When lovers of tattoos in a foreign language finally wondered about their true meaning (25 photos)

Do you want to know what Chinese tattoos are? How they came to be, what they mean? And why is it important to consult a translator for the right Chinese tattoo phrase? Also, remember, a tattoo is a way of visualizing the special, individual qualities of its wearer.

Help from ichinese8.ru: In some cultures, subcultures, the tattoo has a sacred meaning. For example, it confirms the performance of initiation rites, etc. Accordingly, if the tattoo is not performed according to the rules or the inscription in the tattoo with errors, may not accept such proselyte into their closed circle or even expel him.

Chinese tattoos have an ancient and interesting history. Now, they are popular not only in China, but also in many countries. By the way, the Chinese themselves do not use the international word "tattoo", "tattoo".

Chinese tattoos.

Instead, there is a quite adequate and authentic counterpart in the Chinese language. For example, in Chinese it would be 纹身 or 文身, pinyin wen shen and in the Russian transcription [wen shen]. The literal translation is "writings on the body."

In Chinese culture, a character is a way of culturalizing any object, giving it a special status. That is why not only in Chinese parks, recreation parks, zoos, national parks, but also in nature reserves you can see so many hieroglyphs on stones, rocks, caves, statues, buildings and monuments, objects of domestic use.

"I've been taken advantage of."


"My nieces drunkenly got these tattoos. But no one knows what they mean?"



I didn't have the heart to tell this woman what her tattoo means in Chinese and Japanese...


Tattoos in the form of Chinese characters Became popular in the West a few decades ago. Chinese characters are an art form that is mysterious and exotic in the best way possible for tattoos.

Chinese tattoos are popular only in the WestYou will hardly meet a Chinese person with a tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph. The same is true in reverse as well... In China today there is a popularization of tattoos in English, often made with mistakes. The popularity of tattoos in the West is due to the fact that the characters in traditional Chinese culture have subtle beautiful lines that are perfect for the art of tattooing.

Chinese hieroglyphic tattoo meaning snake

WarningThe Chinese characters you're interested in should be studied thoroughly, so as not to become the "hero" of the story that follows:

A couple of years ago there was a story in a newspaper article about a guy who paid $180 to have a Chinese tattoo done on his arm. The meaning of the characters was supposed to be "love, respect and honor," but what was his surprise when he found out that his tattoo actually meant: "by the end of the day this guy is a freak." He found out the truth when he saw the effect his tattoo had on a woman who worked in a Chinese restaurant; she had no trouble translating the tattoo to him. When the guy returned to where the tattoo parlor was, however, he saw that the parlor was closed...

If you're thinking about "getting" a tattoo with Chinese characters, make sure you have a a reliable source of translation, and that the phrase you have in mind is translated correctly.

It's also worth making sure that master knows how to draw hieroglyphs correctly. It is better if the master has experience with Chinese tattoos.


Chinese character for snake

Hanzi - is the name of the traditional Chinese script, used as the official written language in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Chinese communities outside of China.

There are about 47,000 Hanqi characters in total, but many of them are not used (to write competently in Chinese you need to know about 4000 characters). Most Chinese words consist of several hieroglyphs, where one hieroglyph means one syllable.

In addition to traditional Chinese writing there is also simplified Chinese scriptwhich was invented to increase literacy among the Chinese. Hieroglyphs in simplified Chinese script have less characters than in the traditional handwriting. Such characters are used in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Here's exampleThe left side (black) is the traditional Chinese character for the word "Chinese", next to it (red) is a simplified character:

300 Chinese characters

Below is the list of of the most popular Chinese charactersused for tattoos. Pronunciation of the words is in brackets.

Here is the list Top 10 most used characters for tattoos:

