Biography of Vera Brezhneva: childhood, career, personal life and scandals

Vera Viktorovna Galushka was born on February 3, 1982 in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Her mother Tamara Vitalievna and father Viktor Mikhailovich worked at the local chemical plant. None of the family was associated with art, much less show business. In the future, it was Vera, thanks to her own connections, will arrange the lives of their loved ones.

In addition to Vera, there were three other daughters growing up in the family: the eldest Galina and twins Anastasia and Victoria. To this day, the star maintains a warm relationship with all the female relatives. Family reunions sometimes occur several times a week. Perhaps their common past without money influenced the cohesion of the girls.

Galushka Vera Viktorovna
Galushka Vera Viktorovna. Instagram @verververa

As for Vera, she realized her vocation at the age of four. The Galushka family was on vacation in a sanatorium. At one point, her father put the girl on the platform and offered to dance. The daughter obeyed, and she received a barrage of applause. Since then, dreams of the stage did not leave her. However, in the future she would never apply to a creative college. A family tragedy will forever negate Vera's aspirations for the stage.

However, the girl will attend the drama club at the local Youth Theater. Dreams of the stage will not leave the child even after the family will lose their main source of funds.

Ugly Duckling

Although Galushka's large family lived happily ever after, finances were systematically lacking. When Vera was 11 years old, her father gets into a car accident, after which he is forced to leave his job. The four sisters become a support for their parents. The girls learn to cook and even hammer nails. Little Vera very quickly has to grow up to support her family.

At some point, the children get jobs to support themselves and their parents. As an 11th-grade student, Vera works as a dishwasher. The singer recalls going straight to work after school. In addition, she worked as a babysitter and fly the beds.

The main outlet in the life of the future singer becomes the Theatre of the Youth Theater, where the girl plays Baba-Yaga. According to the artist, then she really wanted to be an actress. However, a conversation with a family friend forced the girl to rethink her plans. The young man served in the dramatic theater and told the girl how much he earns and the conditions in which his family lives.

Vera is shocked by what she hears. She understands that with that kind of money she can't help her loved ones, much less afford a better life. On the advice of her then young man, she enrolls in the part-time department of the Department of Economics at Dnepropetrovsk University of Railway Transport.

During her school years, Vera Brezhneva considered herself an ugly duckling
During her school years, Vera considered herself an ugly duckling. Instagram @verververa

At the same time, the girl is studying foreign languages and thinking about going to law school. For Vera, that time was filled with worries about her relatives and a simple desire to eat her fill. Now it is not at all the well-groomed and beautiful woman that her fans are used to. According to the star herself, at that time, she was an ugly duckling from a small town. The girl knew nothing about makeup or dress.

Reviewing photos from her youth, Vera Brezhneva openly calls them horrible. However, she immediately explains that she lived in a town without opportunities back then. Later, after taking her place on the Russian stage, the artist would become a frequent guest of fashionable beauty salons. Before that, however, she will go a long way from a dishwasher in a provincial cafe to the lead singer of the most sensual musical group of Russian-speaking show business.

Star tattoo

Vera Brezhneva has a small image of a star on her ankle, to be more precise, the sketch is a clear outline. The tattoo is small, not volumetric. It is made in black color. No artistic value of the sketch is not.

Stars in tattoos can talk about ambition, a lot of ambition. Such tattoos emphasize the desire to achieve something more, to become higher than now. The format of the tattoo emphasizes the singer's reluctance to flaunt her feelings.

"VIA Gra."

It is not known how the future life and career of the girl would be, if in 2002 the band "VIA Gra" did not come to her city. Galushka took part in the casting and won. As it turned out later, Vera replaced Alena Vinnitskaya, who left the project. Soon fans saw the group in an updated lineup: Nadezhda Granovskaya, Vera Brezhneva and Anna Sedokova.

The singer took the pseudonym Brezhnev on the advice of the producer. He thought that Galushka would not suit the stage image of Vera. The choice fell on the name of Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev - fellow countryman of the novice singer.

For the first time Vera Brezhneva will appear before the audience as a member of "VIA Gra" in January 2003. In addition to the wild popularity among ordinary listeners, the creativity of the group will reach the ears of American astronauts. The main song of that period in the life of the project becomes the song "Do not leave me, my love!". It would be appreciated by many listeners. It is known that the disk with this track will take American astronaut Michael Fowle with him to the ISS.

