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How to hide the septum from your mother. How to hide a piercing

Piercing is a form of body modification - a piercing in which an ornament can be worn. The reasons why people get piercings can range from religious motives to trivial self-expression. However, piercings on exposed areas of the body can sometimes cause its owner some inconvenience, due to which the wearer of the jewelry is forced to hide the piercing for a while.

How to hide a septum from your mother. How to hide a piercing

You will need

  • Tone cream
  • Powder
  • Hair styling product
  • Invisible hairpins
  • Body plaster
  • Headband



If you need to hide the piercing for a short time, there is a way out of this situation. Nose piercing can be concealed easily enough with foundation, but it is necessary to pick up the earring of the right shape. From the rings or "bananas" have to give up, replacing them with a silver or gold nail with a small cap without a stone. Such an earring can easily be covered with foundation, distributing it on the hat of the clove. After masking, it is necessary to use loose powder to even out the skin color in the area of the nose.


Hiding eyebrow piercings is easy enough if you are the owner of elongated bangs. As a rule, the eyebrow is pierced closer to the temple, so combing the bangs on the side of the face, where the earring is, the piercing can be hidden. In order not to worry that the piercing will still be visible if the wind blows and the hair rises, you can use hair gel, making a fixed style. For more security, you can fix the finished hairstyle with a bobby pin.


If you have jewelry on the chin, you can forget about permanent disguise, as it is almost impossible to hide the jewelry in the area of the lips and chin because of the constant mobility of the mouth. In cases where you need to hide the piercing for a few hours, for example if you have a job interview, you can use a body plaster. Cut off the necessary piece of plaster and stick it on the area of the piercing, taking the skin around the edges of the earring. It is better to use a flesh-colored bandage - it is not so conspicuous, which will allow you to feel comfortable.


The owner of multiple punctures in the lobe and cartilage of the ear, in order to hide the jewelry, you can pick the right hairstyle, which will cover the ears. You don't have to walk around with your hair loose all the time, there are many hairstyles with an ear flap. You can also use the favorite summer accessory of almost all girls - a headband on the hair. Such a headpiece will help you to emphasize your individuality, style and attractiveness, while completely hiding the ear piercing. The main thing is to experiment with the color and texture of headbands. To office clothes (white top, black bottom) will suit a black or red bandage from a dense fabric. To summer variegated sundresses suit a silk ribbon of neutral colors.

Pay attention

There are many reasons why people want to hide piercings. This can relate to work, in which a person can not afford to wear body jewelry, or a meeting with relatives who have a negative attitude towards piercings. In any case, if you are faced with the problem of constant wear of jewelry, you need to think: isn't it better to give up piercings, because sooner or later you will get tired of the disguise.

How to hide a septum after a piercing. FAQ


When done correctly, this piercing is one of the least painful. Only the thinnest part of the nasal septum between the two cartilages is pierced.


Yes. You have to put a ring or a clicker in the septum from the beginning, otherwise you won't know if your puncture is straight - with a banana or a barbell you just can't see it.


We do the piercing so that the jewelry is slightly detached from the nose. If you want the distance between the tip of the nose and the jewelry to be a little more, you can simply choose a larger diameter jewelry.


A cold or exacerbation of seasonal allergies is a contraindication to any type of piercing. If the runny nose appeared after the puncture, increase the frequency of using Saline (3 to 4 times a day). It will normalize the nasal mucosa. You can also use sea water-based nasal spray and drops ("Akvalor", "Aqua Maris").


Because of the nasal structure or difficulty accessing the puncture site. It is not always possible to make the septum perfectly flat at one time, so you should be prepared for several punctures during the procedure.


The average healing time is a month and a half. The exception may be cases related to the peculiarities of the cartilage structure inside the nose.


Septum is the only type of piercing on the face, which can be easily hidden. It requires a certain shape of ornament - a retainer (U shape) or a circular (horseshoe shape). It can easily be tucked inside your nose and no one from the outside will notice that you have a piercing! But this trick is only possible with a fully healed piercing.

Does a septum piercing hurt?

