Mehendi for Beginners: Where to Start, What Tools Do You Need?

Every girl deep down dreams of decorating her body with an interesting drawing, but for many "eternal" tattoos is too serious a step. We propose to consider how to do temporary henna tattoos, provide interesting stencils for girls, tell about the principle of application and how long the paint lasts, as well as the price of the powder.

Mendi or henna drawing - is a very ancient art of decorating the body of women. It was used in ancient Egypt, India, Persia and even some Slavic peoples. This technique allows you to leave elegant and cute marks on the body, leg, arm, etc., but most importantly, it is not permanent, because the paint is applied exactly on the surface of the skin, not under it.

Most often biotattoos with henna, basma or pictures with the mixture of these substances can be seen on the hands (palms, wrists), legs (feet), bikini (erotic biotattoo), back and lower back. The most desperate representatives of the beautiful half of humanity also draw patterns on the neck, chest, decorate the inscription on the shoulder or hips.

A henna tattoo

What is mehendi?

The art of applying mehendi originated a long time ago. It is known that even in Ancient Egypt, members of the upper classes decorated their skin with images made of henna paste. The traditions of this art were further developed in India and the Arab East.

mehendi for beginners

The patterns had a mystical meaning, they were supposed to protect the wearer from the evil eye, to bring good luck and prosperity.

Nowadays, both girls and guys try to decorate themselves by drawing mehendi. In the drawings are no longer invested mystical meanings, but there are certain traditions that allow you to understand the meaning of each symbol.

Because the drawing is made with a natural dye based paint (henna is obtained from the leaves of the lavsonia plant), the epidermis is not damaged, like when applying tattoos. On the contrary, mehendi (or mendi - called henna drawings and so on) strengthens the skin, nourishing it with vitamins and trace elements. This strengthening effect has given the art another name - "biotattooing".

The paint lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, the pattern does not lose its brightness and retains its attractive appearance. After 5-6 weeks the picture comes off completely, leaving only pleasant memories.

Where can I get a henna tattoo?

Before you make an appointment with the master, we recommend that you decide on the location of the temporary tattoo. So it will be much easier to pick up a picture from the proposed catalog.

Tattoo on hands

Most often as a zone for the application of henna tattoo girls choose the hands. And not only on the outer side, but also on the palms. As for the drawing itself, the animalistic genre looks very beautiful: unusual birds, insects and various animals. Such a solution will suit lovers of wildlife and those who are engaged in self-discovery.

Quite often, as a tattoo pictures with a plant theme are applied. Beautiful flowers, small leaves and climbing vines give the hands a special elegance. By the way girls note that with such patterns their movements become smooth and graceful.

Lace, openwork patterns are also popular. It is this option is chosen for large tattoos, as well as for themed photo shoots.

It should be noted that henna tattoos on the hands do not last too long. This is due to frequent exposure to water. Therefore, do not expect the drawing to last longer than a week.

The henna tattoo on legs

Unlike the previous variant, on feet the henna drawing is applied not often. According to the masters, this is due to the fact that partially the drawing is erased because of shoes. Also, many girls do not understand what image should be made to go well with mehendi.

However, if you like such options, then do not rush to abandon the idea. After all, if you want, you can make concise patterns that will become a decoration for the legs.

You can afford more voluminous options on vacation. Believe me, they will be pertinent at sea.

And some girls and do tattoos almost on the hip. Therefore, such a picture will be visible only if you wear short shorts.

Tattoo on the body

Make a neat, beautiful drawing, which will emphasize sophistication and a good figure can every girl. Depending on where you plan to henna tattoo, you need to choose a suitable form of pattern.

Perhaps it is on the back that the most varied drawings are found. Some are quite miniature, others look volumetric, and others resemble a work of art. And each of these options looks great.

Depending on your preference, you can choose simple lines, an intertwining of branches, a gorgeous flower, or a symbol that has special meaning to you. Each image is capable in its own way to emphasize the beauty or complement the image. So try to choose only what inspires you and gives you confidence.

No less beautiful look tattoos on the shoulder or forearm. Often, symbols that have special meaning for a person are applied to this place. Also quite often girls choose a beautiful flower.

On the neck, stomach and chest henna tattoos are done not so often. But if you choose a suitable drawing, it will look really worthy. If you are ready for such experiments, then be sure to try to choose something unusual to apply to any of these areas.

Where to begin your introduction to the world of mehendi?

If you have decided to find out how to draw mehendi at home, there may be some difficulties in determining priorities. The fact is that there is a lot of information about this art today, but there are almost no textbooks that set out the stages of learning mehendi for beginners, from the simple to the complex.

First of all, it is worth answering at what level you aspire to master the technique of applying mehendi. Here are a few options:

  • Learning only the basic basics. This level will help to make simple mehendi drawings by stencil. In the future, you can stop there or master the next steps.
  • Creating your own style. At this level, you need to make the transition from easy mehendi designs developed by other masters to creating your own patterns.
  • Creating your own business of applying henna patterns. An experienced master can paint mehendi at home or work in a beauty salon. Turning the hobby into a source of income, you can start your own business and achieve commercial success in it.

Having defined the purposes of mastering the art of biotattooing, it is necessary to define also the amount of money which you can at once dedicate to mastering skills. You will need to buy mehendi paint, as well as some tools.

mehendi for beginners

The last step that completes the preparation is finding a few drawings that you will start with.