In addition, with the participation of Vera Brezhneva, the team will release such hits as "Ocean and Three Rivers", "Biology" and "100 Steps Backward".

The press will eventually dub "VIA Gra" with the participation of Brezhneva as the "golden cast". In the meantime, the girl goes headlong into the nomadic life of a touring artist. She likes the dynamics and vivid impressions of a singing career. Later, Vera will prove to be the most "long-lasting" member of the group. She will announce her departure from the collective in five years.

In one of her conversations with journalists, the woman admits that she has always been an energetic person. However, the constant traveling and a busy schedule took its toll and at a certain point Vera was unable to get out of bed - so exhausted was her body. Nadya Granovskaya and Anya Sedokova had to perform together that time.

Vera Brezhneva as a member of VIA Gra
Vera Brezhneva when she was a member of VIA Gra. Instagram @verververa

After that, the singer will seriously think about leaving the group. She was pushed to this decision not only by frequent overwork, but also by the desire to see her daughter and husband more often. Sonya was about to start first grade. The mother did not want to miss this period of her child's life.

In 2007, Vera Brezhneva announces that she is leaving "VIA Gra". Producers will not immediately accept this news, and Konstantin Meladze will not find how to comment on the departure of the soloist. The composer admits that they are still trying to figure out the situation themselves.

Life after "VIA Gra"

After leaving "VIA GRA", the artist will slow down for a while and devote herself to her family. In the future, the singer admits that during this period, moping will visit her more often than usual. At some point, the young mother will become bored in the four walls and she will decide to resume her career. The first step to return to show business will be participation in the project "Magic of Ten" on the "First Channel". After it, offers will fall on Brezhneva as if from the horn of plenty.

In the same year, the artist takes part in the "Ice Age" program. However, her duet with Vazgen Azgayan did not reach the final. In addition, the singer releases her debut music video for the song "I'm not playing". Also Brezhneva takes part in a photo shoot for MAXIM magazine. A year later, the star stars in the program "South Butovo" with Alexander Tsekalo. However, after a few episodes, she leaves the project to give birth to her second child.

Already in 2010 was the release of a joint song with Dan Balan "Rose Petals". The composition instantly becomes popular among listeners. In the same year, Vera Brezhneva takes the chair of the presenter of "Dembelsky Album" on the "Russian Radio". Later the singer releases her debut album "Love Will Save the World". The composition of the same name is highly appreciated not only by music lovers, but also by professional critics. The song receives the "Golden Gramophone" award.

However, the artist does not forget her childhood dream of acting. Vera Brezhneva got her first role as a soloist of the group "VIA Gra". Her debut film project was the New Year musical "Sorochinskaya Yarmarka", where Brezhneva played Motrya. The film failed to win the love of the audience, but Vera still established herself as a good actress. Standing in front of the cameras, she behaved as naturally as possible.

In 2009, Vera Brezhneva made her debut in "full meter". Such a project becomes a romantic comedy "Love in the Big City". Brezhneva's colleagues on the set will be Vladimir Zelensky as well as actors Ville Haapasalo and Alexei Chadov. However, the most memorable acting work of Vera will be a cameo in the film Timur Bekmambetov "Christmas trees. After that, the doors to a big movie will open for her. In addition, Brezhneva will become a frequent guest of the top shows. The cherry on the cake will be a solo program of performances, which the singer will present to the audience during her tour of Russian cities.

Vera Brezhneva's main beauty secrets: how to become the "best version of yourself

Vera Brezhneva's main beauty secrets: how to become
Vera Brezhneva
Today Vera Brezhneva, one of the main blondes on the Russian stage, celebrates her 39th birthday. For almost seven years the star has been keeping a separate Instagram page (besides it Vera has a main account), where she tells about her self-care in details. In this case, the singer adheres to a special ideology: she refers to her own body as a fragile vessel, the contents of which should not be wasted - only filled. In her posts, Brezhneva gives her subscribers valuable beauty tips, shares recipes for healthy dishes and names of favorite beauty products, and most importantly, motivates her followers to become the best version of themselves. On the occasion of Vera Brezhneva's birthday Spletnik decided to collect all the star's recommendations on proper nutrition, workouts, as well as facial and hair care into a single guide, which may become the key to love and acceptance of yourself for someone.


