Tattoo on the head - options sketches and their significance, where to score (on the back of the head, the side, all over the head), creative ideas

A few decades ago, a man with a tattoo on his head would have been considered a dangerous anti-social element, but nowadays, male tattoos on the head - it is normal practice for fans of the tattoo art.

Nevertheless, the choice of such a place for the location of the natal drawing is still considered quite specific - not everyone is capable of it. Often tattoo on the head do people who are engaged in creativity, in short, whose work does not involve a strict dress code.

Pros and cons of a tattoo on the head

It is no secret (even for tattoo lovers themselves) that a tattoo is a great way to attract the attention of conservative everyday people. However, not all fans of tattoo art are willing to expose their bodies to the public.

Body art for this kind of people is something very personal. They choose for their tattoos places that are easy to hide under clothing (hip, back, shoulder blades, shoulders). A drawing on the head (especially a tattoo on the temple) cannot be hidden even under a headdress.

Therefore, before deciding on such a bold step, it is worth thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. After all, the fleeting impulse will pass, and then you can seriously regret your rash act. Modern technology, unfortunately, does not allow you to remove the failed tattoo completely: the light picture still remain.

However, for unsuccessful tattoos on the head there is another solution - they can easily be hidden under the hair. The exception is the balding people who want to use the drawing to distract attention from the unsightly picture - their pretty thinned hair.

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There is another great solution for the bald: a tattoo of hair on the head. It's no secret that many men suffer in adulthood from hair loss. Many of them are complexed about it, but the hair transplant - not a luxury, even not all Europeans can afford this procedure, the cost of which runs into thousands of "evergreen".

But here to help desperate men comes a tattoo on his head for the bald. A specialist performs a tattoo on the bald head, which looks like a very short "hedgehog. The cost of this procedure is many times less than the price of a hair transplant. The great thing is that such a drawing is no different from a regular man's short haircut, which is a real salvation for older balding men. Nevertheless, the skin on the head is characterized by strong sensitivity, which means that it will be quite difficult to tolerate the application of such a tattoo.

Prices for tattoos

Tattoo (1 session)from 3000 rubles
Tattoo correctionfrom 2000 rub
Overlay tattoofrom 3000 rub
Tattoo restorationfrom 2000 rub
Sketch designfrom 1000 rub
Removal of a tattoo without scarring (laser)from 1000 rub
Inscriptions, symbolsfrom 3000 rub

As a rule, not everyone is able to get a tattoo in such a place. Only those people who have real courage and bravery. Most often, tattoos are either colored or monochrome, and sometimes even drawings with, so-called, "3D effect". If a person's head has no hair at all, then there is a lot of room to apply images, and you can use all your imagination, and the artist will be able to get up to speed. But if there is even a little hair on the head, then everything will be much harder.

Themes of women's tattoos on the head


Tattoo in the form of a bright colorful flower, of course, will adorn any girl, regardless of the place of its application. Particularly popular for this kind of work are such tattoo techniques as watercolor and realism. For example, the red rosebuds will wonderfully complement your image in the summertime, and in winter you can grow your hair, hiding your drawing from prying eyes.


Winged expressions in Latin, made in ornate script, are definitely popular with the beautiful half of humanity. The most popular places for inscriptions for girls are the forearm, wrist, shoulder blades, the outer side of the foot. The undemanding and strong individuals may dare to stuff something like this behind the ear or on a shaved temple.

Biomechanics and steampunk

Works of this kind are mostly the prerogative of girls from informal circles, namely fans of the steampunk style. Drawings in the form of complex mechanisms and intricate gears will look great on the shaved temple of a steampunk fan. Often these tattoos are a great addition to the bright Mohawk.

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Ornamental Patterns

The style of ornamental tattoo is one of the most ancient. European seafarers had the pleasure of seeing similar tattoos on Polynesian natives. The ornamental style tattoos are usually not very colorful. Often they depict animals, flowers, and fanciful patterns. Another distinctive feature of ornamentalism is the clear contour lines. There are many fans of this ancient and unusual style in the world. These tattoos look great on any part of the body, even on the head.


To dare to score a tattoo on the head, it is necessary to be a truly strong person. As a rule, the essence of such people invariably breaks free, which is expressed in an extraordinary appearance. For this reason, a great popularity among strong and strong-willed girls are images of animals, whose characteristic behavioral traits reflect their essence. The most favorite sketches that correspond to this theme are predatory fish, wild cats, dogs.

How to choose your hair tattoo?

Philosophical symbols and signs related to current events, geometric patterns and Chinese characters. Which design should you choose and what should you look for?

For girls

Generally speaking, girls have no restrictions in terms of choosing a pattern for a haircut. If the hair is long, the pattern is appropriate to hide in the back of the head, so it can be easily hidden under the loose hair or emphasized by tying, for example, a ponytail. On short haircuts and haircuts of medium length, drawings in the temporal part of the head are appropriate.

