Tattoo on the elbow. Meaning tattoos on the elbow. Sketches and photos of tattoos on the elbow.

Since ancient times, the bright celestial fireflies have been of interest to mankind and made them admire their beauty. Stars have a variety of meanings and symbolism. It is worth noting that this is a fairly common symbol, which is indirectly mentioned and interacts with almost every religion that exists in the world. However, none of the existing religious statements are directly related to this mysterious symbol. In this case, the symbols and interpretations of this sign can be incredibly numerous, and they differ significantly in meaning and essence. However, tattoos with stars can take both a positive and a negative character. Like tattoos in places not so remote, there is a hierarchy of images on the body. These tattoos are applied to the skin according to the prison traditions that are observed in this isolated world. It is worth taking into consideration the fact that such images are applied with a certain meaning and serve as a kind of a prisoner's business card. Therefore, by means of such an image, you can learn the meaning of the star tattoo on the elbow.

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Tattoo meaning of a spider's web

Tattoo "spider web": meaning and meaning of the image

In today's world, quite a lot of importance is given to tattoos and piercings. Young guys and girls accentuate their sketches and body modifications for the purpose of self-expression and directly the very becoming in society. However before you stuff up your first tattoo, it is worth to study in detail all aspects of this action and think about the future sketch. Many masters do not recommend beating the first sketch you see, as more often than not, such rash actions can lead to a variety of situations.

What sketches are popular?

To the most popular sketches of future tattoos can be attributed small inscriptions and hieroglyphs, cats, geometric figures, as well as uncomplicated patterns that smoothly flow into any object. Quite popular in recent years and tattoos in the form of spider webs. Similar images tattoo-masters advise their customers to apply in the neck, collarbones, and also on the bend of the elbow and ankles.

Tattoo "spider web": meaning and significance

Many fans of tattoos and piercings in the first place are interested in the meaning of the image they are stuffed with. In most cases before the session the client already knows approximately what he wants, as well as learns the meaning and significance of the future tattoo in advance. Some masters offer their sketches with ready-made explanations and unusual ways of applying images: dotwork, blackwork and so on.

The meaning of the tattoo in the form of a spider web can be interpreted completely differently. English prison tattoo, which includes this image, means that this man denies everything and everything, does not adhere to any or moral principles, and is completely subject only to himself and his beliefs. Often people who pad their bodies with various images of a spider without a spider do not take into account either social, state or prison laws.

A modern view

As you can see, still tattoos in this area are popular among the strong sex, so we will talk about them. on the elbow are distinguished by their plot and clarity of lines. The black color, the contrast, the image that carries a certain, powerful meaning - all this helps a man to declare to the whole world about himself, about his character traits. Among popular ideas for tattoos should be highlighted the helmet of terror, as well as the razor on the elbow.

Tattoo on the elbow of a girl is rather a part of body decoration, which does not carry any semantic load, but simply serves a decorative function. Girls can place the names of their loved ones on the elbow. flowers, Indian ornaments, etc.

Remember that each person's elbow shape is different, and depending on what it is, you need to pick up a pattern. By the way, you can also consult your maker about this. We wish you good luck, easy sessions, if you dare and quick healing. And remember, a tattoo is something you do for yourself, not for someone else, so listen to your heart and do as you please.

Features and meaning of the star tattoo on the elbow

In the traditions of the prison world, tattoos have become the norm and even an obligation for anyone who has made it behind the walls of a prison cell. After all, these body images play an important role in the distribution of supremacy among prisoners. It is worth noting that any society has its own rules, which must obey all without exception. Thieves' tattoos are particularly popular, namely illustrations of stars on certain areas of the skin, such as the collarbones, elbows and knees. Of course, these images have their own individual designations that symbolize specific beliefs. Star tattoos are more inherent in the elite circles of the criminal world, namely thieves in law, for whom this type of activity is the meaning of a lifetime. Images on the elbows and knees symbolize the inviolability of the principles and goals of a person who sees himself only in the guise of an offender and rebel.

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Black work" and "Dot work" styles in elbow tattoos

In recent years, people wishing to do a tattoo on the elbow, are increasingly paying attention to the style of "Black work". As follows from the translation ("black work"), the basic principle of the application of such a tattoo - it is completely filled in with black color image areas. When applying such a tattoo, geometric designs and patterns are used. As a rule, the master places the patterns on the contour of the elbow, and the center of the elbow is scored with black pigment.

This style of tattooing is ideal for application in the elbow area, as it allows you to apply a high-quality image with clear contours.