Vera Brezhneva considers proper nutrition to be the basis of self-care. That is why most of the posts in her beauty-blog are devoted to this topic. In order to understand better how certain products affect the human body, the singer took a course in nutritiology (the science of nutrition. - Ed.) and now boldly gives advice to her subscribers.

Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva I got so much capacious and specific information about the influence of nutrition on our body for the first time. Moreover, I think it is important for every conscious person to have this information! It is a pity that it is not given on a mass level in a mandatory manner, because our whole generation could avoid many health problems and as a result - emotional and psychological problems. Thanks to this, society would be healthier and more harmonious. And that, by and large, is my very big wish. Because I want to live in a society that is healthy in every sense (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. - Ed.)," Vera shared her impressions of her course with her followers.

Over the years, Vera Brezhneva has been developing her own food system (not a diet, we stress) based on the reaction of her body and advice from nutritionists. As a result, the singer found the most comfortable diet for herself, which helps her to feel the most important thing - harmony with her own body.

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva tries to have three dense and full meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and avoids snacks as much as possible. This star's dieting system, by the way, is at odds with the opinion of many nutritionists, that we should eat about five times a day, but in small portions.

The basis of the star's diet consists of vegetable and animal protein, vegetables, fruits, berries, and the right carbohydrates. Of animal protein Brezhneva focuses on white fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and quail, but she completely excluded red meat. There are quail eggs in Brezhneva's menu, but the star refused to eat chicken because of allergy. Of vegetable protein, Vera likes various legumes - it is mainly chickpeas, peas, lentils and beans.

Vera Brezhneva food basket
Vera Brezhneva food basket

Let's move on to the bans: Vera Brezhneva almost completely eliminated from her diet added sugar (we are not talking about products in which sugar is natural, such as carrots or berries), gluten-containing and dairy products. The star also forbids herself snacking - Vera considers them not the healthiest habit, with which you can and should fight. Brezhneva is convinced that if each of the three main meals of a person is high quality and complete, then it will be easy to take four-hour breaks between them and do without snacks. In her beauty-blog Vera shared some useful tips for subscribers who also want to give up snacking: If you feel hungry between meals, it's 2 reasons: 1) the previous meal was of poor quality: you either ate little or ate a lot of fast carbs, which are digested very quickly; 2) you do not want to eat - you are thirsty! In the second case, everything is very simple. Drink half a glass of water without gas at room temperature. Or more. In the first case - adjust your meals. They should be nutritious and healthy. If you happen to have a snack, make it healthy. For example, a fruit (one), or even better a vegetable. For example, a carrot or a bell bell pepper. I will say from experience that it is enough to have a snack, not to add another meal in the form of cookies, cakes, ice cream, sandwiches, etc. Now let's understand in detail what the three main meals of Vera Brezhneva usually consist of.

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva makes breakfast the biggest and densest meal of the day. Every morning the singer starts with a glass of warm water and words of gratitude to the universe. Also before breakfast Vera Brezhneva eats fruit or berries, and then proceeds to the main meal - it usually consists of all of the above foods from the list of allowed.

By the way, this does not mean that the star never has the desire to break all the bans. Just for such cases, Vera allocates herself one day a week, when instead of breakfast or lunch, she spoils herself with her favorite dishes, albeit not the most healthy. Brezhneva used to be a real sweet tooth: back then her cheat meals consisted of several pieces of her favorite cake or pie. With the gradual rejection of added sugar, however, Vera's preferences changed.

Vera Brezhneva
I'll tell you what I spoil myself with now. For example, it could be dumplings with cherries or dumplings with chicken/ turkey. Given that I minimize gluten during the week but don't go crazy. It could be fried potatoes and onions. That's one love at all. It's also cheesecakes! I miss dairy and pamper myself this way. But it's not all at once! Once a week for breakfast or lunch is one such dish. Most times after that I don't even eat dinner anymore. It's a relief," said Brezhneva. Lunch .