The following themes are the most popular among girls this season.

  • Geometric patterns.

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  • Hieroglyphics

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  • Spirals

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  • Cobweb

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  • Flowers

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  • Leaves

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  • Stars

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  • Hearts

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For men

The main guideline when choosing a pattern for an art cut is emphasized brutalityTherefore hearts and butterflies in the barbershops prefer dragons, tigers and spiders. Zones can be temporal and occipital. If a man is often at official events, the creation of an asymmetrical haircut with lengthening of the strands on one side of the face will be appropriate. In this case, the pattern will be easily disguised under the main volume of the hair.

  • Gothic fantasy: spiders and webs, dragons, skulls

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  • Portrait of a favorite athlete (or other celebrity)
  • The logo

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For boys and girls

Children's preferences change quickly, and a hair tattoo, whose average life span is about ten days, is a great reason to respond to a child's current interests. The main rule, as in the case of adults: if the requirement for the dress code at school is strict, it is better to place the drawing so that it is easily masked by the main volume of hair. In this sense, the most successful would be a haircut on long and medium hair, and more risky - on very short hair. In the latter case, it will be almost impossible to hide the "art object".

  • Butterflies, lizards, seals and other fauna

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  • A child's name, a letter of their name, or their favorite number

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  • Asterisks, snowflakes

khair tattoo star

Men's tattoo plots on his head

3D tattoo

The style of hyperrealism or 3D tattoos gained popularity only at the beginning of the 21st century when technology began to allow depicting on the human body such wonders as three-dimensional drawings of animals and "live" portraits of people. A popular theme for men's tattoos on the head is a huge eye on the back of the head, made in hyperrealism. Such a work will undoubtedly make those around you pay attention to you.


The Mayans believed that this kind of body art meant a connection between a person's soul and body. A characteristic feature of the tribal tattoo is the intricate interweaving of wide black lines with clear outlines. This style depicts not only abstract patterns, but also animals, mythical creatures and plants. When seeing a tattoo in the style of tribal on a shaved temple at the man immediately comes to mind ancient warriors and hunters.


Fans of biomechanics are found among men even more often than among girls. Only guys usually go even further, wishing to shock the conservative public as much as possible. They combine steampunk with realism, and as a result, we can observe a quite realistic skin incision, from where the numerous cogs "peep out".

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The theme of zombies was and remains one of the most favorite among fans of horror and sci-fi. Particularly popular is the rather natural representation of the brain on the bald head, which gives the impression of a cracked skull. Such a theme is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for the most desperate non-conformists who want to terrify those around them at all costs.


East, as they say, is a delicate matter. But modern fans of self-expression, all is not to blame. In recent decades, it has become fashionable among Europeans to depict the images of Japanese mythology. It is worth paying tribute to the domestic masters, such work looks very beautiful and unusual. Bright dragons, mythical fish, geisha - all this belongs to the traditional subjects in the Oriental style.

Possible options for placement of tattoos on the head

The skin of the head is quite sensitive and in order to do the tattoo will have to pass more than one session with the master. Even picking up an interesting and original sketch should properly choose the location of the future naked image, and there may be several options available:

  • tattoos on the back of the head, with the image itself can start at the neck and move smoothly to the back of the head, creating an interesting effect;
  • Drawings on the sides, in the area of the temples, you can score one temple, while it will have to constantly trim the decorated area and release it from the hair;
  • Tattoos, covering the whole head, most often for such drawings are selected geometric patterns or full-scale compositions of different elements.

Less often there are tattoos on the forehead, if necessary they can be hidden by bangs, but it is almost impossible to get rid of them completely. Any body image has its own meaning and semantic load, which should correlate with the inner world of its owner.

To sum up

The tattoo on the head is considered the most painful. Therefore, it is extremely important to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on such a responsible step. In this case, one should have some idea of the peculiarities of a person's perception of pain. The cost of such work depends on the style of drawing, its size and level of complexity. As a rule, quality determines the price. The work of a well-known, well-established master cannot be cheap.







Technique of performing hair tattoo: step by step instructions

  1. Isolate the area where you want to create a pattern, and fix the rest of the hair with pins.
  2. Use a hair trimmer, cut the hair in the marked area with a length of 6 mm to 1 cm.
  3. Using a regular pencil or a makeup pencil, draw a pattern on the highlighted area.
  4. Take scissors with very sharp tips and cut the pattern along the marked lines. To make the drawing clear, it is desirable to do it without taking your hand off.
  5. Wash and dry the head and refine the pattern, if necessary.
  6. Cut the areas inside and outside the ornament to make it visually more voluminous.
  7. If the hair tattoo involves working with color to emphasize the contrast of the design, additionally perform hair coloring.

Photo of the male tattoo on the back of the head

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