Nose piercing - a spectacular decoration for bright people

Care for the piercing of cartilage - in this case the wing of the nose - is very different from the usual care after earlobe piercing. And the wound care and recovery period is completely different. In this article, I will remind you in more detail what I say in person at the appointment for the especially forgetful. This instruction is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation.

Instructions for caring for a nose wing after a piercing

As a remark to clarify: the puncture of the cartilage of the auricle is made either by special needles (in the wound canal after that is inserted jewelry), or special cartridges for the wing of the nose "System-75" (piercing is made immediately needle-ring without a clasp). It is strictly forbidden to pierce the cartilage with an ordinary earlobe gun!

An ordinary gun shatters the cartilage into small fragments, and it takes even longer to heal - I'm sure you know this without me. An ordinary earring squeezed into the cartilage keeps the swelling and inflammation down, collects exudate and prevents healing. All the clients who came to me for a consultation "What to do about it now?" after piercing somewhere at another master with a conventional gun - ended up having to remove the jewelry and heal the wound. Do not repeat their mistakes.

So, what to do to ensure that a properly performed nose cartilage (or ear cartilage) puncture heals well and quickly, and pleases you as you expect it to.

Nose wing care instructions after piercing

First of all,

Choose the right master for the piercing

The master who will spare no time to consult you in detail, to examine the proposed site piercing, to identify contraindications, to give advice and tips on care. And also provide information support and help in case of any questions and problems after the piercing.

Note: About 50% of people who come to me for piercing give up their intentions after the consultation! This is due to ignorance of the issue, and not willing to spend a lot of time and effort to care for the wound. But I believe that it is better to know the truth and on the basis of this information to make a decision - to do or not to do the piercing. Than to get a puncture and then regret it. Or complain that you "were not warned".

My sincere advice: run away from the master who does not talk to you, and only makes a piercing and washes his hands of it, and if you have any questions or problems - leaves you without attention, or directs you "googling on the Internet. This is a sign of very low qualifications, or no qualifications at all!

Let me tell you a professional secret: The high cost of the work The price of a 1-second piercing is not the price of a 1-second piercing of a part of your body - it is the master's time spent on you, on your education and training. His experience, skill. Service, in the end. Piercing is, in fact, a beauty procedure, and the client must be satisfied and satisfied with both the result and the process.

Where can I get a nose piercing, price?

Nose piercing can be done in special offices or independently at home. For this purpose, a nail earring or a professional piercing instrument is used.

The cost of the procedure depends on several factors:

  • Location and status of the clinic (office, salon, tattoo studio).
  • The qualifications of the master performing the piercing.
  • The quality of materials and equipment used in the procedure.
  • The type of piercing, the complexity of the piercing and the anatomical features of the client.

Nail wing piercing. Name, home care, reviews

Nostril - the classic wing piercing, the most budget-friendly piercing procedure. The cost of the session is from 1300 rubles. in studios in the capital, from 800 rubles in the regions. Price of more complex types of piercings - from 2000 rubles.

What not to do

The first two-three days after the piercing one should not wash one's head, go to the swimming pool, sauna, bath, beach, swim in bodies of water. You should also refrain from physical exertion and active sports.

No make-up, especially foundation, should be applied to the puncture site! Categorically.

If you do not follow the recommendations of the master after the piercing, if you touch the place of the piercing with dirty hands, be ready for complications. This is completely your responsibility. Claims to the master in this case are not accepted. Do not think that in the worst case you just take off the jewelry and everything will be OK, it is not so. Your own irresponsibility and stupidity can get an infection and / or a scar on the site.

Possible consequences

If your nose is pierced or treated incorrectly, a granuloma will develop. Warm compresses should be applied several times a day until it completely disappears. Formation in the form of a bump with a pus should be treated with hyoxysone or levomecol, washed with miramistin, and after the pus comes out, with Oflocaine.

If the nose hurts after the puncture, and a sticky translucent liquid is discharged from the wound, you should consult a master or dermatologist. You should wipe the jewelry, especially near the clasp, a lot of bacteria accumulates there.