Let's not lie: piercings are always painful. Think about it - you pierce the skin with a needle, and quite thick. Of course, everyone has his own threshold of pain. Yes, and the factors that influence its feeling, quite a lot. For example, if you've been dreaming to pierce the septum for a long time, you will endure much more pain than someone who didn't really want a piercing.

By the way, the pain can be reduced. As mentioned above, there are special ointments that act on the principle of anesthesia. Also, the pain will depend on whether the master will hit the nerve endings or not - and this is a matter of chance.

Warning: if the piercing of the septum touches a nerve, and the intense pain does not go away, pull out the piercing and go to the doctor.

How to Hide a Small Septum. Steps


    Lie to your parents and come up with a good cover-up that allows you to go out. Go to the salon/store of your choice and get your nose pierced.


    Try to get the smallest piercing possible. Remember that the smaller the piercing, the more likely you are to accidentally rip it out, and the larger the size, the stronger the piercing will hold. Think about cheese-cutting string; small jewelry is essentially the same thing.


    Insert a small transparent earring; it is the most inconspicuous, and parents may not notice it for a long time. A red earring will work, too, because it will probably look like a pimple or a scratch. If you can find a flat, small earring to match your skin, they might not even notice. You won't be able to take the jewelry out for six to eight weeks.


    Explain to them why you wanted to get a piercing. If you can't come up with other arguments besides "it looks cool" or "and your parents 'allowed it,'" they're not likely to want to say yes. However, if you've been considering it for a while, let them know.

  • If it's a deeply personal issue for them, such as a religious one, you shouldn't continue this conversation.


Find an earring that you like. Once you get it out, you choose the piece of jewelry you really want.


Buy a small earring with a shade similar to your skin tone. Once it heals, there's nothing they can do about it.


Make a fake one, but it looks like a real piercing. Show your parents if they ask, and show them it's not real. Wear it for a few months and then when you do the real one, they will think it is still fake.

Septum piercing, how to hide it. How to hide a piercing

Many young people decide to decorate their face or body with piercings. It looks beautiful, but it often happens that this jewelry needs to be hidden. It is possible to disguise a piercing, but this is not true for every type of piercing.

Septum piercing, how to hide. How to hide a piercing



The easiest way to hide a piercing in the ears. If you have long hair , it will be enough to dissolve them, and the numerous earrings on the ears will not be visible. You can also hide the piercing under any headgear, headphones, bandage or hood.


Eyebrow piercing can be hidden by wearing glasses with a wide enough frame. Even if the earring is not completely hidden, the attention will be diverted from it. A pierced eyebrow is also convenient to hide under the hair, especially if you have bangs. However, the hair will hide your face a lot, you may seem withdrawn and ungroomed, so the first option is more suitable to make a nice impression.


A belly button piercing, of course, is easy to hide with long clothes. If you know in advance that it is not necessary to show the pierced belly button today, then it is worth to think carefully about the closet. Choose something that will not skid and will not expose the piercing, even if you lift your hands. It is best to wear a sweatshirt or shirt that can be tucked into pants (or a skirt).


As far as your nose or lip is concerned, it is impossible to hide an earring in these places. Whether you want it or not, you will have to take it out for a while. Unfortunately, the newly removed earring will leave traces on the face in the form of small holes, and at first they are very striking to the eye. To hide the marks from the piercing, you can use foundation or powder, but do not forget that before putting on the earring piercing should be treated with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or chlorhexidine. If the piercing is removed recently, it is better not to take it out for a long time, otherwise it can overgrow.

Useful tip

In some cases, you can disguise the piercing as an abrasion and seal it with a band-aid. This method is good to hide the piercing from family and friends, but in no case do it before official meetings, interviews or exams.

Types of jewelry

Speaking in general, there are 2 types of septum earrings: circular and banana. And already they are divided into some more subtypes. The circulars include the clicker, and the bananas include the barbell and the micro banana. Let's break down by example which is which.

A circular is an ornament in the form of a semi-circle, on the ends of which balls of nozzle are screwed on.

