Tattoos on the fingers of girls: stylish drawings with meaning

If only a few decades ago, the tattoo could be seen only on the male body, today more and more girls decide to decorate themselves with a similar figure. A pattern on the arm, hip or shoulder is already banal. Real creative girls choose more unusual places for their application, for example, fingers of the hand. Simple lines, original ornaments, symbols and badges can all carry a certain meaning.

A tiny palm tree on your finger

tattoo on finger

If you love the beach, the sun and the tropical atmosphere, then this tattoo is perfect for you. Palm trees remind you of the sun. The leaves are perched high above us, and if you look directly beneath it, you'll see a resemblance to the beaming sun. Whether it's a reminder of a perfect vacation, or the warmth of sunlight, this tiny palm tree looks perfect on your finger.


The most common tattoos have certain meanings:

  • Elements of plants symbolize harmony with nature;
  • Notes or violin keys are symbols of music;
  • arrows, hearts, feathers or abstract images have no meaning underneath, but are great eye-catchers.

Engagement rings, small animal representations, vegetation, infinity or other details are particularly popular. Care should be taken when choosing rings so they don't have anything to do with criminal structures.

Paired tattoos on fingers

Pair tattoos on fingers

Paired finger tattoos look amazingly cool for you and your partner. They become one when your fingers touch.

They are perfect for representing a special date, like each other's birthdays, wedding dates, or the date you first met. Because they are permanent, paired finger tattoos are a special way to show that you will love each other forever.

Safety precautions, can a pen tattoo cause allergies?

With this method of application, the drawing is simply applied to the skin, It can also be fixed with minor punctures of a thin needle.

Do not be alarmed by this, because the shallow depth of exposure does not pose a serious risk. Some risks nevertheless exist.

To ensure safety rules when performing such a tattoo is required:

  • Shave The place where the picture is applied.
  • Thoroughly treat Skin area with a disinfectant.

  • Choose as thin a needle as possible and disinfect it.
  • Use personal protective equipment (sterile cotton wool, gloves, etc.). Personal protective equipment (sterile absorbent cotton, gloves, etc.).
  • To make sure that the ink is well tolerated, treat a small area on an inconspicuous spot.

    If, after a while there will be itching, and the skin becomes red, it means that your body poorly tolerates this particular paint and need to pick up other materials, or altogether abandon the venture.

    Nautical tattoos on fingers

    Anchor tattoo

    Nautical tattoos on the fingers look amazing. The Rose of the Winds shows all the directions you could go, the helm means travel and finding your place, and the anchor means you've found it and you have a place to belong. The seahorse is a symbol of surprises - this tattoo gives a perfect representation of your life's journey.

    Meaning of the heart tattoo

    The origins of the appearance of body painting are hidden far back in primitive times, but the image of the main organ of life is a symbol of love for the opposite sex. For romantic natures, couples in love and best friends, the minimalistic version of the tattoo, which is placed on the hand, is the best choice.

    The brightness of the colorful hue indicates a love impulse, especially if the tattoo is paired.

    Heart tattoo on finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    When choosing a color palette for the sign of compassion and friendliness, it is important to consider the meaning of the color with which the heart will be painted:

    Color ElementWhat does it mean
    RedA sign of dangerous feelings - not only of love, but also of power.
    WhiteThe color of inner and outer purity as well as innocence.
    PinkAssociated with romance, kindness and tenderness.
    OrangePuts out energy of passion and symbolizes happiness.
    YellowImprint, showing treason, unbridled jealousy.
    GreenA sign of the freshness and beauty of young feelings, as well as hope.
    BlueA symbol of eternity, which means fidelity and honesty.
    BlueSign of tranquility of the wearer, trust in him.
    PurpleSymbol of light-hearted carelessness, nostalgia.
    LilacSymbol of harmony, desire for a bright future.
    GrayEvidence of a strong mind, unprecedented friendliness.
    BlackStylistics of mourning for a deceased loved one, friend.

    Tattoo heart on the finger became a trend, the picture is often chosen by girls with a light and gentle character, to the brightness of a small print to emphasize the non-acceptance of commonness. The original tattoo on the phalanx looks unpretentious and reveals the carrier's essence, but the small picture with a secret meaning will not be able to veil the clothes. Therefore, it is worth considering the secret meaning of the popular symbol, depending on what finger of the hand is printed mini composition.

    On the thumb

    A miniature drawing often becomes the first imprint on the body to test the tolerance of the tattoo, and to add confidence to the hostess in her uniqueness. It is important to know that the thumb is a symbol of power and strength, luck and fortune.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    From an energetic point of view, the finger is associated with Mars, the energy of the fiery planet expands the angle of interpretation, adding a surge of sexuality, strength and activity in all areas of life.

    On the index finger

    If there are many small hearts on the body, it can be argued that the love affection of a guy or girl is for life. The energy of the index finger is governed by Jupiter, increasing the luck of the mistress of the tattoo in the affairs of the financial sphere.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    Tattoo on this finger can attract fateful appointments, enhance talent for magic, help of subtle worlds, as well as pious qualities and responsiveness.

    On the middle finger

    This finger is under the influence of Saturn, the planet that symbolizes power, personal authority, thirst for leadership. Any tattoo on this finger is enhanced by the energy of the planet, and for imperious natures, the demonstration of the middle finger becomes an act of expressing their own position.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    Therefore, this phalanx is not quite suitable for the placement of a tattooed heart, here looks more appropriate an image of abstract symbols, hieroglyphs or short inscriptions in any language.

