Good Luck Tattoos Attracting Wealth, Success and Love in Your Life

What tattoos bring good luck for women?

People have been engaged in drawing magical images and signs on their own bodies since ancient times. And in each picture they put a specific meaning. For example, one group of images contributed to repel evil spirits, the second - brought good luck, the third - served to attract fertility and abundance.

Tattoo for luck and fortune

Women, choosing a tattoo, are irrepressible in the desire to convey to others the semantics, laid in the picture. Usually, the fair sex does not miss the opportunity to show off their tattoo, so they make the image in the most prominent places.

Tattoos for luck

For girls, tattoos that depict representatives of the animal world are more suitable.

Tattoo for luck and fortune

Each woman associates herself with a particular animal, so its presence on the body will bring luck and good luck.

Most often, girls choose such images:

  • The unfolded flowers, namely roses. The flower is a symbol of purity and sincerity. A girl with such a tattoo wants to show others that she is always pure in her own thoughts or waiting for true love. The image can be red or black and white.

tattoo luck

  • Stars - a popular symbol that attracts happiness and good luck. The tattoo is so versatile that it promotes prosperity in almost all areas of a person's life.

Tattoos that bring luck and money

  • Butterflies - insects that attract fortune. However, when choosing such a drawing, it is important to consider the color scheme. For example, red means life, perseverance, and green symbolizes hope, joy.

lucky tattoo

  • The snake is a symbol of wisdom and intuition. Without such a sign, it is impossible to attract success and luck.

Tattoos that bring luck and fortune


It is customary for the fairer sex to put on the body the phrase-code for good luck and prosperity. Expressions can be both in Latin and in another language.

Popular among girls are:

  • "I am not alone, the sky is with me" or "Custos meus mihi simper".
  • "There is a goal - there are no barriers!" or "There is a goal - there are no barriers!"
  • "No spoon!" or "No spoon!"
  • "You can reach for the stars" or "Per spera ad astra."
  • "Down with trouble" or "Procul negotis."

Inscriptions with messages for the universe are placed on the backs of the hands, on the shoulder blades, along the spine, or under the chest.

Men's tattoos for good luck

Men choose tattoos as a demonstration of their own principles. Almost no guy gets a tattoo for beauty.

Men gravitate to loud, aggressive and straightforward inscriptions, menacing animals, signs that carry a certain meaning.

The most common tattoos to attract good luck are:

  • lion - pride, defiance, determination, determination.

Tattoo for luck

  • Dragon - power, authority, strength, which attracts financial well-being.

Tattoo for luck
Colored tattoos became very popular among men: guys "score" images not only hands, but also legs as a whole.

  • Cross - devotion to family or religion, which helps a person to achieve their own goals.

lucky tattoo

  • Hieroglyph - encapsulating a lot of meaning. One symbol can tell several principles.

Tattoo to bring luck and happiness

  • Hearts - bring not only love, but also good luck.

tattoo happiness

Creating a manicure at home

If there is no possibility to visit a master of manicure, but you want to depict mysterious and original symbols on your hands, you can try to draw them yourself. It should be done as accurately as possible, repeating exactly every detail of the picture.

Chinese and Japanese symbols are especially popular.

Drawing with the help of varnish

Necessary tools for applying a Chinese or Japanese drawing:

  • varnish (2 contrasting shades);
  • A thin brush (if it is not available, a toothpick, a pen stick, etc. can be used);
  • Paint fixer.

Instructions for application:

  • Nail plates cover the basic shellac, and then you need to wait for its complete drying;
  • On the even surface of the nail apply a couple of drops of the second lacquer, which will be used for drawing the Chinese or Japanese character;
  • The selected symbol should be divided into parts, which, with a thin brush, should be applied to the nail plate in a smooth, but sure movements;
  • After the picture is completely dry, cover your nails with a fixer.

Using hieroglyphic stickers

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to apply oriental symbols to the nails, which is often used by women, is the use of stickers. You can buy them in specialized stores.

Manicure with stickers turns out clear and high quality and does not require the ability to draw. For its implementation on an even surface of the nail plate with an already dried on the basis should be carefully placed a sticker with one of the characters you like. Then it is necessary to cover the general drawing with a fixer.