If a nose piercing does not heal for a long time, you need to see a doctor to prevent the appearance of callous scars. They are the most dangerous consequence of piercings, so you should not self-medicate. The doctor will prescribe injections and ointments, but neglected treatment will lead to surgery. In this case, you should give up piercings for a while.

What to do necessarily

The first 2 weeks of the ornament in the wing of the nose must to seal it at night with a plaster (I will show you which one), so that it does not fall out while you sleep. Later on, the canal will shrink, and will hold the ornament itself.

Every day, 2 times - in the morning and evening, and preferably before taking water procedures - you should treat the place of the puncture on both sides with special products (I'll tell you which ones), as shown in Fig. A and B above. After applying the product, move the jewelry, as shown in Fig.C - without removing it.

Three to four days after the piercing, you should regularly rotate the ornament in both directions. This is necessary to avoid stagnation in the canal and also to dilate it.

Nose wing piercing care instructions

Needle and gun

People are used to getting nose piercings from professional piercing specialists who use a piercing gun to pierce the ears. Now there is no excuse for this practice, all nose piercings must be done with a needle and there are a number of reasons for this.

When the gun was designed, it was supposed to be sterile because it does not touch the client's skin, so it can be used for multiple clients.

The gun is made of plastic and therefore cannot be sterilized in an autoclave, thus it is not sterile if it comes in contact with the inside of the nose.

This means that the potentially deadly microorganism Staphylococcus Aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) can be transferred from customer to customer, since 30% of the population is carriers of Staphylococcus, you have a one in three chance of getting a potentially fatal infection, don't forget the nose - it's very close to the brain !

The nails used in the gun are designed to pierce ear tissue, and the nose is a very thick cartilage, so some guns don't pierce it the first time.

Needles cause short and sharp pain, the nails in the gun are blunt and the piercing is done only by brute force and, as a result, more tissue trauma in the wound, which causes pain for several days after surgery.

The only reason to do a nose piercing is for aesthetics, with a gun it is sometimes difficult to find the right spot, besides piercing your nose is done with a large and ugly nail.

When you use a needle, you experience minimal pain, the piercing is done in the right place, in addition, you can use a small nail right away.

When you can insert another piece of jewelry

Needlepoint earrings cannot be removed for 1.5 months (4-6 weeks) after the piercing. During this period, the healing and formation of the canal takes place. The final healing of the cartilage tissue in adults does not occur before six months to a year.

Change the jewelry with clean hands and without haste. New jewelry must be necessarily treated with alcohol - even if it is just bought and has not been used by anyone before. If you do not manage to insert a new jewelry by yourself - insert the old and come to the reception, I will help you.

After removing the needle earrings the channel will have the diameter of the pin of the needle earring, so it is not recommended to insert earrings with a pin diameter much thicker than the pin of the needle earring. If we insert it, we may injure the canal and provoke an infection.


Part 1

Imagine what your piercing should look like.

There are different types of nose piercings. Choose which one you want to do. If you're doing your first piercing yourself, it's best to go with a ring or a regular "nail." Imagine how you will look with this piercing, so that you do not regret later.

Buy the jewelry. You can choose a "carnation," a ring, or a barbell. Look for something suitable in jewelry stores, tattoo parlors or gift stores. If you know exactly what you want, search online.

It's important to get the size, length and thickness of the piece right. It is better to choose a ring or earring of small size to begin with.

The jewelry must necessarily be new and sterile. It is unacceptable to insert previously used jewelry.

The skin on the nose should be clean.

If you make a piercing near the inflammation, you can get an infection in the place of piercing. Therefore, if you have any kind of rash on your nose, wait a few days or weeks until it disappears. During this time, wash your face with a special pore cleanser or scrub.

Prepare the needle.

The needle must necessarily be new and in an intact package. You must be sure that no one has used it before you. It is most effective to use a hollow needle with a small diameter: 20G (0.9 mm) or 18G (1.0 mm). The diameter of the hole in your nose should match the diameter of the jewelry you have chosen. Once all the preparations are made, take the needle out of its packaging. Before piercing your skin with it, make sure that it is sterile.

