Overlay tattoos or a new life to old, boring or unsuccessful body art

Despite the fact that nowadays body painting is very popular hobby and one of the ways of self-expression, very often the visitors of tattoo salons address to the masters with the request to cover the existing tattoo. What are the reasons for such desires and what is the procedure of overlapping the existing tattoo? In our review we propose to talk about it in more detail.

What does it mean to overlap a tattoo

Such a procedure as overlapping a body design is nothing else in the world of body art, as the application of a new design on top of the old one. This can be either a complete transformation or a partial intervention, in some way improving the existing image. It all depends on the reasons why a person seeks help and on the desired result in the end. Also, you should consider the scale of the master's work, from which directly will depend on the price of the rendered service.

Reasons for overlapping the tattoo

The desire to update or redo the sketch of the body drawing can be caused by a number of reasons. To the most common factors it is accepted to refer first of all to the lost relevance of a particular design on the body. The need for the correction of tattoos in this case is caused by the rethinking of life principles, caused by aging, the change of activities or fashion trends. Not seldom a person decides to radically change his appearance, and the type of tattoo must fully correspond to it.

It is also worth noting the services of tattoo artists who do not have enough experience. This can include improperly chosen colors, poor quality of materials used, the level of mastering a particular technique and other such nuances. As a result, expectations do not coincide with the result of the work performed, and one has to seek help from a more experienced master and redo the sketch.

Another common factor is the deformation of the sketches, which is caused by fluctuations in body weight and changes in the elasticity of the skin. As well as loss of color saturation, as a result of which the sketch looks like a faded picture.

Does it hurt to do blackwork?

Tattooing is the process of inserting a needle under the skin. The skin, like any other organ, reacts to such an intervention with pain. And since an area of the body is subjected to needle trauma many times, the pain increases. However, it is not recommended to use painkillers, because a fresh tattoo becomes more traumatic and slower to heal. Experienced masters usually switch to different parts of the tattoo and thus reduce the painful sensations to a minimum.

Peculiarities of the choice of sketches and colors

In order to realize the seriousness of this procedure, the sketches for overlapping should be selected, starting from some rules. All details and elements of the new tattoo must necessarily coincide with the lines and strokes of the figure that is already applied on the body. This means that, for example, the tattoo, made in a graphic or abstract style, will not overlap with a portrait image or a watercolor. If the primary sketch is dominated by dark colors, you should not expect a fairy variety of bright colors.

Overlap the black tattoo with yellow just impossible. The dark color will come through after some time as an unsightly dirty blot. The black body paint is overlaid only with another black image. A similar color should be overlaid on the blue paint. The same rules apply to red. If the overlapping is subject to a faded or light tattoo, it will greatly facilitate the task at hand. In this case, any whiter or darker pigments can be used in the work. It should also be understood that the new tattoo will be larger than the previous sketch.

History of the style

There is so much information in the press on the issue of blackwork tattoos. Very reputable publications gladly undertake to cover this topic, but journalists have only one problem... Of course, this is a spectacular trend - deep black patterns overlap large areas of the body, but its origins are in the depths of centuries. Blackwork tattoos are by no means a modern trend at work, its surges of popularity do not mean innovation in the world of tattoos.

According to historians, the style of blackwork emerged in ancient times. Such tattoos were used by Polynesian tribes, for whom they were a kind of biography reflection or a symbol of protection. The process of tattooing was a real ritual, consisting of a number of successive actions, including those of a religious nature.

Tattoos have existed for thousands of years and the first paint applied to the skin was black. It was most often a base containing only carbon - charcoal from wood or bone. Ancient tribes used tattooing as a sign of identity, authority and loyalty, and it continues to this day. Extensive Blackwork tattoos were the norm among tribes. If you want to learn more about this, a great place to look is the personal web page of anthropologist, Lars Krutak.

To the European continent unusual tattoos were brought by sailors, who were delighted by the beauty and mystery of unusual drawings on the skin. The greatest popularity of "body painting" received in the 60's of the last century, but even now the style has a lot of fans. Modern lovers of painting on the body more and more often choose the style of blackout, which translates as blackout. Let's take a look at some photos. In essence, it is the same blackwork only under a new name.