  1. Love
  2. Power
  3. Family
  4. Alien
  5. Luck
  6. Soldier
  7. Peace
  8. Gemini
  9. Fire
  10. Sister
- Air (Kōng qì) -- Angel (Tiān shǐ) -
- Anger (Fèn nù) -- Aquarius (Bǎo Píng Zuò) -
- Bamboo(Zhú) -- Beauty(Měi) -
- Faith (Xiāng xìn) -- Courage(Yīng Yǒng) -
- Brothers (Xiōng dì) -- Little brother (dì dì) -
- Elder brother (gē gē) -- Buddha (Fó) -
- Qi (energy) (Qì) -- Child (Ér tóng) -
- Courage (Yǒng qì) -- Mad (Fēng kuáng) -
- Crisis (Wéi jī) -- Death (Sǐwáng) -
- Dragon (Lóng) -- Enthusiasm (Rè chén) -
- Eternity (Yǒng héng) -- Faith (Xìn yǎng) -
- Family (Jiā tíng) -- Destiny (Mìng yùn) -
- Father (Fù qīn) -- Fire (Huǒ) -
- Fish (Yú) -- Forever (Yǒng yuǎn) -
- Forgiven (Yuán liàng) -- Luck (Yùn qì) -
- Fox (Hú lí) -- Freedom (Zì yóu) -
- Friend (Péng yǒu) -- Friendship forever (Yǒu yì cháng cún) -
- Friendship (Yǒu Qìng) -- Twins (Shuāng zǐ zuò) -
- Happy occasion (Xìng yùn) -- Happiness (Xìng fú) -
- Harmony (Hé Shéng) -- Hate (Hèn) -
- Health (Jiàn kāng) -- Heaven (Tiān táng) -
- Hope (Xī wàng) -- Independence (Dú lì) -
- Infinity (Wú Xìan) -- Inner Power (Nèi zài de lì liàng) -
- Joy (Kuài lè) -- Karma (Yin Yuàn) -
- Goldfish (Jǐn lǐ Yú) -- Libra (Tiān chèng zuò) -
- Love (Ài) -- Loyalty (Zhōng chéng) -
- Luck (Yùn qì) -- Lucky (Xìng yùn de) -
- Wedding (hūn yīn) -- Miracle (Qí jī) -
- Mother (Mǔ qīn) -- Passion (Jī qíng) -
- Peace (Hé píng) -- Pride (Zì háo) -
- Scorpio (Tiān xiē zuò) -- Intuition (ǒu rán xìng) -
- Sisters (Jiěmèi) -- Little sister (mèi mèi) -
- Big sister (Jiě Jiě) -- Soldier (Shì bīng) -
- Soul (Línghún) -- Strength (lì liáng) -
- Strong (Qiáng) -- Taurus (Jīn niú zuò) -
- Tiger (Lǎo Hǔ) --Tree (shù)
- True love (zhí ài)- Truth (Zhēn lǐ) -
- Indestructible (Láo bù kě pò) -- Warrior (Zhàn shì) -
- Water (Shuǐ) -- Wealth (Cái fù) -
- Yin-yang (Yīn yáng) -- Zen (Shàn) -

Tattoos of famous people in Chinese

We list celebrities who have Chinese tattoos:

  • Allen Iverson: A basketball player who has 20 tattoos on his body. Among them: a tattoo with a Chinese character meaning respect on his arm, and a faithful one on his neck.
  • Mary J. Blige.: The R&B star, has a Chinese tattoo on her right arm signifying strength.
  • Cher: She also has a tattoo of the character for strength, only on her right shoulder.
  • Melanie Brown (Mel B.) : The lead singer of the band "Spice Girl" has a tattoo with a character on her stomach, and a tattoo signifying a dragon on her back.
  • Natalie Imbruglia.: singer, has a Chinese tattoo, meaning courage, on her left leg.
  • Julia Roberts: had a Chinese tattoo with a red heart inside, meaning heart power, but that tattoo has been removed.
  • Kiefer Sutherland: has a tattoo with a Chinese character meaning eternal love.

  • Tila Tequila.: has 2 Chinese tattoos on his neck and on his right wrist.
  • David Beckham: he has a Chinese proverb "tattooed" on his left side, which reads, "Life and death depend on fate, but wealth and nobility depend on Heaven."

Summary: Chinese tattooing - An excellent choice to beautify your body, but be careful in your choice and don't make a mistake with the translation!



And celebrity status doesn't guarantee that you won't become a laughingstock! Singer Ariana Grande wanted to get a tattoo with the name of her music video "7 Rings" - but using Japanese kanji characters that appear in the music video. It depicts the symbols 七 つ の 指 輪, but for some reason only the "seven" (七) and "rings" (輪) were left for the tattoo, which together reads "shichirin" - a small coal grill or roaster.

Chinese tattoos by nationalities in China

Separate attention should be paid to the tattoos that are common in certain regions of China. For example, there is a nationality Dulun. They are one of China's national minorities living in Yunnan province. This ethnic group lives on the banks of the river of the same name Dulun 独龙江. They had a tradition of drawing on the face of a teenage girl. Accordingly, the tattoos remained with the woman for life.Thus:

  • The first is that it was made unattractive to enemies, which helped to secure it in case of raids;
  • Secondly, it denoted the attainment of maturity.

Traditional Chinese tattoos - the people 独龙
Traditional Chinese tattoos - ethnic group 独龙
Representatives of the Dai大邑 (Dai County, Sichuan Province) used to draw pictures on their bodies, depicting wild animals and dragons, considering themselves part of nature. By the way, the first tattoos were given to children at the age of five or six. And at the age of 14-15 teenagers tattooed images signaling the transition to adulthood. Traditional Dai tattoos can still be found today.

