Biography and age of Arthur Akaba Kulinsky, personal life and interesting facts

Real name Arthur Kulinsky
Alias Arthur Akab Kulinsky
Date and place of birth August 28, 1996, Moscow
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height 177 cm
Weight 84 kg
Marital status unmarried
Children no

Artur Akab Kulinsky is a sought-after Russian MMA fighter who became a popular athlete thanks to the Hardcore project. There are many controversial moments associated with his personality, which is why the attention of the public is riveted to him.

Biographical information and nationality

Artur Kulinsky is a famous and in-demand MMA fighter, who became famous after his debut fight in Hardcore. Performs in the middleweight category. He got his nickname "Akab" after he got a tattoo with the corresponding letters on his stomach. His fame is due to his scandalous behavior, the desire to fight outside the ring, a passion for dissolute life.

Akab is Russian by nationality. After winning another fight he once shouted "Allah Akbar!" which sparked rumors about his Islamic faith or Nazi tendencies. Later Arthur commented on his behavior - he is a pagan, believes in One God, and does not divide people into religions. When asked who he is by nationality and religion, the fighter answers - "Human."

Quotes from

On admonitions from elders

"Anyone who tries to instruct me can't look inside my soul. I cheat myself when I start listening to somebody."

About Religion

"God is one for all, and my creed is humanity, we are all the same and equal."

On my parents

"My mother always told me to go to school and then work. Even now, if I call her, she'll tell me I'm doing nonsense."

How was his childhood and youth

Artur Kulinsky was born and raised in the Russian capital. It is known that the fighter has a sister. During his school years, Akab was a problem child, categorically refused to take up studies. He reluctantly attended school, but skipped lessons. Because of unacceptable behavior and disgusting performance Arthur had to change a few schools. During his teenage years he was a real hooligan, regularly got into scuffles, took part in clashes of soccer fans.

The fighter's mother abandoned her attempts to re-educate her son and insisted that he graduate from high school with an external degree, that is, buy his own diploma. Arthur was only happy about this decision, he did as his parents instructed. Later they bought him a separate apartment so they could no longer watch their son's antics. After buying the apartment, Aqab had one million rubles left, which he managed to spend in a few months.

The education he received

Left without money and support from his parents, Arthur began to think about his future. Kulinsky realized that now he would have to achieve everything on his own, he applied to college, but he did not study there for two months. Realizing that higher education - not for him, Akab went to work at the plant, but the working life seemed terrible to him.

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After quitting his job, Arthur decided to do what gave him pleasure and worked out best for him - he began to develop himself in combat sambo.

Sports career

It is not established exactly how long Arthur has been training, but the beginning of his career in MMA is dated 2021. Kulinsky has been fond of combat sambo for a long time, attending the Element club in the capital.

Despite his hopes and faith in himself, his first fight ended in failure because his opponent took the guy to the choke. It would take about 1.5 minutes for Kulinsky to win, but he failed to win.

Arthur Akab Kulinsky: biography, how old, height, weight, tattoos, where he lives, girlfriend

Two years in school Artur passed an externship, on this insisted the mother of the athlete, who considered it rational to free her son from the study

Losses and victories statistics in MMA fights

Performances in MMA did not bring Arthur significant success, he became popular due to his scandalous behavior. In 2021. Akab sent an application to the Hardcore Fighting Championship to take part in fist fights. Having passed the selection, he began intensive training. The process was supervised by a famous fighter San Sanych.

During training Arthur watched the records of fights of famous fighters, it helped him to learn different tactics. Many of the techniques he learned from the Chechen athlete Zelimkhan.

Statistics of wins and losses of Artur in MMA fights are given in the table:

Victories - 2 (all by TKO)Defeats - 3 (all by judges' decision)
July 7, 2021 - vs. Usmon GoibovSeptember 3, 2021 - against Pavel Nosov
December 9, 2021 - against Akhmed EdelbievOctober 1, 2021 - against Timur Nikulin
February 17, 2021 - against Marif Piraev

Fist fights without gloves are always a spectacle, but Arthur's performances can be called performances. For the sake of hype, Akab works in the tactic of aggressive acting. Of his three official fights, the man has made scuffles. He also frequently clashes with competitors outside the ring.

His best fight.

The most memorable fight of Arthur's career was his debut fight in the Hardcore ring. That time his opponent was Usmon Dagher Goibov from Tajikistan.

The first round did not last two minutes - Artur started a scuffle. To calm down the fighter, the fight had to be stopped more than once. Such behaviour caused frank indignation of the observers, so the organizers of the event had to calm down the heated audience. The referee Alexander Sidorenko had the hardest job, as he constantly had to stop and prevent Artur's scuffles.

Toward the end of the first round, Aqab's opponent began to feel sick, which caused him to lose. Arthur knocked him out. After the end of the fight he asked the Tajik about his well-being and the severity of his injuries. The athlete also apologized to the observers and judges.

