore without the written consent to the procedure parents tattoo for a teenager, even 16 - 17 years in a salon will not do.

An important aspect is the fact that up to 20 years the human body under the influence of hormones is changing. Increases the relief of the muscles of boys, becoming more rounded shape of the girls. As a consequence, the tattoo is deformed.

So to the question, whether it is worth getting a tattoo for teenagers aged 14 - 17 years, the answer is unequivocal - no.

Can I get a tattoo for teenagers with parental consent?

Yes, you can. But it's not easy for a teenager's parents to make the decision. Grown-up son or daughter stubbornly do not want to hear that their social circle and needs will change over time, and the tattoo will remain.

It is difficult to imagine with the image on the body, for example, a teacher, civil servant, special forces, the director of a solid company. Ridiculous look tattoos on the elderly, but at some point and your child will grow old.

The reasons why a teenager wants to decorate the body with a tattoo can be different:

  • Tattoo on a teenager's shoulder
  • The desire to attract admiring looks of peers;
  • the need for new sensations;
  • the ability to hide flaws in your body and feel confident;
  • the desire to underline their importance as a person;
  • a demonstration of belonging to a subculture.

Boys of 14-16 years old already feel grown up and strong. But life experience has not yet taught them to be discreet, to give up their needs for the sake of those who are dear to them.

The lack of vivid events in the daily life of parents, their unwillingness to take any decisive actions to change something for the better one way or another, seems to the grown-up son as inability to make decisions, financial illiteracy, backwardness from life.

A colorful tattoo on the body of a teenager - a protest against those who "tie his hands", not allowing him to live as he would like, a sign of superiority.

  • Tattoo on his arm

A young girl in love with no memory, most likely perceives the tattoo as a fashion accessory, the acquisition of which will make her image stylish, sexy, and her more desirable in the eyes of the young man she cares about.

She has no experience in a serious relationship yet, so she doesn't understand that a man is essentially possessive. He considers it beneath his dignity to share his girlfriend with others.

A glimpse of her sexual promiscuity in his mind can forever destroy his desire to build a serious relationship with her.

  • A Teenager's Tattoo

Often teens don't realize that by getting a tattoo, they're making a lifelong choice.

But if they do make that choice, help your son or daughter find a serious tattoo parlor to eliminate the possibility of infection and to be sure of the quality of the paint that is injected under the skin.

Ask what kind of image your teenager is going to put on. The use of certain symbols can lead to serious problems.

What to use and where?

If after all the decision to decorate your body figure, for example, to cover his birthmark or scar, taken, start with a small tattoo that you can hide under clothing if desired.

Costs such tattoos inexpensive, applied and heal quickly, remove them with a laser is real.

As a sketch for a small tattoo on the arm of a teenager, you can use a drawing for a micro tattoo or a minimalistic image that will look great on the neck, finger, hand or wrist of a young boy or girl.

  • Tattoo of a teenager on the leg
  • Tattoo on the arm contour
  • Tattoo minimalism
  • Tattoo on forearm
  • Tattoo micro on the wrist

Tattoo ideas for teens

Tattoo ideas for teenagers can be found on the website. Characters on the natal picture can be, for example, heroes of computer games, comic books or cartoon series like Marvel Universe. Good and unobtrusive look tattoo inscriptions.

With their help, the owner of the tattoo can tell others about their principles, life philosophy. To apply the aphorism is better on those parts of the body that are less likely to be deformed as a result of age-related changes in the proportions of the figure of a young man or girl.

Anime is colorful and emotional, but because of the accelerated metabolism in a teenager's body, it can quickly swim or fade.

  • Teen Tattoo

Temporary tattoos for teens "to try out"

There are many ways to decorate your body with a design without resorting to a tattoo artist.

Temporary tattoos can be done with henna (mehendi), a special marker, a transferable picture, perfume or a simple gel pen.

Tattoo with perfume and printer allows you to get a analogue of a transferable picture and gives the opportunity to put on your skin any image printed off the Internet. Holds the picture for about a week.

  • Tattoo henna
  • Temporary henna and flash tattoo
  • Temporary henna tattoo on the arm
  • Tattoo of henna

A simpler option with a similar technique of execution is a gel pen tattoo, which, depending on the type of ink, can last up to 20 days. The henna tattoo as a temporary decoration is usually chosen by girls.

Charming openwork painting at the intersection of geometry and floristry can be placed on the shoulder, hip, hands and forearms, shins and feet. It is not harmful to health and does not damage the skin. It is not difficult to perform the tattoo.

The drawing lasts for about two weeks.

Recommended reading: Deer - the meaning of the tattoo

  • Temporary Tattoo for Teenager
  • Temporary Tattoo on Your Belly
  • Pen Paint on Fingers
  • Temporary Hand Tattoo
  • Temporary Flash Tattoo on Arm
  • Temporary Shoulder Tattoo
  • Temporary Henna Tattoo

Legal Requirements Russia

According to the law, in the Russian Federation it is forbidden to make financial transactions with persons under 18 years old. To take money, to negotiate with teenagers tattoo-masters have no right. All questions are solved with their legal representatives (parents or guardians).

It is possible to get tattoos with parental permission from the age of 14. Young children can get temporary tattoos (stickers or henna drawings).

Legislative requirements Russia

Collaboration of a tattooist with a minor citizen of Russia can threaten the master with punishment.

Why you should not do a tattoo at the master at home?

Any master who will do a tattoo to a minor - breaking the law! Your parents have the full right to call it in court and demand compensation. Don't think that all masters who went to meet you without your parents permission, agree to bypass the law because they understand teenagers. Sometimes for them it's just a material interest and an opportunity to learn how to do tattoos, as well as, to accumulate experience. If you want to sacrifice your skin, your relationship with your parents and bypass the law, think twice before taking this drastic step.

"It's fashionable to do tattoos in the style
Handpokeor stylized porta-potties. But believe me, this style is radically different from a real portacablanca, which you can get from a novice master. Are you ready for flowing outlines and blue-and-black spots instead of a pattern?"


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