Five rays of power The word "pentagram" comes from the Greek words "pente" - "five", and "gramma" - "letter". The pentagram, otherwise Solomon's pentacle, is formed by joining three equal triangles.

The signs of the Pentagrams were used by the members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to explain the symbolic filling of the received Pentagrams, for their practical use in connection with the energies which they conduct (nevertheless the association of the first and second values is necessary because the power of this or that action is inevitably connected with the degree of awareness of its meaning). This includes their use inextricably linked with the Rituals of the Order of the Golden Dawn, such as the Small and Great Ritual of the Pentagram, as well as the Small and Great Rituals of the Hexagram. Their use also takes place in the extensive practice of members of the Golden Dawn associated with the astral plane and its effects. And, of course, the Signs of the Degrees were used to determine if a member of the Order belonged to a particular Degree. Since the knowledge of the Order was revealed sequentially, and, for example, the main secret of the Pentagramaton יהשוה was only revealed in the Inner Order, this way of determining belonging was very important. Also the Marks of the Degrees were consistently requested at new Ordinations, so that a member of the Order could be admitted to the acquisition of new knowledge.

It is worth noting the importance of the significance of the Gesture as such, as well as the nature of its performance. Dr. Papus (Gérard Ancoss), in his book Practical Magic, writes of the effect of the Gesture on the astral plane. A gesture is a concentration of an idea, and it is more lasting in its effect than looks and speech, ways of concentrating thought, and therefore has a great advantage. The power of the gesture depends on the development in the Operator of his moral being, for the entities of the astral plane see only his manifestations, and nothing else. The Spirit Sigils themselves are also a synthetic summary of moral laws of the highest importance. However, performing the Gesture does not require concentration on the physical substance, for it is precisely that which is not visible to the astral entities. Moreover, it itself should not occupy the attention of the Operator. However, by the fact of its presence the material body gives an advantage to the Operator over the astral entities, because they do not possess it, as was said by G.O.M. in his "Encyclopedia of Occultism Course". The gesture should also be invested with a significant degree of will and the power of faith to enhance its power, as Dr. Papius shows with the symbol of the cross, the sign of the union of God and man.

Regarding the gait, Dr. Papius writes of the importance of volitional effort in developing the power of the dynamic trace left by the gait in the astral agent. The circle outlined by the Operator, passed three times, leaves a powerful dynamic trace necessary to shield the Operator from the influence of evil spirits. This fluidic trace remains after due tension of will.

Consideration of the Signs of the Degrees of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is interesting and useful from this point of view, despite the obvious differences between the English School and the French School.

Here we give the Elemental attribution of Signs, however there is also the Sephirotic attribution.

The Sign of the Neophyte Degree is double. It consists of the Sign of Greeting (the Sign of the Chorus, the Sign of the Entrant (this is its Secret name) and the Sign of Silence (the Sign of Harpocrates).

The Sign of the Entrance is performed as a Greeting, and it is invariably followed by the Sign of Silence. There are two reasons for this. Symbolic and practical. First, the Sign of Greeting symbolizes the Neophyte when he was not yet a member of the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn, and in his spiritual blindness was searching by touch for the Truth. The Sign of Silence in this regard symbolizes the silence that Neophyte must maintain concerning the knowledge of the Order.

Practically, the Sign of Entry is made to project the power of the will to influence an object (for example, to charge the Talisman) or an entity of the astral plane. In this way, for example, a test of the Spirit as to its nature is performed. In astral projection, after drawing one of the elemental Pentagrams or Planetary Hexagrams, make the Sign of the Entry, directing the rays of this symbol to the essence. Depending on whether the nature of what is drawn corresponds to the essence, the essence will strengthen or, conversely, dissipate. In this way, a check is performed to see if the astral entity is what it claims to be, or if it is not. Since the Sign of the Entrant possesses outstanding attacking power, it is also called the Sign of the Attack. However, an Operator who does not possess the proper degree of moral development, according to Papius, will not be able to cause any damage with this Sign. Moreover, a person who intends to use this Sign for evil already demonstrates a low degree of his moral development. Performing after this Sign of Silence is all the more necessary because the outflow of Power from the Operator will not stop until it is stopped.

In addition, the Sign of Entering means involution and the lowering of Light into the material world to aid the seeker in his spiritual quest.

The Sign of the Entrant is performed as follows: having elevated one's mind to Keter, one must perform the Secret Step (also called the Vigilante Step) of the Neophyte Degree, that is, put one's left foot forward about six inches, striking it to the ground, and raise the hands high above the head. The hands should then be pointed sharply in front of you horizontally, palms down at eye level, so that the gaze is directed exactly between the thumbs. As a rule, the fingers of the hands should be tightly pressed together, but it is also possible to use certain fingers, taking into account their special properties. The rest of the fingers are pressed against the palms of the hands. It is also possible to take into account the correspondences of the Planets to the openings of the head (Mars corresponds to the right nostril, Venus corresponds to the left nostril, Mercury corresponds to the mouth, etc.).

