King Solomon's silver ring in Latin "Omnia transeunt. Et id quoque etiam transeat"

Due to the great abundance of tattoos, everyone can choose the perfect one for themselves. Someone chooses an unusual picture in a geometric style, while others look closer to the clear images of different animals, birds, or people. Of course, each tattoo has its own meaning.

But from time to time it's better not to hide it behind a picture, and to pass it in the form of an inscription. This is the option in most cases choose a damsel, transferring a significant in the life of the phrase on your body.

The inscription on Solomon's Ring
But without the mist, we'll never see the stars.

The inscription on Solomon's ring
Be brave, go where it's good for you

Solomon Ring Inscription
All things will pass and it's a phrase in Latin

Purchase without mistakes

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All the rings presented in our catalog have a standard for our country system of measurements. Ring size is the inner diameter of its circumference in millimeters.. To determine which size you need, use one of the suggested ways.

How to spell the phrase in Latin


The Latin inscription is as follows: on the outside - omnia transeunt et id qouque (everything will pass), Etiam transeat (and this will pass) - on the inside and on the rib - omne quod transit, et hoc non factum est (nothing passes without a trace).

In dealing with any grief, one must have patience and realize that nothing lasts forever. Joyful experiences are also changeable. How long will this and that last and how will it all end? There are no answers to these questions.

The exact way to determine the size of the ring - expert help

You can find out the size of your ring at any jewelry store in your city. They will tell you the size of the finger you are going to wear your jewelry on with a special A measuring tool ..

If you want to give a present, bring the ring of the person you are going to surprise or trace the inner diameter of his/her ring.

All our rings are wide! Don't forget to warn your consultants about this. The size of wide rings is 0,3-0,5 mm bigger than the thin ones.

Another version of the legend of Solomon's Ring ↓

One day King Solomon was sitting in his palace and saw a man walking down the street dressed head to toe in golden robes. Solomon called the man to him and asked: "Aren't you an outlaw?" The man answered that he was a goldsmith: "But Jerusalem is a famous city, and many rich men, kings and princes come here. The king wanted to know how much money the jeweler earned. He answered proudly that he earned a lot. The king grinned and said that if the jeweler was so clever, he could make a ring that made the sad sad people happy, and the happy people sad. And if the ring is not ready in three days, he commands the jeweler to be executed.

No matter how talented the jeweler was, on the third day he went fearfully to the king with a ring for him. At the threshold of the palace he met Rahavam, the son of Solomon, and thought, "The son of a wise man is half a wise man. So he told Rahavam of his trouble. And he grinned and took a nail and scratched on three sides of the ring the three Hebrew letters, Gimel, Zayn and Yud. And he said that he could safely go to the king with it.

Solomon turned the ring around and immediately understood the meaning of the letters on the three sides of the ring in his own way - and their meaning the abbreviation גם זו יעבור "And this too shall pass.". And just as the ring spins, and different letters come up all the time, so the world spins, and so does the fate of man. And thinking that now he sits on a high throne, surrounded by all the splendors, and this will pass, he immediately became sad. А when Ashmodai had thrown him to the edge of the world and Solomon had to wander for three years, looking at the ring, he knew that this too would passAnd he was having fun.

All shall pass. Solomon's ring. Another version of the legend

A simple way to determine your size for a ring

You can think back to high school geometry and calculate the diameter of the ring yourself. Measure the circumference of your finger with thread or tape and divide the number by 3.14 (pi).

For greater accuracy, you can wrap a thick thread around your finger, making exactly 5 turns. Then mark the intersection with a marker and cut the thread according to the marks. The segment should be measured and the resulting number divided by 15.7 (the number of Pi multiplied by 5).

This may also be of interest to you:

In the life of each of us there are periods of ups and downs, and not every time you need to calm yourself with the thought "everything will pass" and passively wait for change. Sometimes it's only through decisive action that things change for the better. If you need a change, take part in a free Master Class "Quick Change. Follow this link to learn how you can make your life happier and more harmonious.