Another way of applying the oriental symbols on the nails, which is resorted to by girls who do not know how to draw, is steamping. Its essence is as follows:

A special varnish is applied to a particular design; then, using a silicone or rubber roller (stamp), the symbol is transferred onto the nail plate with characteristic rolling movements (it is important that they are smooth, without jerks, otherwise the image will lie unevenly); after the image dries, the nail surface is covered with a fixer.

Tattoo designs for good luck

Often the wheel of Fortune is applied to the body. To earn the favor of the Roman goddess, it is possible by applying both the wheel itself and the goddess, who leans on it with one hand.

tattoo wheel of fortune
The Fortune tattoo is used to attract good luck.

The four-leaf clover is very popular. It is an Irish symbol of good luck, which has driven a huge number of people crazy, thanks to its legend. The story so appealed to the population that almost every Irishman did a tattoo with a clover.

lucky tattoos

Everyone is familiar with such a symbol of luck as a horseshoe, because there are many legends about this sign. In addition, the image of a horseshoe can significantly change the life of its owner.

lucky tattoo

The acorn is a symbol of luck. Most often it is depicted on the body in the form of a branch with several acorns. The number of acorns also matters.

Tattoo for luck and fortune

Knot of success - a picture that has magical power and dramatically changes a person's life.

Tattoo for good luck luck and love

A fairy tale character is a goldfish, which is capable of granting a wish. Before drawing, it is necessary to make a wish, and when the tattoo is finished, it will soon come true.

Tattoo good luck and fortune for women
Tattoos that bring love and happiness are depicted goldfish in different angles.

Slavic amulets

Tattoo for good luck and wealth for women can consist of Slavic symbols, amulets. The ancient Slavs gave their letters a separate sacred meaning. In this culture, there are signs applied to the body only by men or intended exclusively for the fairer sex.

Popular among girls are such Slavic symbols as:

Bereginya is the protector of the home. Oberegige makes sure that its owner has prosperity, luck and prosperity in life.

Star of Lada brings health and protection from disease and bad luck. Star also helps women to marry well and give birth to healthy offspring.

Tattoo for good luck and wealth in the form of a talisman

Ladybird is a symbol that brings love, happiness and luck to a girl's life. If a representative of the fair sex is tired of failure, then the symbol is mandatory to apply.

Sweets are ordered by creative people. The symbol harmonizes the feminine energy of creation, protects against dark forces, and enhances the life potential of the wearer.

Tattoos that bring love and happiness

The Heart knot has several meanings. It promotes the attraction of love in the life of its wearer and attracts happiness, which is associated with various spheres of human activity.

good luck tattoo
Tattoo for happiness and love

The finality of the knot symbolizes the fixation and stabilization of happiness. Magical images always attract more attention.

About the most ancient images and their meaning

Celtic ornament tattoos welcome the application of ancient patterns that have not undergone changes and are kept in their original state.

Among most common ornaments to be applied to the body include:

Celtic medallion tattoo

Tattoo of a Celtic knot

Tattoo of the Celtic tree of life

Over time, the ancient symbols have undergone several changes, but young people who prefer the Celtic pattern tattoo choose Exactly the pristine ornaments.

Tattoos to attract money

Consider the best tattoos for wealth that will help bring money energy into a person's life.

A sailboat is a symbol of financial success and good luck. The drawing can be applied in tandem with other symbols of good luck, which helps to increase the chances of achieving the desired goal as soon as possible. If a person wants to score a tattoo for money, he should pay attention to the image of a sailboat.

What tattoos bring luck

The runes are Slavic signs that are of great importance to people. The Slavs created a magical system of signs, which never ceases to work and help people in gaining a stable financial position. Each symbol has a specific semantics. Therefore, it is possible to apply several signs, which in alliance will work even stronger.

Tattoos For Luck Wealth

The key is a sign of mystery and wisdom. This image also has another meaning - the road to gaining wealth. With a special key, a person can open any door and significantly increase wealth.

Tattoo for Happiness and Love


To attract good luck, women draw plants on their bodies.

Among the tattoos with representatives of Flora are popular:

With the fact that the acorn became fashionable among tattoo lovers is connected with the belief that it is under this tree, pirates or mythical creatures buried treasures. The abundance of fruit is compared to financial well-being.

