Tattoo on the hands of men - meanings and designs for girls and men

For a long time in our country, tattoos on the hands remained the privilege of a group of people who have been in prison. Therefore, the tattoo designs were very peculiar. But for ten years already tattooed brushes became a calling card of bikers, rock musicians, nonformals and representatives of creative professions. Now appeared a great variety of thematic options, and the tattoos on the brush are perceived as amulets or a way to brightly declare themselves. However it is necessary to remember that a tattoo on a hand - it is a serious decision, making which the way back will not be.

Features of tattoos on the hands

Despite the seeming simplicity, male tattoos on the hands are among the most complex at every stage. This type of body painting is distinguished by a number of features:

  • It is impossible to hide a tattoo on the brush, so from public service and some professions will have to give up immediately;
  • Due to the lack of a fat layer and muscle tissue, the pain sensations in the area of the hand are the strongest. People with a high pain threshold to do such tattoos is not recommended;
  • Age-related skin changes most affect the hand. Choosing the sketch to be prepared for the fact that over time the picture will change shape;
  • The recovery period on the hands takes up to one month. And caring for the tattoo here is extremely difficult;
  • During the period of healing men will have to give up physical activity. Exercise and work activities that involve straining the hands are contraindicated;
  • After skin recovery, it is necessary to regularly treat the surface with sunscreens to reduce the rate of pigment burnout;
  • A tattoo on the hand is always in the center of attention, so the hands should always be well-groomed;
  • To update the picture on the brush will have to 2-3 times more often than on other parts of the body. The pain and cost of re-visiting the tattoo parlor will remain the same.

Given all of the above arguments, not every man decides to get a tattoo on the hand. Which is not a bad way to emphasize individuality and stand out from the crowd.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Young men and without a tattoo have strong fists, so the tattoo can indicate a lack of inner strength. Such a body drawing is a strong talisman for men who lack the courage to stand up for their own opinions.

If a follower of a political organization or a representative of a subculture gets a tattoo, a specific symbol is shown next to the main image. For example, rockers can depict a guitar next to the fist. In this case, the tattoo indicates that its owner will defend his music and fight with its opponents.

Popular styles of tattoos on men's hands

The choice of style depends on the way of thinking, the preferences of the customer. But the bulk of the works of the eminent masters of tattoo in this area is performed in such styles as:

  1. Blackwork. One of the most popular brutal styles for men with a strong character. In its implementation, only black pigment is used, and the volume of the picture is created by shadows and shadows. To ensure that the picture does not merge into a solid flat image, work on sketches in the style of blackwork should be entrusted to professionals with extensive experience.
  2. Dotwork. Another style for lovers of black pigment. Unlike blackwork, it implies drawings of neutral content and leaves more white (uncluttered) space. Drawings in this technique turn out light, volumetric, dynamic.
  3. Old School. For those who believe in the canons of true tattooing, prefer the classics in everything. Old School - these are colorful two-dimensional pictures of a small size. The style involves the use of "pure" tones. But it is not recommended to combine more than 3-4 colors in one picture.
  4. Polynesia or ornamental. Black rich patterns with clear lines, recreating the ancient ornaments of the peoples of Oceania and Australia. It is impractical to score such a pattern with only a brush. Polynesian patterns are good for the continuation of the sleeve.
  5. Ethnics. Ethnic patterns have been very popular recently. Celtic (Scandinavian) themes are in demand among men. Individual images of runes, knots and other small ornaments look good on the back of the hand. As for color, it is also invariably black tattoos.
  6. Biomechanics and Bioorganics. A very effective style naturalistically conveying the presence under the human skin of a mechanical skeleton or part of another foreign creature.
  7. Watercolor. Brush hand does not give the scope for full-fledged paintings. In this case, it is better to use watercolor not as a background, but as a self-valuable drawing with bright but blurred outlines.
  8. Minimalism. Laconic images with clear lines, not overloaded with numerous details look great on the hands. As for the color, you can choose any palette, but it is important to stay within one or two shades.

Depending on the skill of the builder, small 3D drawings, miniatures in a realistic style, Japanese or anime can be made on the brush. Separate attention deserves tattoos on the brush, which are a continuation of the sleeve. In this case it is necessary to maintain the overall style and plan the overall picture in advance.

