Tattoos for Aries men: meaning and examples

A large number of successful and popular people were born under the sign of Aries, and many believe it is a merit of the character traits of Aries. Therefore, tattoos for Aries men can be seen on media faces and among men in everyday life. The main meaning of the tattoo is reliability, strong will, development of imagination, assertiveness.

How to depict the tattoo of Aries and what it will mean depends not only on the symbol itself. The interpretation is influenced by the detailing, style and composition of the sketch, as well as the place of application and size. Therefore, before you apply a tattoo of Aries on your body, read all the tips from the masters, as well as view popular photos of tattoos.

Aries zodiac sign tattoo

Tattoo of Aries - a popular format of tattoos, both among young people and among representatives of solid age. The main task of the body drawing is a manifestation of the qualities of the man's character, strengthening the strengths, protection from negativity. Among the popular ways of the image of Aries, you can consider the following options:

"V" - symbol in the style of minimalism, which represents the inner strength of men, his strong position, the willingness to defend against detractors, high creative potential.

Figurative horns - A symbol of inspiration and endless energy men, his determination and zeal to win.

The ram - Ability to sacrifice with good intentions, struggle for justice, courage and determination, inner harmony of light and dark side, creative freedom.

Inscription - Sign of refinement of the soul, a commitment to restraint and balance.

Constellation - This format of tattoos often acts as amulets and amulets, guiding on the right path, as well as protecting against evil and ill-wishers.

What variant of the sketch to choose? You need to rely on the semantic load of each idea, and on the peculiarities of your character, lifestyle and goals for the future.

Ancient myths

In Sumerian mythology, there is a legend about two brothers who, millions of years ago, ruled the planet Earth. They themselves lived on the 12th planet of the universe and were the sons of its ruler. After the Flood, which occurred on Earth, the older brother Enlil and the younger Enki decided to revive life on the planet after the disaster. Between them there was a fierce war for the right of influence. In the course of this struggle, the northern part of Earth remained under the patronage of the older brother, while the southern part went to the younger one. It was Enlil who proved to be the stronger and more influential, making the northern peoples rich and successful. He managed to completely revive the lost civilization. All these events took place in the period from March to April, which coincides with the reign of Ninutra (Enlil's middle name).

The constellation of Aries was the beginning of human civilization, a bright and active period, which is indicative of the character of representatives of this sign. In Greek mythology, there is a tale of how the evil stepmother abused the royal children Phrixos and Hepla, and the generous ram decided to save them. As a result the girl was killed, and her brother decided to sacrifice the ram to the god Zeus as thanks for his rescue. The Supreme Ruler identified the animal in the sky as a constellation, and its skin became known as the golden fleece and represents a priceless treasure, which became the goal of the hunt Argonauts.

tattoo sign of the zodiac

What does the Aries tattoo mean for a man?

In the circle of zodiac signs Aries is the first, it is considered an omen of spring, the awakening of nature, warmth. To understand the origins of such tattoos and what they mean, it is enough to dive into history:

  • Western tribes - The western tribes considered Aries a symbol of belligerence, skittishness, and stubbornness;
  • Islam - the peoples of that religion perceive the ram as a way of showing sacrifice;
  • Egypt - in ancient times this animal was associated with polytheism;
  • Greece - the ancient Greeks compared the ram to Zeus;
  • India - here lambs are perceived as a symbol of divine protection.

Opinion of the expert
Viola Madison

Master of tattoo, experience 8 years

In the modern understanding of the tattoo of Aries - a symbol of strong-willed and self-confident personality, inclined to leadership, stubbornness in setting and achieving goals. Also, such an animal is associated with a strong creative potential.

What places on a man's body are suitable for a tattoo of an Aries?

The place for such a body drawing has a special meaning. The constellation Aries affects thinking and mind, worldview and goals in life, actions and decisions, so determine the exact tout in all places.


By applying the Aries tattoo on the shoulders, a man thus increases his degree of reliability and security. Representatives of the fair sex can not worry about their future next to such a partner.

Forearm .

In this place, the tattoo with the sign of the zodiac serves as a guiding element in the professional activities of the owner. This is a kind of amulet, bringing luck and good luck into the life of a man.

Tattoo on the wrist

Hands - this is the best place for the image of the zodiac sign of Aries. On the wrist will be appropriate a small sketch in the form of horns or constellations, thereby the man will strengthen his character qualities, achieve harmony and balance.

Tattoos on the palm, hand and fingers

The hands, fingers and palms are the part of the body through which you can influence people and the world around you. Tattoo of Aries on such areas will be a talisman that enhances the creativity and talents in a man.

Tattoo sleeve

Sleeves are body art designs that cover a man's entire arm. Sleeve tattoos look spectacular together with symbolism and other elements, on which the semantic load depends. Usually it is a demonstration of strong character qualities and a way to imitate the zodiac sign.


A tattoo on the neck will be not just a talisman or amulet, but a weapon for the renewal of consciousness and thinking. The symbol of Aries will help to look at many things correctly, to use the intellect and intuition productively, to change the worldview for the better.


