Tattoo Yin-Yang - meaning for men and girls, popular design elements (tiger, dragon, fish), inspiring photos

Tattoo Fish: meaning

Fish is a symbol of fertility and transformation, which is ubiquitous in various cultures around the world. Transformation is one of the most commonly used meanings, as many people take the most pride in changing their lives. Thus, the main meaning of the fish tattoo is life change, both external and internal.

tattoo fish

Depending on the type of fish depicted, the mythology and history of the symbol changes, but the message of "tranquility" remains the same. Therefore, the fish tattoo can also represent serenity and an optimistic attitude toward the world.

tattoo fish

Two fish mean Yin-Yang - feminine and masculine, love and hate, joy and sorrow and other opposites.

tattoo fish
Those who want to put as much meaning into their fish tattoos as possible can easily take advantage of the play of multiple colors.

The color of the fish scales in which it is painted can also carry a certain meaning. Red can symbolize strength and love, orange - joy, green - growth and harmony, blue - sensuality and romance.

tattoo fish

Yin-Yang tattoo. Meaning, symbolism, photos and sketches.

Yin-Yang tattoo represents a circle divided into two equal parts by an undulating line. These parts are often painted in black and white. In the center of each half is a small dot of the opposite color. In this way, it is customary to depict the harmony and inseparability of the opposing forces of nature and the universe.

A person who is the owner of a Yin-Yang tattoo communicates to the world his philosophical nature, the duality of character or the struggle of opposites. Such images are acceptable for both men and women. In today's world it is a very popular and frequently used symbol in tattoos. Its history is rooted in ancient Chinese mythology. In the art of feng shui, Yin-Yang represents the struggle and unity of two totally opposite energies.

Meaning of the Yin-Yang symbol

Ancient Chinese Yin-Yang symbol combines two elements. Yin - feminine beginning, represents the earth, death, the moon, darkness, even numbers and so on. Yang is masculine and symbolizes the sky, life, sun, light, odd numbers and so on. As a rule, these values are opposites of each other.

Despite the contradictions, Yin and Yang are one indivisible symbol. It is a world unity that can solve all problems and contradictions. It strengthens man's vitality and gives inner balance in difficult situations.

Sketch of a male tattoo Yin-Yang on the shoulder blade

Sketch of a male tattoo Yin-Yang on his forearm

Sketch of male Yin-Yang tattoo on forearm

Sketch of male Yin-Yang tattoo on forearm

Sketch of color tattoo Yin-Yang for men on forearm

Sketch of male forearm Yin-Yang tattoo

The circle in which these opposites are depicted represents infinity and their eternal opposition. This is a universal vortex, in which opposites mixed and united, not stopping their movement.

These energies generate each other and cannot exist separately. This interaction is the beginning of all life on earth; it builds and shapes life. The main essence of this interaction is complete harmony. Yin-Yang is the constant of the order of things. It represents the duality of all things and speaks of the balance of nature.

Yin-Yang tattoo with hieroglyphs for women between the shoulder blades

Sketch of male tattoo Yin-Yang between the shoulder blades

Sketch of color tattoo Yin-Yang for girls between shoulder blades

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for girls

Sketch of female tattoo Yin-Yang with a tiger on her shoulder blade

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for girls on the shoulder blade

Meaning of tattoo Yin-Yang

The meaning of the Yin-Yang tattoo lies in the desire or ability of a person to build his life correctly and feel happy, regardless of external circumstances that can affect the balance. The tattoo carries the meaning of a certain peace of mind and harmony with oneself and the world around.

Among other things, this symbol represents the mystical mysterious center, which consists in absolute peace. There is no movement, no restlessness, no suffering, no struggle in it.

Sketch of a male Yin-Yang tattoo between the shoulder blades

Sketch of a male Yin-Yang tattoo with a green dragon on the forearm

Sketch of male tattoo Yin-Yang on shoulder blade

Sketch of female Yin-Yang tattoo on lower back

Sketch of female Yin-Yang tattoo behind ear

Sketch of female Yin-Yang tattoo on neck

The Yin-Yang carries a very definite meaning that remains interesting at the same time. It is one of the most mysterious, bright, beautiful and universal symbols of Eastern culture. The image represents the harmonious struggle and unity of opposites.

For each tattoo Yin-Yang can carry its own meaning and be endowed with a meaning clear only to the wearer and his environment. It depends on individual preferences. Impressed by the universality of this symbol, the image can apply to everyone who wants to find balance, regardless of gender and age.

