When tattoo lovers in a foreign language finally wondered about their true meaning (25 photos)

No matter what anyone says, a tattoo is fashionable, and more and more people express the desire to have an image on the body, and even more than one. Words can say much more than a drawing, and therefore beautiful inscriptions for tattoos are of interest to those wishing to get a "novelty" on the body.

Let's talk in this article about what phrase and in what language it is best to choose, on what place to apply a tattoo, as well as what is better not to stuff it.

Beautiful inscriptions for tattoos

"I've been taken advantage of."


"My nieces drunkenly got these tattoos. But no one knows what they mean?"



I didn't have the heart to tell this woman what her tattoo meant in Chinese and Japanese...

What language to get a tattoo in?

Textual tattoos are ordered as often as drawings. The hardest part is deciding on the phrase you want to immortalize on your body. If you have read our article The Most Popular Tattoo Inscriptions, you have probably already chosen the very words you dream to show the world. Now there is a question in what language to write the chosen phrase so that the tattoo turned out beautifully.

In what language to do a tattoo - in Russian or in a foreign language.

If you prefer your native language, you will get rid of the need to constantly answer the question, "What does it say?" Tattoos in Russian everyone will be able to read on their own, if they are made in a well readable font. But some tattoo owners enjoy asking questions about their meanings, in which case they can opt for English, French, Chinese and more exotic languages.

  • Tattoos in English are the most common. Many people think that the selected phrase in it sounds more solid and euphonious. In this case, read it will not be difficult for anyone who has not skipped school. Choose this language if the phrase was first heard in it, for example, in a movie, cartoon or book. Examples are quotes from Shakespeare or Quentin Tarantino, phrases from Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs speeches. If you like a phrase, but it sounds hackneyed in Russian, translate it into English, which will give it a new sound.
  • Tattoos in Latin are usually a variety of winged expressions. It is logical to tattoo them in the language in which they entered the culture and are preserved in it.
  • Tattoos in Japanese can be quotes from anime and manga, as well as just any phrases written with the help of characters.
  • Tattoos in Arabic are usually quotations from holy books or sayings of Eastern sages. But there is nothing that prevents you from writing down in ligature any quote you like - the language is so beautiful that it is chosen even for tattoos, in no way connected with Islam or the East.
  • Tattoos in ancient and extinct languages are usually done by history buffs, mystics, and less often by those whose ancestors once possessed these dialects long ago. These include Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Coptic and others.

In what language to get a tattoo?

Tips for those who have decided to get a tattoo in another language

The first tip we gave in the beginning of the article: be prepared to patiently answer questions about the meaning of your inscription. But there are a few more important points to consider before you go to the master.

  • If you have chosen a quote, proverb, or other expression, check its wording in several reliable sources. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies of great people, and, at the very least, Wikipedia are helpful.
  • If you came up with the phrase yourself, it's better to use the services of a professional translator or linguist. As a result, you will invest a minimum of effort and money, but will get a tattoo inscription that you will not have to feel embarrassed by various translation or spelling errors in your chosen language.
  • Do not use automatic translation services such as Google Translate. They are great at translating everyday speech or technical descriptions, but they often have embarrassments with artistic images. For example, the phrase "Listen to everyone, listen to a few" is translated as "Listentoeveryone, listen to a few. Literally, it means "Listen to everyone, listen to a few. As you can see, the meaning is completely lost.
  • If you know someone who speaks a foreign language, ask them to help you find the most beautiful and accurate translation. The main thing is to make sure that he is not a fan of jokes.
  • Contact only highly qualified tattoo artists. A beginner can easily make a mistake in the letters of an unfamiliar alphabet, for example, miss a letter or type it incorrectly.

In what language can I get a tattoo?

So, if you decided to make a tattoo in the form of a beautiful inscription in another language, the most important thing is to correctly translate the phrase you like. It is better not to hurry, and use all available ways to check the correctness of the inscription - dictionaries, the services of a professional or the help of a native speaker. The same phrase in different languages will look differently in the tattoo, so the translation is a great way to "freshen up" a banal quote or give it some mystery. Then all that remains is to find a tattoo artist you can trust.