Beautiful composition of Aries in tandem with other elements on the chest of a man will attract happiness and good luck in life. The main thing that the picture is not present negative details and additions.


Tattoo of Aries on the side under the heart will help to make adjustments in the sphere of a man's personal life, and on the other hand - in his character, mind, way of life. Usually a whole animal ram is drawn on the side, its emotional message will speak to the meaning of the tattoo.


The image of the Aries tattoo on the hip will become an amulet, protecting the man from wrong decisions and actions. The zodiac sign is the embodiment of energy and sensuality of the nature.


Tattoo of Aries on the back in the form of an active ram is a symbol of an active position in life, leadership, boundless energy, striving to conquer heights. Often the tattoo can mean struggle with the weaknesses of character - stubbornness, pride, lack of control, selfishness and jealousy.


To balance the dark and light sides of the soul, as well as to learn self-control over weaknesses, men often get a tattoo of Aries between the shoulder blades. The fact is that this is an important energy center where the ego, life needs and ambition are concentrated.


The image of Aries on the legs - the best solution, as the animal or constellation will be a source of strength and energy, creativity, intuition. The tattoo can become a kind of directional pointer for the right choice of life's path.

How to choose the sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on a body?

That the tattoo has not become your greatest mistake, responsibly approach to the analysis, planning and realization of conceived. Think over for the beginning a variant of the sketch, and already after that compare its proportions and the visual format with a place on the body, where would harmoniously be absorbed nakolka.

The principle of proportionality of the tattoo and the area on the body is a few points:

  • ram - large animal, which is complemented by other symbols and details, which means that the composition is applied to the back, chest, arms, legs;
  • ram's head - medium complexity sketch, which will fit harmoniously in such places as shoulders and forearms, shoulder blades, sides, thighs;
  • horns - small sketches that have a place on the wrists, hands;
  • constellation or inscriptions - Such tattoos are usually applied to the neck, ankles, fingers.

Important! If it is a small tattoo in a restrained style, on large parts of the body they will look like dark spots. In turn, complex sketches with details and additional elements require clarity, which means that they can be applied only on a sufficient space on the body.

Handpoke .

Some connoisseurs of art tattoo consider handpoke obsolete style. Well, there is some truth in it, because Handpoke appeared long before the invention of modern tattoo machines. Initially, tattoos in this style were made by informal teenagers who simply had neither the means nor the desire to resort to the services of professionals. But nowadays, Handpoke style works are no longer disparagingly branded as "portacats". Some connoisseurs of tattoo art prefer to hammer exclusively in the handpoke style, paying tribute to the good old traditions. Usually works in this style are relatively small in size. A miniature image of Aries can adorn the ankle or wrist of a person who loves tattoos, but does not accept the display of his body.

Styles and colors for an Aries tattoo

Styling a tattoo can significantly distort the understanding and meaning of the sketch, so it is important for the man to responsibly approach the choice of style and color. For the tattoo of Aries use more often such styles as:

realism - The technique will clearly translate the details of the drawing, the details, the emotional subtext;

watercolor - the absence of clear lines and borders, bright hues, conveying the tattoo in the format of art painting;

Dotwork - Dotty injection of paint under the skin, so that the texture of the skin and pattern match;

minimalism - a minimum of details, brevity and simplicity of perception;

handpoke - Uncomplicated sketches without the use of elements, uneven borders, as a protest to the norms.

Transmit the beauty of the natal pattern can be using the main colors - red and black, also appropriate and other more restrained tones. Color sketches suit the expressive and ambitious men, conservative and calm men of advanced age should prefer black and white options.

Tips for sketches

Pick a drawing of Aries the task is not difficult and at the same time creative. First of all, decide what the purpose of the Aries sketch you are making. If the goal is to indicate aggression and expression, the work should combine a number of images with a ram's skull. For calmer works, choose realistic drawings or photos.

Zodiac sign made in color will delight you in any situation in life. The skin will adorn the bright yellow and red color of the sign of Aries tattoo sketches can be made in watercolor, neo-traditional, old skool, new skool, graphics. Black and white works look good in the styles of prints, minimalism, Chicano, Polynesia. Dotwork and sketch style mechanics will allow you to achieve expressiveness even in monochrome.

The Zodiac is an original and extravagant sign. The more individuality there is in the work, the more the choice you make will be appreciated. Pay attention to logos, ethnic symbols and historical analogues of the image. They will be sources of inspiration for you.

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Symbols with which an Aries tattoo can be combined

In order for the zodiac sign of Aries to be perceived correctly, and not as an ordinary tattoo of a ram or an uncomplicated abstraction, various details and symbols are added to the sketch, namely:

  • wreaths of flowers - give the tattoo a kind and positive context;
  • Patterns - do not have a semantic meaning, are used to reduce the aggressiveness of the sketch;
  • the inscription Aries - not to confuse ram with Aries;
  • infinity symbol - the cyclicality and endlessness of the inner energy in a man;
  • fire - Since the sign refers to the element of fire, it is not uncommon for Aries to be depicted with such an element.

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