  • In principle, you can make a piercing with an English pin, a paper clip, an earring or a sewing needle. But keep in mind that you yourself may not sterilize the chosen instrument well enough. Accordingly, the risk of infection is much higher. If the tool is not sharp enough, you can damage the tissue, and the process will be much more difficult and painful.
  • When you take the needle out of the package, do not put it anywhere. If you do need to put it down, use a clean cloth or a sterilized container.

Pierce your nose.

Looking in the mirror, lean the needle against the mark you have drawn. Take a deep breath and quickly pierce your nose. You will feel pain for a moment, but it will not last long. The needle should be inserted perpendicular to the surface of the skin so that it slips through the nasal tissues.

Remember, the sooner you make the puncture, the sooner it will be over. It is important not to push the needle too deeply into the nostril. If you are piercing the side of the nostril, try not to put the needle too deep - it is very unpleasant and painful. Immediately insert a ring or "nail" as quickly as possible. The hole made will begin to close as soon as you remove the needle, as the wound will already be healing

In order for the jewelry to sit perfectly in the hole, the wound must already be healing around it. If you tighten with this, the piercing will be ruined!

Immediately insert the ring or "nail" as quickly as possible.

The hole made will begin to close as soon as you remove the needle, as the wound will already be healing. In order for the jewelry to fit perfectly in the hole, the wound must already be healing around it. If you procrastinate with this, the piercing will be ruined!

Part 3

Piercing Care.

Treat the piercing twice a day.

You can use a sterile saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, or mix water and soap in a 1:1 ratio. Treat the puncture site twice a day. To do this, moisten a cotton swab or cotton swab in the solution and put it on the piercing for a few minutes. Treat the piercing on the outside and inside of the nose. If you put a ring in your nose, twist it slightly while doing the treatment.

Be careful not to get an infection!

Treat the piercing regularly. Be sure to wash your hands before piercing and do so before each treatment. If you sterilize all the tools you use before you pierce and treat the piercing site thoroughly, you have nothing to worry about. However, if after a week the puncture site is still red and painful, you may still have an infection. In this case, see a doctor immediately.

You may want to treat the wound with antibacterial soaps and ointments like Neomycin to prevent infection. This will help prevent inflammation. Don't forget that if you don't treat the piercing regularly, you'll probably have to take expensive and unhelpful strong antibiotics.

Service after piercing

All clients who have had piercings with me receive free Follow-up consultations and examinations. Also, if you yourself can not change the decoration - come (pre-register for the inspection), too, my work on the replacement will be free.

If something is bothering you after the puncture - do not google all sorts of passions-mordache on the Internet, and, especially, use the "advice" of people without medical education. All questions go to the doctor who did the piercing.

I don't work with complications from other masters.. All questions and complaints addressed to the person to whom you paid money. I do not fix any "faults" of other masters. Do not have to text me "What to do with it?" Facebook or WhatsApp.

Should I get my nose pierced?

The classic nostril piercing has been popular for a long time, septril has come into vogue in the last 3-5 years. This raises the question for many people whether it is dangerous to get a nose piercing in the salon. Piercing done by professionals is safe, after it is extremely rare complications arise.

Is it worth a nose piercing everyone defines for itself. If in this way you want to express yourself and your ideas about beauty, then, of course, yes. If the thought of modifying the face arose as a tribute to fashion, it is worth rejecting this idea. If this kind of jewelry is not close to you in spirit you will not feel comfortable with it.

What kind of jewelry is used for nostril piercing?

Do not reinvent the wheel and do not try to wear the usual earrings, designed for the earlobe, in the nose wing. Basic types of jewelry are used for the wing of the nose, based on the design: clove, snail, and ring (half ring).

Nose clove differs from an earlobe clove in that instead of a clasp, a twist (a ball or a pebble) is used on the front of the jewelry. That is, you insert the ornament from the nostril outward, where you twist the balloon. Pros: the jewelry is sure not to fall out, you can pick up a twist with different stones, depending on your mood and clothes.