To perform the Sign of Silence, it is necessary to take the form of Harpocrates, with a sharp movement to put the left leg extended forward back, on the same line as the right, and connect both heels. In doing so, the foot should strike the ground as hard as in the Sign of the Incoming. The index finger of the left hand should touch the middle of the lower lip. The other fingers are pressed against the palm. The right hand should be freely lowered along the body. At the same time, visualize water vapor around yourself. In contrast to the Sign of the Incoming, this Sign means Protection from Attack. For the same reason, it is also called the Sign of Protection and the Sign of Defense. In addition, other fingers may be used in addition to the index finger, depending on the purpose, but the index finger of the left hand activates the powers of the Chesed Water, which provides protective properties when performing the Sign of Silence. This Sign concentrates astral light around the Operator.

Sign of the Theoretician (2=9).

To perform the Sign of the Theoretician Degree, it is necessary to connect the feet, raise the hands up, slightly move them back, and turn the palm upwards, as if supporting a certain weight. This position symbolizes a member of the Order, standing on the Way of Yesod and supporting the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. This Sign corresponds with the Greek Atlantus who supports the firmament on his shoulders, and also with Hercules who temporarily took cargo of Atlantus to receive the golden apples of Hesperides. It is also a symbol of Isis the Natural, supporting the heavens. This Sign correlates with the Element of Air.


the supreme power, Dharma; an attribute of Indra, who maintains cosmic order, and of Vasu, who upholds law and justice among men.




In Lamaism, the "thunder wedge" (perun) is a diamond scepter, which was a symbol of "indestructible wisdom".

Vajra, dorje - both steadfastness of spiritual authority and compassionate wisdom or spiritual enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the diamond scepter is a symbol of supreme authority, Dharma, justice, authority, and the seven positive and enduring virtues.

Sign of the Philosopher's Degree (4=7)

The Philosopher's Degree is associated with the Sphirah of Netzach as well as the 27th, 28th, and 29th Paths. To make the Sign of the Philosopher, raise your hands to your forehead and connect your thumbs and index fingers in a triangle, facing upward. Elbows are at shoulder level, hands also form a triangle. This symbol is the symbol of Fire, with which the Philosopher's Degree corresponds, as well as the symbol of the Spirit, which was carried over the waters of Creation.

These Signs also relate to the Pillars of Rigor and Mercy, as well as to the Ascending and Descending currents.

Rules and Recommendations for Using the Power Rune

If you want the rune to "work" and have the desired effect, it is important to follow some recommendations. They are as follows:

  • An image of a runic symbol should always be with you. Carry it with you.
  • Best of all runes work if you own produced and activated an amulet with a picture of it. For example, you can carve a symbol on a wooden billet or depict by using paint on the stone.
  • Very effective are runes represented not by means of ink, but drawn by own blood. But this option for the brave who are not afraid of pain. The power of the runes, combined with your own, will create an incredibly powerful protection.

The amulet made should be activated so that it starts to work. For this purpose, it is necessary to warm the talisman with warmth of your palms. Hold it in your hands, mentally appeal to higher forces with a request to fulfill your desires and help to resolve difficulties.

Signs of the Gate.

The Gate Signs were passed during the initiation into the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn. "The Signs of the Opening and Closing of the Veil symbolize the Arcs of Light at the midpoints between the Equinoxes and Solstices," Samuel Mathers writes in his passing scroll.

The sign of the Unveiling of the Veil signifies an offering of oneself on the Altar of the Spirit. In the Ceremony of the Younger Adept it is also called "The Sign of the Messiah prostrate on the Cross of Sephiroth.

By opening the Tabernacle veil - (Paroketh), the member of the Order opened the veil of the material that prevents him from seeing the Spiritual world. Standing in this Sign forms the Tau-Cross. The veil represents the veil of the four Elements, which reveals, but does not break completely. This symbolizes the Sign of the Closing of the Veil, which means the closing of the veil of matter behind the back of the Seeker who has entered the Gate. In the Ritual of the Younger Adept it is also called the "Sign of the Spirit perceived and dwelling in the heart of the Fraternity.

Regarding this symbolic in the Order of the Golden Dawn, the veil of the Four Elements is wonderfully written by Stanislas de Guaita in his "Analysis of the Androgynous" by Heinrich Kunrath:

"Returning to the triangle, which is enclosed in a square inscribed in a circle: can the fall of a man imprisoned within the four walls of his sinister prison be more accurately depicted...? And if we move from the general to the particular, won't the initiates see in this living ternary, suppressing and holding captive the quaternary of the elements, the emblem of the formidable arcana? Will they not think of the individual Adamic soul, first caught up in a dizzying whirlwind of rebirths and then floundering in the midst of the four elemental currents that struggle for it? The poor soul, torn between these four pernicious forces, desperately tries to reach and seize the central, balanced point; the nodal, one-of-a-kind intersection; the saving place where its incarnation can be realized, at least in a harmonious, balanced and synthetic human form!