Types of overlapping

Just as tattoos differ in style and technique, the overlapping procedure can be done in several ways. The first option is to redo the base of a failed or frustrating tattoo. The existing design is taken as the basis, which the master will improve with more successful lines, strokes and play of colors. Using the second option implies getting rid of your disappointing sketch completely by means of full masking, which results in overlapping a new tattoo in terms of quality and appearance.

If your plan is not to redo the body image, but to get rid of it, then you can resort to the so-called camouflage. Especially well succumb to such a method tattoos that have lost their brightness and sketches of small size. On the intended area is applied paint, most appropriate to the shade of the skin. The old tattoo image does not disappear completely, but becomes almost invisible and is perfectly concealed under a small layer of foundation, if necessary.

Is the coverup effective?

Definitely, it is effective if you choose the right artist, sketch, take into account all the tips of a specialist and do not save money. There are a lot of photos on the Internet, with examples of both successful and unsuccessful repairs. You can pick out some successful option for yourself to take as a basis.

To summarize, an unsuccessful experience should encourage anyone to do everything now, carefully considering, weighing the pros and cons, paying maximum time and attention to the choice of image and tattoo studio.

Requirements to the master

To get the desired result and not to "step on the same rake", the procedure of overlapping or correction of a failed tattoo should be entrusted only to the master experienced in similar cases. And these requirements are stipulated not simply by an ordinary whim. Overlapping, as opposed to the original drawing on the body, is a more complex and painstaking process. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, experience in this case is simply mandatory.

You should not address this problem to a beginner or amateur. Also, your master should have such qualities as a rich imagination, the ability to imagine all the stages of the upcoming work and the ability to improvise during the process of overlapping the sketch. An important detail is the use of quality materials with durable pigments, disposable sterile needles and compliance with all sanitary norms in general.

Photo examples of overlaps

A very important factor for overlapping a tattoo is its location, because in the end it affects the style and choice of a new sketch. A small tattoo can be updated with Celtic patterns, especially when it comes to men. Any Celtic style sketches carry a hidden meaning that is based with strength and courage. "Tattered" shoulder designs can be corrected with a blackwork image, which is especially relevant for complex images. Such types of tattoos as inscriptions are perfectly camouflaged by small size elements or tribal patterns. To improve or remake a tattoo in the wrist area, you can use any artistic drawings as well as original geometric figures. On the forearm it is customary to place oblong or vertical sketches. To transform large tattoos on the chest or back, sometimes laser correction may be needed. No matter what area of the body the tattoo is on, it can always be overlaid with a nicer, more updated design.

Overlaying a tattoo today can not be called something new and unexplored. A direct confirmation of that is the abundance of photo examples of tattoos with "before" and "after" marks, on which you can observe really fantastic transformations and corrections of low-quality or ugly sketches. However, you should take into account the fact that constantly resort to such a procedure will not work. Therefore, take into account all the details and nuances that do not suit you with a master. Advice from an experienced specialist in this matter will not be superfluous.

How to become the owner of a partak: 3 options

  1. The recommendation not to drink before the session is for wimps. Are you pretty drunk and afraid that you can't be responsible for your decisions? Hmm, it's time to head to the tattoo parlor! After all, now you can do what you've been hesitant to do for so long. And to make yourself a portrait of the president in a hat with earflaps, or an inscription in a swear word - it's a very funny idea.
  2. Oh, how I want a tattoo...and that would be cheaper. What good fortune that my neighbor Vasya/Pasha/Andrey - a very novice master of tattoo. When your own person works - it's somehow more reliable than some salon out there? And his lack of experience is not so important.
  3. If I'm a fan, I'm a fan! It's just impossible that in 5-10 years I'll settle down, take out all my piercings and stop dyeing my hair green. So "Aria" on my chest and an angel of death all over my back is a good idea for a tattoo.


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