Four-leaf clover in Scandinavian countries is considered a symbol of wealth and good luck. It is applied to the skin in deep green and is usually surrounded by a scattering of coins or horseshoes.

The lotus flower is a symbol of luck in Eastern nations. This is also used as a symbol of luck and good luck.

The fern is considered a symbol of fabulous wealth among the Slavic peoples. There is still a belief that if you find a flowering bush on St. John's Eve, a person's life will change abruptly for the better.

The sunflower is considered a symbol of good luck and abundance because of its round shape and yellow color, as it resembles the sun. The flower on the skin can be found in a bouquet with other plants or herbs.

Tattoos for happiness and good luck

Ladybugs, attracting a huge number of people with their appearance, are able to bring happiness and good luck to their owner.

It is worth noting that the number of spots on the wings has a certain interpretation, so before drawing, it is important to consider this nuance. For example, two dots symbolize the harmony of the soul and body, three spots - prudence, four - protect against theft and theft.

Tattoo attracting money and good luck

The purpose of the tattoo luck - improving the quality and standard of life, achieving the desired goals.

In several European countries, the chimney sweep represents a symbol of success. Since a man of this profession performs pipe cleaning, it means improving the quality of life and attracting great success.

Tattoos for luck and fortune

Bamboo branches - a tattoo for happiness, which symbolizes permanence, is the basis of happiness and good luck. Bamboo can be depicted both in black and white and in colored colors.

Tattoos that bring luck

On the meaning of Celtic tattoos in general

Celtic patterns do look impressive, which makes you want to To decorate your body with an unusual tattoo.

Earlier patterns were applied by ancient tribes to weapons, kitchen utensils, simply stones. Each ornament meant something, so we can say that the ancient people were doing thus certain markings in their lives. In 800, Irish monks sketched all the ornaments, and created an entire book "The Celtic which they spelled out exactly what each pattern meant.

All the designs mean infinitybecause all the patterns have a common line - the beginning of a new twist comes from the end of another twist. The ancient tribesmen were guided by this when they took part in the conquest of neighboring territories. It is because of their ferocity, and in some cases, beastliness, that Celtic designs for applying to the body choose not everyone who wishes to adorn themselves with a tattoo.

Celtic patterns - the weaving that means infinity

Common meanings of Celtic patterns include the following:

  • Infinite life - Celtic tribes believed that their people would live forever;
  • endless lines indicated the connection and continuity of things in the universe;
  • a constant operating cycle helps in the struggle of life against death;
  • the infinite lines were the connection of soul and body;
  • the connection between heaven and earth, the knot in the tattoo pattern indicates where they intersect;
  • labyrinths fixed on the body identify the path of life.

As a result, a person who favors a Celtic pattern must understand what he or she will represent with his or her tattoo. Often the ornaments are chosen Strong-minded people who are impetuous and persistent, going to their goal regardless of the problems encountered. Often they are overbearing, or with their outward sternness want to subjugate others.

Tattoo of good luck and wealth

The bee represents an insect that can improve financial well-being. In addition, the image can fill other areas of human life with good luck. Bees, symbolizing the love of labor, will help its owner to achieve success in any activity, bring good luck and money.

Tattoos for good luck wealth love health
Tattoos to attract money

Mandalas are pictures that signify harmony and unity with the cosmos. By emitting vibrations of the necessary frequency, the pattern helps a person to achieve high results in the desired sphere: work, personal life, self-realization, etc.

Tattoo to attract love
A tattoo is a talisman that acts as a conductor of a person's energy, which transforms the flow and directs it in the desired direction.

Powerful rituals for wealth

Buy a new wallet and put inside a couple of large bills of money (the denomination must be different). Add to your collection a handful of coins and start to attract wealth. You must not close the purse during the incantation. The text is as follows:

"As the money to the coin gathers, so wealth and success are coming to me, gold and silver are flowing from everywhere. I have a purse that rustles and rustles, a gold ring and expensive clothes will bring me. Now I have enough money for everything. Amen."

This is an ancient and powerful text, but it can also be strengthened by timing it to a certain date. Try it on Christmas Day, waiting for the first star to rise. The light in the apartment should be extinguished, and the prayer should be read by candlelight in complete solitude.

Plot for a key

Means will be driven if you read a very powerful incantation at the front door of your apartment. Wait until Monday and when you wake up in the early morning, go to the door. Make sure that the key is inserted in the keyhole. Say a prayer:

New Chicano.

