Tattoo of a branch of jasmine: decorate the body with the image of wedding flowers

Today we propose to understand the meaning of the tattoo with the image of a jasmine. This plant, like many others, has its own special symbolism. There are rituals according to which, in order to get rich, it is necessary to burn jasmine or carry it around. This is also a disinfectant which can stimulate the creative forces and the emergence of new ideas. In addition, thanks to it, you can improve your self-esteem, adapt to a new environment and become more prosperous. This amazing plant can even purify the mind and help you to dive into the astral. That is why it is considered very useful to inhale its fragrance before going to sleep.

For the Chinese, the plant represents femininity, sweetness, and attractiveness. For Christians, the flower signifies the elegance and grace of the Virgin Mary.

The Hellenes believed that jasmine was given to humans by one of the goddesses. For the Tartars, the plant was sacred. They believed that before going to heaven, a person was certainly asked if he had time to grow jasmine.

There is a very beautiful legend about this plant. It tells that once all the flowers were white. One day an artist came to them with paints, who wanted to make them multicolored. The closest the painter came was the jasmine. He wished to become golden in color because he loved the sun so much. However, the painter was outraged by the behavior of the jasmine, which thought it was more important than all the flowers. He decided to teach the overconfident plant a lesson and made it wait its turn last. Although the plant was very upset, it still did not bend. As a result, the jasmine lacked the golden paint, and it remained white and fragile.

What does the jasmine tattoo mean?

The meaning of the jasmine tattoo is directly related to the so-called language of flowers, in which each of them has its own meaning. In the past, people could conduct silent dialogues with the help of bouquets, expressing love, admiration, adoration, admiration, or, on the contrary, contempt, coldness, rejection. This science is almost lost, but the meaning of some flowers and plants people still remember. Jasmine means innocence, purity of thoughts and motives, honesty, chastity, loyalty. The meaning of jasmine tattoo is close to the interpretation of the meaning of the flower. The delicate sketch will perfectly decorate the hand of a bride, will suit a young girl, will tell others without words about her temper and character.
It is worth mentioning what means a tattoo of jasmine in the East. This flower symbolizes the eternity of all life, the victory of life over death, faith in a better life and reward for the good. The image of jasmine flowers full of grace, charm, thin shoots and snow-white flowers attract the attention of others, but no one would think to call such a picture vulgar, flamboyant.

Tattoos for girls: flowers

Every year, drawings in the form of flowers are becoming more and more popular among girls. But before you put this, it would seem, a completely harmless drawing on the body, it is worth finding out its meaning. After all, in the most ordinary unpretentious flower can be hidden an incredibly deep meaning. In addition, the location and colors of the pattern are of great importance.

Since ancient times, the inflorescence in the form of a bowl is considered a feminine symbol. The flower tattoo was the embodiment of nature's flourishing. Traditionally, such drawings symbolize the cycle of birth, development of life, reproduction of offspring, extinction and rebirth. In this case, in different cultures the same sign can be interpreted in its own way.

The symbol of a flower is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic symbols. They are a reflection of the inner world and character of its owner. By sight, coloring and composition of floral designs can guess the desires and preferences of a girl, as well as try to uncover secrets.

What do the tattoos of flowers hide? The meaning of each symbol will be considered separately.

Photos and sketches of jasmine tattoo

It would seem that it is easier to depict a branch of jasmine. But, flipping through the catalogs in the salon of tattoos Anatomy, you can make sure that the photos of jasmine tattoos are very diverse, and to make a choice is not as easy as it seems at first glance. To those who are not looking for easy ways and want to own a unique individual tattoo, our masters in the salon will work out sketches of jasmine tattoo and, having obtained the consent of the customer, will realize the idea in the best way.

Tattoo with a jasmine flower Sometimes you see it in girls as well as in guys. This plant, like many others, has its own special symbolism. There are rituals according to which, in order to become rich, it is necessary to burn jasmine or to carry it with you. It is able to stimulate creativity, as well as the emergence of new ideas.

Tattoo of a jasmine on your hip

Tattoo of a jasmine on your leg.

In addition, thanks to it, you can improve your self-esteem, adapt to a new environment and become more prosperous. This amazing plant can even purify the mind and help you dive into the astral. That is why it is considered very useful to inhale its fragrance before going to bed.

Steam tattoo of jasmine

Tattoo of jasmine flowers

Tattoo of jasmine on the side of a girl

For the Chinese, the plant represents femininity, sweetness, and attractiveness. For Christians, the flower signifies the elegance and grace of the Virgin Mary.

Styles of execution

Floral sketches made in the techniques of realism or watercolor, will appeal to many of the fair sex. These colorful rich images will become a real decoration and will advantageously emphasize women's beauty and individuality.

Fans of original and unusual tattoo can stop the choice on the style oldskul, newskul or graphics. These directions will make the tattoo stylish and extraordinary, will give it a sense and plot. By the way, sketches can consist of several elements. For example, the image of an animal in a floral frame or a bouquet with an inscription. It all depends on the chosen concept and professionalism of the master.

For the drawing, you can choose any part of the body (see photos in the gallery) depending on whether you need to demonstrate the tattoo to others. For example, the image on the back or leg easily hidden under clothing, but the tattoo on the wrists or hands is unlikely to hide.