Snail nose - The most common type of jewelry. Easy to use, pluses: it also holds the decoration well in the nose due to the inner "loop". It looks modest on the face and does not attract unnecessary attention. Cons: it is quite difficult for beginners to insert it, you need to practice (I'll show you how to do it). Do not try to insert the "snail" in a fresh wound - injuries and additional inflammation are guaranteed.

Nose ring and half ring - Not the most common type of jewelry, it is loved by those who need to attract the maximum attention to their appearance, as well as, for some reason men)). Apparently, believing that "all those pebbles" are for girls.

Nose wing piercing care instructions after piercing

Half-ring differs from a ring in that it is very simple to put it in and it is not necessary to unclasp and clasp the ornament with instruments.

The ringAs follows from the design, before putting it on, you should first unclench it, and then clench it. It is not always possible to do this by hand, special tools available to the piercing master are used for this purpose.

Instructions for caring for a nose wing after a piercing

Rings and semi-rings are also used as jewelry for another nasal puncture, the septum:

Types of Nose Piercing

In addition to the two piercings discussed in this article, there are many others.

A bridge is a piercing of the upper part of the bridge of the nose, and a metal rod is usually inserted into it.

Nasal tip piercing is a piercing of the upper surface of the nostril. It is decorated with a barbell.

Septril is a piercing of the lower surface of the tip of the nose. This is a rather complicated type of piercing, which is done through an extended piercing of the septum and is decorated with a barbell.

Austin Bar - again a nose tip piercing, named after the first wearer of such piercings. The piercing technique does not involve touching the cartilage.

Nasallang is a type of combined piercing that combines the piercing of both nostrils and the septum. In this technique, three piercings are made simultaneously, which are then combined with one piece of jewelry.

Types of nose piercings

All piercings have contraindications, such as poor blood clotting, allergies, pregnancy, so it is extremely important to treat piercings seriously and thoughtfully. Do not forget that the nose piercing is a short, but quite painful procedure. Before making any modifications to your body, you should always consult a doctor, or a master piercer. In really good salons masters are concerned about your safety and their reputation, and therefore will be happy to answer any questions and advise which piercing will suit you.

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Do not assume that only girls get piercings. Young men also do not neglect such jewelry. Nose earrings in men can be absolutely any kind. Rods, carnations, rings - all will do.

Men's nose piercing

In general, the choice of earrings for the nose is quite diverse. The rings alone come in several kinds. Among the options is a ball drilled through - such a ring in the nose is called a Captive ring. Instead of a ball there can be any other small object, such as a heart or a star. The ball can be the same color and material as the ring, or it can be different, and if you want you can change the balls on your ring.

Let's turn to the rather common question "On what side do girls get their noses pierced?"

The answer is simple - any side. There are no beliefs, or worse, rules in choosing the side for piercing, unless of course you are from ancient India, where, as we have already mentioned, the piercing of the left nostril meant the girl's puberty.The choice of the left or right nostril can and should depend on your comfort. You can rely, for example, on what hairstyle you wear. If you often have a little hair covering the right side of your face, it will be appropriate to pierce the left nostril to make it visible.

Nose wing piercing

This is probably the most popular piercing in the world at the moment. The pierced wing allows owners to gracefully and non-trivially decorate their face, the variety of earrings with ease makes it possible to do so. Now you can pierce the nose in piercing studios, as well as in many tattoo studios there are masters of piercing.

photo of a nose wing piercing

Like any other jewelry, nose earrings are subject to fashion trends. For example, in the noughties, rhinestones in the nose were very popular and many girls chose them. These could be both precious stones, and bijouterie. Now the owners of nose piercings more often give preference to rings. Anyone can find a piece of jewelry to his liking.

It is not recommended to insert into the nose earrings made of low-quality metal, because the nose piercing is much more specific than the ear. It is better to choose medical steel, titanium, silver.