For the Li 黎族 people who inhabited Hainan Island, tattoos on the bodies of women are typical. The first drawings were applied in adolescence to the neck, then the symbols covered other parts of the body. For example, a feature of the Li 黎族 tradition is the prohibition of hand tattoos, until marriage. With the development of society and technological progress, tattoos lost their former meaning. Today they are more relevant as a sign of belonging or a means of self-expression.

Traditional Chinese tattoos - folk 黎族
Traditional Chinese tattoos - folk 黎族

Chinese female names.

How Chinese female names differ from male names

Augustine奥古斯丁娜ào gǔ sī dīng nàAo gǔ sī dīng nà
Alexandra阿里山德拉ā lǐ shān dé lāA li shān dé la.
Sasha萨沙sà shāSà shā
Alesia阿列夏ā liè xiàA le xia
Lesya列夏liè xiàLe xia
Alyona阿列娜ā liè nàA liè nà
Alika阿利卡ā lì kǎA li ka
Lika利卡lì kǎLi ka
Alina阿丽娜ā lì nàA li na
Alia阿利娅ā lì yàA li me
Alice爱丽丝ài lì sīAi li sī
Alla阿拉ā lāA la
Amina阿米纳ā mǐ nàA mi na
Anastasia阿娜斯塔西娅ā nà sī tǎ xī yàA na son ta si yà
Nastya娜斯佳nà sī jiāNa sī jia.
Anisia阿妮西娅ā nī xi yàA ni si yà
Nisa妮丝nī sīNi sī
Anna安娜ān nàAn nà
Anya阿尼娅ā ní yàA n í yà
Anita阿尼塔ā ní tǎA ní tá
Angela安热拉ān rè lāAn rè la
Aigul艾古丽ài gǔ lìAi gu li
Aigul艾久利ài jiǔ lìAi Jiu Li
Asel阿谢利ā xiè lìA se li
Aselka阿谢利卡ā xiè lì kǎA se li ka
Ayim艾厄姆ài è mǔAi e mu.
Aurica奥莉卡ào lì kǎAo li ka
Valentina瓦伦蒂娜wǎ lún dì nàWá lún dì nà
Walya瓦莉娅wǎ lì yàWà lì yà
Valeria瓦列里娅wǎ liè lǐ yàVa le li yà
Varvara瓦尔瓦拉wǎ'ěr wǎ lāWa er wa la
Vasilisa瓦西莉萨wǎ xi lì sàVa si lì sà
Vera维拉wéi lāWei la
Veronica维罗尼卡wéi luó ní kǎwéi luó ní ka
Veta韦塔wéi tǎwéi ta
Victoria维克托利娅wéi kè tuō lì yàWei kè tuō lì yà
Vic维卡wéi kǎWei ka
Vita维塔wéi tǎWei ta
Vlada弗拉达fú lā dáfú la dá.
Vlasta夫拉斯塔fu lā sī tǎFu la sī ta.
Galina加利娜Jiā lì nà.Jia li na
Galya加利娅jiā lì yàJia li yà
Gilyana吉莉娅纳jí lì yà nàJi li yà na
Glafira格拉菲拉gē lā fēi lāGē la fēi lā.
Glasha格拉沙gē lā shāGē la shā.
Guzel古泽尔gǔ zé ěrGu zé ěr.
Gulnaz古丽娜斯gǔ lì nà sīGu li nà sī.
Diane黛安娜dài ān nàDài ān nà.
Dài达娜dá nàDa na
Daria达里娅dá lǐ yàDo I
Dasha达沙dá shāDa shā
Diana季阿娜jì ā nàJi a na
Diyora季约拉jì yuē lāJi yuē la
Dinosa季莉诺扎jì lì nuò zāJi li no zā
Dilara季莉娅拉jì lì yà lāJi li yà la
Dorina多莉娜duō lì nà.Do li na
Eva叶娃yē wáYe wá
Eugenia叶夫根尼娅yè fū gēn ní yàYe fū gēn ní yà
Zhenya热尼娅rè ní yàJe ni yà
Eugesha叶夫格沙yè fu gé shāYè fu gé shà
Catherine叶卡特丽娜yè kǎ tè lì nàE ka te li na
Katya卡佳kǎ jiāKa jia
Elena叶烈娜yè liè nàYè liè nà
Lena烈娜liè nàLiè na
Elizabeth叶利扎维塔yèlì zā wéi tǎYe li za wéi ta.
Lisa利扎lì zāLi zā
Jazira扎吉拉zhā jí lāzhā jí lā
Jeanne然娜rè nàrè nà
Zhuldyz茹尔德兹rú ěr dé zīRú er dé zī.
Zlata兹拉塔zī lā tǎzī la tā