"Went the gray wolf into the black forest to prey on the white hare. He did not get anything, but saw a casket, padded with iron and gilded. The casket is locked and cannot be opened. The key is hidden in the water and cannot be found. Only I'll find that key, I'll drag it away from the rocks and herbs. It's my destiny to find it. I'll open it and take the stones, the gems, the silver and the gold. Then hide the key - let everything come true, as I said.

This is the strongest money incantation, but you will have to carry a key with you. Herbalists recommend to buy for the ritual a new lock with a previously unused key. This will help to attract money in your life without contacting someone else's energy.

Legendary rite from Vanga

The Bulgarian znakharka knew well how to attract luck and money with the help of white magic. When we discovered this ritual on March 3, we immediately decided to include it in the article. Here is what you should do:

  1. Hunger for 2-3 hours before carrying out the magic action.
  2. Buy black bread and break off a small piece of it.
  3. At night, seclude yourself in your house - no one should disturb you.
  4. Place in front of yourself a bread, say the text of a money prayer.

Say the words clearly, without stuttering or changing places. If you do not want to repeat it twice, take the first time the ritual is over and the second time the ritual is read. And here is the text itself:

"Lord, you have fed all the needy and hungry, so that they may always feel nourishment. Help me, too, and draw good fortune. May a long path of joy, prosperity and happiness come to my dwelling. I promise to spend every penny wisely, not to leave those in need. Amen."

Enrichment and apples.

Use 20 apples as artifacts - they must be fresh and picked by yourself. If you do not have an apple orchard, buy apples in a store - it will not weaken the incantation. If you do not have an apple orchard, buy an apple from a shop, it will not weaken the incantation.

The first 14 apples are distributed to the beggars on the day of the ritual. The next day, three more apples are distributed. The remaining products are taken to the church and placed on the memorial table. A prayer is said:

"The Mother of God together with Jesus is my support. Angels were flying in the sky, sacks of gold were scattered, money fell out. I pick up the gold, I praise the angels. Amen".

Tattoo of good luck and fortune

Representatives of the cat family are popular images for tattoos. The basic reason for such excitement to pictures of cats is their ability to bring luck and good fortune to the life of their owner.

A good luck tattoo can be an image of a black cat. However, other colors of the animal are also considered.

Tattoo to attract love and happiness

Another tattoo that brings good luck is the playing cubes. The number of points a person chooses independently, based on numerology.

tattoo for riches

Images of animals

Animals in Celtic patterns are depicted specifically - they are peculiar caricatures, which also represent a single line.

The animals symbolize the following:

Celtic tattoo - image of a wolf

You should Understand the meaning of each imageIn order to make the right choice. It is better to be guided by your own style and appearance. For example, the image of a wolf in a Celtic style would look ...vulgar and ridiculous... at the same time on the fragile back of a petite girl.

Animal themes of the Celtic tattoo

The best places on the body for the location of the figure

When you decide on the tattoo, it is necessary to choose the place where the picture will be applied. It is worth understanding that the choice of body part also matters. If a person wants to achieve maximum success, it is worth paying attention to the most "successful" places for tattoos.

good luck symbol tattoo

For example, a picture on the shoulder is able to attract not only the attention of others, but also success. In addition, the tattoo on the shoulder is able to protect against some of the troubles that may meet on the road of life.

symbol of luck tattoo

Tattoo on the wrist, apply, often, creative people who are prone to daydreaming. To achieve the desired result, it is important not only to apply the tattoo in a specific place, but also to constantly think about your own dream. Thus, visualization in tandem with the tattoo will help to achieve a good result.

Tattoos to attract money and good luck

Putting a picture on the index finger will help to achieve success in business. It is important to note that a tattoo to attract money should have the appropriate semantics.

Tattoo symbol of love and happiness

The area behind the ears and the neck are the places where the power of the tattoo is multiplied several times. Pictures, applied on these areas of the body, will help a person to find success and universal vocation.