Styles and colors that are popular for tattoos on the hands of men

The best works of the leading masters in the area of the hands today are performed in all sorts of styles, much depends on the preferences of the client and the nature of the selected sketch. But in the list of the most popular are the following currents:

Brutal blackwork with the use of black paint;

soft Dotwork, performed in a dotted pattern;

colored classic old skool;

patterned polynesia;

colorful Celtic;

colorful watercolor without a clear outline with colored strokes;

Laconic minimalism without overloading details.

Masters offer categories such as inscriptions and hieroglyphs, symbols, commemorative tattoos, images of animals and plants, color, brutal (monochrome), humorous and impressive 3d pictures.

Meaningful inscriptions

The most informative and comprehensible kind of tattoo is inscriptions that differ in language of execution, font and color options, and most importantly, the semantic message. What languages are at the top:

  • Hebrew;
  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • Latin;
  • Arabic script;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • German.

What kind of inscriptions can be:
  • About love;
  • about family;
  • about friendship;
  • about religion and faith;
  • about life;
  • hobbies and passions.

Not less often there are images with names, dates of important events in life, with the blood group, signs of service or work and much more. In this way, men seek to capture and perpetuate important moments and memories from life.


The Oriental culture became a separate independent tendency in the sphere of tattoo for a long time, and hieroglyphs became a trend for several decades already. Such mysterious and aesthetically attractive symbols are applied on different parts of the body, including the hands. For example:

  • (Chinese) - dragon;
  • 希望 (Japanese) - hope;
  • (Japanese) - strength;
  • 家族 (Japanese) - family;
  • 信仰(Chinese) - faith.

Some go beyond single words, stuffing whole phrases, quotations, and philosophical sayings, for example:

  • 上帝是爱 (Chinese) - God is love;
  • 我的梦想我和温暖 (Chinese) - my dream and warms me;
  • 見かけよりもむしろ (Japanese) - to be, not to seem;
  • 首先在平等(Chinese) - first among equals;
  • 从现实到现实 (Chinese) - from possibility to reality.

Important! In China and Japan, numerous dialects have not lost their relevance to this day. The same characters can be so different in translation that residents of neighboring towns and villages may not understand each other. From this it becomes clear the importance of a careful selection of characters.


Beautiful and unusual pictures can be from animal and plant topics. We suggest a few appropriate categories for the hands:

Birds - is an aspiration for freedom and independence, an indicator of purposefulness, inner strength and intelligence of the owner. The most commonly stuffed with the following birds:

  • eagle;
  • falcon;
  • hummingbird;
  • crow;
  • phoenix
  • owl;
  • flamingo.

Beasts - is in the first place the identification of a man's character and behavior with an animal, in the second, the desire to be as powerful, strong, courageous and invincible. Most often, men put on the brush paw, grin or muzzle of the following animals:
  • wolf;
  • bear;
  • tiger;
  • lion;
  • elephant;
  • horse;
  • frog;
  • dog.

Insects - are epic pictures that serve as amulets and amulets for the wearer. Some attract good luck in life, others contribute to spiritual, physical and intellectual growth, others increase wealth. For example:
  • ladybug;
  • moth;
  • grasshopper;
  • a bee;
  • scarab beetle.

Arthropods - are the embodiment of danger and mystery, as well as a confirmation of the extraordinary perception of men. Cool will look the following options:
  • spider;
  • scorpion;
  • A crab or a crayfish.

Plants - are first of all aesthetically appealing subjects, and secondly symbols of a subtle and sensual personality, a rich inner world. The following ideas would be suitable for the hands:
  • rose;
  • peony;
  • lotus;
  • tree;
  • dandelion;;
  • thistle;
  • sakura.

Sea residents. - It is the embodiment of a philosophical personality, in addition sketches "work" as amulets, opening in a person new facets and abilities. For example:
  • shark;
  • dolphin;
  • carp;
  • starfish;
  • octopus;
  • snail;
  • catfish.

Memorable tattoos

Special attention deserves a category of sketches, in which men seek to capture and even perpetuate important memorable events of his life, family, nation or all of humanity as a whole. Most often these are inscriptions in such a format as:

  • the name of a departed person;
  • names of children and relatives;
  • the date of service, education, marriage or the birth of offspring;
  • Tattooing on scars, not for the purpose of camouflage, but rather to preserve the memory of the event and trauma;
  • marks related to professional activities;
  • blood type and Rh factor in case of an emergency.

Motivational inscriptions that a man addresses to himself from the present to the future can also be included in this category.


