Where does it hurt the most? The worst and best places for tattoos by pain and durability

Finally you got over yourself and decided to get a tattoo. This is a worthy decision, because few things can give you as much personality as distinctive tattoos. But more and more often people prefer to put on your body not images, not stylized photos, but simple inscriptions. This may be straightforward, but it's stylish, and the meaning is immediately readable. And everyone can choose which phrase to put on the tattoo. But there is a tattoo and another characteristic - it is important to understand where you want to place this inscription. And here the choice, it must be said, is surprisingly huge. Come to think of it, you can put an image on your wrist, on your arm, on your leg, on your back, on your neck, on your forearm, on your chest, on your side, on your fingers, on your ribs - and that's not counting the more exotic places. So what is the most reasonable choice of location on the body? Let's try to figure it out.

1. inkFactory tattoo parlor

Tattoo parlor inkFactory invites you to take some time to take care of your appearance and well-being - relax and unwind at the tattoo parlor inkFactory. Their high professional level and attentive workers will make you feel refreshed and relaxed, and the energy you get will brighten up your days for a long time. We also offer correction of eyebrows, tattooing, tattooing.

Tattoo parlor services

  • Face and body
  • eyebrow correction and coloring
  • laser, lamination of the eyebrows
  • microblading
  • permanent makeup
  • piercing
  • tattoo
  • eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, lip tattooing
  • tattoo removal
  • tattoo removal
  • laser tattoo removal
  • Tattoo removal with remuver
  • Peels
  • carbon peeling
  • Piercing
  • eyebrow piercing
  • lip piercing
  • nose piercing
  • belly button piercing
  • tongue piercing
  • ear piercing
  • ear piercing for children
  • ear cartilage piercing
  • septum
  • facial cleansing
  • laser face cleansing

address: inkfactory-salon.ru

Tattoo and piercing studio Crazy Tattoo

Our own tattoo school.

Any service can be paid for with a gift certificate. They are beautiful and for any amount.

For minors: teenagers from 14 to 18 years, piercing and tattooing only with written parental consent.

Tattoo parlor services

  • Tattoo
  • Correction (overlapping) tattoos
  • Removal of tattoos and tattooing
  • Tattoo henna (mehendi)
  • Tattooing
  • Piercing

Address: crazytattoo.ru

Less common places

But the imagination on this does not necessarily have to be limited in any way to the above-mentioned places. For example, what's not great about the variations that are depicted on your neck. After all, what is written on the neck can be read by anyone standing behind you, even if you are dressed.

Men may prefer to depict the desired inscription on the chest. Women on the chest will be a little more problematic to do, because the space for tattoos there is simply less, although a neat suggestion will also come in handy. Continuing with the theme of the body, you may prefer options on the side or on the ribs. Naturally, either on the side or on the ribs, the inscription will only be visible without clothing, which makes this option a compromise as well.

Finally, a short inscription can be depicted on the fingers. Usually, one letter is applied to the fingers. For other people, such a tattoo is associated with the prison, but in practice, if everything is carried out elegantly, then on the fingers everything will look more than fine.

Tattoos with inscriptions can be made in different places. On the wrist, on the back, on the leg, on the arm, on the neck, on the forearm, on the chest, on the side or on the ribs. But just as importantly, on any of these body parts, they would be done to the highest standard. And our craftsmen, whether from scratch or from a photo or sketch, are ready to make an excellent inscription on any part of your body.

Tattoos with inscriptions on the waist

Tattoos with inscriptions on the arm

Tattoos with Scripts on Neck

Maze Tattoo Studio

Maze Tattoo Studio is an art boutique with a special creative atmosphere and individual concept. Maze Tattoo is located in the heart of Moscow, just steps from the exit from Novokuznetskaya metro station. The studio has gathered a team of professional artists with 20 + years of experience in the tattoo industry who are in love with their craft and can at the highest level make a reality of any fantasy of the client. The studio meets all safety and sterility requirements and has undergone state licensing procedure by high standards of medical institutions (Medical License № LO-77-01-018402 for the right to practice cosmetology).

Services tattoo salon

- Artistic tattooing, - Services for overlapping and correction of tattoos; - Piercing; - Painting with henna and jagua gel. Address: https://maze.tattoo/

Tattoo with inscriptions and signs

Runes Tattoo Studio "West End" offers tattoo works with runes: sketches, photos, ideas and meanings of tattoos with Scandinavian and Slavic runes.