"All things will pass" from personal experience...

When friends and I were parting ways in life, one of us made mascots with this very inscription engraved on them: "All things pass and this will pass. "All things will pass" has been my signature on internet forums for some time. "All will pass" - helps me feel life brighter!

Do you have an experience of using the magic formula of King Solomon?

I would be glad if you could write your opinion in the comments below. ↓

Sincerely, Dmitry Poslavsky, Personal Growth Coach and Consultant, Author of the blog:

An unusual way to determine the size of the ring!

In order to determine the size of the ring, it is enough... to look through your wallet. Fortunately, several Russian coins have diameters that match popular ring sizes. Circle your ring on the inside and see which metal money most closely fits the resulting circle.

The same diameters have:

  • Size 21 and 1 ruble coin
  • Size 19,5 and 50 kopecks
  • Size 19 and 5 kopecks
  • Size 18 and 10 kopecks
  • Size 16 and 5 kopecks

If your ring corresponds to the diameter of a coin of a certain denomination, you can draw a fairly accurate conclusion about its size. Accordingly, if the ring is larger than a 10 kopeck coin, but smaller than 5 kopecks, it is size 17, etc.


In the article I posted the parable in full in Russian and English, and the translation of the well-known phrase: "Everything passes and this will pass." The literal translation:
Everything goes by, this too shall pass. Everything goes by, this too shall pass.

But the bourgeois always use the short version:

This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

Here's an example,

Tattoo in English: "Everything goes by, this too shall pass."

Solomon's Ring Parable in English

This parable I found on the expanse of the Bourgeois Internet, and I think it is more accurate than our Russian interpretations.

“One day Solomon decided to humble Benaiah Ben Yehoyada, his most trusted minister. He said to him, “Benaiah, there is a certain ring that I want you to bring to me. I wish to wear it for Sukkot which gives you six months to find it.”

“If it exists anywhere on earth, your majesty,” replied Benaiah,

“I will find it and bring it to you, but what makes the ring so special?” “It has magic powers,” answered the king. “If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy.” Solomon knew that no such ring existed in the world, but he wished to give his minister a little taste of humility.

Spring passed and then summer, and still Benaiah had no idea where he could find the ring. On the night before Sukkot, he decided to take a walk in one of the poorest quarters of Jerusalem. He passed by a merchant who had begun to set out the day’s wares on a shabby carpet. “Have you by any chance heard of a magic ring that makes the happy wearer forget his joy and the broken-hearted wearer forget his sorrows?” asked Benaiah.

He watched the grandfather take a plain gold ring from his carpet and engrave something on it. When Benaiah read the words on the ring, his face broke out in a wide smile. That night the entire city welcomed in the holiday of Sukkot with great festivity.

“Well, my friend,” said Solomon, “have you found what I sent you after?” All the ministers laughed and Solomon himself smiled. To everyone’s surprise, Benaiah held up a small gold ring and declared, “Here it is, your majesty!” As soon as Solomon read the inscription, the smile vanished from his face. The jeweler had written three Hebrew letters on the gold band: gimel, zayin, yud, which began the words "Gam zeh ya'avor" - "This too shall pass. At that moment Solomon realized that all his wisdom and fabulous wealth and tremendous power were but fleeting things, for one day he would be nothing but dust."

The Russian text of the parable of Solomon's ring

"One day Solomon decided to humble his closest minister. He said to him, 'Benaiah, there is a ring in the world that I want you to get for me. I want to wear it for the holiday of Sukkot, so you have six months to find that ring."

"If such a ring exists on earth, I will get it, Your Majesty," Benaiah replied. "But what makes the ring so special?"

"The ring has a miraculous property," replied the king. "If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy." Solomon knew that such a ring did not exist in nature, but he wanted to teach the minister a lesson in humility. Spring then summer passed. Minister Benaiah had no idea where to find such a ring. The night before Sukkot, he decided to take a walk in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Jerusalem. He passed a vendor who began displaying the day's wares on a shabby rug.

