Rhinoceros tattoos - meanings and designs

Today we propose to understand the meaning of the tattoo in the form of a rhinoceros. It is considered to be a male tattoo. And not coincidentally, because there is absolutely nothing feminine and beautiful about it, only male strength, power, aggression and belligerent temper. Tattoo in the form of a rhinoceros can be seen not so often. The fact is that her appearance is specific and she has ambiguous meaning. This image can not suit everyone, and therefore before you do it, it is important to give it some thought.

This animal is considered to be one of the most controversial symbols. At times, it may be quite aggressive, but nevertheless, in most cases, the animal leads a passive lifestyle. It can graze in large meadows and at the same time be in seclusion.

The rhinoceros has no special connection with the earth. It represents stability, resilience. The rhinoceros is a sturdy and resilient animal, which has a really explosive energy. The animal's horn means security, success and high feelings.

Since ancient times, people worshipped the rhinoceros and at the same time believed in its uniqueness, even saw it as something magical. It is as if the animal brings us all light, and even enlightenment.

The Chinese are convinced that the rhinoceros can attract good luck. The inhabitants of China have given this animal a meaning that speaks of irrepressibility.

What does the rhinoceros tattoo mean?

Spectacular body image with a rhinoceros is not so often, but still sometimes chosen by representatives of both sexes. Most often they give preference to the styles of realism and tribal. Such a body image can be an excellent amulet for both men and women.

Such a tattoo thanks to the spiritual vision will help to see the truth. In addition, thanks to such a tattoo you will always have an invisible connection with nature, as well as learn to appreciate everything she gives and notice the miracles that often occur in our lives.

A beautiful body image in the form of a special animal represents constancy, stability and a changeable attitude towards life. Tattoo in the form of a rhinoceros perfectly suits self-confident people who are not used to change their own beliefs. Such a person can not break the troubles and grief.

Often the horn was given magical powers. It is known that it can protect from negative events in life and at the same time bring success. It is with the horn associated longevity. In addition, it symbolizes purity, which is often filled with human souls, and even helps meet love.

Sometimes a person with such a special tattoo may feel that he or she is under the tutelage of a rhinoceros. The rhinoceros will teach a person to love nature and all the beautiful things that exist everywhere.

The meaning of the rhinoceros tattoo as an amulet

Such an animal as the rhinoceros has rather poor eyesight and has to rely solely on other senses. Thanks to its well-developed sense organs, the animal can assess the world around itself and see much more than its vision. Thus, the image of an animal in the form of a tattoo can act as an amulet. Such a symbol has a sufficiently strong energetic component and allows you to make an assessment without any preconceptions. The symbol put on the body will protect the person from ill-wishers. In a country like China, the rhinoceros is one of the symbols of good luck. That is why it can often be seen as a symbol of various companies.

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Tattoo pictures with a rhinoceros

Meaning for men

Most often, tattoos in the form of a rhinoceros are chosen by members of the stronger sex. Their choice becomes images in the technique of tribal and graphic. For them, such a body drawing will mean:

  • consistency, stability
  • self-confidence
  • good luck
  • endurance
  • aggression
  • vigor
  • Security

Tattoo in the form of a rhinoceros tells about the stability and consistency of its owner. Men with a similar body image successful in life and very energetic.

In addition, such a tattoo can tell about the endurance and self-confidence of its owner.

Sometimes such a tattoo men choose not because of the special symbolism, but because of the beauty of the picture.

Meaning for girls

Wrist drawing with a rhinoceros girls choose very rarely, as the animal is quite rough and massive. Such a tattoo is not able to reflect the delicate female nature. The tattoo is chosen by women, who are characterized by masculine traits. With the drawing, they express their strength and independence, behind which often hides fragility and vulnerability.

In Egypt, it is believed that the image of the rhinoceros can reveal the supernatural abilities of a girl. According to the beliefs of the people of India, such a tattoo helps women to find a soul mate and find female happiness. And Chinese women are sure that such a body image attracts pregnancy and promotes successful conception.

Meaning for women

Sometimes a tattoo in the form of a rhinoceros choose and women. Ladies more often prefer drawings in the style of watercolors and realism. Such tattoos for the fair sex will mean:

  • consistency
  • desire to be protected
  • vigor
  • stamina

A striking body image with a rhinoceros can tell about the constancy and vigor of its owner.