Hieroglyphs Tattoo studio "West End" offers you to get acquainted with the works of tattoos with Chinese and Japanese characters: sketches, photos, ideas and meanings of tattoos.


Infinity Sign
Infinity sign "West End" tattoo studio offers you to get acquainted with the works of tattoos with the infinity symbol: sketches, photos, ideas and meanings of tattoos with the infinity symbol.


Studio of tattooing "West End" offers to look at works of tattoos with the sign Yin-Yang: sketches, photos, ideas and meanings of tattoos with the symbol of Yin-Yang for men and girls.



Today the tattoo is not uncommon, millions of people around the world with pride and dignity wear beautiful drawings on the body. And the popularity of body art is constantly growing. In connection with such trends, studios of artistic painting on the body are opened. It is very difficult to choose the best tattoo studio that would meet all your wishes. So how to decide which tattoo studio is the right one? Where can masters do fashionable tattoo, not quickly and cheaply, but, above all, qualitatively and safely?

Tattoo salon services

Tattoo correction and overking

Tattoo correction

  • Laser removal of tattoos
  • Individual sketch
  • Manual eyebrow tattooing
  • "Dialed hair"
  • Manual eyebrow tattooing method
  • microblading
  • Manual softap method eyebrow tattooing
  • eyebrow tattooing by machine method
  • eyelid tattoo
  • Lip tattooing (natural lip effect)
  • fly tattoo (mole imitation)
  • correction of tattoo / microblading
  • correction of tattoo / microblading
  • Update tattoo / microblading
  • Removal of tattoo / microblading with remuver
  • Microdermals
  • Piercing of ear, eyebrow, nose, lips, tongue, and navel
  • Earlobe other piercings
  • Ear piercing "Industrial", "Orbital
  • Plane piercing
  • Nipple Piercing
  • Piercing
  • Men's intimate piercing

Address: club-tattoo.ru

Where can I get a tattoo

For the first time guys decide to get a tattoo inscription on the body at a young age. It is important that the chosen picture was not just the first picture from the Internet, and carried some meaning. In this case, the tattoo should fit harmoniously into the overall style and really serve as a body decoration. Before going to the salon should think carefully about the place where to make a tattoo and create a sketch of the future image. If there are doubts, it is possible to make a temporary tattoo and to make sure that it really suits the owner and will not cause him unnecessary troubles.

Sometimes you want the tattoo to look inconspicuous and it can be easily concealed. Such effect is achieved not only with the help of special color paints, design and other gadgets. You can just pick up a small tattoo or score tattoos in places that are almost always under clothing. For guys who don't aim to make a career in any reputable firm, tattoos can be applied anywhere. You should only think about the beauty of the picture and the method of its application. After all, on the joints and other wrinkled areas of the skin tattoo can lose its attractiveness and distort.

In salons the good masters at once warn the clients about that where it is impossible to strike a tattoo. There can be not only certain nuances related to health. Aesthetic aspect also plays its role.

In the intimate areas, on the face and navel area, the skin is more often and faster exposed to age-related changes. On the foot or palm, as well as the inner phalanx of the fingers picture quickly fade, blurred. Stuff a tattoo on the guy's arm, behind the ear or on the neck is not allowed if a young man plans to link his career with his work in the prosecutor's office or in the banking industry.

Before going to the salon for the first time, young people often ask where it hurts to get a tattoo. As has already been said, painful sensations in different places and parts of the body are not the same. It is also worth mentioning the healing of the tattoo, which greatly affects its subsequent appearance. The most painful places for tattoos are considered areas:

  • skull;
  • knees;
  • elbows;
  • hands.

The skin here is thin and the fat layer is almost completely absent, so the needle strokes are particularly painful. A tattoo on the hand heals longer than usual due to constant contact with water. Long comes the healing and rehabilitation after the procedure, if tattooed in the abdominal area. If a man is engaged in heavy physical labor or power sports, then for a while it is necessary to stop this activity. Otherwise the appearance of the printed image can greatly deteriorate.

Specialists recommend choosing for tattooing places and parts of the body that do not change their shape over time. If this factor is neglected, then over time the tattoo can become comical and even ridiculous, provided that its owner does not set a goal for a lifetime to follow the figure and the state of his body.

Guys are recommended to get tattoos in the following places:

  • sleeve (from shoulder to fingers inclusive);
  • collarbone;
  • Spine area on the back;
  • head;
  • lower part of the shin.

It should be noted that colored tattoos lose their attractive appearance faster, fade and require periodic correction. Black and white tattoos in this regard are more durable and give the owner less trouble.

