Tattoo on the wrist Men - meanings and designs for girls and men

Tattoo - it's not just a decorative ornament on the body, it is a demonstration of tastes, hobbies, preferences and goals in life. Especially it concerns the new-fangled tattoos on the wrist for men that are presented in different categories - inscriptions and hieroglyphs, miniature and complicated drawings, characters, brutal, symbolic and memorable, as well as funny beautiful pictures.

To determine your choice, take into account your character, image, age. Photos with examples of top sketches, detailed interpretations of each, as well as tips on applying and styling can help. All of these criteria will be presented in the article below.

Tattoos on the wrist in men. The trendiest options

A cool wrist image isn't just a matter of aesthetics, it's a whole group of categories of items to choose from. There are many suitable ideas and themes, but the list of top ideas for 2021 suggests the following designs:

Trayble pattern. - More often a single pattern, but if you try particularly hard, on a limited area of the skin, the master can also perform a whole ornament. The patterns came into modernity from the era of the ancient Maya and Maori Indians. They denote the patronage of higher forces, the unity of the human body and soul.

Bracelet - This may be an imitation of a clock, indicating the transience of life, a bracelet of barbed wire or even 3D tattoo with imitation stitched hands, brutal and bold nail purely decorative character.

The inscription - In this place, many men mark their blood type, important dates in life, years of service or company/ squad, words of life credo or names of relatives.

Cross - A religious symbol for guys, denoting religion, love of God, rich inner world, and the wearer's religiosity.

Skull . - would seem to be a symbol of death, but for many it is a talisman against danger and risk to life. The drawing will remind of the transience of life, the value of every moment.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master Tattooist, 8 years experience

The initial criterion for choosing a tattoo - symbolism and deciphering of the image, and only after - the location on the body. A tattoo on the wrist is a great choice for the first experience, because it is easy to hide with a sleeve of clothing, and in the open form it will be visible to all.

Ahimsa: non-violence

  • Om: this tattoo is an image of a sacred mantra.
  • Yin-Yang: perhaps one of the most popular tattoos in the world (on any part of the body). It represents the harmony between two complementary forces. It comes from ancient Chinese philosophy.
  • IK Onkar: this is a powerful statement that signifies one supreme reality. Derived from Sikhism.

Features of tattoos on the wrist in men

A tattoo on the wrist is the choice of those men who do not yet dare to cover their arm with a natal drawing, but are willing to start small. The main features and advantages of such tattoos are as follows:

  • they attract attentionallowing you to show your personality;
  • at any time drawing can be hidden The pattern can be hidden from prying eyes at any time;
  • the skin in the area will not deform the design During weight gain or loss;
  • the tattoo can express professional affiliation and hobbies.

For reference! In the wrist area, most drawings require regular adjustments, at least once a year. This is due to the distortion and burnout of the outline and colors due to the curvature of the hand in that area and exposure to sunlight.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my wrist?

Any beginner in the matter of body art attaches particular importance to the pain threshold. For each person, this parameter is individual. What does the sensitivity of the tattoo depend on:

  • the thickness of the skin;
  • the depth of the piercing;
  • The number of nerve endings;
  • The presence or absence of a fat layer;
  • the equipment and paints used;
  • professionalism of the master.

Do you consider the wrist a good place for your first tattoo?


In terms of anatomy, for most men the procedure here will be painful, as the skin is thin and sensitive. The good thing is that the design here is mostly of moderate complexity and scale.

Styles and colors that are popular for wrist tattoos

The best tattoos in the area of the bend of the arm and pulse feel can be performed in all sorts of styles, it all depends on the choice and preferences of the client, the recommendations of the master, as well as the selection of the sketch. The most trending currents today are as follows:

Monochrome and clear geometry;

believable and impressive realism;

simple and light minimalism;

gloomy blackwork;

soft and aesthetically appealing Dotwork;

frightening and creative biomechanics;

bright colorful watercolor;

three-dimensional and illusory 3D format;

classic old-school;

aggressive and bold thrash polka, etc.

Monochrome monochrome drawings are preferred by adult, brutal men with strict conservative views. Young people, creative and creative individuals, stylists and fashionistas prefer colorful eye-catching drawings.

Inscriptions with meaning

An inscription in a small area of the body will look original and clear to the man. This can be a tattoo, capable of influencing the future, to motivate the wearer, to be a reminder of past events or a motto in life. Most often the following inscription themes are chosen:

  • Character traits and characteristics inherent in a man;
  • General information about the work, study, service and other information;
  • philosophical sayings and quotations of great men;
  • names of dearest people;
  • inscriptions in foreign languages;
  • Chinese or Japanese characters.


