Tattoo Snail - meanings and designs

Modern tattoo culture is so multifaceted that any characters can be found in tattoos. Some have been popular for decades, such as cats or wolves, and have to come up with more and more new ways to make the drawing unique and original. But there are also images that are original in themselves, because it is quite rare to see them on someone's body. The snail is just one of these characters.

This small and harmless creature, traveling with his house, looks very cute from nature, so it is not surprising that there are those who want to capture his image on his body. This image has become a metaphor for slowness, but in fact the meaning of the snail tattoo is much broader.

The snail has a common meaning.

If the primitive people saw snails as a source of food, which could be found almost everywhere, from scorching deserts to the cold northern edges, later, with the development of religion and art, the mollusk has a new meaning. The interest in such an ancient creature with a house on its back and funny horns did not fade, forcing people to invent new images.

The ancient Egyptians called the snail a symbol of fertility and associated the rhythm of the mollusk's life with the lunar cycles. Periodically appearing and disappearing horns reminded people of the moon, which regularly rose and fell. The spiral shape of the shell was associated with a path of life that spiraled endlessly, changing one stage after another. The cochlea was called similar to Eternity itself, as the curls of the shell were associated with frozen time. In Egypt, it was considered a good omen to find an empty clam shell and keep it as a talisman that could prolong youth and make life long.

In the Aztecs, the snail was a symbol of fertility, because the body extending from the shell was a reminder of the process of the child emerging from the mother's womb - the birth of a new life. Pregnant women often carried with them the shell accidentally found, relying on the help of a charm during childbirth.

Buddhists considered the snail a positive symbol, denoting the awakening of people from the sleep of ignorance. The curls of the snail's "house" were called the "ear" that hears the voice of God on Earth. In the East, the mollusk was the embodiment of patience, many parables and proverbs about snails tell of the benefits of slow but sure movement towards the goal. The mollusk became the prototype of the humble man who always carries all his few possessions with him.

For Christians, the grape snail is a sign of Christ's resurrection, because every fall it closes its shell with a lime wall, and in spring it breaks the flap and comes out, as if born again. In medieval Europe, snails were considered symbols of sin, laziness and slovenliness. This concept emerged because of the mollusks' eternally wet habitat, their love of slime and damp muddy places.

The Italians believe that the appearance of a snail in the house is a happy omen, promising stability in business and family prosperity. The Mexicans call snails symbols of pleasure, personifying the image of the mollusk with the comfort of the home and marital love affairs.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

A bright image of a snail on the body in the Newscool style is a way to denote love for an unhurried way of life, in which receiving pleasures prevails over all other activities. Girls with these tattoos adore lounging in bed, not paying attention to neglected household chores. The owner of the tattoo likes to leisurely daydream in front of a book or computer, sometimes forgetting to cook food or do the cleaning.

Tattoo with a snail, made in delicate watercolor-transparent shades, denotes the desire to thoroughly and slowly create their own world. Girls with a similar pattern of mollusk on the body is very cautious and do not immediately penetrate the trust to the man, first communicating long and not hurry developments. The owner of the tattoo refers to nature with tenderness, loves and protects all living creatures, sees only good in everyone and is confident in the usefulness of every person on earth.

Girls with a positive outlook on the world and a good sense of humor for tattoos choose tattoo designs in which the snail is depicted as a funny cartoon character. In the plot of the tattoo they add cute details in the form of a tiny umbrella, flowers and leaves - these are signs of love for small details that make life more beautiful and fun.

Where can I get a snail tattoo?

To date, in most settlements operate tattoo salons, in which you can always "score" a tattoo of this nature. It should be noted that it is not always possible to be sure that the services of a tattoo parlor are provided at a highly qualified level. In the case that you turn with this issue in the first salon that comes across, the probability that you will be dissatisfied with the conduct of this work is quite large.

It is for this reason, experts recommend to give preference in favor of the services of those salons, which have proven themselves on the positive side. Specialists, who work here, are well aware of what their client wants to see and do everything possible to make a person satisfied with the quality of the tattoo. In addition, professional experts who specialize in this matter, can provide information about the selection of the sketch, the application of tattoos, as well as care for it. In their work they use high-quality consumables and professional equipment.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Patience and confidence in the correctness of his decisions distinguishes a man with a tattoo of a snail. The black and white image of a mollusk on the body - a sign of a modest, but satisfied with his life, for which spiritual wealth is much more important than material wealth and monetary accumulation. Such people have a broad soul, giving much time to communication with loved ones, personal growth and spiritual development.

Perseverance and strength - the main qualities of the man who chose to tattoo a drawing with a snail in the style of minimalism. Such men easily carry their burden through life, like a snail its house-shell. Tattoo owners are not afraid of the burden of years, mistakes made, unpleasant experiences and bad acquaintances. Positive and calm, these guys unhurriedly achieve what they set out to do, without being afraid of difficulties and obstacles.

Men with a creative mind, fans of biomechanics and sophisticated devices often decorate the body with the image of a snail-biorobot, a living creature, a shell made of metal and plastic. Tattoo with such a plot gives the enthusiasm of the carrier of modern science and its achievements, interest in the novelties of technical progress.

Philosophers and lovers of deep thoughts like tattoo, in which instead of shells snail carries a house in the form of a human skull. This is a symbol of the frailty of all living things, an equally sad end for humans and other creatures. Unexpected meaning can be put in the picture on the body, if instead of the usual spiral snail shell depict curls of the galaxy star or a wreath of flowers - such tattoos indicate a desire to acquire new knowledge and sensations, to learn about other countries, meet interesting people, learn about the world as much as possible.

Interesting information

Before going to the tattoo parlor, it is worth to learn a little about snails: maybe under the influence of this information you will change your mind to do tattoos or, on the contrary, will be strengthened in your decision.

A beautiful big snail in the form of a tattoo
A beautiful large snail as a tattoo

So, the snail is one of the oldest creatures on the planet. Interestingly, molluscs are among the most intelligent vertebrates: they are able to make decisions and not be guided only by instincts. Some species of clams are even capable of solving simple mathematical problems. Under unfavorable conditions, snails go into anabiosis. Surprisingly, the common garden snail, being in a state of "hibernation", can survive temperatures up to -120 degrees. So if you want to make a tattoo symbolizing endurance and the ability to adapt to any conditions, a snail will be the perfect choice.

Green snail in a tattoo
Green snail in the form of a tattoo


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