TattooMoscow salon

Tattoo salons in Moscow
15 years on the market, great experience in the art of tattooing and communicating with people, advanced developments in this direction: modern machines, paints, needles, means of sterilization and disinfection. The studio represents one master, which can be considered an advantage before large salons.

Services tattoo salon

  • Professional art tattoo of any complexity
  • correction and correction of tattoos
  • Overlay bad tattoo
  • closing scars with a tattoo
  • tattoo master classes for beginners
  • Tattoos:
  • Artistic Tattooing
  • Tattoo Restoration
  • Overlay tattoo
  • Correction
  • Consultation
  • Draw a sketch

Address: tattoomoscow.ru

Inscriptions and their meanings

Fonts for tattoos are chosen based on the semantic load of the phrase or word, which is to be put on the body. Depending on the wishes of the client can be applied only a small excerpt from the phrase or quoted the whole page. The utterance is like a drawing, its selection is carried out that is called "under itself", as well as the image. Currently, the most popular tattoo inscriptions in English, Latin and other languages are:

  • quotes from religious books;
  • Quotes from famous philosophers;
  • Quotes from modern books and songs;
  • names of loved ones and loved ones;
  • autographs of favorite celebrities;
  • Sustainable expressions (from folk art).

Tattoo inscription - video

The choice as a natal image of the inscription, speaks of certain traits of the character of the person. It is necessary to be very serious about the creation of the sketch and take care of the location. Tattoo inscription, applied in our tattoo salon, will be your companion for the rest of your life. Quality images do not need to be corrected and retain their appearance for many years.

Tattoo World

Art tattoo and piercing studio in Moscow "World of Tattoo" is a design workshop, where body decoration is not seen as a fashion trend of our time. Professionalism and creative approach to every drawing. Tattoo shop "Mir Tattoo" was opened on September 1st, 2005 on Old Arbat. For many years the salon has worked a lot of excellent tattoo artists: Andrey "Levsha", Alexey Ukolov, Andrey Samarov, Roman "Fox", Roman "Lemekh", Max "Zemax" Zemlyakov, Andrey "Anders" Panin, Andrey Smolentsev, Andrey "Yel", Ivan "Johan", Arthur "Tula", Jan Rybalchik, Nikita "Johnny Rainbow" Bauer, Maxim "Max" Matsukevich.

Tattoo parlor services

  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo correction
  • Restoration (Correction) tattoo
  • Piercing
  • Lobe
  • Helix
  • Pina
  • Flat
  • Forward helix
  • Tragus
  • Industrial
  • Snug
  • Daith
  • Conch.
  • Orbital
  • Tunnels: stretching and setting at 0 to 3 mm pitch
  • tongue piercing
  • nose piercing
  • lip piercing
  • eyebrow piercing
  • belly button piercing
  • intimate piercing
  • Plane piercing
  • Jewelry replacement
  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Permanent makeup
  • Body Modification
  • Suturing of tunnels
  • Removal of canals from old piercings
  • Tongue splitting
  • Split correction
  • Scarring
  • Manicure, pedicure

Address: mirtattoo.ru


First place in the ratings of Moscow and Russia 2021. Legendary studio TATUMANIA takes 1st place in the ratings of Moscow 2021 in the category of price, quality and workmanship. Legal guarantee of safety and 100% reliability. 100% anesthesia with innovative drugs makes the application process comfortable and pleasant. More than 15 years of reliable reputation in the tattoo industry. Victories in international tattoo conventions.

Tattoo parlor services

  • Tattoos
  • Correction
  • restoration
  • biotattoo
  • Tattooing
  • Permanent makeup
  • Piercing
  • Classic, intimate, extreme
  • channel cleaning
  • correction of other people's works
  • Removal
  • Correction
  • Training

Address: tattooz.ru

Tattoo Times

Piercing in Moscow
Studio Tattoo Times works in the tattoo industry for over 10 years. More than 100 000 artworks and about 8000 people become our clients every year. All services provided in the studio are certified and have strict licensing control in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The most important rule of performing services in the tattoo salon is sterility and safety. All works performed in the studio meet international quality standards. Process of tattooing on your body takes place in specially equipped rooms, equipped with everything necessary for daily sterilization of the room and equipment.

