Tattoo Infinity: Meaning, combination with other artifacts, designs and lots of photos

A tattoo is one of the many popular ways to show your individuality. Now a lot of girls and guys prefer not huge tattoos on the whole body, but small patterns that are barely noticeable. The meaning of this tattoo can be much more extensive than a large drawing. Especially since each person puts his or her own personal meaning into it. The sign of infinity is a true symbol of the 21st century. Nowadays, it is possible to meet such a tattoo in almost every second person. However, what does it mean and to whom it will suit?

The meaning of tattoo infinity

On the one hand, the infinity sign is an ordinary mathematical symbol. But if you think deeper, it can have a very strong symbolic or even magical meaning. First of all, this sign means eternity of existence, the impossibility to know the whole world. In ancient China it was believed that the owner of the tattoo with infinity would find good luck. The infinity tattoo is a symbol of the fact that it is impossible to measure opinions, space and time, to guess the riddles of nature. A worn symbol with the sign of infinity can be a sign of a person's desire for perfection, a personal ideal.

Infinity in the world of tattoos: history, meaning and features

The symbol itself, which means infinity, appeared in 1655 thanks to the mathematician John Wallis. However, the amazing fact is that about this sign began to talk since antiquity.

Among the rock images of the Tibetan people was found the image of a snake eating its own tail. This sign, in turn, grew larger and larger, which meant eternity to the ancient people.

In turn, Indians perceive this sign as a manifestation of male and female - yin and yang. Aristotle believed that the infinity symbol meant that one could never know the whole world from the inside. Pythagoras, on the other hand, personified this sign as a symbol of harmony and stability. Many scientists and philosophers describe the sign as the infinity of life, soul and time.

Tattoo of infinity on a girl

The infinity sign tattoo can be applied to absolutely any part of the body. Often, the beautiful half of humanity has a figure eight tattooed on the wrist. For girls who have this infinity sign on the wrist, the meaning of the horizontal figure-eight is considered a symbol of boundless love and strong affection for their chosen one.

Infinity tattoo for guys

For guys, the infinity sign means constant striving for career growth, continuous movement and boundless masculine strength. Men, doing the infinity tattoo, try to show courage, desire for achievements, invincibility of spirit and willingness to achieve their goals.

Double infinity tattoo

The original version is a tattoo with double infinity. When the two infinity signs are arranged so that they form a cross, the tattoo usually carries a religious connotation. It denotes the aspirations of a person to get closer to God, to know his plans. Also, this sign can be seen as an eternity of knowledge, the eternal desire of man to improve and comprehend the world. For lovers, the double infinity most often means eternity of love and romantic relationships. It is not difficult to guess that each of the symbols indicates the life path of the couple, which they pass together.

The sign of infinity and the anchor

The sign of infinity and an anchor on the body is an unusual composition. In fact, the meaning of such a tattoo can vary greatly. In this context, it will be appropriate to believe that the anchor represents the cross, which, in turn, may symbolize salvation and rebirth. To reinforce the belief in eternal existence, the two symbols are often depicted together.

The number pi is an example of infinity

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A great example of infinity is the number pi. Mathematicians use a symbol for the number pi because it is impossible to write down the whole number. Pi consists of an infinite number of numbers. It is often rounded to 3.14 or even 3.14159, but it doesn't matter how many digits are written after the decimal point, because it is impossible to get to the end of the number.

Tattoo of infinity on the arm

Often the infinity tattoo on the arm is stylized as a heartbeat line, shown by cardiac devices. Initially the usual zigzag is drawn. But it ends not with a straight line, but with an inverted figure of eight. The picture shows that death is only the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Tattoo of infinity on the wrist

Currently, the infinity sign tattoo on the wrist is a symbol of growth, constant movement and personal development. In addition, it is the expressed desire of man to live freely, without any restrictions and prohibitions. The very same sign suggests the absence of any boundaries. In philosophy, infinity has been interpreted as the immeasurability or inability to understand space and time.