Symbols are always sacred signs that influence a person, his life and future in a certain way. If you choose symbols on the hands, they should give the wearer protection, balance and strengthening of good qualities in character. The best ideas would be the following pictures:

  • heart - Life force, romance and love;
  • rose of the winds - a symbol of fearlessness, an aide to finding one's way in life;
  • skull - symbol of the infinity of the soul, a reminder and the transience of life;
  • eye - secret knowledge, developed intuition, the ability to quickly assimilate information;
  • ornament - lines, scrolls and spirals protect from misfortune, evil, bad luck;
  • the infinity symbol - Circularity and close connection of all things mundane;
  • Yin-Yang - Balance of feminine and masculine energies;
  • dream catcher - amulet against bad luck, dark forces, temptations;
  • compass Helper in the search for the right solutions and life's roads;
  • cross - a sign of religiosity and faith in God, a protector from the dark forces.


If a man wants to emphasize his masculinity and brutality, this will help him tattoos in the appropriate theme, for example:

  • lion - Power and might, strength and wisdom;
  • skull - No fear of death, the value of every moment of life;
  • ornamentation - Monochrome and gloomy patterns emphasize strength, a strong inner core;
  • the grin of a predator - represent militancy and even a certain aggression in a man, warning of danger;
  • dragon - Power, strength, a look into the depths of centuries and past eras, longevity and wisdom.

Mini tattoos

Small and concise drawings on the fist in mini format also look cool and manly. The main characteristics of such works - a small scale, a minimum of details, overloading lines and symbols, the simplest possible execution. The most popular are the following options:

  • sun - A sign of an energetic and positive nature, a friendly person;
  • the moon - is identified with mysticism, secret knowledge, divination;
  • pyramid the pursuit of new knowledge, a symbol of mystery and the mystery of man;
  • key - mysteriousness of the nature, propensity to search for new knowledge and facets;
  • crown - High position, presumption, power of nature;
  • rose - a symbol of love, purity, romance and devotion;
  • feather - ease of incarnations, courage, connection with spirits;
  • dream catcher - amulet, protecting the soul from dark forces and temptations.

Beautiful and cool tattoos

Funny and beautiful tattoos are popular among young guys and creative individuals with an unorthodox view of aesthetics and style. What can be tattooed on the brush from this category:

  • lizard - A harbinger of good luck, a symbol of wisdom;
  • zodiac sign - amulet, which enhances positive aspects of character and talents;
  • angel - a messenger of God, reinforcing his connection with man;
  • sphinx - mystery, wisdom, deep intelligence and majesty;
  • owl - clear mind, intelligence, erudition;
  • octopus - courage, strength, and independence;
  • mythical creatures - Totem - guardian and amulet;
  • trees - A rich inner world and a tendency to philosophize.


Bright and colorful sketches are appropriate even in such a small area as the hands. Here you can depict any drawing, using creative styles, but the following motifs look most spectacular and "sticky":

  • abstraction - manifestation of creativity;
  • cosmic objects - luck, freedom and independence, a rich inner world;
  • rose - velvet halftones of watercolor or the stiff manner of heraldry to emphasize romanticism and sensuality;
  • mythical character - it can be a personal totem, a tribute to legends, a talisman against evil and bad luck;
  • dragon's eye - power, might, secret knowledge, higher forces;
  • crown - High self-esteem, high social status, zeal for leadership.

3D tattoo

In 3d format master can depict any picture, but in the end it will turn out volumetric with the illusion of perception of space. The newfangled trend has become a leader in popularity, such tattoos on the brush can be the following options:

  • eye - a sign of new knowledge, a new outlook on life, divination;
  • portrait - most often a girl's face, as a symbol of love and weakness of the guy in front of the opposite sex;
  • imitation woodcarving - intricate and impressive patterns, reminiscent of a piece of wood cutting into the skin;
  • biomechanics - patterns of knives, daggers, plunging as if into the hand or metal hooks, gears, pistons and even nails digging into the skin;
  • scorpion - a symbol of danger, ruthlessness, willingness to defend themselves.

Sketches of male tattoos on the hands

The selection of a picture should be paid special attention, because this picture will always be in view throughout your life. That's why you shouldn't stab a loved one's name on the brush or give in to a momentary impulse.

The hand brush is not suitable for large-scale works or paintings with a lot of small details that can merge into one smeared spot. Picking up the sketches of male tattoos on the arms it is desirable to choose medium-sized drawings with a soft drawing of lines.

