Meaning of Prisoners Tattoos Skull, crown - symbols of criminals seeking power; the crown on the back - humiliated ...

Among girls

The meaning of the crown on a woman's body can vary depending on the location and type of the tattoo itself. If a bright, cartoon crown is depicted - then, it is likely a sign that the girl likes to "play" in the princess.

The crown with three clear teeth means that for a person an important role in life is played by Faith, Hope and Love.

A small tattoo on the wrist - symbolizes the desire to stand out and demonstrate their individuality, rather than the desire for domination. A tattoo in the form of a crown with a cross on any part of a girl's body is a sure sign of a young lady's religiosity.


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  • A skull in a bandana is tattooed on the arm (see Skull Tattoos).
  • Anchor (see Anchor Tattoos), against a globe, in the foreground a dolphin jumping out of waves (see Dolphin Tattoos) and a ribbon with the inscription "Marine Corps".

>Military personnel in the North Caucasus

  • Scorpion on his chest (see Tattoos with Scorpions), and if the stinger is up, he was involved in combat.

Popular army tattoos and their meanings

In addition to the fact that military tattoos are beautiful and are a real decoration of the male body, each of them has its own meaning. Soldiers often tattoo army tattoos to commemorate their military years, and their meaning carries the memory of their experiences, friends, and so on. Military tattoos are not just done for fun, as well as the rank they must be earned, only then do they really make sense and correspond to reality.

Like all tattoos, military tattoos have distinctions that allow the knowledgeable person to determine which troops the soldier belongs to. Also, sometimes the tattoo indicates where the service took place, in what years, in what unit. Often and the blood group of the soldier, which is especially relevant if the soldier was in the hot spots. Military tattoos and their meaning have always been of interest not only to soldiers, but also to those who are just going to give their duty to the Motherland. Therefore, below we will consider the classification of the most popular military tattoos.

Intelligence and Special Forces

Most often, soldiers serving in intelligence or special forces have a tattoo of a bat. It is depicted together with the moon on a dark background, thereby symbolizing the night and silence, and almost always has a parachute dome. Often there are also turtles in berets, next to it can be a picture of a helicopter, plane or anything else with a direct military purpose.


Most of all marines have tattoos depicting a parachute dome. Quite often the symbols of these troops is a skull in a bandanna, a dolphin jumping out of the depths of the sea or an anchor on the background of the globe. The simplest tattoo is a ribbon with the inscription "Marines.


Among Airborne soldiers, the most popular is a tattoo depicting an open parachute with BMD wings. Often such a tattoo indicates the years of service and the place in which they took place. Quite often in the soldiers of the unit you can meet the body image of a winged sword with a beret on a shield and VDV emblem, winged wolf. A special attention deserves a not easy to perform, but certainly beautiful tattoo of a paratrooper with an opening parachute on the background of a flying plane.


Representatives of this kind of troops often have tattoos of sailing ships, a steering wheel, an anchor. The exceptions are soldiers serving in the Northern Fleet, as a rule, their shoulders are decorated with a polar bear. An interesting fact is that most servicemen in the Navy have the inscription "For the Navy!" tattooed on the rib of their palm, which is especially noticeable when its owner taps a glass of vodka in his mouth.

Naturally, this is not the whole list of existing options that can decipher the value of military tattoos. Causing tattoos is a real art, so in many respects everything depends on the skill and imagination of the master. But before drawing the naked image should be taken into account that each tattoo has its own meaning and for the man knowledgeable it is like a map, can tell about the man or some of his life period. The main thing is that the image on your body, which has its own meaning, corresponded to reality. And of course, if you did not serve in the army, you are better to choose for yourself other tattoos.

You can look at:


Popular military tattoos in the US

  • English bulldog in a helmet with an eagle - the symbol of the U.S. Marine Corps. It takes its name from the nickname "devil dogs," which the Germans used to award to enemy Marines.
  • The slogan "Death before dishonor" is most appropriately translated into Russian as "dishonor or death," although the English expression and its ancient Roman prototype "morte prima di disonore" leave no choice: honor is preferable.
  • Foreign Legion.
  • propeller and wings
  • Semper Fidelis
  • inscriptions "United States Air Force," "United States Army," "United States Coast Guard," "United States Marine Corps," "United States Navy

Many criminal male tattoos feature women. However, the design does not necessarily symbolize love or lyrical feelings.

What does the tattoo mean for women?

In addition to the tattoo in the traditional form and with traditional meanings, images of the so-called "crowns of princesses" are popular among girls.

If the traditional tattoo in girls from the male version does not differ much, and a girl with such an image on her skin is characterized by the desire for power and high achievements, then the decoration of the princess is a completely different cultural context.

The crown of the princess is a drawing, more often in the style of "minimalism", repeating the contours of the famous Disney Cinderella crown or the outline of any other with "teeth" (such are associated with fairy tales). Such a tattoo can mean two very different things:

  • romanticism of the tattoo bearer (she is a princess and is waiting for a prince);
  • the girl positions herself as a status "trophy" for a man in power.

Such semantic discrepancies are possible for the reason that the "princess crown" is a fairly new symbol with an unstable meaning.

The meaning of the prison tattoo

The symbolism of the tattoo in the zone has always been a little more complicated than the generally accepted and differed significantly from it. But in the case of the crown, everything is quite simple. A tattoo representing high status was the privilege of "status" prisoners - thieves in the law.

Some details of such a tattoo also carried information. For example, the glow around the crown is not just a glow. The number of beams of light was the number of "time served" by the person.

Now the meanings of "for all" tattoos have almost completely moved away from their prison prototypes and exist in parallel with them.

Also found in the military are.

  • "Cheers!" (Here's to all military service)
  • UrVO (Ural Military District) is usually stabbed on the fingers.
  • The blood group in the AKM cartridge and the target in the background.
  • NKVD-KGB-MIA shield with swords and ribbon and the inscription "MVD USSR".
  • A dushman's head with a knife in his teeth. Bottom SpnN PV KGB of the USSR, 1986, Bagram.
  • Blood group on the chest.
  • Eternal Flame (from Treptow Park, I understand) and GSVG (Group of Soviet Forces in Germany).
  • Ribbon cartridge, blood group.


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  • On the left shoulder a parachute with wings bmd and the name of the place or locality under which they served.
  • A winged sword with a beret on a shield, on the other shoulder the Airborne Troops emblem and a winged wolf with the inscription "45 ORP".
  • Parachutist with opening parachute, airplane flying away in the background, VDV at the bottom/top in a semicircle, left and right of the parachutist, e.g. 79-81

No one who's been in the Airborne or Special Forces is without some sort of tattoo. The smallest is a "batman" on the rib of the palm, but as a rule, it's a "full set: "For the Airborne Troops," "Brigadier" on the shoulder, something on the chest. Plus, naturally, the blood type.

Tips for sketches

Women's sketches are best done in color or using fine lines for a black and white tattoo. Selecting styles sketches for tattoos should be performed as gently as possible. The image should not look aggressive.

For men, on the contrary, the priority in the side of a brutal drawing, because they should actively defend their life position.

Beautiful ideas for the future tattoo will help to choose professional masters. Contact your specialist for a drawing, and you'll get the best result that has no analogues.

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For women

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