Dark biography of the young Black Star rapper Skrudzhi

Skrudzhi's real name is Eduard Vygranovsky. Although it is a young rap singer, but in the biography of Skrudzhi there are many interesting moments.

Initially his pseudonym sounded differently - Edos, only later the artist called himself by his now well-known name. In the label Black Star differs from his colleagues in the manner of writing lyrics, in his music you can often hear gloomy responses from past years of life. Rough voice is a peculiarity of Skrudzhi. Perhaps this is what the label lacked before his arrival.

What is the name of the Scrooge

Tattoo Scrooge on the Face

Tattoos on the face - A new trend that is especially popular in the rap community.

Above the eyebrow Scrooge (Scrooge biography) is an inscription that speaks for itself - Not Guiltywhich translates as "not guilty.

Just below the eyebrow printed dollar sign with two tears, this tattoo is similar to the traditional tattoo of American gangsters.

On the other side of his face is tattooed with his own name, Edy.and next to it is a symbol that looks like a small cross with the wings of a dragon or bat.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning


In 2015, Edward participated in the TV project "Young Blood" of STS Love channel. In the reality show, aspiring musicians competed to join the famous Black Star label.

Scrooge in the project Young Blood

Skrudzhi in the "Young Blood" project

Eduard's creativity impressed the judges, and soon Vygranovsky, along with Dana Sokolova and Klava Koka, began working under the venerable label. The guy, though he won the sympathy of the audience, was not among the winners, but Timati still decided to take him under his wing.

When asked about how he writes the lyrics to his songs, Skrudzhi answers that everything rhymes and is written regardless of himself.

Skrudzhi and Dana Sokolova

Skrudzhi and Dana Sokolova

When the first wave of popularity after the show subsided, there was a slight lull in the budding musician's career. But already in February 2021, Skrudzhi appeared with Sasha Chest, Mot and Timati in the music video "In the chips."

All Skrudzhi songs are taken from real life

All of Skrudzhi's songs are taken from real life

In April 2021, Eduard already released his own music video for the song "Smooth Road," which was well received by fans. The rapper explained that the long corridor in his music video symbolizes life. As it seems to Scrooge, he walks this "corridor" the right way, looking back at different "rooms" along the way. In June 2021, Skrudzhi released a new music video for the song "From where I am" and a mini-album of the same title. It included 7 compositions. After that the single, which became incredibly popular among the fans of Black Star - the composition "Secret", which the musician performed with the singer Kristina Si, was released. Soon a music video was released for this song, and fans began to create numerous cover versions of the track.

Skrudzhi is an important member of the Black Star label

Skrudzhi is an important member of the label Black Star

In 2021, the musician released the track "Gogol. The Beginning." The song was included in the official soundtrack of the film with the same name - a grim interpretation of the biography and works of the Russian classic, the role played by Alexander Petrov. Skrudzhi - Rukalitso The singles "Andante", "Blast in the Dark", "Gogol" and "Rukalitso" followed. A music video was recorded for the latter, which starred many famous show business personalities: bloggers Max Brandt and Kostya Pavlov, singer Nathan, actress Natalya Rudova, comedian Garik Martirosyan and even producer Iosif Prigozhin.

A no less spectacular music video was shot for "Explosion in the Dark", and soon Skrudzhi's fans heard his duet with Dana Sokolova ("Indigo").

Scrooge in the show Improvisation

Skrudzhi in the show "Improvisation".

October 2021 was very busy for Skrudzhi: the release of the single "Problems", participation in the comedy program "Improvisation" on TNT, tours in Russia and Europe. The artist has far-reaching plans and a lot of energy for future projects.

Skrudzhi tattoo on his hands

On the hands tattooed word Hardcore .. It is a reference to the environment, the rhythm of life, the way of work, put out on full. Some of the fans consider this tattoo as a dedication to the hard youth and the conditions in which the rapper had to start his way as an artist.

Also, Scrooge has the following tattoos on his hands. skull and bonesThey are the symbols of life and death - everything in this world has a beginning and an end. It should be noted that Scrooge has a lot of philosophical, slightly gloomy tattoos, which make you think about the meaning.

tattoo the squrooge - tattoos the squrooge - new tattoo the squrooge - tattoo squrooge meaning

The inscription on the musician's hand reads Lucky Hand. This ironic tattoo was made by Scrooge after he had hurt his hand a few times. Since childhood the musician constantly broke or damaged his arm, but as we know, humor is the best medicine. It is on the unlucky hand Scrooge puts the inscription "lucky hand"!

On the elbow depicts a drawing of a spider web, which is considered a gangster and prison tattoo. However, the tattoo of a spider and a spider's web can have meanings absolutely far from the world of prisoners. For example, a spider web is a symbol of Wisdom, passion, and hard work..

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

The abstraction on the rapper's forearms attracts the gaze of fans. Intricate drawings on the verge of post-apocalypse and cyberpunk make you think of tattoo meanings. Also, Scrooge has tattoos on his forearm

  • Eyeball, Which is pierced by an arrow.
  • Gothic fonts and patterns.
  • Statue of Liberty, the ultimate standard of freedom and the American dream.