Such a woman is confident in herself, but at the same time dreams of feeling protected. At the same time, such a body image can mean endurance. Although sometimes such tattoos women choose not because of the special symbolic meaning, but because of the beauty of the picture.

How to choose a tattoo parlor?

To date, working a huge number of tattoo parlors, where you can order the service of tattooing on the body. It is necessary to note that experts working in the field for a long time, recommend to give preference to services of those tattoo salons, which work for a long time and were able to recommend themselves on the positive side. In that case if to address for the help to the novice specialist, most likely, you will not be satisfied with the made tattoo and soon want to remove it. By the way, this procedure is not the cheapest and most painful.

What image to choose for the tattoo?

There are many different options in the form of a rhinoceros tattoo. Undoubtedly, in the top of the most special - made in the technique of realism. Such natal images are distinguished by their effectivity and naturalness.

No less original look and tattoos in the style of tribal. In such tattoos there are beautiful patterns. Body art images in the style of watercolor resemble drawings in watercolor paints and look very beautiful on both the delicate female and the strong male body.

No less effective looks and tattoos in the technique of graphics. Most often, such images are chosen by supporters of minimalism.

It is possible to make a beautiful tattoo on any part of the body.

Interesting information, about the meaning of the tattoo rhinoceros

Being almost not vulnerable to enemies of the animal, having a very thick skin, and attacking thanks to its horn, rhinoceros symbols began to be used in ancient times - by representatives of various tribes. Symbols were applied both to warehouses and trees, as well as to the body. It was believed that they could provide protection and act as a totem. Shamans tattooed rhinoceros on the bodies of warriors, believing that part of their strength as well as endurance could be passed on to the wearer. It was believed that a sick person, in order to be fully healed, must drink a special brewed potion which includes ground horn. In this case, he will be given incredible energy, as well as strength, which will contribute to the recovery of the body.

Rhinoceros tattoo

The rhinoceros is a typically masculine symbol characterizing unrestrained power, strength and a stern disposition. As a specific animal, it is not widely used in tattooing. The rhinoceros is devoid of any grace, refinement, beauty and is the exact opposite of female tattoos. If you decide to make a tattoo of a rhinoceros, you should think carefully and justify your choice.

The meaning of the rhinoceros tattoo

One of the largest mammals on earth inhabiting the land, his inner world is full of contradictions. The rhinoceros can peacefully graze in the meadows, not paying attention to others, but a couple of minutes already fiercely attacking and demonstrating its power and dominance over the rest. Peoples who encounter these creatures in the wild compare it to mother nature, which has the same unpredictable character.

The rhinoceros horn symbolizes protection and strength. It is believed that it has unusual even magical properties. In fairy tales, the horn was used to detect poison and to fight magic. In Chinese and Indian medicine, it is used to enhance male potency.

The rhinoceros, with its thick skin and formidable rivalry due to its horn, has been used by many tribes for protection and as a totem. In the past, rhinoceros tattoos were used by shamans to protect their warriors in the belief that they would transmit some of their strength and endurance to the bearer. And the sick drink poison with crushed horn rhinoceros receive part of his incredible energy, which contributes to a speedy recovery.

The rhinoceros has poor near vision and has to rely on other senses to assess the world around him and see more deeply than with normal vision. His image is ideal for an amulet, having a strong energy and allowing to assess the situation without prejudice, as well as protecting the owner from ill-wishers. In China, the rhinoceros symbolizes good luck, so it can often be found in the symbolism of various companies.

Interesting facts about rhinoceroses

Before you go to a tattoo parlor and ask the master to do a tattoo with a rhinoceros, you should learn about this animal as much as possible. The rhinoceros ranks second in size among the inhabitants of the land after the elephant. The adult animal is up to 5 meters long and weighs 2-4 tons. The horn can grow to 1, 5 meters.

Huge Rhinoceros Tattoo in Realism Style
Tattoo of a great rhinoceros in the style of realism.

Rhinos that live in Asia have skin folds that give the impression that the animal is wearing armor. Interestingly, African rhinos are "friends" with buffalo starlings, which remove all sorts of parasites from the animals' skin.

It is surprising that such seemingly clumsy animals can run with great speed: some species of rhinos can outrun a horse.


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