What tattoo brings luck and fortune

The Chinese character for happiness: photo, pronunciation, meaning

The word "happiness" is pronounced as "fu. To write it, you need to combine two symbols that stand for "abundance" and "deity". According to feng shui, this symbol can attract the power of the sky and the gods to bring happiness and success into the home. If one wants the sign to bring home great prosperity, the sign is placed in the southeast side of the room. In the southwest - if a person lacks love. To bring long-awaited happiness into the home, many connoisseurs hang the sign upside down at the entrance to the room/home.

Double happiness

Looking at the sign, you can see two halves, which are considered equivalent and are located near each other. It is believed that the symbol brings harmony and happiness to the young family, contributes to the fulfillment of desires. To make the sign work for the young couple, it is hung over their bed or over the door in the room. Hanging above the bed are also those couples who want to conceive a child or renew old feelings. If a person gives a gift, and along with it this symbol, then he really wants them to be good and wants it to increase.

According to feng shui, it is allowed to place the sign of "double happiness" in any place in the room where a person is most often.

Well-being in Chinese

"Ping'an" is how the Chinese character for "well-being" reads. It is better to place it exactly inside your home in a prominent place, so that it can bring the desired grace to it. It is often hung above the front door of the house before the New Year. Ancient Chinese legend has it that the local goddess of poverty does not even approach a house with this symbol.

GALLERY: A selection of successful Celtic-style tattoos

Celtic patterns conceal a mystery, mean a certain symbolism, which is required to study before applying any ornament, image of an animal, natural motifs. It is important to believe in the fact that the images applied to the body fundamentally change a person's life. If this is true, then Celtic tattoos are chosen with special care. If you do not agree with the rating of the article, just put your marks and argue them in the comments. Your opinion is very important for our readers. Thank you!

Beautiful drawings on the body can transform a person, change his life. A selection of tattoos for good luck will prompt the choice of the right option, attracting wealth, success, happiness to the destiny.

Contents of this article

Tattoo as a talisman: signs to attract finance

Ancient sages kept many secrets about symbols and signs that can affect a person's fate. Some of these images are those that attract wealth in life. Below we will talk about talismans in the form of tattoos that will give financial prosperity.

  • Key. From ancient times, this sign symbolized mystery, discovery and wisdom. On the other hand, the key is presented in the world of symbols as a way to find wealth. You can open a treasure chest only with the help of the cherished key.

  • All-seeing Eye. The symbol is represented by the image of an eye, framed in a triangle, out of which the rays of light. The rays symbolize the golden abstract radiance, the key meaning of which is to attract money.

  • Truncated pyramid from above. This symbol represents power and authority, as well as perseverance. Often, men impose a combined tattoo, where the All-seeing Eye is combined with the truncated pyramid. The most attractive drawing looks on calves.

Truncated pyramid from above

  • Open umbrella. Initially, this image should contain specifically a Chinese household item, but most people tend to stuff umbrellas of any type. The main detail is that the umbrella must be open. This element will save from mishaps and will never offend its owner with a lack of money.

  • Laurel leaves. According to legends, the laurel has always represented victory and prosperity. Painting a picture on the human body attracts money, luck, stability and fame in life. It is recommended to put the tattoo on the wrist.

In addition to the listed images, experts on symbolism recommend choosing the following drawings for wealth:

All of the above images will suit the representatives of the male sex: they will give brutal strength, power and authority, will help to quickly earn money.

Recommendations for choosing a tattoo

It is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of stylists and masters of tattoos, which are practiced in the application of Celtic patterns. Recommendations are governed by the gender of those wishing to decorate the body with tattoos.

Women when choosing patterns should be guided by the following points:

  • Tattoo masters recommend girls to stop their choice on the application of the Celtic sun on the body. It is a small round pattern that looks good on the back, shoulder or wrist.
  • Celtic patterns look attractive on the hands. The images depend directly on the place of application: the wrist requires an uncomplicated pattern of small size, and the forearm allows the image of an animal.
  • Celtic ornaments in women are found on the leg - these are knots of small size or a complex two-piece weave.
  • Women prefer to apply a tattoo with the image of a butterfly, but it is performed in several shades of paint. The butterfly represents the union of two souls, boundless love, and as a result helps a woman to arrange her personal life.