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A beautiful infinity tattoo on the finger

The popular symbol of perpetual motion is often inscribed by couples in love on the ring finger in the form of a tattoo. In this case, the infinity sign can mean the strength and eternity of feelings. It is often used in place of wedding rings. Ladies prefer to apply the considered drawing of a small size on the side of the finger. This tattoo looks very neat, gentle, but at the same time carries deep meaning for its owner.


Just like their meaning, these tattoos have no infinity and no limit on their placement. They can be placed anywhere around the body. The only thing about them is that they do not appear in larger sizes. They come in small sizes and for the fact that they won't take up much skin.

Some will be drawn on the back of the year, leg, side of the finger, wrists, chest, neck and elsewhere. Since they are not big sizes, they will be applied in areas that they can be seen easily.

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What is the infinity tattoo compatible with?

The infinity symbol is versatile. It can be tattooed on any area of the skin and will look appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. The turned figure of eight goes well with a host of additional elements such as heart shapes, lettering, heart line, numbers, dates, patterns, flowers, feathers, birds and other designs. Beautifully combined large and extensive infinity tattoo with floral compositions.

The color scheme of the infinity tattoo in the photo

Due to the fact that most often the size of the sketch is small, it looks best in the classic black color. In addition, this coloring well emphasizes the deep meaning of the tattoo. If you parsed a lot of pictures of infinity tattoo in different people, you can notice that it is in this coloring, as a rule, stuffed this picture. Rarely the infinity sign is represented in gray, blue or red shades. When combined with inscriptions or other elements, various bright colors can be chosen.

Cosmology and infinity

Cosmologists study the universe, not surprisingly, by

Cosmologists study the universe, not surprisingly, the concept of infinity plays an important role for them. Does the universe have boundaries or is it infinite?

This question is still unanswered. Our universe is expanding, but where to? And where is the limit to this expansion? Even if the physical universe does have boundaries, we still have the multiverse theory, which considers the existence of an infinite number of universes that may have different laws of physics from ours.

Infinity Tattoo Sketches

Try to distance yourself from the usual options and compose your own sketch. Maybe it will be combined with your other tattoos or will become the main idea? In any case, this sign is sure to be a great option for you for a simple little tattoo with deep meaning. We offer several successful tattoo sketches on the photo below.

Certainly, today is a far from complete list of ideas for tattoos with the infinity sign. Their design is limited solely by your imagination. In any case, choosing a classic tattoo or adding additional symbols, it will look very beautiful and memorable.

History of the emergence of the symbol

A small number of people know that the inverted figure of eight is actually a sign not at all from mathematics. Long before that, the sign was used in Tibetan rock engravings. It was an image of a snake biting its tail. Legend has it that the name of this serpent is Ouroboros. He tried to eat himself, but the serpent grew and was subsequently unable to do so, and it lasted forever. Ouroboros acquired the meaning of beginning and end and their combination in natural cycles. It is common to see couples getting paired tattoos. Thus, lovers with the symbol of infinity show their desire to be together forever, their devotion to each other and boundless love. Another interpretation of infinity is the desire for life without any boundaries and frameworks. The sign of the figure of eight lying on the rib is itself conceived as a symbol that indicates the absence of limitations. People who are confident in themselves, beat a tattoo on the body with the sign of infinity as a stimulus for personal growth, self-development and striving forward. Theologians denote the sign of infinity not only as unlimited, but also as unattainable comprehension of God. A science like philosophy associates the sign of infinity with immeasurable space and time, also expresses the inexhaustibility and inexhaustibility of nature itself and its creations. If asked what the sign of infinity looks like, each person would describe it differently:

  • A figure-eight lying on its side;
  • A bow with rounded corners;
  • A double loop, etc.

infinity tattoo family

There are quite a few variations of the description. It all depends on the peculiarities of perception of the pattern. Therefore, we will not particularly concentrate on it. The infinity tattoo is taken by fans of body art from mathematicians. It is believed that the sign was invented by Wallis, a mathematical scientist. As books claim, for the first time this symbol was adopted in 1655, when the scientist used it in his work "Conic Sections". No one can explain why the decision was made to use such a symbol. It is unlikely that Wallis himself could have done so. Although there is an opinion that he simply chose it, focusing on the ancient Roman version of the number 1000 or the letter Omega from the ancient Greek alphabet.


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