Sketch of a female Yin-Yang tattoo between the shoulder blades

Sketch of a male Yin-Yang tattoo on the neck

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for girls on her lower leg

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo between shoulder blades for men

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for woman on lumbar area

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for girls on the shoulder blade

Styles of Yin-Yang Tattoo

Usually the Yin-Yang tattoo is performed in the classic Chinese style, traditionally in black and white. But also acceptable play of color combinations, from this the meaning of the symbol does not change.

The Yin-Yang tattoo depicting a tiger and a dragon or a phoenix and a dolphin in opposition to each other is very popular. Also as an alternative, you can depict the moon and the sun, water and earth, water and fire. This tattoo provides a huge scope for imagination. Very original and bold looks image in the stone style.

Sketch of a male tattoo Yin-Yang on the lower leg

Sketch of a dragon Yin-Yang tattoo on the forearm

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo on his shin

Sketch of male tattoo Yin-Yang on forearm

Sketch of male Yin-Yang tattoo between shoulder blades

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo with a tiger and a dragon on the shoulder blade

A very popular design, which depicts two, following each other, fish. This symbol is loved by representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces. Among other things, it will represent good luck.

Of great importance in the depiction of each style is the curved edge between contrasting colors or characters. It represents eternal movement and the constant change from Yin to Yang, and vice versa, and so on to infinity. Good at the limit turns to evil and evil to good.

Women's Yin-Yang Tattoo

The Yin-Yang tattoo for girls differs little from the male version. The traditional image is the same, and additional elements should be chosen with caution, preferring subtle and graceful outlines and softer compositions.

The most prominent is the Yin-Yang tattoo on the arm. These images are applied since ancient times, but this tradition has not lost its relevance today. Very popular is the tattoo Yin - Yang on the wrist. Her convenient location on the inner side of the hand allows you to easily hide the image under long sleeves or with a fashionable wide bracelet.

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for girls on the forearm

Sketch of a Yin-Yang tattoo on the lower leg

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo on inside of arm

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo for women on forearm

Sketch of Yin-Yang tattoo as flowers on the shoulder blade

Sketch of a Yin-Yang tattoo for women on the full back

Very beautiful and elegant look Yin-Yang tattoos on the neck. For girls, this is a very winning way to emphasize their sexuality and individuality. Tattoos on the back of the neck are very convenient, because if necessary, they can be hidden under the hair or under the collar of clothing.

The Yin-Yang tattoo on the back is the most successful because of the location. This area is very resistant to age-related changes. There are three options for the image on the back: at the top of the back, on the lower back and on the whole area of the back.

Temporary Yin-Yang tattoo

A temporary Yin-Yang tattoo differs from a regular tattoo in that the paint is applied to the surface of the skin, not under it. The temporary tattoo is free of skin damage, ink and needle penetration. The main condition for the temporary image is the methods of application without the use of needles.

The safest and quite stable method of temporary tattoos is the application of henna. This method came from the East, from ancient times eastern women decorated their bodies with patterns, made by henna.

Temporary Yin-Yang tattoo for women

Temporary Yin-Yang tattoo on wrist

Sketch of temporary Yin-Yang tattoo on forearm for girls

Sketch of male tattoo Yin-Yang on wrist

Sketch of temporary tattoo Yin-Yang as a turtle on wrist

Sketch of a temporary tattoo Yin-Yang in the form of paws for women on the shoulder blade

Another safe method of temporary tattooing is the aerotattoo. The image will last, as in the previous case, at least two weeks. Aerotatu has a rich palette of colors.

Biotatu also refers to the method of temporary tattooing. In this case the Yin-Yang symbol is made with glitter or paint. The image stays thanks to a special glue, which does not cause any damage to the skin. The only disadvantage of such a tattoo is that the image is quickly erased.

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What does the fish tattoo mean in different cultures?