"Dot work" translates as dot work. The principle of the "Dot work" style is interesting. The image is applied to the body with the help of individual dots. Volume and tonal transitions in the picture are achieved by a dense concentration of dots in certain areas of the tattoo. This style originates from Native American and African cultures, where this type of tattoo has a sacred meaning and has been used for thousands of years.


"Dot work" - quite a young direction of tattooing, so not in every city you can find a professional who will qualitatively apply a tattoo in this style.

Why here?

Tattoo on the elbow - a phenomenon not common, but recently they are found on the hands of most people. Their popularity is due to the fact that it looks, at least, unusual and extravagant. Such images on the body allow you to make the image more interesting, make it bright colors and surprise.

About the advantages of such a tattoo it is necessary to know, because they become the last straw, which helps to decide on such a responsible step. So, among the advantages are the following factors:

  • spectacular and aesthetic appearance. Of course, such tattoos look incredibly cool and interesting. And it does not matter if it will be a rose on the elbow, or Slavic amulets, a rotunda or triangles on the elbow. In any case, you will be noticed and your tattoo will definitely be noticed;
  • The possibility of hiding the design when you want to. The elbow is a part of the body that is not always in plain sight. Most of the time it is hidden by clothing, allowing you to hide the tattoo almost all year round if you want to. Likewise, you'll be able to openly display the design if you wish to feel the rapturous glances of passersby and receive compliments;
  • Variety of locations. Here you can really "run wild" tattoo master. The area allows you to make a tattoo of small, medium or large size. Everything will depend directly on your desire, but the opportunity is. About the variety of places we will talk a little later.

Small tattoos on the elbow, an eye and a fish

Of course, this place also has its disadvantages and they should be mentioned too. For example, the painfulness of this procedure is comparable to tattooing on the knee. As there, the skin on the elbow is quite thin and the bone here is quite close, which means that pain and discomfort are possible during the session.

Polynesian style elbow patterns Celtic patterns, Celtic cross, circle, and animal patterns
Therefore, if you want to score yourself a cool tattoo in the style of "Polynesia" or a huge Celtic pattern, think in advance about the complexity and size of the image. These factors determine the procedure duration and, therefore, the duration of painful sensations. Prepare in advance anesthetics with which you can minimize the unpleasant sensations.

Beautiful abstract patterns

As for the aesthetic appearance, there are questions here, too. For example, if you want to score beautiful ornaments, mandalas or other complex drawing, which has many small details, choose only the master, about whom his clients speak well.

Where to get a tattoo?

Today there are many different places where you can get a tattoo. If we talk specifically about the elbow area, that here it is necessary to allocate the following places:

  • From the elbow to the hand. Such images can be safely equated with the sleeves. Especially cool look female tattoos from wrist to elbow in the form of a rose or floral pattern. This gives an image of tenderness, lightness and femininity;
  • Around the elbow. Such tattoos are also called bracelets. It is cool to stuff here colored delicate ornaments, inscriptions in Latin with a meaning that is very important for the bearer of the tattoo, etc;
  • above the elbow. Both small and large drawings can be placed here. The subjects can be light or elaborate, which then become part of the overall composition;
  • Below the elbow. Recently, tattoos in this area have become very fashionable and are printed by almost everyone. Here you can find a black and white cross, hieroglyphs, etc;
  • On the bend of the elbow. Most often here they place a spider web, as well as various animals with open mouths. It looks as effective and cool as possible. Tattoo web at the elbow means fidelity to his ideas and principles, it can also have a prison value (a symbol of remorse in thieves);
  • Tattoo under the elbow. Here, to impose a tattoo rather painful, but it is worth it, because it looks incredibly effective. In this zone, you can place a black sun on the elbow, as well as a large star;
  • Tattoos on the inner side of the elbow. They look extremely delicate and neat and it is best to tattoo something small and uncomplicated in this area. The coolest look here are the minimalist designs, which involve simple lines, black and high contrast.

Colored symmetrical stars on the elbows

Black sun

Tattoos on the elbow and their meaning

The word "elbow" has several meanings. But, all of them are associated with a part of the body - the bend of the arm and the joint located here. So, since the 11 th century in the Russian chronicles appears measure of length, called the elbow. It is approximately 45 centimeters.


This is the average length of the ulna together with the hand. The measure of length has fallen into oblivion. But, the areas on the sleeves of garments in contact with the joints of the hands are still called elbows. A drawing may also be in contact with the bend. Tattoos on the arms are classics of the genre. Let's find out what the patterns on the bends of the limbs mean.

The meaning of the tattoo on the elbow

Elbows are unsightly, but unattainable. There is a "quest" called "Lick Your Elbow" for a reason. The anatomy of the body does not allow it. But it is possible to "curb" the elbows by putting a kind of seal on them. That's what tattoos become. They are not among the popular ones.

