17 sexiest celebrities who have tattoos (18 photos)

A year and a half with a drawing

His tattoo, the first in his life, the wife of Dmitry Tarasov "stuffed" on February 3 last year. The date was not chosen by chance, because it was February 3, but 4 years ago, Olga met her future husband. Dmitry Tarasov, the midfielder of Lokomotiv Moscow, immediately saw the girl in a cafe and decided to get acquainted.

The footballer himself says that he is not a party man, so he did not hesitate to propose his marriage. In addition, Dmitry has always dreamed of a wife who not only looks good, takes care of herself, but also leads an active lifestyle and is engaged in her business.

The purpose of the single tattoo was to capture such a fateful moment for life.

Who was the author of the first tattoo?

Olga recently talked about the person who gave her first tattoo. It turns out that he was a professional master from New York, who personally "painted" Angelina Jolie and Pink.

This titled master specifically for the sake of Olga gave up all his business in the States, and flew to Russia, so that on the girl's leg "shone" the stars.

Olga says that she consciously chose the drawing, and in general, got a tattoo. Buzova likes her body drawings, and she is happy to show them in front of photographic lenses. She does not immediately tell their meaning, but she never tortures her fans for a long time.

The mystery of the tattoo

For a long time, the popular Russian TV host hid the look and sacred meaning of the tattoo, but then many journalists and friends of the couple came to the conclusion that the image will contain the date of their acquaintance or wedding. You bet, because the blonde is very creative and romantic in nature.

The couple's relationship is always talked about with special trepidation and experience. And rumors that a divorce is possible have not yet been observed. Olga herself does not like to be called the Russian version of Victoria Beckham, but says that she will always be with her husband. So, at one of the star parties Olga came with her husband, who was injured the other day and had to use a crutch.

Tattoos with parents' names

Such tattoos are very common among tattoo lovers. This is a great option for those who wish to demonstrate their endless love for their parents. In this way it is possible to express gratitude for their care and guardianship. Very often the names of the parents are performed with the open wings of an angel - a sign of security. Another common option is the infinity sign with the names of the parents and the inscription "family" - a symbol of eternal love and devotion to one's home.

Is there another tattoo?

For a long time, Olga did not show another image on her body, but attentive subscribers managed to see the drawing on her leg. The image has the appearance of five stars, and does not refer to the elite, five-star vacation at all. According to the presenter, these stars are the goals in life, which the blonde puts before herself. Apparently, the goals are very important, because in no interview Olga did not give an answer to the question of what exactly each of the "stuffed stars" means. The only thing Buzova focuses on is that it is very important for her family, and to tell the whole world about the meaning of the tattoo is to scare away good luck.

Stars on the leg

Tattoo of Buzova photo

The five stars on the ankle is Buzova's first tattoo. The photo (on the girl's leg you can clearly see the location of the stars), in which Olga shows the drawing, says nothing about its content. The anchorwoman herself says that she drew her first star at the age of twenty-four.

She would not reveal the meaning of the picture even to those closest to her, worried that her luck would run out. The only thing Olga told is that the stars aspire upward, like herself. In fact, this is her characteristic: she, too, never sits still, but constantly moves to higher stages of her career.

Celebrate anniversaries lavishly.

The couple is known for celebrating their wedding anniversaries quite lavishly, and then posting photos with details of the celebration. You can tell by the youngsters that they are happy and cherish the relationship. "I breathe with my full chest, I love without a rest!!!! My maximalism shows up in everything, in love, in relationships, in work! We make our own life bright, colorful and fabulous! You have to surprise your man in different ways. For a very long time I thought about how to escort my husband to the training camp, where he is leaving tomorrow," - wrote Olga in her microblog on the last anniversary of the wedding, although it was not a big celebration, because the husband left early in the morning for the training camp.

The inscription on her back

Tattoo of Buzova photo on the back

Tattoo of Buzova (photo on the back) for a long time no one could read. Olga purposely covered the inscription with a mop of her hair, and she was photographed so that no one could fully see the content of the phrase.

There was speculation in social networks, but no consensus was reached. The TV hostess took pity on her fans and told what was written on the back herself. Buzova's tattoo is Love lives in my heart, no need to be a polyglot to translate the inscription. "Love lives in my heart" is an inscription for her husband to always be sure that Olga loves him. It is for him that she made such an inscription.

Tattoo Buzova Olga on the back is written in a very gentle and beautiful handwriting. This filigree drawing looks perfect on the beautiful back of the girl.

Tattoos with the names of children

The birth of a child is a very important and solemn event for both mom and dad. Therefore, very often happy parents decide to make a tattoo with the name of their own child. Very often the names of children are complemented by their own initials or the date of birth of the baby. Often there is a portrait of the baby, made in the style of realism. It is worth noting that before making such a picture, you need to pass some time from the birth of the child so that his appearance at least a little bit formed. An unusual option would be an inscription with the child's name combined with an imprint of a foot or playing cubes. Some people prefer to put the names of children on the chest as a sign of a close relationship.

Locations of name tattoos

If there are already tattoos on the body, and you want to just add to them, you can do it with the name or initials. It happens that, having decided on the sketch, people can not decide on the place of their application. Most often, tattoos with the names are applied to the following parts of the body:

  • The inside of the arm is a great place to place a children's name.
  • Biceps - a great place to place a drawing with the name of a beloved girl or spouse.
  • Wrist - this part of the body is used for the names of especially close people.
  • The loin - here girls usually put their initials or the name of the loved one.
  • Feet - not a bad option for performing a tattoo with the name of an idol.
  • Ankles - here you can easily perform not only the name, but to put the whole composition.


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