Before lunch, as well as before breakfast, Vera Brezhneva can also afford to eat something from fruits or berries. The main meal of the singer usually consists of fish or poultry, a large portion of salad and some of her favorite cereals - green buckwheat, rice or quinoa. Cereal Brezhneva can also replace it with a few slices of whole-grain bread. After 3 p.m. Vera stops eating carbohydrates, including fruit and dried fruit. The time for processing carbohydrates into energy ends at 3:00 p.m. After that, they are recycled into excess weight, cellulite, flabby skin. Thanks to this law it is easier for me to keep in shape, even at banquets and parties", Brezhneva says on her microblog.

Vera Brezhneva


Vera Brezhneva's dinner most often consists of foods rich in animal protein and vegetables. A mandatory part of this meal is thermally processed vegetables - stewed, baked or steamed. At the same time, vegetable and animal protein are not combined by the singer during dinner.

As an option, it could be lobio of beans, with carrots and tomatoes, or stewed cabbage with fish or poultry cutlets. By the way, Vera Brezhneva often shares recipes for different meals in the posts of her beauty account.

Vera Brezhneva

Unloading days
An important part of the habitual diet of the star is unloading days. They Brezhneva arranges themselves on average once a week. On this day, Vera completely refuses all animal protein and leaves only vegetable protein. On a day off the singer also completely eliminates gluten-containing foods, sugar (by the way, Vera tries to avoid it on normal days) and all dairy products. The star's diet on these days consists of cereals, legumes, vegetables, nuts, berries and fruits. Vera Brezhneva considers such days off work not just useful, but necessary for the body of every person. I do not do a complete fast - I'm not ready for it yet. On days off I eat the same way I usually do - three times a day. There is no stress for the body. Very mild unloading, but in the morning after it a pleasant result in the form of lightness. These days I work out as usual. Nothing changes. Just a lighter diet," Brezhneva said.

Vera Brezhneva

In her blog, Vera Brezhneva said that she took up sports at age 20: then her main goal was to lose weight. At 27, the singer, who at the time was pregnant with her youngest daughter, went to workouts to feel good after childbirth, and at 30 she mostly went to the gym to get rid of the pounds gained after a rough vacation. It wasn't until her 30s that Vera Brezhneva started to enjoy working out. Only now I do it because I get high. From the classes, from the way I feel after the workouts, and from the way I look afterwards. And if I could wish myself something as an 18-year-old, I would say that it's important for a woman to exercise her body not only to be beautiful, but also to be healthy," Brezhneva shared her wisdom.

Vera Brezhneva

Now Vera has found the most comfortable way for herself and mostly exercises every other day. When she is at home she takes a class with a trainer at Pilates studio. If she is on tour she works out with a trainer via video conference (Brezhneva also kept to this regimen during her quarantine).

Over the years Vera learned to listen to her body and realized that the basis of her workouts should be relaxation of the body, not tension of muscles and ligaments. That is why Brezhneva prefers Pilates and a set of exercises on "gyrotonic" apparatus (fitness equipment, which is a sports bench with moving handles and installation with cables and loops for arms and legs. - Editor's note).

Vera Brezhneva

I have tried many different variations and directions over the years. And in general I learned to "tense" the body, muscles, ligaments. But only a few years ago I realized that a healthy body should be relaxed. It should not have any blocks and clamps. And then I began to learn to relax. Now, after my tours, shoots, physical exertion, it is relaxation that recovers my body. But I want my muscles and ligaments to work properly. To be in the right tone, enduring and flexible. To do this they must be properly trained. For each of us, this "right" is different. And it must be found, - says in his beauty blog Vera.

Brezhneva always includes cardio to her muscle relaxation exercises, if possible. This can be an hour on a treadmill, and in its absence - just walking at a brisk pace in the park.

Massages and procedures

Vera Brezhneva helps to keep herself in shape not only with a proper diet and regular training, but also with special care. So, to tone the skin, the singer often gets professional massages, which, among other things, also help the muscles recover faster after exercise and improve blood circulation.

I like hard massages, but without bruises. <...> The skin visibly tightens. For a cool massage you need a super expert and time. The first one I have, the second one I usually do not, but I allocate, - Vera told in her Instagram.