On the shoulders go to wings from the back.. If you spread your arms, such a tattoo begins to move, as if the man is actually spreading his wings for flight.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning


Eduard Vygranovsky was born on November 5, 1992 in Ukraine, the city of Velikie Mosty. According to the artist, he was brought up by the street. His parents separated - his father rarely, but came to visit his sons (Eduard has an older brother). The musician was not friendly with his studies, he often skipped classes and did poorly. He did not have much contact with his classmates. During his studies he changed two schools.

Skrudzhi got into hip-hop early, he listened to foreign performers and was inspired. He recorded his first tracks at the age of 14-15. In his free time he worked: he tried himself as a salesman, washed cars, worked at a gas station, at a construction site. He spent all his savings on recording tracks, and also tried to help his mother. After school he was able to continue his studies at the Odessa University. Student life could not contain the desire for a dream, so in two years Eduard Vygranovsky leaves the institute and goes to work in Poland in a sawmill.

All the years of growing up the young artist's mother constantly worried: the son could not appear home for days. As the musician himself says, at the time he created "a lot of unnecessary corrals".

By the way, the pseudonym "Scrooge" he borrowed from all the famous cartoon character Scrooge McDuck.

crooks biography

Personal life

At one of the rap battles, eighteen-year-old Edward fell in love with Lyudmila Topolnyk, who was only 15 years old at the time. They did not stay together for a long time and broke up when Skrudzhi planned to move to the capital.

He never flaunted his personal life. And he didn't have many serious relationships. Before moving, he began dating Yana Nedelkova - with her Eduard will continue his relationship after two years, which he was close with his colleague on the label Kristina C.

In his free time the artist devotes to sports, mainly it is boxing and snowboarding.

black star


One of the first albums that the artist released was From Where I Am. It included seven tracks. Fans received it with gusto, and the track "I'm Not All At Home" became a favorite. The release of the album was followed by the release of the music video for the song "Smooth Road".

At a time when Eduard was working in Poland in a sawmill, the musician realized that it would not last. The turning point was when he heard about the musical project "Young Blood" . After his application was approved, Eduard packed his bags and went to Moscow.

The winner of the "Young Blood" project is given a one in a million chance to sign a contract with one of the country's leading labels - Black Star. Two contestants won in the finals: Klava Koka and Dana Sokolova - but Timati personally singled out the third, which turned out to be Skrudzhi. This is where the real work began. He takes an active part in the label, releases tracks, develops.

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Skrudzhi in Black Star

If previously the musician occasionally appeared in rap battles, then after signing the contract, he stopped taking calls. Now he considers it a waste of time. Fans respect him for his sincerity - each song conveys experiences from life. This is most noticeable in the track "Lucky Not Everyone".

In 2021, the music video "Fleece" was released. Most fans were outraged by the simplicity of the lyrics and more, despite the fact that the video featured a large number of famous artists.

Now, scrooge can be considered one of the label's brightest characters. Edward records tracks with his colleagues, and actively conducts concert activities. He performs on TV shows and gives noticeably more interviews. The artist's Instagram has recently gained momentum, with 1.4 million subscribers at the moment, but this figure is growing rapidly. In the mind of the musician were thoughts of launching their own stores.

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Scrooge tattoo on the Neck

There are tattoos on his neck that resemble street art in style. Intricate, intricately woven graffiti and the inscription Breakin Bad.which translates to... "Breaking Bad.". Such an inscription can symbolize the desire to take the most out of life, not giving in to small things.

tattoo squudgee - tattoo squudgee - new tattoo squudgee - tattoo squudgee meaning

Tattoo Scrooge on his back

Scrooge tattooed on the back wingssymbolizing flight, the sublimity, creativity. Birds and wings have always been associated with people with an inaccessible ability to soar over the world. However, creative people have this ability, albeit in terms of metaphor. Creating music or writing lyrics can be compared to free flight.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

Scrooge Now

Rumors about Skrudzhi's departure from the Black Star label appeared in the summer of 2019, shortly after the network learned about the conflict between Black Star and rapper L'One. Left without the right to a pseudonym and his own songs, the performer bluntly stated that the Skrudzhi project does not pay off and is deprived of funding, and therefore the rapper was sent on indefinite leave. The fact that Skrudzhi disappeared from social networks at the end of May also added fuel to the fire. In August, Eduard got in touch. In a live Instagram post, he explained the reason for the absence like this:

"Me and the management of Black Star decided a little bit to reconsider the terms of our cooperation.

Apparently, he agreed with Timati and his representatives on a new song release policy. On August 31, Skrudzhi released a new track "G" on the Make It Music label, a "daughter" of Black Star. Skrudzhi's subscribers noticed that the performer's style had changed. The track received mixed reviews from listeners and mostly failed to live up to such a long wait for new material.

Scrooge tattoo on his chest

The musician has a drawing of horns on his chest, which stylistically very much echoes the tattoo on his forearms. The deer's skull is framed by patterns in a sophisticated style.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

Tattoo Scrooge on the Ear

On the ear of the rapper is inscribed number 13The number 13, one of the most controversial numbers with a negative reputation. However, many people, including celebrities, consider 13 as their lucky number.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning


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