Subsequently, Akab did not stop behaving defiantly. He started a brawl in the street with a member of Hardcore Fighting Championship, Abubakar Mamedov, who is called "Dobryak". In a subsequent interview, the fighter openly stated that he intended to leave Hardcore. Artur explained that he has enough confrontations in everyday life and he does not want to engage in such fights in the ring. However, after a while, he reconciled with Abubakar and decided to postpone his departure.

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Due to his defiant behavior in the opening fight and the subsequent scuffle on the street, Arthur has gained many fans and followers on Instagram.

Arthur began to insult and make complaints to him. The fighter claims that he doesn't even read such comments. In subsequent fights he made it clear that he was not going to adjust his demeanor. Thus, during the second fight against Pavel Nosov, nicknamed "Loner", he lost in the third round. Having been enraged, Artur left the ring for a while, after returning he started the fight again. After the end of the fight, he again had to apologize to the referee and the audience.

The third fight, held as part of the "Battle on Water" was not without scandals. In the confrontation with Timur Nikulin, Arthur committed many violations, because of which he lost two points. The most unexpected and spectacular moment of the confrontation was when Akab spit out his mouthpiece and bit his opponent behind the ear. However, such a prank did not bring him victory.

Who is in a relationship with.

Arthur is known as a man who likes to go out. After the arrival of fame, the man acquired a crowd of admirers, he can often be seen in the company of attractive girls, but the fighter has no female companion. Now Akab has no plans to settle down and have a family. He puts his career in the sport on the first plan, so most of his time is devoted to training, self-improvement, preparation for new fights.

Personal life

About relations with girls Arthur rarely tells. But a lot is known about his adventures in his youth. Recently, the man often appeared in the company of a girl named Alice. In early November, it became known that Artur Kulinsky severely beat his chosen one during a quarrel. A man mutilated his girlfriend's face and broke her arm. Alice sued the Hardcore fighting star.

For years Kulinsky (180 cm, 88 kg) had been using chemical drugs. At one time, he visited a therapist and a narcologist, trying to get rid of his addiction.

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On Instagram and VKontakte, the athlete regularly posts personal photos. Through social networks you can watch his activities. New fights and press conferences are announced there. He periodically appears surrounded by colleagues, including Eduard Hermansky and others.

Fascinating facts

Arthur is quite a curious person, the number of his followers is constantly increasing. Viewers of the man are attracted by his honesty, emotionality. He does not try to imitate anyone, behaves quite naturally, and speaks frankly even about the dark details of his biography.

Artur is close friends with the popular blogger and mixed martial arts competitor Nikita Vorozhbitov. It was from him that Akab adopted many of the technical techniques.

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What tattoos adorn his body

Arthur and Nikita are fans of tattoos. On his belly, the athlete has printed a large-scale inscription "ACAB", he has his left arm completely blocked - there are depicted natural motifs. The remaining tattoos relate to paganism: the wolf's cross, the rotunda and the black sun.

Arthur calls these pagan tattoos swastikas and emphasizes that he in no way associates them with Nazism. In his world view, the swastika is an ancient Slavic symbol, signifying the movement of the sun in the sky and the rotation of the galaxy. Aqab is not interested in politics and history, and regards swastika symbols solely as carriers of magical energy and sacred meaning.

Why he was in prison

According to his friends, Arthur gets aggressive and impulsive only in the ring and does it to attract attention. In everyday life, Kulinsky is a little calmer and more restrained, however, because of his impulsive nature, he got into trouble several times.

Arthur has been in police custody countless times for fighting in the street, vandalism in public places, and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. Once he almost went to jail for careless handling of a rifle. The fighter spent 2 years in jail for theft and assault.


He has a tattoo on his stomach in the form of the inscription "ACAB", for which he got the same nickname when he entered the HFC ring. Arthur also has tattoos in the form of a wolf's cross, a rotunda, and a black sun.

Artur Akab Tattoos
Arthur Akab Tattoos.

He calls all tattoos swastikas. By the word "swastika," Aqab means any symbols in the form of tattoos that have meaning in his destiny. According to Arthur, they are not Nazi or political in nature, but have magic and Vedism.

Artur is a good friend of Nikita Vorozhbitov, also a fighter and blogger.

Breaking news

Today Arthur lives in the Moscow suburbs, is temporarily unemployed. The man tries to devote maximum free time to training, believes that he has reached the time in life when self-development and taking a certain position in society should be in the foreground. Growing up did not affect the fighter's character, he did not become calmer and more balanced, he still likes to take part in street fights.

Many believe that with his defiant behavior Arthur is trying to attract the attention of the press. In fact, the man hardly ever maintains social media, which makes him different from other MMA fighters, who use it as their main means of promotion. Sometimes Kulinsky posts photos from training, memorable moments from his fights to Instagram.

Fans believe that participating in the Hardcore Fighting Championship was an important life experience for Arthur. This serious organization organizes fights, at the same time controls the behavior of its fighters, gives professional advice, protects them from mistakes.


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