Celtic tattoos in women - a bracelet on the stomach and lower back

Men can apply large tattoos to the body, but with the following guidelines:

  • Celtic patterns look attractive on the neck of a man. There may be large ornaments, which indicates the characteristics of the character of the owner.
  • Ornaments on the back of men emphasize their determination and masculinity. Similarly, images on the arms - shoulder, forearm or wrist.
  • Celtic patterns favorably emphasize the muscles of the man, so it is preferable to apply images of knots or braids of large size. Such patterns entice the opposite sex, in this way a man conceals a mystery.

What often select the men: the value of tattoos

For the male population of the planet tattoo is hardly a way to decorate yourself. According to statistics, most men stuffed drawings to demonstrate their life principles and foundations. Guys like to do loud inscriptions, images of menacing animals, symbols and signs that carry a certain context.

Of the most popular tattoo options in demand among men today, they choose the following:

  • lions - The pride, determination of this man will allow him to be successful throughout life;
  • dragons - power, a powerful force attracts wealth to a man's fate;
  • snakes - symbolize wisdom, abundance and prosperity, which already speaks of financial well-being;
  • crosses - Loyalty to his family, perhaps devotion to religion: many people's faith brings good luck;
  • heart - such a picture brings love and good luck in one bottle.

Men tend to get tattoos on summer viewable places: elbows, shoulder areas, on the back of the head. The younger generation of guys do tattoos on their legs, because in summer they wear shorts or breeches. Recently, the application of color drawings gained a huge scale and the youth "clogs" pictures of all hands, legs completely.

Tattoo on the arm

A good place to place a large picture is the back. This is where you can place a huge symbol of good luck, such as a star, made in two colors. There is a rule that talismans should not be exposed to the public, otherwise they will not work. Worry about the fact that no one will notice the image on the back - do not worry, but it will bring good luck in life.

A selection of drawings attracting wealth in life

The problem of not having enough money is not uncommon today. Even if you have enough money, you won't mind to add a little bit of it. The simplest, most beautiful way to do this is to apply a tattoo: several variants of drawings to attract money.

  • The image of bills. The easiest, straightforward option to increase your wealth is to put a picture of money on your body. Do not think in vain that tattoos do not look attractive: the master will do the kind of work that will delight anyone.

  • An aquarium with fishes or a marine environment. Few people know, but such an image can dramatically change a person's life: sea water symbolizes the sphere of success, and fish and other aquatic animals mean monetary profits. You can put a picture on any part of the body, but the most beautiful place for it is rightly considered the sleeves.

  • Ganesha. This little elephant is traditionally considered a symbol of abundance and good financial well-being. If you look closely at the drawing, you can see that the animal is holding certain objects, which also contains a hidden implication. The elephant is standing on a mouse or a rat, which symbolize boldness.

  • Tree. As a symbol of growth, this representative of the forest flora shows well the possibilities not only in money, but also in other qualities and needs. The main feature of the tattoo is that the tree should be growing and its branches stretch strictly upwards.

  • Toad. Traditionally, in the East, this creature is considered to bring wealth and good luck. If the color of the toad is green, it also means fertility, and if the drawing is made in blue color, the toad will bring you the constancy of income.

What substantiates the choice

If you believe sorcerers, magicians and other specialists of the unknown, the presented patterns and images on the human body contribute to the following changes in life:

  • Any braids and spiralsAny braids and spirals, closed in a circle, will lead a person in a "circle" of life. A kind of circle of life's troubles, misfortunes, followed by joy will be swept throughout life. Such patterns should not be applied if a person wants to change something in his life. Otherwise he will go back to the beginning.
  • The tree of life Will lead to an increase in social circle. If the branches are woven into the sun, it means that new acquaintances can be teamed up and continue to communicate on their interests.
  • Nodes will attract joys, sorrows and misfortunes, failures, successes, new friends, prosperity and financial well-being, which will merge into a single ball of a person's life.
  • Crosses are not recommended to be applied to the body, even stars forbidden. This symbolism of "putting a cross on oneself," which would indicate the end in spiritual and temporal life. No, the person will not die, but his development will cease. It is not uncommon for people who are incarcerated to put crosses on themselves. A small fraction of them are able to return to a normal life; most commit another crime and are sent back to prison.
  • The desire to display animal must be for peaceful and friendly purposes. You can not apply a tattoo depicting a predator, even a dog has a tendency to bite. Such tattoos contribute to a change in a person's character - he becomes aggressive, spiteful to the people around him.

Celtic cross on the back of a man


For women

For men