Mehendi stencils are sold in specialized stores, but you can also make them yourself based on drawings on the Internet. Also, find a few people you know who will agree to be your first customers.


Mehendi: UGC
Choose the drawing "Om", or "Aum" to decorate your palms or wrists. In Buddhism and Hinduism, this symbol means the coded name of the Creator. It means wholeness and harmony of spirit and body, fusion of man and nature, body, spirit and speech, man's comprehension of his "Self".

It is recommended to be applied to women who seek knowledge of truth, awareness of their personality, want to achieve inner harmony. This sign is better to start a pattern and complete it.

Tools and materials for work

henna for mehendi

To create the first drawing, you will need to prepare a set of paints and tools for its application. The easiest solution is to buy a ready-made mehendi kit. However, such a set is often expensive (from 1,600 rubles) and does not always contain exactly what you need. It is much cheaper to assemble a toolkit by purchasing the components separately. Let us consider in detail each component of the arsenal of a master of mendicrafts.


Mehendi: UGC
If you choose simple drawings, then pay attention to the correct geometric shapes, which are endowed with special symbolism in mehendi.

The triangle, marked at an acute angle to the bottom, is a feminine symbol. It is feminine and symbolizes the power of water.

If you wrap the corner up, it will be the opposite sign - the fire. It is better to apply it to men, because such a triangle is the embodiment of masculinity.

How to create your own style: sources for inspiration

Today, an indispensable assistant for those who are looking for how to learn how to draw mehendi, is the Internet. There are many diagrams showing how to draw mehendi step by step, as well as cut-outs for stencils. All this at first will be the basis for learning.

Creating your own style is a more difficult task. Here is what the experienced masters of this art advise:

  • When studying the mehendi samples shown in the photo, do not forget about the anatomical differences. On a small brush, the drawing will look quite different than on a wide hand.

How to make mehendi at home

When everything is prepared and the first client is found (or maybe you decided to decorate yourself), you can start drawing. Do not start until you understand exactly how to do mehendi henna step by step. Prepare the materials and lay them out so that it is convenient to pick up and use each one.

Let's look at the instructions for mehendi in more detail:

  • The beginning of the work is to prepare the field on which you will apply the coloring paste. Thoroughly clean the skin from cosmetics and fatty secretions. Then moisten the skin with oil.

mehendi for beginners

To make the pattern more vivid, moisten the work area with lemon juice. The acidic environment makes the henna brighter.

If there are hairs growing in the place of the future drawing, they must be carefully removed. Henna stays on the hair much longer than on the skin. The dyed hair will remain red even after the drawing has completely disappeared.

  • Glue the prepared stencil to the skin.
  • Apply the pattern, moving from left to right or from top to bottom.

mehendi for beginners

Such an order of work is convenient: your hand will not erase the lines already applied.

  • Paint all the windows in the stencil. Then carefully remove the stencil and wait for the paint to dry completely.

Apply each line carefully and slowly. If too much paint is squeezed out, it will drip off, blurring the outline of the design and making it sloppy.

How long does the mehendi dry?

Before you apply mehendi, have a watch ready to keep track of time. The applied drawing should dry well. During the soaking time, the henna pigments will penetrate the skin, giving the lines a permanent and even color. Don't rush to remove the paste - it takes at least 20 minutes to dry. Complete drying takes an hour. Longer exposure is allowed to make the pattern brighter.

mehendi for beginners

When the paste dries, it forms brittle flaky crusts. They are scrubbed off with dry wipes. Washing off the henna with water is categorically impossible: the liquid will remove the paint from the epidermis, and the pattern will have to be redone anew.

What are the possible complications

Natural henna healthy skin no harm can cause, because it is a vegetable raw material.

But in some cases (here we are talking about the purchased dye) can have side effects.

Complications occur if you add extraneous dyes to a natural product, and then it is fraught with allergic reactions. To avoid this, you should carefully study the composition before using the purchased paste.

Possible complications of henna tattooing

Also, complications can occur if you do mehendi painting on skin affected by psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and other identical diseases.

In addition, side effects in the form of redness, peeling and even inflammation sooner or later will definitely occur if you often apply a temporary henna tattoo on the same place - this should not be done categorically, the skin must rest.

Rules of care for the drawing

The circle of knowledge on how to draw mehendi also includes the rules of care for the image. If they are neglected, the picture will fade and disappear in 10-12 days. Here are the main recommendations:

  • The first 2-3 days do not wet the picture. Only after 72 hours from the moment of application, when the biotattoo will acquire a final look, it can be wet.
  • Lemon juice, garlic, sugar solution, applied to the drawing in the first hours, will make it brighter and more saturated.

henna for mehendi

The feeling of tight skin and dryness that occurs after the coloring paste dries will remove the essential oil. It is allowed to use and creams on a fat basis.

If cared for correctly, the picture will last 4-5 weeks.

Photo gallery for beginners: spectacular and simple sketches

To make it easier for you to master the art of henna painting, we have prepared for you a selection of photos of simple sketches of mehendi. Even a beginner can do it. In this case, such simple drawings are best suited for those who are just mastering the technology of applying biotattoos.

Gradually, during the exercises, you will understand how to draw mehendi you like. A true master perfected in this art all his life, and it is an extremely fascinating process - try it yourself!


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