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Tattoo pictures

Meaning of the jasmine tattoo

A beautiful body drawing with a white jasmine is often chosen by both men and women. Effectively looks tattoo in the style of realism.

In the Christian religion, the tattoo in the form of jasmine means female virtue. It represents modesty, sensuality, elegance. More often than not, the owner of such a body image is modest and reserved. It is not by chance that this plant is used in India during wedding ceremonies.

Colored and black and white tattoo will tell about the gentleness of the woman's character, her tenderness and bright feelings. The drawing on the wrist will symbolize loyalty and devotion. Often, jasmine is called the gift of the gods. Indeed, the plant is distinguished by its delicacy and tenderness.

In addition, this kind of body painting has a certain amount of mysticism and mystique. Often the image of the flower was used in its symbolism of the orders of ancient China.

The jasmine tattoo will mean:

  • modesty
  • devotion, loyalty
  • love
  • elegance
  • grace
  • sensuality
  • tenderness

Not so often, but sometimes tattoos with jasmine are chosen by representatives of the stronger sex. Sometimes men make images with jasmine not because of a special symbolic meaning, but because of the image's effectiveness.

There are many different variants of tattoos with the image of jasmine. As an original body image, men and women choose both black and white and colored tattoos. Especially beautiful look drawings in the style of watercolor. No less effective look and tattoos in the technique of realism. Such images are characterized by naturalness and originality.

Who is suitable for the jasmine tattoo

The floral theme is prevalent among the fair sex. Jasmine tattoo symbolizes gentleness, tenderness, love, sensuality of its mistress. Such a girl is modest and sincere, her thoughts are pure. And at the same time, like an intoxicating aroma of jasmine, she is able to make any man's head spin. It is not in vain that in ancient Egypt this plant was associated with pleasure and pleasure. It is impossible to quickly forget such a girl, her image is imprinted in memory for many years. She skillfully uses her feminine charms and charm, but this does not mean that it is too windy and frivolous.

In the art of tattoo art meaning of the picture usually depends on the nature of the composition and place (see photos in the gallery). A branch of fragrant flower on the wrist - a sign of eternal love and devotion to his beloved. A floral bracelet around the ankle or waist symbolizes sensuality and grace. The owner of such a tattoo - the nature of vulnerable and gentle, but having a strong enough character to withstand hardship.

flower on his back

Meanings, sketches and photos of tattoos

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This material will tell you about The meaning of the tattoo "jasmine"This material will tell you about the meaning and significance of the tattoo "jasmine", offer you variants of popular modern tattoo drawings and describe their features, meaning, interpretation and history. More examples you can look here:

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Meaning of tattoo "jasmine" - a collection of photos of ready made tattoos

Interesting information about the meaning of "jasmine" tattoo

Who of us has not admired the delicate flower with white, as if wax petals? Who hasn't inhaled its divine incense? "The fragrant flower" is its name for its incomparable fragrance. "Jasmine" - as the ancient Persians began to call it. From Persia also came the name Yasmine (Jasmine).

Since ancient times, thanks to its delicate fragrance, jasmine has been called the king of garden flowers.

In the East, this flower was considered a symbol of innocence and purity, honesty, loyalty and fidelity, so brides chose it as a wedding decoration. The guests were given wreaths of white flowers as a sign of respect and reverence.

They also believed in the healing power of the flower, in its ability to bestow health and longevity. So there was a tradition to drink tea with jasmine and add it to the national cuisine.

In ancient Greece, girls wove jasmine in their plaits, believing that it would bestow wisdom on them.

In Italy there are legends about it. One of them says that in the garden of a certain duke there was a jasmine bush in bloom. No one else had such a miracle. And the gardener was strictly ordered not to pick its flowers and not to give them to anyone. But the gardener in love could not resist and gave his beloved a bouquet of these enchanting flowers. Since time immemorial, jasmine has been considered as a symbol of great love, which knows no barriers, no prohibitions, no intimidations. In addition, everyone associates this beautiful flower with femininity and tenderness.

Tattoo "jasmine": meaning and significance

Tattoo with the image of this delicate flower choose not only women, but also men. Therefore, to say that this is a purely female tattoo, will not be quite right.


Rose - the brightest and most popular flower, which is "worshipped" by millions of women around the world. It is a symbol of eternal love. At the same time, the tattoo implies a pure immaculate feeling, capable of withstanding the test not only of distance, but also of years.

Tattoo Meaning

According to ancient Greek legend, originally all roses were white. One day, the goddess of love Aphrodite hurt her finger on the sharp thorns, which resulted in the appearance of red flowers. According to the laws of alchemy, the rose is considered a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment. In Christianity, it symbolizes sacrifice. In ancient Rome, the flower was used to give an atmosphere of mystery to conversations. And when you look at it from the perspective of the Tarot cards, it is an indicator of balance and equilibrium.

Young fashionistas choose the flower above all for its beauty. In terms of tattoos, the rose signifies beauty, which can only be contemplated but not touched. In addition, even strong men prefer this beautiful flower to decorate their body to make a vow of eternal love.

If you decide to get a rose tattoo, you should know that the flower without thorns means pure love, with thorns - difficult relationships with a lot of obstacles. Black rose means romance and sadness, pain of loss and loss, red - passion and desire, white - tenderness and purity, maroon - spiritual harmony, blue - striving for perfection, blue - denial of principles and rules.


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