Also at once it is necessary to decide on the size and location:

  • Rib of the palm;
  • The entire outer surface of the hand;
  • The area around the thumb;
  • Tattoo on a part of a hand with a transition to fingers or a wrist.

However, you can go backwards: choose an image you like and discuss with the master the best option of its location on the hand and the possibility of adapting it to this part of the hand. To facilitate the agony of choice, below are the most spectacular and sought-after sketches.

Options for tattoos

Native paintings can be selected for all tastes and colors. For sophisticated personalities, a small inscription on the side of the fingers to put them together and read an aphorism or phrase in Latin, French and English is suitable. Popular and Chinese symbols, they are placed at the base of the thumb or on the rib of the hand.

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More strong-willed individuals decide to score a small tattoo on the hand in black, so as not to stand out too much. Such drawings look neat and effective. However, extraordinary creative people choose multicolored images on the entire lower part of the limb, sometimes extending to the wrist, elbow or shoulder. Black paintings look interesting when there is play of shadows and smooth transitions from dark to light.

Mysterious individuals more to the taste of prefabricated tattoos. Their elements are stacked into a picture if you put your two hands into a fist, cross your fingers or put your two index fingers together. The wings of a proud bird with an hourglass signifying freedom look very beautiful.

In the criminal world, tattooing in this place has long been given a special semantic coloring: several dots and crosses in the lower part of the hand are applied to thieves. A spider in a spider's web is a sign of a drug addict, and mysterious bats are a symbol of a nighttime thief.

Men's tattoos on the hand since ancient times meant courage and strength. Often there are skulls in red and black colors, strange creatures with sharp teeth and growths, all-seeing eye, predators, fire, and less often the signs of the zodiac. Relevant and tribal patterns, often found tattoos from hand to elbow, photos and sketches of which you can see in the section on sleeves.

A volumetric image in any color scheme looks beautiful, especially the skeleton and finger joints. There are portraits of children or women, as well as ships with crystals. Musical instruments, mostly guitars, look original. Popular styles are biomechanics and tribal. Men more often than women imprint pictures on the palms of their hands, mostly protective signs and symbols.


Inscriptions on the hands of men can be safely attributed to a separate category of tattoos, the demand for which never ends. As a rule, in men's tattoos, the inscription is oriented either on the rib of the palm, or in the area of the knuckles. Sometimes small slogans are placed all over the back of the palm, using large fonts and "alignment" in the center.

The content of the inscription, as well as the choice of font, depends on personal preference. In most cases, the inscription reflects a life credo or a stable expression that characterizes the owner's worldview and motivates great accomplishments. They also inscribe significant dates, love messages, religious phrases, names of military units, blood type, name of a favorite character, etc.

A distinctive feature of inscriptions on the hands is the use of Latin or Cyrillic script. Hieroglyphs for inscriptions on this part of the hand are used extremely rarely and are usually arranged in a column from the wrist to the little finger or ring finger.

Popular Ideas

Ideas for performing tattoos on the male palm are numerous. When professionally implemented, they all look beautiful and original (photos of tattoos can be viewed in the gallery).

  • Recognition among men received inscriptions. Usually they are placed in a circle, on the top or on the rib of the palm. Many men since the last century, after serving in the army or serving time in prison, have left initials or dates of birth - their own or their beloved woman. Today, men's inscriptions have changed. They represent words or sentences in different languages (including hieroglyphs).
  • The image of an eye is also common. It can be an all-seeing eye placed in the center of a triangle, or the eye of Fatima, which is a talisman in Turkey or Arab countries. Each man puts its own meaning into this tattoo: the desire to have a connection with the cosmos or a protection against all adversities.
  • The original solution would be to place in the center of the palm 3D image of a normal eye, so that when clenched in a fist, he "closed".
  • A lot of guys choose the image of a spider with a spider web, a crab, a scorpion and other insects, the small size of which is perfect for a tattoo on the man's palm.
  • An absolutely original and bold step will be the drawing of additional lines. Chiromancers say that in this way you can radically change your destiny.
  • Men's palms with schematic depictions of animals or with a realistic drawing of an animal head are also in demand. Often, portraits of pets are put on the hand as a sign of love or memory.
  • Very original look paired tattoos, located on both hands, which are two fragments. When connected, such drawings form one complete picture.