A clicker is a ring that opens in one place and makes a distinctive "click" sound when it closes.

Banana - a septum product made in the shape of the fruit of the same name.

Micro banana - the same banana, only smaller and with a smaller bend.

A rod is an earring in the form of a straight stick without bends.

The last three types are convenient because they can be hidden in the nose at any time. The rod is almost not visible at all, and the banana and micro banana can easily be turned the other way. Therefore, as the first earrings, which can not be removed for the first 2 months, most often use these forms.

By the way, decorative twists are used not only in circulars, but in all kinds of septum jewelry, except clickers. They can be any color: gold, black, white, red and others.

Separate mention should be made of septum obfuscators. They are installed in the nose without a puncture and help to assess externally whether such attribute suits you or not. The only thing - it is better not to wear such a fake in public.

How to insert a septum into your nose. 1 Closed Rings.


    Remove the balloon. Take the ring on either side of the balloon. Gently pull both sides of the ring in opposite directions from each other. The bead will fall out after the ring has opened wide enough.

  • The ball or bead in the closed ring is held in place by pressure alone. When you release the pressure on both sides of the bead, it will naturally fall out.
  • Don't stretch the ring too much to the sides, as this will make it difficult to put the ends back together.
  • You should be able to do this yourself if the ring is fairly thin, but for a size 14 or thicker ring, you will have to make an effort to open and close the jewelry. In that case, you can open/close the closed ring with pliers. Simply grasp one side of the ring with the pliers and hold the other side with your hands, then bend and twist the ring as you normally would.


Twist the ring. Once the ball falls out of the ring, turn it clockwise with your right hand or counterclockwise with your left hand, twisting it into a half-helix shape.

  • Turn the ring as far as it will go into your nose piercing. If the edges of the ring are too far apart, you may find it difficult to close them.


Thread the ring through the piercing. Thread one end of the ring through the hole in your nose piercing. Gradually pull the ring through the piercing, to the middle of the jewelry, so that the place for the balloon is directly below the piercing.


Insert the balloon back into the ring. Insert one side of the ring into the bead. Gently squeeze both ends toward each other until they close in a continuous even line, then insert the other end into the other side of the balloon.

  • The balloon should have small dimples on both sides. As you place the ball back into the jewelry, secure the ends of the ring in these dimples.
  • Once the bead is comfortably and securely attached, the nose ring will be considered properly worn.


In order for the septum piercing to heal faster, simple rules must be followed. It is necessary not to interfere with the body's own recovery and carefully monitor hygiene. In the wound surface should not get dust, dirt, it is forbidden to touch the piercing with unwashed hands.

For the care of piercings, two medicines are traditionally used - saline and miramistine. A small amount of sodium chloride solution is poured into a clean container and the nose is gently lowered into it. At this time you have to breathe through your mouth. Such a bath should be used for 3 minutes.

After the procedure, use a cotton swab to remove soaked secretions from the wound. As a result, it will be possible to get rid of dried crusts on the mucosa without traumatizing it. Finally, the wound is treated on both sides with a treatment of miramistin. This procedure is repeated twice a day for 2-3 weeks, or until healing.

The care of the nose piercing is also to prevent negative effects on the piercing. It is forbidden to rub the jewelry, the first time to remove it independently, to treat it with alcohol-containing products. Within a month after the procedure, refrain from visiting a solarium, sauna, swimming in the pool and open bodies of water.

Septum care. Types of nose piercings

  • Nostril piercing or piercing the wings of the nose (Eng. Nostril piercing) - the most common and simple type of nose piercing.

    Septum care. Types of nose piercings

  • Nasal septum piercing (Septum - nasal septum) - the piercing is usually done through the tissue directly under the cartilage, or through the cartilage itself.

    Septum care. Types of nose piercings

  • Septril is essentially a modification of the Septum, in which the ornament is removed vertically downward from the nasal septum.
  • Bridge is a puncture made through the soft tissues of the bridge. The bridge can be horizontal, vertical, and with certain anatomical features it is possible to create a composition of several bridges. As a rule, the piercing is carried out at the level of the client's eyes.