Koi carps are a common symbol in Chinese and Japanese imagery, although they have definitely gained popularity in other cultures around the world. Koi symbolizes determination and good luck. In Japanese, "Koi" also means "love" and "affection."

tattoo fish

According to legends, koi are also a symbol of strength and courage, as they eventually turn into a dragon, rewarded for their determination. As you can see, in different cases, the fish tattoo can carry several meanings.

tattoo fish meaning

In Celtic mythology, the Salmon of Knowledge is the fish that fell into the Well of Wisdom and gained all the world's knowledge. The symbol looks like one or two fish crossed by a complex Celtic knot. Such a fish tattoo is suitable for intelligent girls and guys.

fish tattoo

Matsya in Hinduism is the reincarnation of Vishnu, who appears as a fish (sometimes half-God with a fish tail). Matsya's courage and strength is usually portrayed in the image of fighting demons with a sword. The legend emphasizes the wisdom and determination of Matsya, who overcame great distances through many dangerous obstacles.

fish tattoo

In Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, a pair of touching goldfish is one of the eight auspicious symbols of these Eastern religions. The fish is a good omen, symbolizing the ability of all beings to rise above the wheel of life and not drown in trouble. The meaning of the fish tattoo, then, is happiness and serenity.

tattoo of fish meaning

The original details of the drawing, the compatibility

The symbol is stuffed by itself and in combination with other designs. Tattoos are popular not only in the classic version, but also with various decorations. Most often animalistic additions are used (black and white wolf, cats, dolphins and others). And well-known Chinese motifs (powerful dragons, fierce tigers, delicate lotus flowers and others).

Widespread drawing of an animal with teeth holding a coin with the symbol of Yin-Yang. The original sketch is an intertwining of 2 trees that grow at different times of day.

The Yin-Yang does not change its designation when combined with other drawings, so it can be stuffed into a scale image. The combination of life and death (angel and skull) as well as the magnificent combination of fire and water in a cycle looks impressive. Such sketches are performed in the same color scheme.

Options for placement of the tattoo fish

Consider the most successful places on the body for the location of the tattoo of fish in men and girls.

fish sketch

On the hand

Men like to put on their body larger drawings. Therefore, they have popular sleeve tattoos, or large images on the shoulder.

fish sketch

Girls, in turn, most often apply fish on the wrist, especially if it is the sign of the zodiac or the constellation.

tattoo of fish

On the back

Men look great on the back with colored tattoos in the Japanese style, which cover its entire area - from the neck to the waist. Women, for the most part, stuffed tattoos on the shoulder blade.

tattoo fish meaning for girls

On the neck

The most popular motifs that are applied to the neck area are Koi carps and goldfish. Most often they are applied in pairs.

tattoo of fish sketches

On the leg

On the legs, particularly the shins and feet, black and white motifs and "sleeves" are often applied. This area is equally popular for applying both male motifs like "fishing" or "fishing gear" and female tattoos.

tattoo of fish sketches

Colors and style applied

The color of the "yin-yang" natal pattern can be different. The image can be transferred, both in color and in monochrome. Colored tattoos are most often chosen by girls, with colors that can be quite bright and juicy, and black and white by men.

For this tattoo such styles as minimalism, realism, oriental and linework are characteristic. For this reason, each person will be able to apply the drawing "yin-yang" in the style that he most to his taste.

Tattoo of fish: sketches

If you are planning to get a fish tattoo, you should think carefully about whether you will include any other elements in your design. Do you want to add water, several species of fish, or text to your tattoo? These are just some of the questions you'll want to ask yourself before you start designing your sketch. You can make one yourself or ask a tattoo artist to help with some ideas. You can consider examples of some of them below.


Today, there are many styles that are used in creating fish tattoo designs. This means that you can very easily make a one-of-a-kind tattoo design.

fish tattoos

You can apply a simple outline that will represent the same things as a fully detailed fish. You can score an abstract version of the fish to give it a unique look. Even so, you can use the same values.

tattoo fish sketch

For the sake of experimentation, you can apply a temporary henna tattoo. Mehendi will help you see if you made the right decision when developing the sketch. Below in the photo you can see the best works of masters from around the world.

How to choose a sketch and a master?

Choosing a yin-yang sketch is not easy. If you choose a classic interpretation, it makes things easier. There are a lot of photos and ready-made sketches on the Internet. If you have an idea in your head concerning the "yin-yang" image, you will have to try hard not just to choose a sketch, but also to find a good and experienced master.

If you want to depict the symbol beautifully and colorfully, you will need an experienced master who is versed in Eastern symbolism. However, the master for the classic "yin-yang" should be chosen particularly carefully. One wrong move of the wizard can ruin the whole naked pattern; it will be long and difficult to interrupt or delete the pattern.

Therefore, when choosing a master show responsibility, you can study the previous works of the master, look through the photos and then decide which master suits you better.


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