Tattoo studio services

  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo correction
  • Applying
  • Biotattoo
  • Removal of tattoos
  • Piercing
  • Permanent makeup
  • Microblading
  • Tattoo removal
  • Tattooing
  • Tattoos on scars

Address: empiretattoo.ru

Tattoo Places: The Sickest and the "Paradise

Before you get your very first piece of permanent art engraved on your skin, you want to know exactly what it will feel like.

That may seem even more important than how much it will cost, or even what it will look like after it's all said and done. But the truth is that feeling pain is quite subjective, as we all have different pain thresholds, and our nerves may react differently. And that's something we shouldn't forget.

However, before you go to a session, it's wise to find out as much as you can about what's waiting for you beforehand. Questions about the painfulness of different areas (and whether it can be somehow reduced) were answered by tattoo master Nikita Kozlov.

The most painful places for tattoos

The most painful places to tattoo are:

  • nipple halos
  • ribs
  • elbow bend
  • inside of knee
  • solar plexus

Many sources claim that the groin is also on the list of places where it hurts to get a tattoo, but I and my clients disagree.

The most painless places for tattoos

"Paradise" or the most painless places to get tattoos:

  • The side of the calf
  • outer thigh
  • forearm
  • Mid-shoulder (outer biceps)

These places are better to choose for those who are worried about pain or want to "lighten up" a tattoo at once and at the same time not to grunt, starting with the first session.

Factors that influence the painfulness of the process

Fatigue levels, satiety, sleepiness, health and emotional background can all affect your condition during the session. If you've eaten, had a good night's sleep, are not in pain, and no one has been blowing your mind before the session, you'll probably be able to sit for long enough. But in any case you should not forget about the individual peculiarities of your body.

How to reduce pain during tattooing?

There are various ointments, gels, sprays, creams that freeze for a time (short or long time) the area of the future application of the image. Most of them are very pain-relieving, and that is their only advantage. But what without a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey?

Once the skin is "frozen", it is time for the master to work harder, because in most cases after applying these products, the skin "hardens" and becomes as if it were made of wood. Such skin is uncomfortable to work on, and at subsequent stages it heals worse. Many masters discourage painkillers, and if they are used, then in extreme cases.

We want to add that we should not forget that everyone has a different threshold of pain, and how exactly you will tolerate the session, you can guess by remembering how easily you tolerate pain in principle.

Can you imagine being scratched by a cat for several hours. Scary? Rather, it's just uncomfortable. And one more important point about pain - be prepared for discomfort in the first hours after the sessions, which you will have traumatized skin.

But if the painful sensations do not go away for several days, the tattoo is warm and red - it is worth to consult a doctor and make sure that the healing process is normal and there is no infection in the fresh wound.

Love Life Tattoo

Love Life Tattoo is a small tattoo studio in the heart of Moscow, a group of friends and like-minded people. In the studio work as masters, dealing with tattooing more than 15 years, and those who are doing it relatively recently. Quality tattoo for reasonable money.

Tattoo parlor services

  • Tattoo
  • tattoo sketch (outline without color)
  • tattoo (permanent makeup)
  • lip tattooing with tattooing
  • lip contour tattoo
  • Eyebrow tattoo (hairs or tattooing)
  • eyelid tattoo
  • lower eyelid tattoo
  • full eyeliner
  • nipple aureole tattoo
  • tattoo of hair growth line
  • mole tattoo
  • laser tattoo removal
  • laser tattoo removal or clarification
  • rent of working place
  • gift certificate

You can get a tattoo on any part of the body.

Persons under 18 years old on the procedure of tattooing must come with parents. Payment only in cash.

Address: www.lovelifetattoo.com

Place of application

After determining the stylistic component and drawing up a sketch of the tattoo inscription, there comes not less responsible process of determining the place of application. The desire to have features and to emphasize his originality makes a person place the text and images on different places on the body.
Tattoo inscriptions for men quite often are placed on the following parts of the body:

  • wrist;
  • shoulders;
  • Forearms (inner and outer side);
  • fingers.

Each client chooses the desired location independently, an experienced master only advises where the tattoo inscriptions in Latin or other languages will look more harmonious.

tattoo inscriptions - photo

Tattoo inscriptions - photo

Tattoo inscriptions for girls are characterized by a large number of monograms, passing into plant ornaments. Women's tattoo sketches of inscriptions are more subtle and delicate, both in meaning and in implementation. The most frequent locations are:

  • wrist;
  • inner surface of the hand;
  • lower back;
  • side;
  • fingers.

Lyrical sayings, to which the fair sex is prone, occupy the visible parts of the body of ladies and emphasize the relief of their figure.


For women

For men