Watch video on the subject

Flora and fauna

The second most popular images are shared by birds, animals and plants:

  1. As for feathered birds, the lead is taken by eagles, owls, crows and small birdies for miniature pictures. Image options abound: from a full-color eagle in full brush to a miniature hummingbird hovering modestly in a corner next to the little finger. You can also play up the image by placing the bird's beak on the phalanges of your fingers. Each bird has its own meaning, but in a general sense it is freedom of will and spirit, not wanting to live within the framework of public opinion.
  2. Animals are associated with character traits, so most stuffed lions (it is also a symbol of loveliness), tigers, wolves, bears, elephants. Sometimes there are interesting images of frogs, horses or dogs. The last option is most interesting in the stylized form of the ancient god of the Egyptians - Anubis. The variation of the image is also important. For example, a grinning face is a sign of aggression, while a quiet expression suggests strength of mind and restraint on the part of the wearer.
  3. Insects and arthropods are also often found on brushes and basically play the role of a talisman. For example, the Egyptian scarab, one of the guardians of the afterlife, or the bee, Bonaparte's mascot and symbol of hard work. Often there are images of night moths, dragonflies or ladybugs that bring good luck. But spiders or scorpions are the choice of men who are mysterious and dangerous.
  4. Plants are considered a more feminine subject, but many of them take their rightful place among men's tattoos, especially among creative people. Popular branches of laurel, cloverleaf, stuffed for good luck, as well as roses, peonies or dandelions, symbolizing the transience of life. Those familiar with Eastern cultures are more impressed with lotus flowers or sakura.

True philosophers choose images of sea animals, which also give room for the imagination. For example, an aggressive shark, a mysterious horse, a friendly dolphin or a wise snail.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

Such a tattoo choose bold and decisive girls who have a strong character and will. They occupy leadership positions in society, and people listen to their opinion. Tattoo can indicate affiliation with a particular political current, if the appropriate symbols are depicted next to it.

A fist with a rose or other flower communicates duality of character. The owners of such a tattoo in difficult situations can show courage, bravery and determination, and in simple life to be gentle and romantic.

Symbols .

This can include any symbolism: symbols of faith of ancient civilizations, modern religious signs or a drawing of an object that gives force. Images of the zodiac signs and symbolic drawings are also worth noting here:

  • The heart symbolizes love and vitality;
  • The skull symbolizes the immortality of the soul and the corruptibility of the body;
  • the eye - the secret knowledge (association with the Masonic symbolism);
  • ankh (or key of life) is an Egyptian symbol of power;
  • the rose of the winds indicates the fearlessness of the wearer;
  • the feather symbolizes lightness of nature and spirituality;
  • compass helps in finding the right answers and right solutions;
  • Sun symbolizes strength and energy;
  • the moon is a sign of mystery and hidden desires.

In fact, the symbols for tattoos are presented in great variety. Many of them have unambiguous and well-known meanings, such as the sign of infinity, the Yin-Yang, the cross, the dream catcher, etc. The meaning of others is hidden from outsiders and known only to the wearer and his inner circle.

Mini tattoos - less details, maximum meaning

Small drawings for tattoos, despite their size, look masculine. Often, it's simplicity of lines, but a maximum of meaning. As small drawings for tattoos choose:
  • flowers;
  • initials;
  • feathers;
  • symbols;
  • keys, etc.

Also mini tattoos can be a good start for those who want a tattoo, but do not dare to do a large figure. A small figure will be easier to get used to and easier to face criticism from others.

Care for tattoos on the hands

Caring for tattoos on the hands is not as easy as it seems. The surface is easy to handle without help, but there are many nuances. The first treatment master will hold still in the salon and necessarily give recommendations for further care. Therefore, let's mention only the things that should not be done:

  • healing takes up to 30 days and during this period it is necessary to protect the brush from direct contact with dirt;
  • do not rub the surface or forcibly remove the crusts that have formed;
  • Do not use aggressive detergents: antibacterial or alkaline soaps;
  • limit the number of hours spent in the sun;
  • In winter you should not wear tight gloves;

You also need to limit physical activity (if you need to engage the hands) and going to the gym. Otherwise, the use of specialized creams, and gentle treatment will help more quickly restore metabolic processes in the tissues.

Other cool tattoo ideas in the photo

Here are a couple of non-trivial and beautiful solutions in different styles that will help you create a stunning brush sketch.

A double drawing on the hands is always a win-win solution, even if the chosen sketch is quite ordinary.

Brush tattooing is a bold step that should not be rushed. For the first session of the tattoo girls and at all should prefer a more secluded area of application.


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For men