Vera Brezhneva

The daily beauty routine of Brezhneva includes home care of the body. Star admits that she has no secrets here: once a week she takes a bath with sea salt, uses scrubs and creams to moisturize.

A bath with sea salt (500-1000 grams) once every 5-7 days to restore, body cream - 2 options (light and heavy) and scrub when I remember (but preferably once a week) - Brezhneva shares her secrets.

In her Instagram, Vera said that every day she takes a shower without soap products, because they severely dry her skin. Only once a week the singer uses gentle body milk, which cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.

Vera Brezhneva

Face care

In her beauty blog, Vera Brezhneva also pays a lot of attention to facial care. In her posts, the singer does not hide the fact that at one time she managed to experiment with some cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance, but was not satisfied with the result and stopped in time.

I don't mind fillers. No, it's not bad, it just doesn't suit me personally. I have a lively facial expression that I want to keep, so I keep my beauty with myofascial massage and self-massage - all these methods of slow beauty", - Brezhneva told in an interview with Buro 24/7.

Vera Brezhneva

The star admits that she is frightened by the current fashion among girls for excessive enthusiasm for beauty treatments and plastic surgery, because of which they lose their individuality and become similar to each other. Vera says that in general she is not against such manipulations, when they make women feel more confident, but she believes that everything should be in moderation.

We are so different and unique units, and someone tends to be like the others, finding beauty in this specimen. Of course, I'm not ironclad either. I looked at it all, thought how perfect they were, then I looked at myself, saw the difference, thought maybe I should do something with myself. I even tried some procedures and, fortunately, not cardinal, but I immediately realized that it was not for me. I went back to myself. I can't explain it, but I'm happy with my normal, real face," Vera shared her experience in her Instagram.

Vera Brezhneva

Brezhneva admits that she is not a fanatic about her face care, mainly because she has no free time for it. The star is engaged in self-massage, and also does not neglect basic care. Vera usually cleanses her skin with gels and foams for sensitive skin and micellar water, then tones it with lotion or herbal tea, and then applies cream, emulsion, gel, serum or fluid (depending on the needs of the skin and time of day).

Vera Brezhneva

From time to time Brezhneva makes cleansing facial masks, which help restore the skin after the heavy makeup she has to wear at shoots, events and concerts. By the way, in usual life Vera gives her skin a rest and practically does not put on makeup - she prefers light BB-creams to the dense tonal foundations. Another essential product in Brezhneva's cosmetic bag is SPF-protection cream: depending on the season Vera chooses products with SPF-factor from 30 to 50.

Vera Brezhneva

Hair care

Vera Brezhneva admits that she was very lucky by nature: she got good hair, for which she just takes great care. In her youth, she dared to experiment and even wore short haircuts, but for many years she walks with long hair and only cuts the ends once every 2-3 months.

Vera Brezhneva

His visits to the hairdresser Brezhneva usually plans, guided by the lunar haircut calendar (it is regularly published in his Instagram Irena Ponaroshku, and Vera gladly uses her tips). Among the salon procedures, the singer also does "Happiness for the hair" several times a year, and in the spring and fall she resorts to a course of mesotherapy, which nourishes the scalp and follicles.

Otherwise, Vera Brezhneva's hair care is simple enough: she uses shampoos, conditioners, and other products that she usually receives in PR dispatches.

Vera Brezhneva

I don't maniacally choose shampoos and conditioners. I'm not picky about it, and neither is my hair. What do I use now? Most often something is given to me as a gift. I try things out, leave them, and give them to good people, what doesn't suit my hair - I give them away", - Vera says.

After washing she always puts a couple of drops of oil on the hair ends. During the warm season Vera tries not to use hair dryer, but during the cold season a professional hair dryer comes to her rescue. Brezhneva hardly uses styling products (except thermal protection): at most she can refresh her hair with a dry shampoo or texturing spray.

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva has a naturally ashy-blond hair color, but she prefers to make it a little lighter. The singer repeats the salon dyeing procedure every 1.5-2 months and is very reverent about it. By trial and error Brezhneva found out that at the moment the most suitable for her is the technique of gentle AirTouch coloring - melting, in which the individual strands are toned to a color close to the natural one. Vera trusts her hair only to a professional - Brezhneva's colorist is the author of this fashionable coloring technique.