    On the ring finger

    Tattoo on this finger can be regarded as a symbol of marriage (wedding ring), because the finger, representing Venus, is directly connected with the heart vein.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    A tattoo on the phalanx is a sign of sensual love and tenderness, and a tattooed ring with a heart will delight a delicate maiden soul and will definitely not be lost. However, the meaning of a broken heart is associated with betrayal, disappointment in love, unjustified hopes.

    On the little finger

    The smallest finger is governed by Mercury energy, which provides material wealth, financial gain. According to another interpretation, the meaning of the little finger is associated with thinking abilities, the finger is responsible for the intellect.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos
    Tattoo of a heart on the finger

    Therefore, the tattoo on it - it is the desire of the bearer with an analytical mindset to self-improvement, gaining knowledge, enhancing thinking abilities.

    The symbol of infinity

    The infinity symbol on the finger

    The infinity tattoo symbolizes "forever" and can be stuffed for several purposes. Perhaps it is infinite love or a cherished friendship. Essentially, the symbol represents a deep connection that you believe will never be broken. Made in black, this beautiful little design is one of the most popular tattoos today.

    Sketch ideas.

    The laconic austere sketch looks most effective on a slender maiden's finger. If guys choose the aesthetics of the heart sign, its significance does not become less.

    Since the hands can be called the most "walkable" part of the body, the drawing placed on the finger can fade over time, and the clear lines risk becoming a blurry dotted line. To maintain the novelty, shape and brightness of the minimalist heart, the best option is monochrome black.

    Those girls who prefer colored sketches will have to often correct the tattoo because of its rapid erasure or soon to blot out the colors. In addition to black, a more practical choice would be the saturation of blue or burgundy pigment.

    The plot with a little heart on the finger is not forbidden to complement the intricate intertwining with other characters, then the meaning of the main element is added to the supplement. For example, the sketch of a heart, the outline of which on one side is broken with an image of a miniature violin key, is chosen by girls who are passionate about music. Inside the heart young lovers of tattooing often inscribe the capital letter of the name of the beloved guy.

    The side of the phalanx of the lady is sometimes decorated with complex subjects, where over the marked outline of a small heart is superimposed a cross, the base of which ends with the image of an anchor. To decipher such a drawing, you will have to figure out the meaning of its constituent elements.

    Tattoo heart on the finger - this is mainly the choice of the female audience of tattoo lovers, despite the painful process of application. Particularly sensitive area is the lateral surface of the phalanx, despite this is where girls place combined motifs. For example, a tattooed print of the infinity sign, one side of which is torn with a small heart. This version of the tattoo can be interpreted as a desire for eternal love.

    On the outer surface of the finger is sometimes printed heart, consisting of two halves, one of which is depicted with a treble clef. A small picture on the back of the phalanx in the form of an alien head with blackened almond-shaped eyes, with the head depicted as a heart, looks unusual. In any case, to give tenderness and softness to the female composition, the masters traced fragments of the tattoo with smooth lines to create a streamlined shape.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    If the heart on the maiden's phalanx is shaded with brown stripes, it is a symbol of the fingerprints of the person dear to the heart. Such a tattoo with an individual imprint can be regarded as a warning sign - the girl belongs only to her man.

    Before stopping at the sketch with a heart, you should find out the exact meaning of the finger chosen for the tattoo. The minimalist drawing should be light, without incomprehensible symbols. When choosing a colored variation, it is necessary to take into account that the colors will quickly fade and the picture will become inconspicuous, and it is better to refuse bulky motifs.

    Sketch ideas for two

    Drawing a miniature heart is especially popular among couples in love, as it denotes "fidelity for two". In other cases, guys quite rarely stop for finger sketches, such a drawing usually complements the composition of the sleeve or plot in the area of the hand. However, the manifestation of mutual affection often becomes the choice of a sketch for a paired tattoo - a guy and a girl or people who are close in spirit. This is an original way to emphasize trust to each other, to capture feelings in the brightness of colors.

    Tattoo a heart on your finger - it's not only a sign of emotionality, love passion, but also to mourn the broken or undivided feelings. Then more attention should be paid to the choice of color of the composition. A small heart with one single letter in the gap of the outline looks original, which will immortalize the memories of a dear person.

    Tattoo of a heart on the finger. Meaning, what it means, sketches, photos

    The prints of the same small hearts are used by loved ones to decorate their fingers, and couples in love sometimes stuff themselves with a heart divided in two. When the tattooed parts of the body of two carriers are connected, there appears a whole picture of a touching relationship. From the numerological point of view, this kind of body art is associated with the number 2; its meaning is interpreted as the unity and struggle of opposing worlds that complement each other.

    Couple imprints in the form of wedding rings with a heart, decorating ring fingers, are well suited for a married couple. Interesting variant of a torn tattoo for two in a monochrome black version. On the man's finger, half of an arrow with plumage is drawn, which continues on the phalanx of the woman, piercing a small heart with its tip. The plot becomes coherent after the knuckles of the bent fingers are connected.

    Inspired by the love of couples, the side surfaces of their fingers are decorated with small images of the heart with its beating graph (similar to a cardiogram). A simple tattoo design denoting complete trust between two lovers should be absolutely identical, which is clearly visible when the hands are joined.

    A couple tattoo should not be considered a simple decoration, it is a unique way of intertwining love and friendship, quarrels and mistakes. Therefore, before choosing sketches that fit well together, it is worth considering whether the feelings encrypted in the heart will stand the test of time.

    Romantic tattoos with the image of a small heart have a sophisticated design. For the embodiment of the sketch on a maiden's finger, several styles are suitable - the laconicism of minimalism, linearity of linework, the figurativeness of geometry. Men's designs are brutal due to the use of dark pigments and thick lines for realistic or old-school work.

    Any tattoo on women's or men's hands draws attention to them, and it is obligatory to watch the appearance of the brushes, carefully caring for them.


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