A separate cult for many connoisseurs of tattoo culture became hieroglyphs from the Chinese or Japanese language. They hide a lot of advantages - a unique aesthetics, mystique, brevity and maximum informative, the ability to influence the consciousness and the future. For example:

  • - happiness and good luck;
  • - love;
  • 实信(實信)- strong faith;
  • - tranquility;
  • - enlightenment.

Important! It is extremely responsible and attentive to the choice of characters. In Eastern countries there are still a huge number of different dialects, where the same symbol can be understood dramatically differently.


Another popular category, which presents interesting ideas for tattooing on the wrist are the living creatures and plants. Each category provides its own understanding and sacred meaning, for example:

flowers - botanical subjects and patterns, which emphasize the subtle and creative nature, the rich inner world and romanticism of the owner;

birds - almost every character is the embodiment of freedom of soul, flight, determination and sharp mind;

animals - each animal is an association with the traits and qualities of a man's character, the desire to imitate a wolf, bear, lion, jaguar, etc;

insects - Many variants are amulets and talismans, attracting to the fate of the owner good luck, a developed mind and intuition, spirituality.

The most often performed among animals is either just a muzzle, grin, or paw or trace, also here are relevant minimalist miniature drawings. Birds are more easily placed on the wrist, men often choose crows, eagles, hummingbirds and flocks. Insects are also harmonious, they are different beetles, spiders, ladybugs, moths and wasps. Flowers are less frequently used, they can be peonies, lotuses and roses.

Commemorative tattoos

Another interesting option is the design of a commemorative tattoo, which will immortalize important events from the past. For example:

  • An inscription relating to service in the army and / or under contract;
  • An inscription about receiving an education;
  • professional badges;
  • date of birth of children;
  • date of marriage or acquaintance with the chosen one;
  • date associated with tragic events;
  • the name of the girl, wife, children, relatives;
  • scarring to immortalize the mark of trauma, accident, etc.


With the help of symbolism and sacred objects you can attract positive changes in destiny, protect yourself from negativity and evil, change your worldview and much more. This is the place on the hand most often struck:

  • sun - eternity, power, warmth, wisdom, the unity of earth and sky;
  • YinYang balance of opposites and energies, feminine and masculine;
  • zodiac sign - will enhance strengths and talents, protect against evil and weakness;
  • pattern and ornamentation - Infinity, cyclicality, spiritual and physical strength;
  • talismans and amulets - a number of symbols that guarantee to attract success, prosperity, health and good luck;
  • weapons - such symbols speak of belligerence and a willingness to defend one's interests.


What is brutality, determines each man for himself individually. For one, a drawing of a weapon will look brutal, for another - the warrior, and the third would consider as such a laconic sketch in gloomy tones. Definitely under this category fall the following ideas for men:

  • wild animals - strength, power, danger, masculinity and courage;
  • animal grin - danger, readiness to defend oneself, aggression;
  • Celtic symbols - immortality and infinity of the human soul, strength and intelligence;
  • polynesian patterns - unity of body and soul, patronage of higher forces;
  • mythical characters each representative is associated with a man's character and behavior.

Mini tattoos

If a man holds strict views, appreciates simplicity and brevity, you can consider the option of small tattoos on the wrist, for example:

  • anchor - The search for the right path in life, the firmness of preconceptions and views;
  • sun - warmth, energy, creativity;
  • note - symbol of a light creative nature, love of music and art;
  • the cross is. Religiosity, a desire for the patronage of higher powers;
  • the sign of infinity - Acceptance of the cyclical nature of everything in the material and spiritual world.

Beautiful and cool tattoos

A cool image can be appealing and mesmerizing, or it can be positive and humorous. If a man is by nature a light and cheerful person with an unconventional vision of the world, he may be close to such ideas as:

  • clock - Imitation, performed in the style of realism or 3D;
  • bracelet - decorative jewelry without serious semantic meaning;
  • character - Oriental tribute to Eastern culture and a way to create intrigue;
  • arabic script - unmatched in terms of aesthetics;
  • stars - a symbol of uniqueness and originality;
  • abstraction - creative flair and originality;
  • reptiles - symbol of a passionate and sensual nature;
  • movie or cartoon character - a demonstration of love and respect for the subject;
  • strokecode - Demonstration of a special attitude towards oneself, recognition of one's uniqueness;
  • money - The desire for wealth and self-fulfillment.

Zodiac sign.

