Red dye causes allergies whether it is consumed or applied to the skin. Why red tattoos cause itching

Red dye is known for causing health problems, whether it is injected into our skin or consumed in food. This dye has been linked to attention deficit disorder in children. It can even cause aggression. It can be created entirely in the lab, which is usually a format of the synthetic food dye Red Dye. This is the English name.

The Russian synonym is E123 amaranth. There is also a red dye made from the wheat beetle called carmine. Both substances are highly allergenic. Carmine is so dangerous to some people that it should be labeled, making sure to indicate on the packaging that it is of natural origin.

What is the peculiarity of the white tattoo

All-white works bear little resemblance to tattoos in the classic sense. They are faintly visible, very graceful and really unusual.

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