The reason is the quality of the skin in the working area. The skin is rough and wrinkled. Only few sketches can be printed on them. Paintings required are simple, without any clear detail. Otherwise, the picture will be far from the sketch, vague and inarticulate.


Tattoo on the elbow - sketchesIn the meaning of which is easy to understand just because of the limited subjects. The most effective on the joints of the hands look geometric compositions. The leader among them is Stars on the elbows. Tattoo wears, for example, Timati. The rapper considers the tattoo as a symbol of his own stardom, popularity and success. This interpretation is acceptable, because the celestial luminaries are unattainable.

Another interpretation of the image is also related to this. In prisons, stars on the elbows, or knees, are awarded to prisoners of the highest caste, for example, thieves in the law. It is exclusively about five-pointed stars. There are also drawings with more rays. The Star of Bethlehem, which illuminated the way to the newborn Jesus, has eight rays. The hexagram of David has six rays. It is considered the unspoken emblem of the people of Israel.


It turns out that the stars-.Tattoos on the elbow - photo.That can have both religious and social, criminal meaning. It all depends on the nuances of the images. For example, the red pentagon is a sign of nostalgia for the Soviet past, an emblem of communism. In prisons, colored dyes are a luxury. Therefore, criminal stars, although about five rays, are black.

In addition to the stars, on the folds of the hands looks spectacular spider's web. On the elbow of the tattoo can, as well as the stars, indicate a person's criminal past. The image is applied to those who have served a long sentence. The tattoo symbolizes that the prisoner has been in a cell so long that even spiders have woven nets on him.


The picture is always black and white. To get rid of the prison connotation, it is enough to add flowers to the tattoo. Such a picture can become a symbol of inaccessibility and a guardian against evil spirits. The interpretation is related to the views of the North American Indians. Redskins hung spider webs over the cradles of their children as the most vulnerable in the tribe. Demons were entangled in the threads like flies.

Men's elbow tattoos

Representatives of the stronger sex do tattoos on the elbow more often than women. In part, this is due to the multitude of criminal sketches for the zone of bending arms. The unattractiveness of the joints also plays a role. Girls believe that drawings on the elbows are not able to emphasize their beauty.


For guys to accentuate the masculine, rough parts of the body is even fashionable. However, only a few people paint over the joints. Often, they do Tattoos from the elbow to the hand.. They are called sleeves. There are complete compositions, or composed of multiple tattoo, made at different periods of life.

Tattoos on the arm up to the elbow и shoulder to elbow tattoos. David Beckham has one. That is, the athlete covered all his hands from bottom to top with patterns. The images are monochrome. Angels, inscriptions, stars and clouds are in black and white. The soccer player is religious. Therefore, on Beckham's body a lot of plots of religious themes. David's wife is also a Christian. She supports her husband in everything, including his passion for tattoos.


Tattoo "sleeve" to the elbow Justin Timberlake also wears a tattoo. His tattoo is also of a religious nature. It depicts the Virgin Mary. The woman is drawn full-length, surrounded by a halo and a frame. In general, the picture is indistinguishable from some icons. Justin also has tattoos in the form of stars.

They are located along the elbow bone. At the same time, the joint itself has remained intact. Because of the quality of the skin on the folds of the hands, drawings are most often placed around them. The same Timati. For example, the stars are not painted in the center.

Female elbow tattoos

Girls vote for Inscriptions on the elbow. Tattoo Apply just above or below the joint, like a bracelet. It turns out an elegant composition, not devoid of philosophical meaning. It depends on the chosen phrase. The line "all around vanity" indicates the desire of women to refer to what is happening in the world easier.


The inscription "goodbye, and love me" indicates a hard-won breakup. There are thousands of ready-made lines for tattoos. They are quotes, winged expressions, single words such as love, rock, God. Popular choices are translated into most languages. Girls can use Spanish, French, English, Arabic script, or Hebrew.

In addition to inscriptions, ladies order tattoo flowers. The buds look advantageous on all parts of the body. For elbows, daisies and other buds with pronounced hearts are recommended. They can be left unpainted, minimizing the pain of tattooing. Joints are painful areas. The needle almost touches the bone, bringing some to tears. So, sometimes it's easier to choose an elbow to wrist tattoothan to do one tiny image directly on the bend of the arm.


The edging for the elbow can become a heart. This cute symbol indicates romance young lady, her femininity and sentimentality. A sign of lightness and the desire to fly are the butterflies.

They are also included in the sketches for the elbows. The main thing is not to overload the insect with details. Smiley faces and suns look great on the joints. With them, women's hands become an object of general attention, as well as the owners of the tattoos.


For women

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