They are popular with both sexes and all 12 have different meanings:

  1. Aries: represents energy, confidence, courage and impatience
  2. Taurus: represents love, patience, practicality and understanding
  3. Gemini: embodies balance, adaptability, flexibility, and support
  4. Cancer: embodies conservatism, capriciousness, sympathy, and loyalty
  5. Leo: embodies leadership, brevity, intuition, and hardheadedness
  6. Virgo: embodies inquisitiveness, intuition, shows that one is analytical and a team player
  7. Libra: embodies stability, harmony, romance and charm.
  8. Scorpio: embodies passion, intelligence, intuition and emotions.
  9. Sagittarius: embodies wit, wit, impatience and adventurousness.
  10. Capricorn: embodies practicality, restraint, patience, and an organized personality
  11. Aquarius: embodies honesty, loyalty, intelligence, and laziness
  12. Pisces: embodies wit, selflessness, honesty and compassion

Is there a recommendation for a tattoo on the wrist?

If you have finally decided on a sketch, found an experienced master and are ready for the procedure of drawing on the body, be sure to heed a few tips:

  • If the skin in this place is often under direct sunlight, give preference to monochrome sketches with a clear edge, otherwise the drawing will quickly burn out;
  • Remember that because of the bend of the hand the tattoo will need to be periodically adjusted;
  • Do not apply the drawing in the place where there are stretch marks and other skin deformations, so that later the drawing will not become deformed;
  • If you do not tolerate pain, choose simple and small sketches, ask the master to use painkillers;
  • match the character and emotional message of the image with yourselfIt is important that it complements you and harmonizes with your appearance;
  • Before you go to the master, do not forget to print out a photo of the proposed sketch.

Be sure to pay attention to how tolerant the dress code of your professional activity is to the desired type of tattoo. Remember, with the selected beautiful and currently relevant picture you will have to coexist for the rest of the time.

Popular Styles

There is a huge selection of designs to choose from. To make your search easier, pick a style and its characteristic subjects.

The following options are in demand today:

  1. Dotwork is a technique of dot-drawing. Suitable for geometric figures and abstract ornaments.
  2. Graphics - pictures in the power of ancient prints with characteristic subjects: chivalry, mythology, Gothic.
  3. Linework is a technique using lines. Characterized by minimalism and brevity, combines with other styles.
  4. Realism - complex and time-consuming work to recreate a detailed image on the skin, including in the direction of 3D.
  5. Watercolor - the illusion of a watercolor on the skin.
  6. Chicano - depicting scenes of criminal everyday life in the Mexican areas of the United States.
  7. Biomechanics - drawing that creates the illusion of robotic limbs.
  8. Old skool - a bright, classic style with slightly naive plots.

Examples of tattoos on the wrist that are not recommended to apply

What should not be used as tattoo ideas on the wrist:

  • cartoon characters. - Sooner or later such a drawing will be discordant with the owner;
  • subcultural marks - all hobbies and hobbies are temporary, which is not the case with tattoos;
  • "white" tattoo - a popular trend, but from afar such drawings do not look aesthetically pleasing, as if scars and stains;
  • names - sooner or later the relevance of the picture will exhaust itself.

The win-win option is an idea that will always be relevant to both the man and his lifestyle and image. Otherwise you will have to use a laser, which is very painful and expensive, long and painful to remove the dye from under the skin.

Celtic pattern.

Fascinating look has a tattoo in the style of Celtic patterns - peculiar patterns, intertwined with each other, creating a single pattern. The Celts themselves were convinced that the mysterious ornaments had magical properties. Each symbol has its own interpretation.

In the Celtic knot symbols, you can see areas that resemble a labyrinth, and this is no accident, because the philosophy of the Celts says that life is a labyrinth, through which a person goes, and it depends on him what he will come and who he will be.

The basic symbols and their meanings:

  1. Cross. Means four sides of the world and their harmony. Protects from the pernicious influence of evil thoughts of enemies, inspires wisdom in the mind.
  2. Heart. A love symbol denoting the eternal union of body and soul between two lovers.
  3. Birds. Sign of the will of the spirit and freedom of the body. Bird, which brings good news-pigeon, raven - on the contrary, and heron-symbol of caution.
  4. Snake. A symbol that protects the health of man. Analogy of the snake changes its skin, as well as man, constantly energetically regenerated. Also symbolizes wisdom.
  5. Shamrock. Today the most common symbol of the Celts, found even in marketing, as the symbol has a powerful attraction of goods as money and good luck. The three leaves are the elements of fire, water and earth.

The Celts believed that mystical symbols could influence a person's destiny, because any symbol was a metaphor for a path long into eternity.


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