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"The Roaster."


And celebrity status doesn't guarantee that you won't become a laughingstock! Singer Ariana Grande wanted to get a tattoo with the name of her music video "7 Rings" - but using Japanese kanji characters that appear in the music video. It depicts the symbols 七 つ の 指 輪, but for some reason only the "seven" (七) and "rings" (輪) were left for the tattoo, which together reads "shichirin" - a small coal grill or fryer.

Which tattoo to choose

If you've made up your mind and are puzzled about what kind of beautiful tattoo lettering is available, chances are your desire is driven by a momentary impulse or moment. Do not go backward, do not wonder what would be so unusual and interesting to score. Let the answer come to you itself in the form of a phrase or sentence, and you just follow your formed desire.

Where can the awareness of what kind of phrase is worth doing on your body come from? First of all, remember that words have much more meaning than just the specific sound of the sounds next to them. Words are material, especially if they are inked on your skin. Very often people of faith or those who don't believe in themselves but would like to have a tattoo are aware of the need for one.

Remember that a tattoo in the form of a phrase can be a very strong motivator for you, to push you to do something, to remind you. Do not do it under the influence of impulse or, even worse, alcoholic intoxication.

Beautiful hand tattoos

Prices for tattoo inscriptions

In each salon you need to clarify the prices for tattoos in the form of original inscriptions. Approximate rates for a short word - from 1500 p., quote - from 2000 p., calligraphy - from 2000 p., individual sketch - from 4000 p. Take into consideration the parameters of the tattoo. If it is the size of a matchbox, the prices are about that, if more - the cost will be higher. You can find out how much it costs to get a tattoo of your favorite celebrity (e.g. Angelina Jolie, David Beckham). If you can afford it, go for it!

Placing beautiful tattoos: inscriptions on the arm, wrist, back

One of the most popular places on the body for "writing" tattoos - the hands, and more precisely - the forearms and palms. Be careful. Having made a drawing in a prominent place, you will not be able to get a job at many enterprises, in addition, the tattoo will be visible to everyone, whether you want it or not.

It is worth mentioning that beautiful tattoo inscriptions on the arm are especially popular among young people. She does not think much about the choice of work, and lives for today. The tattoo for this place should not be large, the font is preferable to the traditional print or italics, then you get a really neat and beautiful tattoo. On the wrist inscriptions "wear" badly, as most masters say. After all, skin is not paper, and you have to go to the correction often enough.

Another popular place is the back. This part of the body is good because it is not visible to others, at least to most people. In addition, the skin here is thicker and rougher, you will not be too uncomfortable during the procedure.

The abdomen as a place for tattoos is not entirely successful because it is he who "corrects" the first weight gain, so the tattoo will "float". For this reason you can not also recommend the thighs. If you lose weight, the figure will still change, and will have to go to the master for correction.

And here to the foot such a problem is not relevant - the tattoo on this part of the leg will look unobtrusive, and in case of what it will be possible to hide the shoes. However, it is worth noting that the constant contact of the drawing with the hard edge of the shoes will adversely affect the tattoo, erase it.

Pictures of tattoos

Even if you have chosen the right sketch for yourself in the article above, there is still the question of how it will look on the body in the form of a tattoo. That's why we've put together a photo catalog of ready-made tattoos for guys and girls.

Click on the picture to enlarge the photo.

For men

The male population chooses Chinese characters that denote truly masculine qualities: courage, strength, bravery, loyalty, etc. It can also be the name of an animal:

  1. Lion;
  2. Tiger;
  3. Dragon.

No less popular are tattoos of hieroglyphs with philosophical meanings:

  • Health;
  • Wealth;
  • Luck.

For women.

Girls also like tattoos of characters with the names of animals in Chinese. But they prefer not predators, but more cute creatures:

  1. Cat;
  2. Fox;
  3. Panda.

In terms of life values in women are relevant characters with meaning in Russian:

  • Happiness;
  • Love;
  • Family.