Of course, a gold nose ring on the side will also look very stylish and absolutely will not harm the piercing, unless of course you have a personal specific reaction to the metal. Also you should know that there are rings with a safe color plating and there is a really wide choice of colors and shades: "petrol" rings, black, white, red, in a word - any.

It's very important to avoid buying rings on Chinese sites and do it only in specialized or jewelry stores because when you order a ring from China you can not be sure what you need and it will be made of the right material. There are also online stores which specialize in the sale of piercing jewelry. The safest and the best option is the specialized stores that usually have knowledgeable consultants who will help you choose the thickness, diameter, material and size of the jewelry. There you can see the earring in person, touch it, put it to your nose and immediately assess how it will look.

photo of a nose ring earring

We have studied the materiel, now let's figure out how to properly insert a ring in the nose. You can go to the salon where you were pierced, or wear the jewelry yourself:

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  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Disinfect the piercing. Wipe it with an antiseptic agent inside and outside.
  3. Do the same with the ring.
  4. Unfasten the ring so that you can safely insert it.
  5. Insert the free tip into the hole and start twisting slowly.
  6. When the free tip appears from the nostril, secure it with the ball, or gently squeeze the ring so that the ends close together.
  7. If you insert a circular (semi-ring), then do the same, only from the inside, gently feeling the free tip of the piercing inside the nostril, because the retainer of such an earring is a holder at the base.

Septum piercing

The second most popular type of piercing is the septum. This is quite bold and daring piercing, which usually looks very stylish, but it does not suit everyone. A septum is a horizontal piercing of the nasal cartilage, in which a ring, circular, or barbell can be inserted. The septum, when pierced, gives a lot of trouble to its owner, because it is necessary to look after it carefully and for a long time, and it is not easy, but then it becomes almost an ideal option for piercing! For example, if you plan to wear a circular, you can hide your piercing at any time without removing the earrings, if the situation requires it. It will be enough just to lift it up and it will hide in your nose.

Photo of septum nose piercings

Jewelry for the septum is quite diverse. Rings come in different colors and metals, and in circulars you can find the most bizarre shapes of tips: balls, spades, hearts, beads, rhinestones and carnations. By the way, in addition to the fact that rings can vary in color, size and metal, they can also be decorated with stones and have an unusual shape, for example, there is a ring with a mustache. :)So a ring in the middle of your nose can accentuate your personality like nothing else.

Nasal bridge piercing

The nose bridge piercing is called "Bridge" and is far less common. It is usually done horizontally; vertical is very rare. Like other types of piercings, it has been known since antiquity.

This type of piercing is quite complicated and painful, and it has a lot of contraindications. The master can decide on the spot whether to pierce your nose bridge or not. This kind of puncture is not recommended if the skin on the bridge of the nose is too thin. Before the procedure, an anesthetic is usually injected locally, and then the skin is pierced with a needle and the bar is inserted, pulling the skin taut. Heals "Bridge" about two months and all this time it should be washed with antiseptic, not exposed to trauma, as well as to smear with specialized ointments if necessary to accelerate healing. It will take 6-9 months to fully heal.

Bridge bridge bridge puncture

It is worth remembering that the bridge-type piercing is considered to be temporary. The bar gradually moves outward and the distance between the punctures decreases. Such a process takes several years.

Rare types of piercings

Continuing the theme of unusual piercings, it is impossible not to mention "Nassallang", which is a triple piercing: the wing on one side, the nasal septum and the wing on the other side. All three punctures are united by a single bar and are only visible on closer inspection. If you don't look closely, it will seem that the person just pierced the wings of the nose on both sides.

Another unusual and non-massive type of piercing is the Austin Bar, named after the first owner of such a piercing. It represents a horizontal piercing of the tip of the nose, where the bar is inserted. "Austin Bar" is the most painful of the types of horizontal piercings.

By the way, the tip of the nose is pierced not only the type of "Austin Bar", but through the piercing of the nostril from the inside to the tip of the nose, the decoration is also the rod.

Photo of the nose piercing "Austin Bar"

Some particularly brave people even stretch tunnels in their nostrils, but this is very rare and a really extreme type of piercing. Either unfilled circles or plugs - "plugs" - are inserted into the stretched holes.