Vera Brezhneva

It is believed that it is most difficult to care for bleached hair, because they become dry, brittle, and weak. But I have naturally good hair, and after proper bleaching it remains healthy. The main thing is to cut the ends once in two months and to find a master who will dye hair gently and not along the whole length, but only the growing roots," Brezhneva told in an interview with Buro 24/7.

Vera Brezhneva

Attitude towards hemlines

Like most showbiz stars, Vera Brezhneva is inevitably subjected to criticism from social networks. Some people condemn the singer for the fact that she often shares excessively candid photos on her Instagram, while others believe that she is lying about her age and is actually a few years older.

Vera Brezhneva

To such a reaction of Internet users, Vera treats with irony. Recently, she even responded to them in her Instagram: Brezhneva decided to respond to unflattering comments from followers under one of her pictures in a candid bodysuit. According to the star's response, it was obvious that it is almost impossible to hurt her, because her self-esteem is absolutely fine.

I read the comments under the last post. So many compliments! Thank you so much to everyone who understands what it means to work on yourself. And for loving and accepting me in any way. There have been other opinions, and I finally decided that I needed to have my opinion, too. My opinion: I'm awesome. Sorry! That's why I let myself be photographed un-brushed, without filters or retouching," Brezhneva expressed her opinion.

Vera Brezhneva

By the way, in her beauty-blog Vera Brezhneva does not hide the fact that she likes herself very much at her 39 years old. According to the star, it took a long and hard work on herself - both physically and mentally - to truly love and accept herself.

I discovered so many wonderful things about myself through exercise that suited me, a healthy diet and self-development. I would like to wish the same for you. Be beautiful, my good ones, love yourself, take care of yourself. And let your reflection in the mirror bring joy to you,- Vera gave the main advice to her subscribers.

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva in 2021

Vera Brezhneva today is a singer, who has two studio albums, leading positions in the music charts and has millions of fans.

Vera takes part in television projects, and her photos adorn the covers of fashionable glossy magazines. Also the star does not forget about movies: in 2019, the adventure mini-series "Bender" came out. Among other things, Vera Brezhneva is busy creating a new touring show.

In addition to her career, the artist is actively engaged in social activities. Since 2006, the singer's charity fund "Ray of Faith", which supports children with cancer, has been working. And in 2014, the singer became a UN ambassador for the rights and discrimination of HIV-positive women from Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Vera Brezhneva in 2021
Vera Brezhneva in 2020. Instagram @verververa

Bar Rafaeli

Rafaeli tattoo bar
Source: instagram @barrefaeli

barrefaeli I finally did it. My first (and last) tattoo.

The Israeli model adorned her wrist with a small drawing. The tattoo is done in white ink, so it's almost invisible. So far Bar has no plans to continue decorating her body with inscriptions or drawings.

Personal Life

Despite her "ugly duckling" appearance in her youth, Vera's romantic life began quite early. At the age of 18, the girl became a mother for the first time. The father of the child is a businessman Vitaly Voychenko from Dnepropetrovsk. The couple was in a civil marriage. In an interview with the Ukrainian "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the man told about his relationship with the star. According to Voychenko, when he first saw Vera, it seemed to him that the sun had risen. However, the acquaintance took place a little later. The man had to look for the beauty. However, the search was delayed: after all, the girl lived in another city.

Later, they still met and then began to live together. According to Voychenko, it was he who insisted that Vera stop wearing glasses and grow long hair. From him, Vera gave birth to her daughter Sonya.

Vera and Vitaly were connected by sincere feelings, but, according to the businessman, they were ruined by life's troubles. Vera left her civilian spouse without even saying goodbye: she simply left a note. In the future, it will not be customary in Vera's family to talk about the child's father. And the daughter Sonya, becoming older, will not find a common language with him and will not even take his last name.

The second man in the life of the already member of the group "VIA Gra" will be entrepreneur Mikhail Kiperman. This relationship will culminate in an official marriage and the birth of a girl Sara. However, after six years of life together, the couple will divorce. The singer will take the parting with her former lover hard. In one of her conversations with journalists, the star admits that at that time she cried all the tears she could. Her favorite job saved her from a deep depression. At some point, the artist will realize that the tears are enough and it's time to start a new life.