"Have you not heard by any chance of a magic ring that makes the happy wearer of the ring forget his joy, and the man who has sorrow forget his sorrows?" - The minister asked the merchant.

He looked, at the gray-haired elder, who took a very simple gold ring from the carpet and engraved something on it. When Benaya read the words on the ring, his face broke into a broad smile. That night the whole town greeted Sukkot with great festivities.

"Well, my friend," said Solomon, "have you found what I sent you for?

All the ministers laughed, and Solomon himself smiled. To everyone's surprise, Benaiah picked up a small gold ring and said:

"Here it is, your majesty!"

As soon as Solomon read the inscription, the smile disappeared from his face.

The jeweler had written three Hebrew letters in the gold band: gimel, zayin, yud, with which the words "Gam zeh ya'avor" began, "This too shall pass." meaning, "This too shall pass."

At that moment Solomon realized that all his wisdom and fabulous riches and immense power were but fleeting things, for one day he would be nothing but dust."

An approximate way to determine the size of a ring!

There is a definite correspondence between the size of a ring and the size of the clothes a person wears. Although ...this pattern has its uncertainties...But it does give you some idea of the right size.

Ring size for girls ranges from 15, 5mm to 18, 5mm. Depending on What is the marking of the women's clothing, on the fingers of its hostess, can be well held rings of a certain size:

  • "S" size: 15.5 to 16.9 ring.
  • Clothing with the "M" label: ring 16.5-17.5
  • L" Label: 17.5 to 18.5 ring.
  • XL" Label: 18.5 to 19.5 ring.

Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule and for men it is even more difficult to determine the ring size by clothing.

Warning. All "home" methods are very conventional. Determining the size yourself, do not forget that inaccuracies are possible.

The right purchase

Scrupulous measurements are necessary if you plan to wear a ring on a particular finger. But you should not forget, each person has at least, three different sizes..

If 17 diameter is too large for the ring finger of the left hand, it may be suitable for the index finger of the right hand. So when buying a ring as a gift, you can be guided by the average.

When in doubt, opt for a larger diameter. Reducing the size of an experienced jeweler is easier than a seamstress altering pants, and increasing the size of a ring will be much more difficult.

Most importantly, choose a ring with gusto! Size matters, but the mental attitude with which the purchase is made is much more important.

History of the phrase, where did it come from

According to sacred biblical scripture, one of the most majestic sages of the ancient world was King Solomon, the third ruler of the kingdom of Israel, whose accession to the throne marked a period of supreme national dawn.

All things pass and this shall pass in the Latin tattoo. What does it mean.

Since the only source that points to Solomon's identity is scripture, scholars cannot yet confirm or deny his real existence in terms of historical reference. In spite of this, the image of the king is an integral cultural character often portrayed in paintings, prose, or film.

A legend that warms many people's hearts tells of a magic ring the king obtained from a court philosopher. Since Solomon went to the thinker because of the piling up of life's difficulties, many people see in the hidden gift the hope of fixing any stressful situations, life's hardships.

All things pass and it will pass in the Latin tattoo. What do you mean

All things pass and this will pass in Latin - engraved on the ring an inscription, which is the main attribute, which gives its owner the elimination of any difficulties and difficulties in the way of life.

"In the hour when mental anger or mad joy overtakes you, look at the inscription, and it will immediately sober your mind. In this inscription you will find salvation from all the passions that torment you," the wise man told Solomon.

Legend has it that for many years the king had been appeasing his own sinful desires and anger with the precious ring. But one day, during another fit of aggression, he looked at the engraving and, instead of calming down, became even more enraged. An enraged Solomon tore the sage's gift from his finger to throw it into the river, but noticed the second part of the inscription on the inside of the ring - "And this shall pass."

All things pass and it will pass in the Latin tattoo. What do you mean

For many people, the meditative repetition of the ancient engraving is literally therapeutic, bringing not only peace of mind but also peace of mind. Because of this, the phrase has been given eternal life in cultural expression in Latin, one of the world's oldest languages.

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