If, unfortunately, she lets herself be carried away by one of the streams, what will be her fate? What will she become? Into something elemental in nature or, if she succeeds in incarnating herself, into a poor unconscious, a permanently dimmed divine spark and a prisoner of one of the analytical, extreme, anarchic forms of the animal world!"

Thus already also the incarnate soul is torn between the four Elements, not controlling them, but only succumbing to their influences. The admonition to Neophyte in the materials of the Order of the Golden Dawn describes the manifestations of the unconquered Elementals and Elemental Spirits, such as greed for Dwarves and cruelty for Salamanders. At the same time it is pointed out how desirable it would be to tame such desires. However, as we see, the saving point among these "streams" is the Spirit, which alone can save man from the Elemental manifestations that overwhelm his mind. This is what the Adept seeks to find when he performs the Sign of the Opening of the Veil.

The signs of LVX (Lux, Latin for "light") were granted to a member of the Order when he entered the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn. The performer of them repeats by the position of his hands the letters L, V and X, each representing different parts of the cross, and together signifying the Light of the Cross. Thus L corresponds to Isis the Mourner (the zodiacal correspondence of this letter is Virgo), V to Apophis-Typhon (zodiacal correspondence is Scorpio), X to Osiris the Risen (planetary correspondence is Sun). Execution of these Signs symbolizes the cycles of life, death and rebirth, which are reflected in the cycle of seasons, equinoxes and solstices.

To perform the Sign of Isis the Mourner, it is necessary to raise the right hand upwards and extend the left hand away from the shoulder, tilting the head towards the left hand. Thus repeats the shape of the letter L.

To perform the Sign of Typhon and Apophis, both hands should be raised up, thus reproducing the letter V.

To perform the sign of Osiris the Risen One should cross his arms on his chest and bow his head, thus repeating with his hands the shape of the letter X.

These Signs are used in the INRI Analysis as well as in the Great and Small Hexagram Rituals (Planetary Rituals), which include the INRI Analysis, and in the Rose of the Cross Ritual of the Order of the Golden Dawn. In the Junior Adept Degree Ceremony, the Key Word of I.N.R.I., the hidden word of LVX, and the Authority of the Great Name of Yeshua open the Shrine of the Adept.

In addition, in the INRI analysis, the Sign of Osiris the Slain must also be performed, in which the performer forms with his body the likeness of a cross. He extends his arms out to his sides.

In the passing scroll "The Reliable System of Astrological Divination," S.L. MacGregor Mathers writes about the meaning of the INRI Analysis:

"It is written, 'The Sun is his father, his mother the Moon, the Wind carried him in her womb, the Earth nurtured him'" ("Hermes' Emerald Tablet"). Recall the parsing of the Younger Adept's Keyword Degree.

I.N.R.I. - Yud, Noon, Resh, Yud.

The first "I" is Maiden, Isis, the Mighty Mother. Virgo in this case is called "Mother," for she gives birth to seeds and fruit on the Earth when the Sun is in her.

"N" is Scorpio, Apophis, the Destroyer. This is the Destructive Force, which comes into action to limit or suppress the action of the Generating Force.

The "R" is the Sun.

The last "I" - Osiris the Killed and Resurrected - is the Sun at the loss of its power in the period after the autumnal equinox and the Sun whose power begins to arrive after the vernal equinox.

Isis, Apophis, Osiris - I.A.O. The initial letters of these three names together give the name IAO. Thus is born a new Triad, at the beginning of which again stands Virgo, namely Air, Tifereth.

By vibrating these Names and making their Signs, the Younger Adept affirms in and around himself certain correspondences. Namely: The Sign of Osiris the Slain symbolizes the Equinoxian Powers.

The Sign of Isis the Mourner - the Power of Light, shining in its highest rise. Since the space between the palms forms the "half-arc" of the Sun on the Summer Solstice, this gesture is a statement of the Life Force of Osiris.

The sign of Typhon and Apophis: the space between the palms, raised above the head, denotes a decrease in the "arc" of the Sun and the Winter Solstice, and, therefore, the predominance of Darkness over Light. "The sign of Osiris the Risen One represents the cumulative dispersion of the powers of Light between the extremes of the Solstices and the Equinoxes and thus indicates that power over these Powers can be gained in one's own Self if one relies on a higher insight - just as the initial letters of names form the New Name." The analysis of INRI (or Keyword Parsing) is done as follows.