According to rumors, the reason for Kiperman's breakup with Brezhneva was the irrepressible jealousy of the former. The man allegedly did not like his wife's candid stage personas and erotic photo shoots. In addition, Vera actively toured as part of "VIA Gra", which could also affect the relationship within the couple.

After leaving the collective, Vera Brezhneva densely engaged in her career with no hope of meeting a new love. However, the next chosen one all this time was near the star. However, the singer herself has fenced her personal life from prying eyes so much that the couple managed to play a secret wedding. The celebration took place in Italy in 2015.

The second husband of the artist became her producer Konstantin Meladze, who divorced his previous wife two years before the ceremony. With Yana Summa they lived together for 19 years. According to Konstantin, he originally had only professional interest in Vera. The composer only cared if she would make it to the tour. He developed romantic feelings for her much later. However, there were those who did not believe the producer's words and suspected the singer of seducing a married man.

Anfisa Chekhova

Publication from Anfisa Chekhova (@achekhova) on March 28, 2021 at 8:25 PDT

Host Anfisa Chekhova loves tattoos and does not hide it. Moreover, she already has experience of removal, as she herself says, she removed "a tattoo she made in her youth, thoughtlessly and senselessly". Recently, Anfisa Chekhova has hit another tricky drawing with meaning and told about the miniature tattoo on her wrist to her subscribers on Instagram:

... a drawing that, when applied to the skin, anchors a person in the segment of the Path and their Destination that they should ideally be in.

Scandals in private life

Longtime fans of Vera Brezhneva know that behind the star for a long time stretches the trail of a divorcee. In 2012, the movie "Jungle" was released on cinema screens. The singer's partner on the set was Sergei Svetlakov, who soon divorced his wife. Then Brezhneva would be accused of stealing a man from his family. Later it turned out that the artist's marriage was already in bad shape at the time of the film. However, a few years later the situation repeated itself.

The wedding of the singer with Konstantin Meladze took place a couple of years after the announcement of the separation of the composer with his first wife. However, Yana Summa in conversations with journalists said that it was Brezhneva who was responsible for the collapse of their marriage. A man denied the attacks of his ex-wife. However, Yana Summa will soon be happily married, and the scandal will die down.

Vera Brezhneva and her husband Konstantin Meladze on holiday
Vera Brezhneva with her husband Konstantin Meladze on vacation. Instagram @verververa

A new unpleasantness in the life of the spouses will happen in June 2019. A photo of someone who looks like Konstantin Meladze falling face first into the chest of a laughing blonde will appear on the network. Meladze will be recognized in the man. Social network users will put forward the assumption that the marriage of Brezhneva and Meladze gave a crack. In the near future, the singer for some reason deleted from her Instagram page all the common photos with her husband, which once again heated up the interest of followers to the scandal.

Oil to the fire fueled the long-standing rumors about the affair of the composer with the blonde from the current composition of the group "VIA Gra" - Erica Herczeg. Brezhneva was even asked if she was afraid that her husband would leave her for the "blonde" from the band, because she had once been in her place. One of the artist's subscribers noted that the boomerang is an interesting thing. Allegedly, Meladze's withdrawal will still affect the star. The singer responded that she would be afraid if there was a reason for the boomerang.

Heart on her belly

The tattoo on the lower abdomen can seem quite intimate. It depicts a small heart colored in red. The tattoo is small in format, not eye-catching.

In his Instagram, the celebrity showed the tattoo not immediately. However, after it became impossible to hide it, she explained the appearance of the small drawing. According to the singer, the tattoo hides the scar from an old operation. This explains the choice of such an intimate place for the image. Therefore, one should not look for meaning in the area of application.

Tattoo in the form of a heart can have several meanings, as, in principle, any image. First of all, the heart, the more intense red color is associated with love. Such tattoos are inflicted by the person fascinated, those for whom feelings are in the first place.

Red color in the sketch can emphasize the passion of the singer and actress. Vera Brezhneva is most likely in love. At the same time, the object of her affection she is devoted and gives all of herself. The fact that the image is small in size underscores the reluctance to expose all that is stored in the soul.


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