    Septum care. Types of nose piercings

  • Nasal tip piercing - the piercing is carried out from the inside to the top of the tip of the nose without affecting the cartilage of the nasal septum.
  • Austin Bar is a horizontal nasal tip piercing technique in which the piercing does not affect the cartilage of the nasal septum. If the piercing was made through the septum, then such a piercing will refer to the next type of nose piercing (see below).
  • Nassalang is considered to be the most complex type of nose piercing. This type of piercing is characterized by the presence of a piercing in both the nasal septum and the wings of the nose.

How is the septum pierced?

This type of piercing is nothing special in terms of the procedure itself. In fact, it is almost the same as an ear piercing. Since it is not very difficult, many people save money and do the septum piercing themselves at home.

Regardless of whether you want to pierce the septum yourself or will ask a master, be sure to follow the rules:

  • Your hands should be perfectly washed;
  • Tools, earring and everything that will touch the piercing site should be thoroughly disinfected;
  • Never consume alcohol or other substances.

The last point concerns both the one who will pierce, and the "patient" himself. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, so it will take a very long time for the blood to flow. It is also desirable that the person to whom the septum is pierced be in good health. He should not have a runny nose, fever, or take any medications that dilate blood vessels.

At home

To begin with, let us warn you: doing septum piercings yourself, you can injure yourself or even worse - get blood poisoning. So think a few times about whether this risk is worth the money you save.

If you're still determined, and you're not intimidated by this, here are the instructions for piercing the septum.

We will need:

  1. disinfectants;
  2. a septum clip;
  3. a piercing needle;
  4. An earring of the same diameter as the needle.

First disinfect the instruments and the nasal cavity. Install the clip on the septum yourself or ask a friend. Make sure that the piercing is installed evenly, and that no cartilage is affected. Make a piercing with a needle. Take out the needle and put the ring. Treat the wound with chlorhexidine or myrmistine.

In the salon

It is very important to choose a professional craftsman who you will fully trust. Before the session, ask him about how the piercing procedure will take place, so that there are no surprises for you. Also, the master will tell you about the size of the septum that you can use.

Some masters use ointments with an anesthetic effect. If you have a terrible pain tolerance, it is better to ask for the use of such an ointment.

Another method that masters often use is to simply talk you out of the septum puncture. They chat, ask questions, and at the most unexpected moment, when you are completely distracted, sharply pierce the septum. It is worth saying that both ways are good. You will feel the pain in any case, but mentally it will be much easier to move through the piercing.

The price will depend on the level and reputation of the master and the salon. On average, septum piercing costs 1500-2000 rubles.

Septum jewelry. SEPTUM PIERCING

Piercing is a service that is extremely popular all over the world. Many famous people decorate their bodies with various modifications, which certainly distinguishes them, emphasizes their individual style. This service is especially popular among musicians. Looking at the images of many music bands, you can see that the most widespread demand is for facial piercings. A pierced eyebrow, tunnels in the ears, pierced nose, lips, cheeks and so on, all this effectively complements the image of a creative, extraordinary personality. People with body modifications always attract the attention of passersby and others, especially if the person is decorated with the unusual appearance of this service.

Rather widespread demand for many years is the nose piercing. This is a universal service, which is used by girls and the stronger half of mankind. This service has several types: the wings are pierced, the septum, the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, the wings together with the septum. In this article we will talk about one of the original and unusual types of nose piercing - septum.

Septum piercing - also called a piercing of the septum. It looks very unusual and original. The procedure is a piercing of the upper part of the nasal septum, at the junction of the nasal cartilages. Which minimizes the possibility of trauma to them. The septum decoration can be anything: a ring, a barbell, a half-ring. The septum earring is above the upper lip, which gives any image a highlight.


The fashion for septum piercing came to us from India. While today septum piercing is just a decoration, in India this service was used in various rituals. The piercing of the septum had a special meaning, for example, girls performed this piercing in order to give birth successfully and the child in the future was easy to raise. The septum was adorned with a ring that could be supplemented with various pendants, and it is worth noting that these pendants had considerable weight.