Chinese horoscope













Tattoo inscriptions about life

  1. "Better death than defeat" - Morior invictus.
  2. "Struggle and survive" - Luctor et emergo.
  3. "Live in the moment" - Carpe diem.
  4. "Winning over yourself is the hardest" - Vincit qui se vincit.
  5. "Life is beautiful" - Vita est speciosa.
  6. "Life is fleeting, therefore live" - Aetate fruere, mobili cursu fugit.
  7. "All life is moments" - Vivere in momento.
  8. "Man is the creator of his own destiny" - Faber est quisque fortunae suae.
  9. "One is who one is" - Esto quod es.
  10. "Life without freedom is impossible" - Vita sene libertate nlhil.

Sketches of hieroglyphs and their meaning

A big plus of this type of tattoos is simplicity. Almost any adequate master will cope with this task. This fact allows you to save a lot of money on the tattooist.

Thus, the price of the tattoo is greatly reduced.

But there is a big disadvantage. It is easy to misspell a character. Especially when there are several of them making up a whole inscription. In the same way, it is possible to make a mistake with the translation. In the network a huge number of photos of tattoos, where the meaning is different from the intended.

Many people do not know, but most of the characters in tattoos are Chinese and Japanese. There is very little demand for Korean ones. And in Korea itself, tattoos are viewed negatively.

Chinese with translation

The most common characters in tattoos are Chinese.

By the way, many people refer to the hieroglyphs of Arabic symbolism (e.g. Egyptian), although this is not entirely correct.

Power Death

Serenity Happiness




Great happiness

Loyalty Eternal love




Abundance Wish fulfillment










Japanese with translation

In second place in popularity are Japanese characters. Japan is very fond of tattoos, they even have their own eponymous style of tattoo.








Dragon Friendship













Flight Rose


What tattoo is not worth doing

Do not "believe" in the fashions - beautiful inscriptions for tattoos, which are trendy today, tomorrow will fade into oblivion, and you will look at the ruined skin in displeasure. The words of songs, names of musical bands, movies - it's all passing, momentary.

the most beautiful tattoo inscription

Also, we do not recommend you to do a tattoo with the name of a loved one. It's not that we don't believe in your happy future. However, as the saying goes, "everything passes," and the one you love today may become hated tomorrow. If you want to immortalize your feelings with ink and a needle, then choose better other beautiful inscriptions for a tattoo of love, for example, "Love forever". There are many others.

Remember that the most beautiful tattoo inscription is the one that has deep meaning for you personally, encourages and stimulates you to do something. And it doesn't matter what language and what place it is made in.

Philosophical phrases in Latin

  1. "No one is sinless" - Qui sine peccato est.
  2. "The law is harsh, but it is the law" - Dura lex, sed lex.
  3. "The best teacher is experience" - Experientia est optima magistra.
  4. "Do not return to what is done with" - Actum ne agas.
  5. "Truth is light" - Veritas lux mea.
  6. "The smallest thing is the most important" - Minima maxima sunt.
  7. "Words disappear, but what is written does not" - Verba volant, scripta manent.
  8. "To the bold shall fortune help" - Audaces fortuna juva.
  9. "May all be well" - Bene vobis.
  10. "Without hope" - Contra spem spero.
  11. "If you must, you can" - Debes, ergo potes.

On the Torso and Chest

On the torso, the place for a tattoo usually depends on gender. Girls prefer to beat hieroglyphs on collarbones, under breasts or on a side and ribs. The latter, by the way - a great place for some great quote or a long clever phrase, the meaning of which in Russian you will know only.

Guys, on the other hand, choose the area on the chest or abdomen. On these parts of the body itself, the hieroglyph tattoo is not often encountered. Usually it's put on a couple with some kind of Japanese-style drawing.

By the way, if you're wondering, it's almost impossible to find hieroglyphs on intimate parts of the body. They don't beat them there.


For women

For men