Zoe佐娅zuǒ yàZo ya
Ilina伊莉娜yī lì nàYi na
Inna伊娜yī nàAnd na
Irina伊丽娜yī lì nàAnd whether on
Ira伊拉yī lāYi la
Herod伊罗达yī luō dáYi lō dá
Kamila卡米拉kǎ mǐ lāKa mi la
Karina卡里纳kǎ lǐ nàKā li na
Kira基拉jī lāJi la
Christina克里斯季娜kè lǐ sī jì nàKe li si ji na
Xenia克谢尼娅Kè xiè ní yàKè xiè ní yà
Xusha克休沙Kè xiū shāKè xiū shā
Larissa拉丽萨lā lì sàLa li sa
Lera列拉liè lāLe la
Liana莉阿娜lì ā nàLi a na
Lily莉莉娅lì lì yàLì lì yà
Lola萝拉luó lāLuo la
Love刘博维liú bó wéiLiù bó wéi.
Liù刘巴liú bāLiù ba
Ludmila柳德米拉liǔ dé mǐ lāLiu de mi la.
Lūda柳达liǔ dáLiu dá
Maya迈娅mài yàMai yà
Margarita玛尔加丽塔mǎ ěr jiā lì tǎMa er jia li ta
Margot玛尔戈mǎ ěr gēMa er gē
Marina玛丽娜mǎ lì nàMa li na
Maria玛丽娅mǎ lì yàMa li me
Masha玛莎mǎ shāMa sha
Marta玛尔塔mǎ'ěr tǎMa er ta
Martha马尔法mǎ'ěr fǎMa er fa
Milana米拉娜mǐ lā nàMi la nà
Miroslava米罗斯拉瓦mǐ luó sī lā wǎMī lo sī lā wā
Mira米拉mǐ lāMi la
Hope娜杰日达nà jié rì dáNà jié rì dá
Nadia娜佳nà jiāNa jia
Nazima娜吉玛nà jí mǎNa ji ma
Natalia娜塔利娅nà tǎ lì yàNa ta me
Natasha娜塔莎nà tǎ shāNa sha
Nigora尼果拉ní guǒ lāNí guǝ la
Nilufar尼򜠜法尔ní lǔ fǎ ěrNi lu fa er.
Nika妮卡nī kǎNī ka
Nina尼娜ní nàNi na
Olga奥尔加ào ěr jiāAo er jia
Olga奥利娅ào lì yàAo li yà
Oksana奥克萨娜ào kè sà nàAo kè sà nà.
Peacock巴维莉娜ba wéi lì nà.Ba wéi lì nà.
Pauline波莉娜bō lì nà.Bo li na
Rasilya拉西莉娅lā xi lì yàLa si li yà
Roxana罗克萨娜luō kè sà nàLo kè sà nà
Regina列吉娜liè jí nà.Le ji na
Ruslana鲁斯兰娜lǔ sī lán nàLu sī là nà
Svetlana斯维特拉娜sīwéi tè lā nà.Si wei tè là nà.
Light斯维塔sīwéi tǎSi wei ta
Sophia索菲娅su᷒ fēi yàSo fēi yà
Taisia泰西娅tài xi yàTai si yà
Tamara塔玛拉tǎ mǎ lāTa ma la
Tatiana塔季娅娜tǎ jì yà nàTa ji yà na
Tanya塔尼娅tǎ ní yàTa ní yà
Tomiris托米里斯tuō mǐ lǐsīTo mi li sī
Ulyana乌里扬娜wū lǐ yáng nà.Wu li yang na
Umida乌米达wū mǐ dá.Wū mi dá
Fatima法蒂玛fǎ dì mǎFa di ma
Feruza费鲁扎fèi lǔ zāfèi lu zā
Elina埃丽娜āi lì nà.Ai li na
Ange恩热ēn rèEn rè
Julia尤利娅yóu lì yàYü lì yà
Yazilya娅吉莉娅yà jí lì yàYa ji lì yà
Yana娅娜yà nàI na
Yaroslava雅罗斯拉瓦yǎ luó sī lā wǎYa lo sī lā wā

Name tattoos

Everyone's name is part of their personality, something that is the first thing one remembers when getting to know them. People believe that a name influences one's destiny and character. That's why name tattoos (your own or a loved one's) are so popular. Today, in a time of interest in tattoos, name tattoos are at the top of the list. The choice of styles of writing names is huge, everyone will find a suitable font, writing style or language for themselves. The names are given to people who have a deep feeling for their children, husbands, boyfriends and so on, because the tattoo can tell about the strength of the feelings much more than thousands of words.


For women

For men