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What is the best metal for jewelry

TitaniumIt is the most hypoallergenic, yet strong and lightweight metal. Currently, it is titanium (not medical steel) that is used for permanent pins and implants inside the human body.

Medical SteelHighly refined steel. A tough, wear-resistant metal that is not susceptible to corrosion.

Metal Anodizing.Both titanium and medical steel can be anodized - that is, given a different color (such as gold, or black, or any other, or iridescent) without changing the properties of the base metal. Anodizing is often used in jewelry.

GoldSeems to me, this is a rather controversial metal for jewelry. To be more precise, it is not the gold itself, but its hallmark: the classic Russian 585, which contains nickel as a solder, for example. Very often mothers who have pierced children's ears complain that "when we start putting gold earrings in, their ears start to hurt and fester. This is a sign of metal intolerance. To be more precise, most likely solder. The American brand "Stadex", which I work for in my office, has a special series of hypoallergenic jewelry "Sensitive" - this is medical steel jewelry plated with pure gold of 999th percentile. I really love this series, and recommend it to everyone. The jewelry looks gorgeous on both adults and children, and does not cause allergies.

Value - which side of the piercing

Sometimes in women's forums you can find arguments that piercings on different sides of the face have a hidden sacred meaning. In fact, this is all a stereotype. The choice of which side of the nose piercing is purely individual and depends only on the beauty of the chosen half of the face.

Some girls are more attracted to the parting on the left side, others - on the right. Similarly, with the piercing. To finally decide, you can try on a fake or magnetic piercing. Due to the fact that such a piercing looks very natural, it will be a great experiment for the appearance if you want to pierce the skin, but are afraid.

Piercing on both sides of the nose

According to the photo of the nose piercing it is perfectly visible that it looks great on both the right and left halves of the face. And, not a bit does not tarnish the image, but only emphasizes the sophistication of the appearance.

What is better for cartilage piercing - a needle or System-75?

It's up to you to choose. I think that for cartilage piercing (nose or auricle) "System-75" is ideal, because: - it does not crush the cartilage like a classic gun (you can't pierce cartilage with a classic gun!), - the earring-needle is much thinner! than the classic needle catheter used for piercing, - the piercing is many times faster than a classic needle, which minimizes discomfort for the patient, plus, the piercing tool itself is already a decoration. Otherwise, the piercing mechanism is equivalent.

But if you are a fan of classic old-school BDSM - of course, I can also pierce you with a classic catheter needle )). You want more pain, you're welcome. You have to suffer, not me ))

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How to properly treat a piercing when piercing the tongue and lip

When piercing mucous membranes must observe all of the above precautions. Additionally, in the first 3 days it is not advised:

  • consume cold, hot, salty, spicy and bitter foods;
  • consume foods that contain preservatives, coffee, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits and vegetables;
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

How to properly handle tongue and lip piercings

How to properly treat tongue and lip piercings:

  • For oral care, special rinse solutions are used - Splat Complete, Lacalute Active, President.
  • You should not use pure Chlorhexidine, Furacilin, tinctures of marigold and chamomile, alcohol-containing solutions, as they disturb the flora of the mouth and stain the teeth.

Who Does It Suits?

Piercing accentuates attention on the face, so the owners of the long and narrow nose is better to decorate the ear or navel. If the eyes are large, slanted and expressive, then the decoration on the bridge of the nose will look better. Piercing the septum can afford the owner of lush lips with a clear and beautiful contour. In the legal or medical field, in banks and large corporations, piercings will be a hindrance on the way to a career. According to safety regulations in businesses and restaurants even rings and chains are forbidden. Catchy earrings for nose piercing are not always appropriate when communicating with customers, so it is better to embellish yourself with Nails with a small stone..

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How to wear a nose piercing? Treat your hands with an alcohol solution and take out the product. Undo the new jewelry and disinfect all parts. You can smear cream or vaseline and insert it into the hole on exhalation, or holding your breath, otherwise the little part will get into the airways!


For women

For men