Who is suitable for the Power rune?

Not everyone can use this runic symbol. It shows its traits in people with certain qualities:

  1. Purposeful and active, aimed not at thinking, but at specific, result-oriented actions.
  2. Hardworking and hardworking people who are used to making efforts to achieve their goals. Those who are prone to idleness and laziness, the rune will not help.
  3. Runa spurred man, seek success, if he tries, but it suffers from lack of energy and self-confidence. It will give determination, fill power, will help acquire the necessary knowledge and experience, better to reveal their potential. This rune, opening up a myriad of opportunities.
  4. Also the rune works well when your goal - to get rich and let the energy of money in your life. But, again, as long as you are willing to work hard and go for the goal, no matter what. There will be no "easy" money, it will not come by chance, but will be the result of purposeful action.

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The Power Rune attracts stability, seriousness to a person's life. It helps to balance the emotional state, strengthen immunity and stamina, fill with physical energy and set yourself up for success.


With the gods, the scepter is an attribute of JUPITER; KIBELA; UNONA (topped with a cuckoo - a symbol of deceived marital fidelity). It is held by the allegorical figure of Philosophy; sometimes by SPIRIT and WISDOM; the personified GOOD RULE (RIGHT, GOOD AND BAD); Europe (leading from the FOUR CHANGES OF THE WORLD). The rod or scepter of the archangel GAVRIEL is surmounted by a heraldic lily (fleur-de-lys). The scepter is a traditional attribute of the king when an example of his power is depicted. The crown and scepter at the feet of Ludovic of Toulouse are allusions to his abdication. The woman holding the crown (the scepter lies at her feet) and the beggar are Melpomene (the MUSE of tragedy). The scepter is a frequent symbol of "Vanitas" [Latin for vanity],

A scepter crowned with an open eye is an attribute of Moderation and Modesty.

The scepter on the background of the "dead head" - the so-called "Vanitas", that is, "vanity" (from Ecclesiastes) - is sometimes depicted on coats of arms, coins, various symbols of power as a kind of reminder of the futility of human aspirations.

attribute of the muse Melpomene; justice, the height of the spirit, Good and Evil, philosophy, as well as Europe - as one of the four parts of the world. topped with the image of the cuckoo - the attribute of Hera (Juno), the wife. attribute Themis, the goddess of justice. attribute Mother of all gods - Gaia.

Vessel of Hygiea.

Image: Anika Turchan / Lifehacker The bowl wrapped around the snake is one of the main symbols of medicine. You can see it, for example, on pharmacy signs. These are the attributes of the ancient Greek goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation Hygiea (her name was the basis for the word "hygiene"). She was often depicted as a young woman feeding a snake from a bowl. The ancient Greeks associated the ability of reptiles to shed their old skin with wisdom, healing and resurrection. The vessel, on the other hand, symbolizes the snake's venom, which either heals or kills.
Pharmacists began to use this image in 1796 - then the Hygeia Bowl appeared The Pfizer Bowl of Hygeia Award in Canada / Canadian Pharmacists Association on a coin minted for the Paris Pharmaceutical Society. The Pfizer Bowl of Hygeia Award is given in the United States and Canada. It was established in 1958 by A. H. Robins, Edwin Claiborne Robins. The award is given to outstanding pharmacists.

Bible / Old Testament

"All the king's servants and the people in the king's regions know that everyone, male and female, who enters the king's inner court without being called, will face one judgment, death; only he to whom the king extends his golden scepter will live" (Book of Esther 4:11).

"Ask of me, and I will give the nations as an inheritance to you, and the limits of the earth to your possession; you will smite them with a rod of iron; you will crush them as a potter's vessel." (Psalm 2: 8-9). "The Lord will send the rod of Thy power from Zion: rule among Thy enemies!" (Psalm 109: 2). "Thy throne, O God, forever; the rod of righteousness is the rod of Thy kingdom" (Psalm 44: 7).

The scepter is the sign of the Messiah. "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the lawgiver from his loins, until the Reconciler come, and to Him the obedience of the nations." (Genesis 49:10). This is what Jacob said to his sons.


Image: Anika Turchan / Lifehacker
The five-pointed star was used as a symbol in many parts of the world. In China, for example, it was associated with the five elements of life: fire, earth, water, metal and wood. In ancient Babylon, the pentagram was used to represent the various gods and their own beliefs. And in Christianity it represented the five wounds of Jesus Christ.

Today, the five-pointed star is reflected in the symbolism of modern occultists - it is often worn as an amulet to protect against evil spirits. In addition, the pentagram is used by adherents of neo-pagan religions, such as Wiccans. In their interpretation, each vertex represents one of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether. They also regard the pentagram as a symbol of man: the vertices of the star represent the head and the four limbs - arms and legs.


For women

For men