Apart from India, septum piercings were also popular in Australia. Aborigines modified their nose into a flat nose by piercing the nasal septum with heavy jewelry. The flat nose was considered by the Aborigines to be a sign of attractiveness.

Many Asian women today still decorate their noses with this type of piercing. As a rule, the procedure is carried out before the wedding of the girl. Thus, a girl tries to become for her future spouse even more beautiful and desirable.

Today the septum is popular among many people. This type can be attributed to the male version of the nose piercing, girls are more suitable for the piercing of the wing, which looks much neater and gentler. But despite this, the septum is in wide demand not only among guys, but also among the beautiful weak half.


Septum piercing is not a simple procedure, during the piercing it is very important not to catch the septum itself, but only a minimal area of skin. At the same time, there should be a properly selected formation of the piercing, so that the procedure was successful and the piercing healed without complications in the future. Therefore it is very important to apply only to a proven, qualified master, who has a decent track record. Just a very important factor is the sanitary conditions of the room where the procedure will take place, and pay attention to sterilization of tools, the presence of antiseptics and anesthetics.

And so, how is the nasal septum puncture performed?

1. Specialist, together with the client select an earring, corresponding to the selected diameter of the puncture.

2. The selected jewelry and the working instrument are placed in a sterilizer.

3. During sterilization, the specialist provides recommendations for septum care.

4. Master prepares disposable gloves, disposable needle.

5. Use special forceps to clamp the required area of the skin.

6. The master disinfects the area and marks it.

7. With a quick, confident movement, the soft tissue is punctured, without damaging the septum.

8. When the needle is removed, the decoration is gradually introduced into the puncture point.

9. The earring is fixed with a clasp.

10. the puncture point is re-treated along with the earring.

If the procedure is done correctly, the painful sensations last about a minute. Anesthesia is carried out only if necessary. Further healing of the septum is up to the client.


The piercing of any part of the body, even the simplest as earlobe piercing, is preferably performed in a professional salon by a qualified specialist. Doing the procedure yourself can lead to complications. But if you still decide to pierce the septum yourself, it is important to adhere to the necessary rules:

  • sterilization of the jewelry - it is enough to immerse the earring in boiling water for a few minutes, then hold it in hydrogen peroxide for about twenty minutes;
  • to pierce the septum it is necessary to purchase a special needle, it is important not to open the individual package before the piercing procedure;
  • Treatment of the selected area of the skin with an antiseptic agent;
  • Make a symmetrical marking on the future site of the puncture (it is important not to capture too much skin, so as not to damage the cartilage of the septum, but also not small, so that there was no rejection of the earring);
  • gripping the skin, pull back the skin, then confidently perform the piercing;
  • Then slowly remove the needle, slowly insert the earring into the hole (a catheter will help make this procedure easier);
  • When the jewelry has completely passed through the entire channel of the puncture, fix it with a clasp;
  • treat fresh piercings with an antiseptic agent.

Risks and consequences of the procedure

A qualified specialist will always tell you what is fraught with septum piercings and what consequences you can expect. He will not dissuade you, because it's his livelihood, but to warn must.

Always when you do piercings or tattoos, there is a chance of blood poisoning. That's why they disinfect everything around - so as not to bring the infection: hepatitis, HIV, etc.

Remember that even with disposable needles and complete sterility, there is still a chance of infection. Although minimal.

Also, when a septum is punctured, the skin around the wound can become deformed. This is possible with improper care and prolonged healing. In this case, scars may appear in this place, with the presence of itching and redness in the nose. This phenomenon is very painful and requires immediate medical attention.

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of an allergic reaction to the jewelry material. Check where the piercer bought the earring and what material it is made of. An inexperienced home "craftsman" can buy a ring that will be covered with rust in a week. Believe me, the consequences will not be pleasant.

Buy your jewelry at a specialized store. Quality materials: titanium and surgical steel. The first earring is recommended to take titanium. But in the healed septum you can already put others.


For women

For men